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Duff Goldman takes a cross-country trek to capture the sweet secrets and tasty techniques that keep the cookies from crumbling in the top bakeries around the nation.


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S01E01 LA Desserts: Chillin' with Chocolate 08/08/2011 Duff gets a sweet taste of the rebellious, the down-home, and the totally foreign side of LA. From chilled bread pudding in the madness of the Venice boardwalk, to a vertically challenged cookie in a funky eatery on the city's eastside, to a radical take on shaved ice in bustling K-Town - Duff quickly learns that LA never takes its sugar with a grain of salt
S01E02 Dallas Desserts: Down-Home And Made From Scratch 19/08/2011 Duff eats his way through some of the best desserts the bold city of Dallas has to offer: from a delicious Coconut Pie made by an old-timer at a legendary diner, to Tableside S'mores made from scratch at an updated roadhouse
S01E03 Boston Desserts: Doughlicious! 26/08/2011 Duff learns the secrets of a rare Italian dessert, Sfogliatella, at Modern Pastry; his taste buds are turned upside down when he tries the Lemon Ginger Mousse at a hip Asian diner; and finally, he goes street-wise with some Boston Cream Fried Dough at one of the most popular food carts of the Boston Common.
S01E04 Chicago Desserts: Something Old, Something Bold, and Something Rock'n'roll! 02/09/2011 Duff revisits his European heritage with a slice of Apple Strudel, done the old-world way, at the legendary Berghoff Restaurant. He rides across town to Hoosier Mama Pies to try a dessert that's fit for The King. And when he is just about sugared out, Duff makes a savory pit stop to try the radical Motherloaf Cupcake.
S01E05 Philadelphia Desserts Phreakin' phenomenal! 09/09/2011 Duff drinks from a mad scientist's erupting Hot Chocolate Volcano at the Rim Café; He returns down-home with an old school Rice Pudding at the Brown Betty Dessert Boutique; then Duff switches from 2 wheels to 4 to join the Sugar Philly food truck and taste their Milk-and-Honey Macarons.
S01E06 New Orleans Desserts - Fire... Ice... and Bacon! 16/09/2011 Duff has a face-off with a Maple Glaze Bacon donut in a shop run by New Orleans cops. Across town, he learns to make fluffy Sno Ballz on the first-ever shaved-ice machine at Hansen's Sno Bliz. And in the historic French Quarter, he indulges in Bananas Foster

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