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Eleven contestants with a passion for fashion compete against one another for an editorial job with Elle magazine. During the competition, they work for Elle's Fashion News Director, Anne Slowey, and must carry out different assistant tasks and fashion editorial assignments in each episode. With input from Elle's Creative Director, Joe Zee, Anne will fire one person each week. The last one standing will be promoted to a coveted real-life job opportunity with Elle magazine, a paid lease on a Manhattan apartment, and a clothing allowance at H&M, a prize totaling $100,000.


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S01E01 Pilot: Now You See Me, Now You Don't 22/10/2008 Anne Slowey, Elle's Fashion Accessories Editor and Joe Zee, Elle's Creative Director, test eleven contestants competing for a position at Elle magazine. Each of the contestants must compete in assistant-centered and editorial-centered challenges, the first being to make breakfast for Anne.
S01E02 Hidden Gems 29/10/2008 The contestants must dress mannequins for Anne following specific points. Later, the contestants are placed into two teams to find a "hidden gem" in town and write an article about it for the magazine.
S01E03 No More, Mr. Nice Guy 05/11/2008 The contestants are challenged to bring a fashionable mother & daughter to be in attendance for a birthday party they must design for Annie's niece, which will be featured on the trend page.
S01E04 Shop it Like it's Hot 12/11/2008 The contestants hit Henry Bendel to shop for an outfit for Anne, who is taking a last-minute trip. The group breaks up into teams to design and direct a photo shoot featuring a Tory Burch outfit. Tory appears on the show as a guest judge and helps Anne and Joe decide which team made her outfit look the best on the page.
S01E05 It's All About Who You Know 19/11/2008 The contestants search for the perfect gift for Anne to present to Amy Sacco, owner of the restaurant, Bungalow 8. For their editorial challenge, the contestants must attend a party with Anne and Joe and let them know who each celebrity guest is and why they are important before they greet Anne. After, they must take all this knowledge and assemble a “party page” for the magazine.
S01E06 Clip Show 26/11/2008 Never before seen footage, including freak-outs, poetry slams and fashion blunders
S01E07 Model Behaviour 03/12/2008 The contestants must prepare a hotel room for supermodel Maggie Rizer according to her list of demands. Next, Joe Zee tells them they are to put together a multi-page fashion layout complete with a photo shoot and supplies from the Elle closet.One of the contestants unleashes on Joe and Anne.
S01E08 Fashion Show 101 10/12/2008 The remaining contestants hold a casting call to find the right model for a fashion spread in Elle Magazine. Next, the contestants discover a new designer and produce a fashion show to showcase their work.
S01E09 The Right Fit 17/12/2008 The contestants interview with Roberta Myers, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, and her input drastically changes the game for one of them. For their final challenge, the contestants must design a cover featuring Grammy-winner Eve; and Anne and Joe choose the winner.

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