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Funny, fun and full of heart, Suave Says will follow famous lain lover turned preacher, Gerardo Mejia, as he fights to keep his family together the only way he knows how; with laughter and love. In the early 1990s Gerardo Mejia had it all. Thanks to his smash-hit single, "Rico Suave," he was living the good life with all of the fame, fortune, and women to show for it. Twenty years later, Gerardo's life is still pretty good if not just a little bit different. While he is no longer a rockstar, Gerardo continues to be adored by many (as a record exec turned minister) and remains surrounded by beautiful women -- only now they are his wife and daughters. Following the success of his big single, Gerardo went on to become an influential A&R executive at Interscope Records, married Kathy (a former beauty queen), and had 3 beautiful children— Bianca, Nadia and Jaden. However, despite Gerardo's early success, life was not always easy in the Mejia household. Over the years, Kathy and the kids weathered the storm of success and what comes after it. With the admission of infidelities spanning a decade, Gerardo and Kathy are now trying to pick up the pieces of their marriage and reconnect with their children. But even without a marriage to repair, Gerardo and Kathy would have their hands full. At least two of their three kids plan to follow in their father's famous footsteps. Nadia is an aspiring singer/model and Jaden wants to make it as a rapper. Meanwhile, older sister, Bianca, just moved back into the family home..and brought her new boyfriend, Zack, with her. Rounding out the hectic household is Gerardo's 20 year-old niece, Lexi, as well as her toddler son. So get ready because in this family, the only constant is craziness. And while dad might be Mr. Suave himself, life in the Mejia household is anything but smooth.


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S01E01 Livin' La Vida Loca 03/12/2014 Offbeat family issues rock Gerardo Mejia's world in the series premiere of this reality show that centers on the music figure, famed for the 1990s song "Rico Suave."
S01E02 Lazos Familiares 09/12/2014 Nadia tries to spend time with her sister, yet she faces an obstacle in the form of Bianca's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Gerardo wants to reconnect with his 13-year-old son.
S01E03 El Presidente 16/12/2014 Gerardo's children are forced to learn Spanish, but their grandmother teaches them naughty phrases. Meanwhile, Gerardo must make a big decision when a business opportunity clashes with his U.S. citizenship test.
S01E04 Damas Independientes 24/12/2014 Nadia tries to land a fashion-week runway slot by attending an industry event, but she’s horrified when her father becomes the life of the party. Meanwhile, Bianca’s fear of driving jeopardizes a job interview.
S01E05 Creciendo 01/01/2015 When the Mejia kids propose a 21st birthday party for Lexi, Gerardo puts his foot down when it comes to having alcohol at the fiesta. Unfortunately, Nadia, Bianca and Zac are determined to bootleg some booze.
S01E06 Campo De Entrenamiento 06/01/2015 When Kathy enters the family into a 5k, they have to begin training; Gerardo is not being supportive.
S01E07 El Amor Es Un Campo De Batalla 14/01/2015 Bianca has her first fight with Zac; Kathy feels that she is unnoticed by Gerardo, and attempts to attract his attention.
S01E08 Promesas Rotas 20/01/2015 Gerardo takes the family to Ecuador for a resurrection concert, thwarting Kathy's dreams of a romantic getaway; tensions rise between Nadia and Bianca.
S01E09 28/01/2015 Kathy and Gerardo have decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. As the extended family gathers for the celebration, Gerardo takes the opportunity to put Zac to the test and see if he's worthy of his daughter Bianca.

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