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Bill Nye discusses the environmental impact everyone makes on the planet just be being a consumer. Each episode focuses on a group of products most people buy, usually sorted by the room in your house you would buy them for.


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S01E01 Breakfast 25/08/2008
S01E02 Bathroom 00/00/0000 Sludge, sewers, showers, and soap all have an environmental impact. Bill Nye investigates the impact of waste removal and offers tips for lavatory energy savings.
S01E03 Kitchen 00/00/0000 The effects of aluminum, food waste, grocery bags, and more things you use in the kitchen on the environment.
S01E04 Bedroom 00/00/0000 Bill Nye exposes the truth about the environmental impact of the bedroom.
S01E05 Office 00/00/0000 Bill goes undercover at the office to reveal the surprising facts behind where all the stuff in your office comes from, and where it all goes when you're done with it?
S01E06 Attic 00/00/0000 Stuff happens even in the attic. Bill Nye targets insulations, mothballs, and more.
S01E07 Closet 00/00/0000 Whether or not you've cleaned out your own closet lately, Bill Nye has some surprising news about the environmental consequences of some items you're sure to find inside.
S01E08 Backyard 00/00/0000 Keeping your garden green may not be keeping your garden green. Bill Nye takes a simple color and show how it translates into a hefty environmental impact.
S01E09 Beach 00/00/0000 While the beach may seem to be a green experience, beaches are a common destination for litter. Bill Nye identifies the greatest single litter problem and answers many astounding theoretical questions.
S01E11 Pets 00/00/0000 Dog food, kitty litter, and poison fishing are all topics to explore as Bill Nye investigates pets' carbon pawprints.
S01E12 Sports 00/00/0000 While statistics might suggest that sports are detrimental to the environment (for example, golf courses can use 2,500,000,000 gallons of water in a single day?), there are also new advances making our leisure greener every day.
S01E13 Garage 00/00/0000 It's a fact - garages gather clutter. Bill Nye explains how to make garages clean and green.

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