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From a 1969 Chevy Nova to a race-ready farm truck, the vehicles - and their drivers - come in all shapes and sizes and have one thing in common: the need for speed. But according to the STREET OUTLAWS of Oklahoma City - home to one of the largest undercover street racing rings in America – if you’re not on “the list,” you don’t matter. The “list” contains the 10 fastest street-racing cars in Oklahoma City and they are the best of the best. Not only will these guys will do anything -ANYTHING- to get ranked on this list, they’ll do whatever it takes to STAY ranked. Street racing comes first - before family, before friends and before work. The stakes are high and these drivers will put everything on the line to get to top, where there can only be one #1.


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S01E01 Midnight Riders 10/06/2013 In the series premiere, Chuck (#7) calls out Flip (#6) for his spot on the Oklahoma street racing list. Murder Nova (#1), Big Chief (Race Organizer), and Flip decide to impersonate security guards and prank Chuck with a fake bust as he street tests his car. Meanwhile, Brandon (unranked) calls out Farmtruck(#10) to try to break onto the list. When race day comes, tensions run high and fights break out that leave shockwaves throughout this Oklahoma racing community.
S01E02 Young and Old Blood 17/06/2013 Local racing legend Varley (#9) is devastated when he’s told he must quit street racing. After a fight, Chuck begs Big Chief to coach him back up the list but while street testing his car, Chuck is surprised when he is swarmed by cops.
S01E03 King of the Streets 24/06/2013 After three years of taunting, Doc (#2) calls out Murder Nova (#1) to race for the crown. Farmtruck (#10) and AZN prepare for their list race against Varley (#9) by hustling street races with randoms on local highways.
S01E04 Murder the Nova 01/07/2013 While preparing to race Doc (#2), Murder Nova (#1) does a test hit on the street that draws the attention of the local authorities. Team Varley (#9) and Farmtruck (#10) scramble to get their cars ready to rematch.
S01E05 Stand Your Ground 08/07/2013 Chuck (#7) and Flip's (#6) smack talk at a poker tournament leads to another call out. Monza (#4) calls out groom-to-be Daddy Dave (#3) for his spot but days before his wedding, Daddy Dave's test-hits signal the boys in blue.
S01E06 Racer's Revenge 15/07/2013 Doc (#1) and Shawn (#2) face each other in a rematch for the Crown of Oklahoma's fastest street car. Derek calls out Farmtruck (#10) and tries to get back on the list, but during a late night testing session, Derek gets a visit from some familiar cops.
S01E07 Last Car Standing 22/07/2013 The rivalry between Daddy Dave (#2) and Shawn (#1) comes to a head when Dave calls out Shawn for the #1 spot. Fresh off his win against Farmtruck (unranked) and cocky as ever, newcomer Derek (#10) challenges Varley (#9).
S01E08 Interstate Showdown 29/07/2013 The Red River Rivalry gets renewed in a battle between Texas vs. Oklahoma drivers. The winner lays claim to being the fastest state in the country. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and Asian take a road trip of their own into Texas to do some good old fashion 'fishing.'
S01E09 00/00/0000
S01E10 00/00/0000
S02E01 Lonestar Smackdown 02/12/2013 In the season premiere, Farmtruck and AZN must face-off against one of four newbie racers who want to get on the top ten list. Big Chief gets a callout via an online video from a Texas race club who think they can take on the 405’s best. Old state rivalries lead to big brawls when Texas racers LMR want to change the rules on the OKC guys.
S02E02 Midwest Fireworks 09/12/2013 Big Chief strikes a deal with loudmouth racer Freakin’ Rican, allowing him to call out #10 Farmtruck in exchange for bootleg fireworks. There’s a shakeup in the middle of the list when #8 Derek gets called out by newcomer #9 Andrade and #6 Chuck gets called out by #7 Varley. Big Chief, Murder Nova, and Chuck spy on a Varley test hit but when the Gold Car veers off the road, things go terribly wrong.
S02E03 Sonoma Mr. Nice Guy 16/12/2013 After an expensive overhaul of his car, #2 Murder Nova calls out #1 Daddy Dave in an unforgettable rematch showdown. Freakin’ Rican finally gets his shot when he calls out #10 Farmtruck, but an AZN joyride jeopardizes the Farmtruck’s gatekeeper standing.
S02E04 Fastest Chick in OKC 23/12/2013 Tina Pierce, known by locals to be the fastest female racer in Oklahoma, calls out #10 Farmtruck. Old family rivalries come to a head when #8 Varley and #9 Andrade Jr. face-off while #6 Chuck and #7 Derek race for a $1000 and the #6 spot.
S02E05 Showdown Lowdown 30/12/2013 #1 Daddy Dave and #2 Murder Nova square off while best friends #3 Doc and #4 Monza battle on the street for the first time. After installing a secret weapon on his Monte Carlo, Doc is painfully reminded that testing on the street is very illegal.
S02E06 Drag Week 06/01/2014 With the help of some racing legends, Big Chief resurrects his first race car, a '72 Pontiac LeMans he calls The Crow. The OKC's top 3 take on some expert race car builders' best to hold their coveted title of "Fastest Street Cars in the Nation."
S02E07 Papa's Got a Brand New Bug 06/01/2014 AZN and Farmtruck build a Volkswagen bug race car to go out fishing with, but have a run-in with the local authorities. The top 3 on the list compete in a racing extravaganza. Big Chief re-introduces The Crow to the racers by calling out the #1 spot.
S02E08 Straight Out to Cali 13/01/2014 Crazy Kelly, along with his California racing cronies, call out OKC's best and fastest. The OKC crew bring their cars out to Compton for a showdown of pride and high stakes betting while AZN and Farmtruck head to Chicago to fish for races.
S03E00 00/00/0000
S03E01 The Rise of the Crow 23/06/2014 Street Outlaws returns with Big Chief stepping down as racemaster to pursue the list in his twin turbo-charged Pontiac a.k.a "The Crow". AZN, Farmtruck and the "Dungbeetle" have a run-in with police while testing. Varley’s son/driver Tony quits, leaving the team high and dry. Tina drops off the list, leaving an opportunity for new racers and familiar faces to race-off round-robin style for the coveted #10 spot
S03E02 Go Back to Tulsa 30/06/2014 Track racers from Tulsa, OKC’s northern neighbor, call out the 405 with hopes of taking down the "fastest street-raced cars in the country." Farmtruck and AZN try to raise money with a junk-purged garage sale and both Murder Nova and Chuck upgrade to twin turbo in preparation for the races against the Tulsa guys.
S03E03 Top 5 List Shake-Up 07/07/2014 Current racemaster Farmtruck devises a plan to have the top 5 racers battle each other to shake up the top 10 list. AZN and Farmtruck fish for races with the Dung Beetle as Varley’s son Shelby takes over the Gold Car driving duties and attempts to get them back on the list.
S03E04 The Mouthy Dirty South 14/07/2014 The smack talk gets spicy as OKC’s best drive down to New Orleans to race The Big Easy’s fastest street cars. Big Chief enlists his good friend Kamikaze to resurrect Flip’s El Camino and Texas racer Boosted GT tries to convince Chief to give him a shot at the list.
S03E05 What's Up Doc? 21/07/2014 Doc is determined to make a comeback with the Street Beast. Big Chief and Kamikaze decide it's time for the El Camino to race for the list. Farmtruck and AZN go after redemption with an old rival with the Dung Beetle.
S03E06 Dallas Cash Days 28/07/2014 OKC racers take on the fastest of the south at the annual Cash Days race. While fishing for street races and fast cash, Farmtruck and AZN meet their match.
S03E07 Big Chief vs Murder Nova 04/08/2014 Big Chief calls out Murder Nova to take the number one spot from Daddy Dave; Kayla Morton and Boosted GT take a shot at the list; Farmtruck wants a new sleeper.
S03E08 It's Good to Be the Chief 18/08/2014 A sneak peak at the new season and a look back at lost moments, the best fights and omitted scenes and races.
S03E09 Down from Chi-Town 29/12/2014 Trash-talking street racers from Chicago take on their Oklahoma City rivals; the Farmtruck reels in a Ferrari and a Camaro.
S03E10 Ova for Murder Nova? 12/01/2015 Shawn considers dropping off the list.
S03E11 Small Tire Shootout 19/01/2015 Spanish Chuck puts on a Small Tire Shootout, where cars with small tires race; Farmtruck and Asian attend a car show in Kansas; Shawn considers dropping off the list.
S03E12 Small Tire Shootout 19/01/2015 Small-tire cars race for a $2000 prize.
S03E15 Hearse and the Wichita Curse 09/02/2015 Big Chief is in Wichita, Kan. and racers take on Murder 56 and Superman.
S00E01 Countdown to Season 3 23/06/2014
S00E02 Bumper to Bumper: The Secrets of the Street Outlaws 09/03/2015 A look into the racers' lives, highlighting best moments and discussing day jobs and financial sacrifices.
S00E03 When Life Gives You Lemons 19/10/2015 Farmtruck and AZN enter a 24-hour "Lemons Race" with an old Dodge Neon and can only spend $500 to modify it. Chief and Shawn take us through some of the greatest deleted races, the biggest emotional blow ups, and the craziest crashes in SO history.
S00E04 Only the Strong will Enduro! 23/06/2016 The 405 crew goes Enduro racing and everyone designs unique rides, but the race quickly turns into a demolition derby; never before seen races, pranks, Chuck fights and outtakes.
S00E05 If You Cant Beatle Em Join Em 31/10/2016 Going under the hood to find out what makes the cars fast; Farmtruck and AZN struggle to fix the Dung Beetle for fishing and set up some races to get out of paying for some tuning.
S00E06 75,000 Reasons To Race 05/12/2016
S00E07 Step Up 20/05/2017 JJ and his racers from Memphis come to OKC for 2 nights of racing so everyone in the 405 has to step up and get ready to lay it all on the line. The farmtruck sets AZN up with a race with a doctor with a super car.
S00E08 Blinding Lights 20/05/2017 Detroit, New York and California bring a team to compete against OKC; and 5 of the 405's racers step up.
S00E09 Road to Number One 12/06/2017 Recap of the Road to Number One from the past season to present.
S00E10 Under My Thumb 05/06/2017 Enhanced episode includes additional footage.JJ and his racers from Memphis come to OKC for 2 nights of racing so everyone in the 405 has to step up and get ready to lay it all on the line
S00E11 Wild Horses 05/06/2017 Enhanced episode includes additional footage.When flagging and technicalities cause drama, the 405 has to fight for every win
S00E12 Wild Horses Part 2 26/06/2017 The stakes are high on the streets of the OKC. JJ and his guys are street racers with seriously fast cars who are willing to do anything and everything to win a race which mean the 405 has to fight for every win.
S00E13 Paint it Black 26/06/2017 JJ "Da Boss" from Memphis comes to OKC to host a race and everyone who is anyone comes out to compete.
S00E14 Beast of Burden 30/06/2017 With JJ going back to old school rules and a total of 60 grand on the line the racers do anything and everything to win.
S00E16 Shut Up and Drive 04/12/2017 Chuck & Ryan look back at some of the biggest rivalries we've seen on the 405 list, while Farmtruck & AZN go head to head in a clunker race. Then, Chuck and Ryan take a look forward at everything that's coming up on this season of Street Outlaws.
S00E17 Outlaw Armageddon 24/01/2018 It's time for Outlaw Armageddon, the biggest & baddest No Prep race in the country, & the 405 gets ready for the race. Everyone who is anyone in the street & track races scenes comes to OKC to lay it all on the line and try to win the $40,000 prize.
S00E18 Armageddon To The End 31/01/2018 After the first round of Outlaw Armageddon, there are still 19 of the best racers in the country left to fight it out for the $40K pot. The remaining 405 racers must fight to defend their turf, because being beat at their home track isn't an option.