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Go behind the scenes as Subaru Rally Team USA drivers, David Higgins and Craig Drew, attempt to defend their back-to-back Rally America Championship title and teammates, Travis Pastrana and Chrissie Beavis, return to stage rally action. Watch Bucky Lasek, Sverre Isachsen and the Subaru Rallycross Team compete door-to-door in the Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship.


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S01E01 Rinse & Repeat 17/04/2013 In this debut episode of Launch Control, Subaru Rally Team USA driver, David Higgins is preparing and training in Wales, UK for the upcoming season, while the Vermont Sports Car team is hard at work preparing the 2013 Subaru race cars. The day their season finished in 2012, was the day preparation for 2013 began. If there is a team that knows what goes into winning a championship, this would be it. Subaru's 2012 Rally America championship victory marked their 2nd in a row and their 6th in 7 years. Rallycross, on the other hand, is relatively new for the team. Competing against established rallycross teams from Europe, the learning curve for Bucky Lasek, Dave Mirra, Sverre Isachsen, and the team has been steep. New venues. New race format. New Rules, New Cars. As quickly as the three Subaru STI's ran on-track, the pace of development at the race shop has been just as quick. This is everything it takes to win. This is everything that gets in the way of victory. This is Launch Control.
S01E02 Sno*Drift Rally (Part 1) 01/05/2013 In episode 2 of Launch Control, Subaru Rally Team USA reunites in Michigan for the 2013 Sno*Drift Rally. For fans and competitors, the first day of the season is an exciting one. This is a new beginning, a chance for a fresh story starting from a blank sheet. The one-off ice and snow event provides a unique challenge for the team, where just a small mistake can be costly. Holding a slim lead into the night stages on Day 1, David Higgins and Craig Drew find out just how treacherous these roads can be. This is everything it takes to win. This is everything that gets in the way of victory. This is Launch Control
S01E03 Sno*Drift Rally (Part 2) 15/05/2013 Episode 2 left off with the Subaru Rally Team USA facing an overnight rebuild after a crash on the first day of Sno*Drift Rally 2013. The mechanics had a long night ahead of them to get the car back in action. Would the car be ready? Could Higgins and Drew hold on to their slim lead? Episode 3 has the answers. Catch all the Subaru Rally Team USA and Subaru Puma Rallycross Team action at Produced by Formula Photographic Inc. This is everything it takes to win. This is everything that gets in the way of victory. This is Launch Control.
S01E04 Buck Up! 29/05/2013 Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team driver, Bucky Lasek, drops in at Vermont SportsCar to check out his new rallycross car and show the team his gratitude. Lasek then gets sideways with Ryan Tuerck on some snow covered forest roads. Meanwhile Subaru Rally Team USA is in Missouri testing for the highspeed Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, where Mother Nature throws competitors a curve ball.
S01E05 David vs. Goliath 12/06/2013 David Higgins and Craig Drew of Subaru Rally Team USA may be back-to-back champions, but at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, Ken Block has been king. A win here at round two for Higgins would rock the boat and shake things up for the rest of the series. But, an overnight storm in Missouri has dumped snow on the high-speed stages, placing the whole outcome into question. Can the teams keep it on the road in the treacherous conditions? Can Higgins and Drew get their first career win at this event?
S01E06 Tale of Two Cities 26/06/2013 It's 9:36 PM on April 24th and the crew at Vermont SportsCar is putting in a late night loading the three Subaru PUMA Rallycross cars into the transporter for a final pre-season test. Three thousand miles away on the west coast, another part of the crew is preparing the Subaru Rally Team USA car for a final shakedown before the Oregon Trail Rally. Two teams, one week, one goal. In this episode, David Higgins and Subaru Rally Team USA are on the west coast for the Oregon Trail Rally, while Bucky Lasek, Dave Mirra, Sverre Isachsen and the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team are hard at work in Connecticut testing the new cars in preparation for the first overseas event. Balancing two teams in separate championships is a logistical game of chess. Packing up for X Games Barcelona is just the next step in the long season ahead.
S01E07 When It Rains, It Pours 10/07/2013 The Global Rallycross season kicks off for the Subaru Puma Rallycross Team, as Bucky Lasek, Dave Mirra, and Sverre Isachsen head overseas for X Games Barcelona. After a test session in the picturesque Monterrat area of Spain, its time to hit the track in anger for the first time this season. However, nobody was expecting the sequence of events that would transpire on race day. Back in the Rally America championship, David Higgins and Craig Drew go to battle with Ken Block again at the Susquehannock Trail Rally. Subaru Rally Team USA suffers a major setback on stage 3, and puts in a valiant effort to keep fighting. Sometimes when it rains, it pours, but overcoming adversity is what makes rally so unique.
S01E08 Nothing Comes Easy 24/07/2013 David Higgins and Craig Drew of Subaru Rally Team USA fight back from a Day 1 mechanical problem (see Episode 7) to salvage any Rally America Championship points they can, as their main rival heads towards a win. Can they possibly get a podium, after starting the day in 21st overall? It is maximum attack, and the pair are flying...but not everything goes smoothly. In Munich, the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team drivers, Bucky Lasek, Dave Mirra, and Sverre Isachsen are finally getting the opportunity to race door-to-door in Global Rallycross competition. Sverre Isachsen makes it to the finals, and finds himself on two wheels through turn one. His ongoing rivalry with Ken Block gets heated only three turns before the finish. It's a dramatic finish to a busy month for the Vermont Sportscar and Subaru rally teams.
S01E09 Small Victories 07/08/2013 A season of racing for any team is filled with steps forward, and steps back. In the off-season, the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team took many steps forward. A complete redesign of the car leveled the playing field. But, the team was met with adversity at the first two events of the season - a canceled race in Spain and a take-out from behind in Germany. Now, the team is back on home soil at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and eager to accelerate their progress. Episode 9 takes you behind the scenes as Sverre Isachsen and Bucky Lasek advance to the finals, and the team puts in a huge effort to repair Dave Mirra's car after a freak mechanical failure left his car on three wheels.
S01E10 High Pressure Art 21/08/2013 The Subaru PUMA RallyCross Team was fighting at the top during Round 5 of the Global RallyCross Championship held July 20th at Bristol Motor Speedway. Team driver Sverre Isachsen, a former three-time European RallyCross Champion, won his heat race advancing him to the front row of the Final. An impressive start by the Norwegian saw him run as high as 2nd Overall before race-contact crushed his exhaust, robbing his Subaru STI of power and dropping him back to 4th Overall, the team's best finish thus far in 2013 after competing in three earlier events. Teammates Dave Mirra and Bucky Lasek showed impressive pace but narrowly missed out on advancing to the Final. On the other side of the country, at the New England Forest Rally, Subaru Rally Team USA is preparing for a different task. With a lead in championship points, an outsider would suggest the team could coast to a championship. The reality within the team is entirely different. One bad result and their lead is erased. Progress and pace are only found in hard work and constant attention to detail. Their speed is a result of every piece of the puzzle clicking together with perfection. With two events remaining after the New England Forest Rally, you wouldn't call this the home stretch, but everyone's focus is starting to shift to the bigger picture. The loss and gain of seconds, stage by stage, shows how close the battle is with their rivals. Day one ends with the Subaru team conceding 16 seconds to Block... but the dust is far from settled.
S01E11 Eyes on the Prize 04/09/2013 It's calm in sunny LA the week before the X Games, but on the other side of the country Subaru Rally Team USA is in the heat of battle at the New England Forest Rally. Sixteen seconds. It's all that separates David Higgins and Ken Block as the final day of the 2013 New England Forest Rally begins. The two teams have very different strategies. To stay in the hunt for the Rally America Championship, Block desperately needs the win today. Meanwhile, Subaru Rally Team USA is playing a longer game, banking on the significant points lead they've built by being on the podium at every event this year. However, if you were to suggest to David Higgins and Craig Drew that they should coast to second and bank the points, you'd quickly learn that this team has no interest in being runners-up! Next, we head to X Games Los Angeles with Sverre Isachsen and his family who have joined him at the event. The Viking Warrior is a patient man. Previous events have shown promise and given him confidence, but now is the time to deliver a result. The team knows that here, on the biggest stage of the season, a clear and obvious step forward is important. It wont be easy though as X Games Los Angeles features the deepest lineup of GRC competitors yet, all eyeing a coveted X Games medal!
S01E12 Swinging for the Fence 18/09/2013 Thirty minutes outside of San Diego, California, Bucky Lasek is home for a rare two days off before his next event. It doesn't take long for regular life to settle in, and Bucky enjoys a rare one-on-one day with his daughter. Bucky's passion for motorsports is only surpassed by his desire to prove himself. And he feels that with nearly two years in Global Rallycross, his goal can now shift from development to fighting for podiums. Two days later at the Atlanta Motor Speedway the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team is outside the oval doing a final shakedown. With temperatures expected to be in the mid 90s and extremely humid, the race will be very taxing on the drivers AND the cars. The track is a tricky one. With dirt sections that get very rutted and rough, some of Subaru's competitors are feeling the adversity. But for the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team, things are looking up. All three subarus qualify well but Bucky Lasek lands a notable fifth fastest time, beating both his teammates. Its Bucky's best seeding position yet in GRC, proving that his track and karting racecraft is beginning to meld with the more raw world of rallycross. The true joy of rallycross is that predicting the outcome is simply impossible. A podium finish is never out of reach until three cars cross the finish line. And as the cars leave the start line for a 10 lap final, the script changes once again.... It's been a long month for the team. Zig-zagging the country in the hunt for success doesn't come without its toll. But when the toll is paid, you get to cross the bridge. A taste of success only makes you hungry for more.
S01E13 In The End 16/10/2013 If it was simple, anyone could do it. There would be no need for hours of toil. No reason for endless development. There would be no need to race. But instead, the pursuit of speed never ends. Race cars might run on fuel, but they are built and driven with heart. It's been a season full of highs and lows, but with just two rally events remaining, and a championship up for grabs, the time for heart is now. The 2013 Ojibwe Forests Rally features nearly 140 miles of technical sandy gravel roads around the western Minnesota town of Detroit Lakes. In rally, you race the elements as well as your opponents. The concern here at Ojibwe Rally is dust. Even a 3-minute dust window might not be enough to get a clear line of sight when racing at speed. Ken Block is first on the road, and evidence of a difficult event is already apparent. As David and Craig pull up to the start line behind Block, the dust still lingers around them. As expected the dust eats away at their visibility. Only seconds into a 2-day rally and the team knows they are losing time. Sections of clear vision build confidence only to have that confidence ripped away by a wall of dust. The team will end day one down by over a minute. Not exactly the race they had hoped for. However, as the cars set out to start the second day of racing, the wind has picked up which should help visibility. With over a minute to make up, David and Craig know they need to gain ground with every mile. Early on day two, Higgins loses the power steering, then shortly thereafter something in the road surface snaps the wheel which seriously injures his hand. After exiting the stage, Higgins and Drew pull over and work under the hood to try and repair the power steering when Higgins' foot is run over and injured by a passing SUV. Two injuries to the Subaru team driver in less than an hour could spell the end of their rally, putting their championship hopes in peril. On the season finale of Launch Control, Subaru Rally Tea
S01E14 In The End, Part 2 30/10/2013 With an unbroken string of podium finishes, Subaru Rally Team USA has lead the Rally America championship for the majority of the season. However, with the competition stepping up their game and only two events remaining, the points gap has tightened. Hanging dust, power steering failure, and injuries to David Higgins at the penultimate event have put the Subaru team into damage control. Their ability to finish the event is now in question, but with bandages and ice David Higgins refuses to give up valuable championship points and finishes the Ojibwe Rally. The final rally will be a winner-take-all battle royale. Houghton, Michigan. Home of the Lake Superior Performance Rally - the final and deciding round of the twenty-thirteen Rally-America Championship. This is the closest championship race in years, and both sides have claimed their intention to win. The air of calm confidence and smiles is just a mask hiding the intense emotion and pressure these teams are facing. Ken Block and Ford must win to take the championship. Higgins and Subaru need to get in their way. As the cars arrive at the start of the first stage, the usual friendly banter and socializing is gone. The teams stick to themselves and focus on the task at hand. The speed is immense and the two teams trade seconds back and forth all weekend. Higgins and Drew in the Subaru dominate on the night stages to take an overnight lead, putting the pressure on Block to chase on Day 2. One team will end up finishing the rally, the other does not. It's a fight to the final hours of the 2013 championship season. Will Subaru Rally Team USA receive a trophy or a handshake? This is everything it takes to win. This is everything that gets in the way of victory. This is launch control.
S02E01 A Cold Start 16/04/2014 You only truly know how to accomplish something once you have actually done it. Turning points and opportunities are only fully recognized with hindsight. So, for a team as experienced as Subaru Rally Team USA, reverse engineering a championship title should be straight forward. Except it never is. Thousands of circumstances and decisions led to this moment, and no two seasons will offer the same opportunities. Experience might form the road map to a title, but it's a road map already out of date. The 2014 championships bring new competition, new events, and new cars. A new road awaits. This is Season Two of Launch Control. ---------- At the Vermont Sports Car facility, the team is putting the finishing touches on a completely new rally car for David Higgins. But before this car is even finished, the next project is already waiting in the wings. Before it has even been revealed to the public, a brand-new twenty-fifteen STI has been delivered for initial engineering development. With only a handful of these in existence, the team is excited to get its first glance of what will eventually become their new rally and rallycross platform. It gets little attention for the moment, however. A complete tear down of the rallycross cars, and final testing of the 2014 rally cars occupies the entire team. ---------- Ice-covered roads, studless tires, and minus twenty degree temperatures greet the teams on race day at Michigan's Sno*Drift Rally. Cold is an understatement. Sno*Drift is once again the opening round of the 2014 Rally America Championship. For Subaru Rally Team USA, the challenge is doubled. Teething issues with new rally cars can easily ambush a team's event. The cold only increases the stress on the car and its parts. Despite the team's confidence, a degree of uncertainty lingers under the calm surface. Can the team start the season off with a win, or will problems derail their efforts?
S02E02 Full Circle 30/04/2014 With the 2014 Global Rallycross season still two months away, the Subaru team is in Atlanta testing the new cars for Sverre Isachsen and Bucky Lasek. After three full days, the team and drivers are happy with progress and hopes are high for the upcoming season. Flashback to 2010, and Launch Control revisits Travis Pastrana's last race in a Subaru before pursuing opportunities in Nascar. Fighting through the pain of a shattered leg, he makes the final race thanks to hand throttle controls fabricated by Vermont Sports Car overnight. This is Travis Pastrana, the never-say-never, in it to win it X Games Legend. In February 2014, Pastrana makes his return to the seat of a Subaru rally car. He joins David Higgins at the pre-event test before Missouri's Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. As the event starts, Travis arrives at Parc Expose and is instantly surrounded by media and fans eager to get their first glimpse of the returning star. But when all the autographs are done, and the fanfare has subsided, it all comes down to who is fastest on the road. Whether the motivation is simply a personal best... the top step of the podium... easing back into the sport... or defending a championship all starts the same way. 5....4....3....2....1.....
S02E03 Parallel Pursuit 14/05/2014 The definition of success varies from one person to another. The same goes for Subaru Rally Team USA drivers, Travis Pastrana and David Higgins. Pastrana is making his return to rally, and is hoping to ease his way back into a sport that he once used to dominate. Higgins is out for victory. They are approaching the event with different benchmarks for success. But in a sport where so many things can go wrong, it is almost impossible for everything to go right. Travis Pastrana is racing a new car, with a new co-driver... nursing an injured ankle, and recalibrating to the intricacies of rally. It's a tall order. Add in the high speeds of the roads here in Missouri, and #199 can be excused for being off the pace early on. It's to be expected. David Higgins and Craig Drew need no time to adjust. They won this event last year, but the event favorite, Ken Block, suffered a DNF that cut the battle short. Both teams know their competition isn't going to ease into the day gradually, so it means driving flat out form the word "go". This is the battle for the 2014 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood...
S02E04 Higher Grounds 28/05/2014 With the first two events in the 2014 Rally America Championship complete, Subaru Rally Team USA has claimed two podium finishes; a win at SnoDrift Rally for David Higgins, and 2nd Place for Travis Pastrana at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Now, the team's focus shifts to the third round of the Rally America Championship, the Oregon Trail Rally, where the goal is to get both Subaru team cars on the podium together. The Oregon Trail Rally was the second event back with the Subaru team for Travis Pastrana after over three years away from the sport. Pastrana has been getting up to speed with his new 2014 Subaru WRX STI while working for the first time with veteran co-driver Chrissie Beavis. The duo were clearly another step faster in Oregon and took the lead of the event early, winning three of the four stages held on day one. David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew hit trouble early on the second day, dropping over a minute to Pastrana in the process. As Higgins began to charge back he was then hit with time penalties for hitting cones in a chicane, thus putting himself even farther behind Pastrana. Higgins found himself still nearly 40 seconds adrift of Pastrana at the start of the final day. Higgins and Drew had just six stages covering 40 miles to make up those 40 seconds and they went flat out to do so. The battle goes down to the final stages...who would emerge victorious in the battle of the teammates?
S02E05 Island Time 11/06/2014 Hard Competition. Hard knocks. Hard work. This has been Subaru's learning curve thus far in Global Rallycross. But 2014 will be different. It has to be. Early season testing has given the team confidence and a hunger for results. In Barbados for the season opening round of the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship, Subaru Rally Team USA driver Sverre Isachsen enthralled a capacity crowd. In the Final, Isachsen in the #11 Subaru WRX STI became locked in a thrilling duel for third overall with rival Nelson Piquet Jr. The two drivers battled each other with tight door-to-door racing that brought the crowd to their feet. Top Gear Festival Barbados set the scene for relentless racing, and the team departs with just days to prepare for the next event back in America.
S02E06 X Marks the Spot 25/06/2014 Iconic X Games Skateboarding athlete Bucky Lasek earned his 20th career X Games medal in Austin, Texas but it wasn't earned atop a skateboard. Instead, Bucky earned this medal behind the wheel of his 600hp Subaru WRX STI Rallycross car in a hard fought X Games Rallycross event held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The action was intense, from the moment the cars arrived back from GRC Barbados to the final chequered flag. In the same week, Subaru Rally Team USA was also in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania for the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally. David Higgins and Craig Drew were fighting a history of bad luck at this event, but the #75 car along with an armada of privateer Subaru teams took to the forests for round four of the 2014 Rally America Championship.
S02E07 Two Worlds, One Mission 09/07/2014 The third round of the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship was held on a purpose built track outside of RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. Subaru Rally Team USA drivers, Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen, began the event brimming with confidence. Nearly two years of development work on the team's Subaru WRX STI rallycross cars have begun to pay off and the team has now proven they have the speed to compete at the top. Lasek starts the weekend at the top of the timesheets, earning the #2 seed. Isachsen qualifies just .4 seconds behind. But in GRC, you never know whats going to happen in the final rounds... On the same weekend in Europe, the STI team from Japan is tackling a different challenge -- the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race in Germany. Coined the "Green Hell", the 15-mile ribbon of tarmac through the Eifel Forest has seen some of the most grueling racing known to man. Over 200 cars will take the start, and only half are expected to finish. The STI team prepares all year for this challenge, and has brought the 2015 WRX STI here to win.
S02E08 From the Bottom Up 23/07/2014 This is where fate is decided -- 6,288 feet above sea level. Home of the world's worst weather. And one of the nation's oldest motor sport events. New Hampshire, and the legendary Mount Washington Auto Road where 7.4 miles of narrow, death-defying tarmac and dirt cling to the mountain's slopes. For over 100 years, the Climb to the Clouds race has seen heroes attempt to shatter old records. Today's benchmark to beat is 6 minutes 11 seconds... With an all-star cast of past and current record holders ready to push the bar one more time, including Subaru Rally Team USA's David Higgins and Travis Pastrana, the seventy-car field is primed. Will a new record be set, or will the field fall short?
S02E09 Fourth and Down 06/08/2014 Summer is in full swing in the forests of New England, and this weekend the border country between New Hampshire and Maine is filled with rally cars. David Higgins and Craig Drew of Subaru Rally Team USA are on a mission. A fourth consecutive Rally-America Championship title is within their grasp. They will have to negotiate a mix of twisty and tight forest roads filled with car-breaking rocks. But first, they’ll have to beat their teammates, Travis Pastrana and Chrissie Beavis. On the same weekend, the Global Rallycross series is gearing up in New York at Nassau Colloseum on Long Island. Subaru’s Sverre Isachsen is having an outstanding weekend. Heat wins and unbeatable launches set him up on the front row for the finals. Can this be the team’s first real chance at a win?
S02E10 Mid-Season Restart 17/09/2014 The team at Vermont SportsCar works flat out at the shop to prepare the rally and rallycross cars in Vermont before leaving for GRC Charlotte. Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen start the event off with heat wins, but can they convert that to a podium finish? It is hard to believe that, ten races in, Subaru Rally Team USA is only at the halfway point of their long season. The 2014 Rally America Championship and Red Bull Global Rallycross series combine to make a grueling and hectic year. Perspective can get lost amidst the chaos. Team owner, Lance Smith is responsible for maintaining that perspective. With the Rally America Championship clinched for another year, and podium finishes becoming more frequent in Rallycross, Lance must now shift his team’s year-long goals to the next phase.
S02E11 World Rallycross Canada 01/10/2014 Subaru Rally Team USA heads north to compete in the FIA World Rallycross of Canada to measure their progress against an international benchmark. In a new race format, amongst veteran rallycross teams, Subaru Rally Team USA found proof of their performance. Then, Launch Control travels with Sverre Isachsen to his hometown in Norway as he takes advantage of his limited time at home to take care of some business and retreat to the mountains.
S02E12 Four Cars Deep 15/10/2014 The mid-season reprieve is over, and it’s all hands on deck at Subaru Rally Team USA with a two car rally team in Minnesota for the Ojibwe Forest Rally, and two cars in Daytona for Red Bull Global Rallycross. It’s a weekend of highs and lows, but the team pulls together across the States to bring Subaru a double header result.
S02E13 Subaru Country 29/10/2014 Subaru Rally Team USA fights through a challenging Red Bull Global Rallycross double-header weekend in Los Angeles with team drivers Sverre Isachsen, Bucky Lasek and guest driver Travis Pastrana. After a long, hard weekend, and a promising result in their back pocket, the team drives north to Dirtfish Rally School near Seattle, Washington for their third rallycross event in two weekends. They are joined by David Higgins, and one turn into the Final, things are looking up for the team...
S02E14 Subaru Country: Part Two 12/11/2014 In Part Two of the season finale, Subaru Rally Team USA watches as Sverre Isachsen battles to the finish line against Joni Wiman - can he hold on for the team’s first Global Rallycross win? Then, in Las Vegas, Bucky Lasek, adds an exclamation mark to the season by coming back from a big crash in the Finals. It’s been a long journey and a tough season, but the progress and success is undeniable. Throw the old road map out the window, because Subaru Rally Team USA is heading into new territory.
S03E00 Season 3 Teaser 06/05/2015 Subaru Launch Control returns for Season Three on May 20th, 2015. Every two weeks, the award-winning documentary series takes you behind-the-scenes with Subaru Rally Team USA as they compete for the Rally America and Red Bull Global Rallycross championships.
S03E01 Paradigm Shift 20/05/2015 After two years of development, Subaru Rally Team USA puts everything they’ve learned into the new 2015 WRX STI platform for the 2015 Rally America and Red Bull Global Rallycross seasons. David Higgins and Craig Drew debut the car in competition for the first time at the Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan.
S03E02 Approaching Storm 03/06/2015 Subaru Rally Team USA rolls into Missouri for Round 2 of the Rally America championship, the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, only to find the fast gravel stages turning into another snow event. The teams are watching the weather, and the approaching storm has everyone on edge. Higgins and Drew balance on the fine line between speed and control. In Norway, Sverre Isachsen is enjoying the last weeks of his winter break, before departing for Florida and the first Global Rallycross team test.
S03E03 The Rubber Meets the Road 17/06/2015 After a successful start to the rally season, the pace increases for Subaru Rally Team USA as the team’s focus splits. Refinement of the rally car will take another step forward at the Oregon Trail Rally, while the all-new 2015 Global Rallycross STI is about to receive it’s first shakedown test in Florida.
S03E04 Shift Work 01/07/2015 Subarus are in action on different sides of the world in this episode, as the Subaru Tecnica International team returns to the Nurburgring 24 Hours for redemption after coming up short of a win in 2014. In Shelton, Washington, Subaru Rally Team USA tackles the northwest’s iconic gravel rally stages at the Olympus Rally. Can Subaru bring home the double header wins?
S03E05 It’s Showtime 15/07/2015 Travis Pastrana takes a break from his Nitro Circus Tour to join Subaru Rally Team USA for one final test before the Red Bull Global Rallycross season opener. Three extended tests, spanning weeks, have consumed this team. Building a winning car requires pushing every component to the edge – and beyond. Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isacshen will lead the charge. Travis Pastrana will pilot a third car at select events. The all-new rallycross machines are a technical leap forward, and involve major system changes. While quietly confident, no one is short of nerves. Thinking outside of the box has its risks, and a whole new learning curve. There are so many much to prove. And the pressure is on to come out of the gates swinging when the cars take the start line... in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
S03E06 Redemption X 29/07/2015 Being the best takes almost as much skill with a wrench as it does with a pair of driving gloves. Subaru Rally Team USA is faced with the enormous task of rebuilding the Global Rallycross cars before X Games Austin. In just four days, the team has new parts and three cars – including Travis Pastrana's – ready to race. With fifteen cars competing for just six spots in the finals, this event is even more cutthroat than normal. Meanwhile, on the same weekend in Pennsylvania, David Higgins and Craig Drew are aiming to continue their unbeaten record at the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally, round 5 of the Rally America championship. But massive trees and no room for error mean this rally can punish any mistakes.
S03E07 The Maine Event: Part 1 12/08/2015 It’s a perfect season in the making for David Higgins, Craig Drew, and Subaru Rally Team USA, but here at the 2015 New England Forest Rally, the stiffest competition of the season is looking to put an end to their winning streak. The return of familiar faces has elevated the game. Ken Block and an international powerhouse has brought new machinery to the fight. Teammates, Travis Pastrana and Chrissie Beavis have something to prove. Plus, all the season-long contenders are aiming for the podium...and an outright victory. This weekend, championship points and titles take a back seat. Winning this event, against these rivals, is all that matters.
S03E08 The Maine Event: Part 2 26/08/2015 Billed as the biggest showdown of the year, Subaru Rally Team USA has a big challenge on their hands at the New England Forest Rally in Maine. Day Two brings dark clouds, slippery conditions, and a tenuous lead to preserve. Travis Pastrana and Chrissie Beavis return to action today, but down in fifteenth place, they have a mountain to climb. It’s all or nothing on the final day of the rally, for outright victory and a climb back to the podium.
S03E09 Family Ties 07/10/2015 Ojibwe Forest Rally, the penultimate round of the 2015 Rally America championship. Subaru’s David Higgins and Craig Drew have already locked up the title, but their approach never wavers – they are here to win. Teammates Travis Pastrana and Chrissie Beavis are determined to make them work for it. They’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes since their podium finish in New England, and plan to push. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Bucky Lasek, Sverre Isachsen, and the Global Rallycross team are testing for the upcoming event in Los Angeles with all-new STI liveries.
S03E10 Proof Positive: Part 1 21/10/2015 Subaru Rally Team USA returns to Red Bull Global Rallycross action with four cars in Los Angeles. The Subaru Tecnica International-sponsored event is packed with fans, and there’s no better place for the team to show they’ve turned the corner on a difficult season.
S03E11 Proof Positive: Part 2 04/11/2015 With a promising start, Subaru Rally Team USA puts three cars into the finals on Day 1 of the Red Bull Global Rallycross double-header in Los Angeles. Day 2 dawns with another strong qualifying performance, but on- track battles leave the fan favorite, Travis Pastrana, nursing a damaged car back to the pits. The team rallies around him, fixing the car with just minutes to spare so he can carry the torch for the team into the Finals.
S03E12 Second to None 25/11/2015 With seven victories in hand, the Lake Superior Performance Rally is all that stands between Subaru Rally Team USA and a perfect season. Perfection is unrelenting. An internal desire. An unobtainable goal. But here they stand… Subaru Rally Team USA began this season with a new chassis and a fresh sheet. Eight Rally America events on the calendar; eight opportunities to prove themselves. Sno*Drift brought a maiden victory for the new car, and one-by-one wins accumulated. Some victories, dominant. Others, a hard fought battle. Some nearly didn’t happen at all. But while the path taken might have been different, they all led to the top step of the podium for David Higgins and Craig Drew. Now, the Lake Superior Performance Rally is all that remains. A rare opportunity hangs in the balance: the chance to complete a perfect season.
S03E13 Rising Son 09/12/2015 Bucky Lasek takes a trip of a lifetime to Japan, and discovers the heart of Subaru Tecnica International. The trip culminates at Subaru’s top-secret proving ground, with Lasek getting behind the wheel of the race-winning 24 Hours of Nurburgring car.
S03E14 Chasing the Legacy 23/12/2015 Twenty years after their first WRC title with Colin McRae, Subaru returns to the Welsh forests with David Higgins and Craig Drew in a Group N WRX STI wrapped in a throwback tribute livery. Subaru’s rally spirit has remained alive in different corners of the World since that first big win with Colin in 1995. It was the spark that made rally so popular not only for Subaru but across the world for the sport.