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Explore the multiple and complex roles that automobiles have played in our lives. Celebrate the automobile, its enduring beauty, and the art that has been inspired by the influences of 20th century designers.


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S01E01 1970 Chevelle SS LS 6 4 speed, 1931 Avions Voisin C-20 06/02/2013 North American muscle car expert Jim Bodanis takes us on a tour of his 1970 Chevelle SS LS 6 convertible. And one of the most sensational classics of the 1930’s is the Avions Voisin C-20, known as the Mylord Demi-Berlin. This one-of-a-kind automobile owes its unique design to the engineering genius of French aircraft designer, Gabriel Voisin.
S01E02 1936 Cord 810, 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado 07/02/2013 Gordon Miller Buehrig was just another young designer at the thriving Auburn Automobile Company in Pennsylvania before the war, when he was tapped to design one of the top ten cars of all time: the 1936 Cord 810. It took 30 years for the echoes of the 1936 Cord 810 to be felt. The 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado was a tribute to its coffin-nosed predecessor with it’s similar front wheel drive approach to transportation.
S01E03 1938 Delage, 1970 Corvette Stingray - 1970 Roadrunner Superbird 08/02/2013 The 1938 Delage was one of the most stylish, curvaceous and exotic cars ever built – all in the pursuit of a beautiful woman. Men may also have bought the 1970 Corvette Stingray to attract women, but this car’s hourglass figure also spoke to the male of the species. And the 1970 Roadrunner Superbird was created by Plymouth in an effort to win the heart of only one man: superstar stock car driver, Richard Petty.
S01E04 1939/47 Rolls Royce Phantom III, 1957 Ford 09/02/2013 This rare and outrageously expensive Rolls Royce had the chassis of a 1939 model, and the body of a 1947 ‘dream car’; ordered by a New York businessman, it’s sole reason for existence was to tempt beautiful high society women into its luxurious interior. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the working man’s 1947 Ford, owned by a successful small town real estate agent, reminds him of his youth and the girls he was able to attract with it back in the day!
S01E05 1969 Camaro SS, 1970 Boss Mustang, 1970 Barracuda 10/02/2013 America in the late 1960’s was crazy for muscle cars. Chrysler, Ford and Chevy duked it out in the car lots and on the NASCAR tracks… and so did fans. Meet three die-hard muscle car fanatics – tough guys get emotional! The Chevy ’69 Camaro SS vs the Ford 1970 Boss Mustang 302 vs the Chrysler 1970 Barracuda.
S01E06 1932 Duesenberg Model J, 1935 Auburn Sedan 00/00/0000 Pulling up in the glamorous 1932 Duesenberg Model J sent a clear message to the world: you had arrived. Today, Duesenberg’s are considered to be one of the most collectible cars of all time. The 1935 Auburn Sedan may have been considered one of the most beautiful cars ever built, and thanks to its powerful straight 8 engine and 2 speed axle, it can still cruise down highways with ease.
S01E07 00/00/0000 As a kid, collector Colin Kennedy accompanied his dad on a road trip to the local Honda dealer and experienced love at first sight: the 1965 Honda S600. Love came knocking for lawyer Ron Good when he was a just a young boy, too: that’s when he first saw his Dream Car – a 1951 Four Door Kaiser Traveler.
S01E08 00/00/0000 The Pierce Arrows of the teens and twenties were the last American cars to switch from right hand drive to left hand drive. When collector Rick Morrison took on the task of restoring his 1926 Pierce Arrow it had seen better days. For Larry Pittman, his 1965 Lincoln Continental is all about winning. It’s a constant challenge to make sure the car wins every show car competition it enters.
S01E09 00/00/0000 See the story of this 1934 Graham - what makes this particular one valuable is that it has never been restored, painted, or had any significant work done to it, making it the only “surviver” of its kind in the world. The Porsche 356 had the most powerful engine Porsche produced in 1939. Designed by Ferry Porsche, son of Ferdinand, this is the revolutionary sports car that would define Porsche for the next 70 years.
S01E10 1948 Delahaye 135N. 1948 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 00/00/0000 When French entrepreneur Emile Delahaye turned his attention from brick building to car building, the result was a collectible beauty that is currently worth over five million dollars: the 1948 Delahaye 135N. Oliver Collins has always been an ‘Alfa’ guy, so when his 1948 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 came along, he was willing to do whatever it took to make it his own.
S01E11 1968 Plymouth GTX, 1953 Studbaker Starliner Coupe, 1929 McLaughlin Buick 00/00/0000 The power play: the pure muscle of the 1968 Plymouth GTX, powered by the legendary hemi V8 that was developed to not just win the horsepower wars, but to deliver a knockout punch; the overpowering looks of the 1953 Studbaker Starliner Coupe, once called the most beautiful American car ever built; and the staying power of the 1929 McLaughlin Buick.
S01E12 Ford Models T, 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible, 1964 Plymouth GTO Super Bee 00/00/0000 The most important cars in automotive history: The Ford Models T and A that changed America forever. The alluring $5.5 million 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible is a car of ‘lasts’; Lincoln’s last pure stainless steel body. The 1964 Plymouth GTO Super Bee, lovingly nicknamed ‘the goat’, was the muscle car you could race on Sunday and drive to work on Monday.
S01E13 Citroen DS, 1939 Bentley Mk 5, 1929 Packard 00/00/0000 The Citroën DS is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive executive car manufactured and marketed by the French company Citroën from 1955 to 1975 in sedan, wagon/estate and convertible body configurations. The Bentley Mark V was Rolls-Royce's second Bentley model. Intended to have been announced at the Earls Court Motor Show set down for late October 1939[1] it had much in common with its predecessor. War was declared on 3 September 1939 and a few days later Bentley announced it had ceased production of civilian items. The Mark V was sold only as a bare chassis to be fitted with an owner's own coachbuilder. It proved to be the last Derby Bentley, after the war production moved to Crewe. Park Ward would be the coachbuilder once the cars went into production.

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