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Sunset Beach was a short-running American television soap opera, first broadcast in the United States on NBC on January 6, 1997, and last airing on December 31, 1999. The show followed the loves and lives of the people living in a fictional coastal city named Sunset Beach, on the coast of California. The show was co-produced by NBC and Spelling Television. It aired in over 70 countries around the world. Sunset Beach won two Daytime Emmy Awards and was nominated another 11 times. The show also received 22 nominations for various other awards.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sunset Beach

S01E01 Episode 1 06/01/1997 On her wedding day, Meg Cummings finds out that her fiancée Tim Truman had an affair with her best friend. She takes the car and runs away from her wedding, leaving Ludlow, Kansas. Her new destination is Sunset Beach, a town on the coast. Now she wants to find a man with who she has been e-mailing. Her first stop is at Elaine's Waffle Shop. There Elaine tells her the legend of Sunset Beach. If you meet someone on a beach exactly at time when the sun goes down and the moon shines bright. Meg goes to the beach, and at the same time there was Ben. A young homeless girl Tiffany spent the nights on the beach. A young man named Mark showed Tiffany an abandoned house, where she can stay hidden from hooligans and police. Meg tries to catch Tiffany, who decided to steal Meg's bag. She haunts her to the pier and falls down from the pier into the ocean.
S01E02 Episode 2 07/01/1997 After falling down into the ocean, Meg has been rescued by a young lifeguard Casey. He drives her to the hospital where he meets a young and pretty female doctor Rae Chang. They have a quarrel, but there was nothing but sympathy between them. After stealing Meg's backpack, Tiffany looks into it. There she finds all e-mails that Meg received from SB and sent to him. Meg encounters Ben at his internet cafe, where she tries to find SB. She receives a message from SB, he asks her not to come to Sunset Beach. Ricardo gets promoted into a detective. Paula is not too much happy about Ricardo's promotion. Ricardo and Paula have a hard talk about her pregnancy. But there were no reasons to worry about. Ben keeps on having flashbacks about his dead wife Maria. Annie needs to find the money to buy a boat. Meg calls her mother. She says that she is still looking for SB. Meg notices something about Casey that makes her think he's SB. Annie's father Del suddenly appears at her apartment. He finds out that she gave up college and spent all his money. A few unknown men attack Annie in her car.
S01E03 Episode 3 08/01/1997 Tim leaves Kansas and arrives to Sunset Beach where he finds Meg. He tries to catch up with her telling her that his revelationship with Connie is over. Michael saves Vanessa Hart, a young newspaper reporter from a car who almost runed over her. Annie comes back to her apartment where she finds Eddie in her jacuzzi. Ben looks through the window and sees them making love.
S01E04 Episode 4 09/01/1997 Gregory and Olivia realize that Annie has a gun, and they inform Del about it. Del asks his mistress, Olivia, to runaway with him, but she doesn't know what to tell him. He threatens to reveal their affair to Gregory. Casey and Rae accidentally buy a house together. Bette helps Annie get some money from her bank account. Meg and Tiffany share a talk in the boutique. Michael saves Vanessa Hart, a young newspaper reporter from a car that almost ran over her. Vanessa thinks it's not just coincidence. Meg comes to party. She wants to spend time with Casey. Casey and Rae try to discuss what to do with their house. Ben meets Meg on the party and offers her a job. She accepts it. Tiffany comes to party to seduce Ben, but Annie ruins her plan by a little drunken brawl. Tim leaves Kansas and arrives to Sunset Beach.
S01E05 Episode 5 10/01/1997 Olivia promises to run away with Del. Ricardo suggests Paula should move in with him. Vanessa wants Ricardo to investigate the apartment break-in, but there isn't enough case to begin with. Meg, Michael and Mark want to rent a room at Casey and Rae's house. Casey and Rae kiss. Meg meets Ben on the beach. Ben is still having flashbacks about his dead wife. Tim tries to convince Meg that his relationship with Connie is over, but Meg refuses to listen to his excuses. Annie and Del fight, and Annie comments on wanting to kill him. Tiffany tries to seduce Ben and when he refuses, she suffers a small accident. A strange woman arrives at Del's hotel room, opens the door and shoots him. Sean hears the gunshot and opens the door, seeing a woman in a black robe leaving Del's room.
S01E06 Episode 6 13/01/1997 Annie arrives at the hospital very upset. Del dies. Bette finds Del's wallet in Annie's purse. Paula moves into Ricardo's apartment. After he comes home, he tells her that he was just joking. Bette calls Annie's mother Madeleine, but she does not answers. She leaves a message on her answer machine telling her that Del died, so Annie in now very lonely. Mark warns Tiffany to stay away from Ben, but she won't listen. After Ben finds Tiffany, she baches him in the head with a vase.
S01E07 Episode 7 14/01/1997 Eddie tells Ricardo that he thinks Annie murdered Del. On the tape, Annie tells Del that she wants to kill him. Eddie thinks it's enough proof, but Ricardo doesn't agree. Gregory finds Olivia drunk and asks her if she had an affair with Del. Paula wants to break up with Ricardo. Annie goes to Ben's and begs him for an alibi. Reluctantly, he agrees. Ben wants Gregory to help Annie, but Ricardo shows up and takes Annie to the police station for questioning. Ricardo tells Gregory that they found Olivia's hair on Del's pillow. Olivia pulls a gun out of her drawer.
S01E08 Episode 8 15/01/1997 After a strange man attacks Vanessa again, she moves in with Michel in Surf Central. Gregory questions Olivia about the hair found on Del's bed. She confesses being with him on the night that he was murdered. Casey leaves a white rose at the table for Rae. Meg accidentally finds it and thinks that the rose is for her, because SB knows that she loves white roses. Ricardo questions Bette about Annie's alibi. Bette covers for her telling him that she and Annie were watching a video the entire night. Later, she takes Del's wallet and burns it in the fireplace. Tiffany buys a miniature boat and leaves it in Ben's house. Olivia goes to the pier and takes up a gun. Eddie sees her and takes some pictures of her. Now he has a new suspect.
S01E09 Episode 9 16/01/1997 Meg decides to bake some strawberry muffins for Casey because she knows that SB likes them. At the hospital, Rae discovers that Casey had an allergic reaction to strawberries. Meg is confused about it, and then later questions Casey about it. Del leaves all his inheritance to Olivia. Annie accuses Olivia for murdering her father. Annie takes the urn with her fathers ashes and flushes it down the toilet. Ricardo tells Sean that he knows that he is lying about the identity of the woman that he saw leaving Del's hotel room on the night that he was killed.
S01E10 Episode 10 17/01/1997 Ricardo finds Del's driving license in Annie's fireplace. Annie escapes from the bathroom window. Meg is disappointed to realize that Casey isn't SB. She thinks about leaving Sunset Beach and going back to Kansas, but Casey begs her to stay. Gregory finds out that Sean is expelled from school. Ben is on the pier when Annie shows up. She tells him that she needs some help. She takes a gun and threatens to shoot him unless he listens to her.
S01E11 Episode 11 21/01/1997 Ricardo and Paula beg Annie to give them the gun, but Annie doesn't follow their orders. She tells them that she wants a helicopter to fly away with Ben. LAPD team shows up and tries to take the gun away from Annie. She accidentally shoots Ben, but doesn't hurt him. Meg waits for SB at the pier. Over there, she sees a man with dark hair, so she asks him if he is SB. Annie goes to jail. Rae's parents show up in Surf Central. Rae lies to her parents by telling them that Casey is her husband. Meg leaves the pier after realizing that SB won't show up. Eddie has been removed from the case after Ricardo finds out that he sent the LAPD team.
S01E12 Episode 12 22/01/1997 Rae explains to Casey why she told her parents that he is her husband. Her parents always thought that the perfect man for her is Wei-Lee, but Rae doesn't want to marry him. Tiffany writes an e-mail to Meg pretending that she is SB and telling her that they will never meet. Later, Ben sends an e-mail to Dorothy (Meg), but his e-mail returns back. Rae's father begins questioning Casey. A man comes to Elaine's Waffle Shop asking for Vanessa.
S01E13 Episode 13 23/01/1997 Sean talks with Olivia and tells her that he saw her with the black coat the night Del was killed. She tells him to not tell anyone about it. Eddie calls Olivia and tells her that he has her pictures when she was at pier dropping a gun into the water. He tells her that he wants money, or he will give the pictures to Ricardo. Paula and Ricardo take Sean to the station to ID the suspect from a line-up. Two thugs threaten to kill Vanessa, but Michael rescues her in time. At the station, Paula sees Ricardo hugging his old girlfriend Amy. She gets jealous and tells Ricardo that she is going out to dinner with Eddie.
S01E14 Episode 14 24/01/1997 Olivia tells Sean to incriminate Annie. Sean tells Ricardo that Annie murdered Del. Later, Annie takes a polygraph test so she would prove her innocence. But as the test passes, it all looks like Annie will fail on it. Ricardo gives Paula a ring, but she gets angry after she finds out that his ex-girlfriend picked it. A strange man bursts into Michael's room. Jaleen runs to him and calls him Uncle Clyde. He tries to kidnap her by setting a gun on Casey's head. Michael breaks a bottle over Clyde's head. They take Clyde to Michael's garage and tie him up with a tape.
S01E15 Episode 15 27/01/1997 Casey and Michel lock Clyde in the bathroom. Rae gives Clyde a drug which one gives Clyde a temporary amnesia. Bette comes to the police station and gives Annie a disguise, so Annie looks like Bette. Annie tries to get out with Bette's help, but she's taken back to jail after they discover her. Eddie visits Annie in her cell and she tries to seduce him. Meg talks about SB with Ben, but she does not know that he is already sleeping.
S01E16 Episode 16 28/01/1997 Eddie wakes up in Annie's cell hand-cuffed to the cot. Annie sets him free and tells him that they could be a mutual benefit to each other in the future days. Later, Eddie keeps on pressuring Olivia with new demands. Al Kennedy, one of Bette's ex-husbands, shows up at Sunset Beach and tells to his clients that the case is pretty weak. Olivia goes on questioning with Ricardo. She tells him that he and Gregory were dining with Congressman Belarus on the night Del was murdered. Cole shows Caitlin the secret cavern on the beach. Olivia finds out that Gregory hired Eddie to follow her everywhere. Meg uncovers strong evidence that could help Annie get out of prison.
S01E17 Episode 17 29/01/1997 Meg and Ben do their best to help Annie get out of prison by going to a travel agency. Ben discovers that Del and Olivia were supposed to leave Sunset Beach on the day when Del was murdered. Eddie does his best to ensure that Annie doesn't leave alive. On the way to country jail, a driver doesn't listen to Ricardo's demands through the radio, and tries to rape Annie. Later, after being rescued, Annie is returned back to the old cell. Casey tells to Rae's father that he is studying law over the Internet. Ben thinks that Gregory killed Del.
S01E18 Episode 18 30/01/1997 Gregory gives Sean a sports car. Although Gregory is convinced that this could bring their bond back, Sean doesn't want to have anything to do with his father. Ben gives Sean a job at Java Web. Bette and Al Kennedy have too much fun in the hot tub, which results with Al's accidental death. Vanessa starts investigating Michael's past. Michael meets an old friend, but doesn't know that he's connected to Clyde. Ricardo and Ben almost get into a fight, but in order to stay on the Douglas case, Ricardo decides not to pursue the fight. However, Chief Harris pulls him off the case.
S01E19 Episode 19 31/01/1997 Gregory is becoming jealous over Caitlin's relationship with Cole St. John. Elaine meets Cole and is shocked to realize the similarity between Cole and Armando Deschanel. Ben hits Eddie just so that he would end in the same prison cell with Annie. Annie pursues a plan of her own--they find her unconscious when she tries to hang herself.
S01E20 Episode 20 03/02/1997 Annie is still alive, much to Eddie's surprise. He informs Paula and Ricardo that Annie tried to kill herself, and interrupts them in the middle of a serious relationship-talk. When Rae starts talking about some hospital work she needs to do on Annie, Annie awakes and it turns out she was just faking it. Sean thinks his mother is Del Douglas's killer and he confronts her, but Gregory sends him away and has a little talk with his wife. They end up making love, which leaves Olivia convinced that Gregory no longer suspects her as Del's murderer. Annie tries to escape again. She overhears Ben and Meg talking about their relationship. Eddie attacks Annie with a knife.
S01E21 Episode 21 04/02/1997 Ben and Meg help Annie escape while Eddie rushes out to investigate the alarm that Ben set to make a diversion. Eddie goes to Ricardo and tells him they've been tricked and now Annie has escaped. Casey and Rae are too shy to tell anything to each other after Michael & Vanessa try to put them together. Mark wants to get closer to Tiffany but he is interrupted by Sean. After few drinks, Mark and Sean start fighting and Mark pushes Sean, who hits his head on Ben's fireplace. Annie is crawling through the ventilations, while Ricardo arrests Meg & Ben for helping Annie escape. Annie goes out through the window and is afraid because she needs to watch out to not fall down from the top of the hospital. Her nightgown gets caught on a pipe and while trying to free herself, Annie loses control and falls off screaming.
S01E22 Episode 22 05/02/1997 Meg and Ben are arrested for helping Annie escape, but Ricardo has to let them go because he has no proof. When Sean is taken to the hospital for his head injury, Gregory accuses him of trying to embarrass him. Michael calls a buddy, JoJo, to help him find a safe place for Jaleen and LaShawnda to hide, not knowing that JoJo is Jamahl Muhammad, the very man that LaShawnda wants to hide from. Annie is nearly caught by Eddie, but she gasses him and escapes. Ben mentions Maria to Meg for the first time when Annie leaves a coded message that she'll meet him in the weight room at the gym where she and Maria used to work out. Ben and Meg send Casey as a decoy to lure the police away. After the police are gone, Ben leaves for the gym to meet Annie. Annie gets out of the hospital by hiding in Al's coffin.
S01E23 Episode 23 06/02/1997 Annie tries to escape. Ricardo questions Olivia about the night of Del's murder and she finds herself confused by all the questions. Meg tells Ben she wants to help Annie. Gregory gives Tim a job -- as Olivia's chauffeur, after Olivia loses her driving license by being caught drinking. Jaleen recognizes Michael's friend Jo-Jo as her daddy. Annie, who is still in the coffin, believes to be transferred to New Orleans, but she doesn't know that the coffin has instead been shipped to the crematorium.
S01E24 Episode 24 07/02/1997 Ben and Meg help Annie by distracting Ricardo to a wrong clue. Bette is on the memorial service for Al, and she has no idea that Annie is trapped inside Al's coffin. At home, Meg comforts Bette. Bette tells her that Al's widow wouldn't pay for the funeral, so the coffin is going to the crematorium. Gregory catches Caitlin and Cole at Elaine's Waffle Shop, and Caitlin tells him that she wants him to leave them alone. Bette tells Olivia that they have a big problem coming. Ben returns to the center and finds Al's body sitting in the memorial service, so he finally realizes that Annie must be in the coffin. Ben realizes that the coffin isn't on the way to New Orleans, but to the crematorium. Meanwhile, Annie believes that her coffin is being sent to New Orleans. Little does she know that the coffin is being inserted into the crematorium place.
S01E25 Episode 25 10/02/1997 Olivia and Bette are shocked to find out that their secret from years behind might be revealed, but they both vow not to say anything to Elaine. Meg tells Ben that Al's coffin is in the crematorium. After seeing Ricardo, Meg decides to tell him the truth. Gregory lies to Caitlin about trying to cope with the fact that she has a boyfriend. He continues trying to manipulate her life. Elaine shares her beliefs with Olivia and Bette - she is convinced that Armando Deschanel's son is in the town. Ben, Ricardo, Paula and Meg are shocked to find out that Annie's coffin is no longer in one piece. Ben hears Annie's screams in his head.
S01E26 Episode 26 11/02/1997 Meg finds out that Ben is a widower. Vanessa begs Rae to help her hide from Michael over the latest development with JoJo. Ricardo feels guilt over Annie's death, so he decides to resign his job as a detective. Paula arrives to console him. Ben tries to drown himself into the ocean because of Annie's death and everything that's been bothering him, but Meg stops him before it's too late. JoJo is revealed to be working for Gregory. Bette has a breakdown after learning about Annie's death. The police closes the investigation of Del's murder assuming that Annie is the killer.
S01E27 Episode 27 12/02/1997 Casey's curiosity, and jealousy, is piqued when Rae questions him about Michael's past. Rae advises Vanessa to continue to trust Michael. Vanessa accuses Michael of colluding with JoJo to set her up, because JoJo is actually Jamahl Muhammad. Casey accuses Rae of having an interest in Michael. Rae tells him that there never was anything between her and Casey, and there never will be. Michael insists that JoJo isn't the man who has been trying to kill Vanessa and says that it will be a pleasure proving her wrong. Sean, overcome by guilt at reports of Annie's death, picks a fight with Mark. Later, he goes to the police to make a new statement. In Ricardo's absence, Sean tells Eddie that he didn't see Annie at all, but that he doesn't know the woman he did see, who calls Gregory about it. Gregory tells Eddie to "lose" Sean's statement, but Eddie says that he's in charge of the investigation now and cannot afford to lose the statement. Sean tells Tiffany that he saw Olivia leave Del's room the night he was murdered. Ben begins talk to Meg about his wife.
S01E28 Episode 28 13/02/1997 Annie watches her own memorial service, and is touched by Ben's speech. Gregory finds out that Cole is a jewel thief and he forbids Caitlin to see him again. Olivia, who believes that Annie stole the Deschanel jewels from Del, tells Bette to return them to Olivia. Bette and Olivia search Annie's house for the jewels, to no avail.
S01E29 Episode 29 14/02/1997 Annie comes to Ben's house in disguise and reveals herself as alive. Annie explains that a worker at the crematorium rescued her and she bribed the worker to keep quiet. Ben wants to use her "death" as a way to catch Del's real murderer. Mark reveals to Meg that Ben is actually "SB," and she goes to Ben's place to reveal her true identity, but she comes upon a woman in his shower. Ricardo proposes to Paula. Caitlin is overjoyed when Cole takes her to a cave that is prepared for a romantic dinner. Cole won't allow himself to get romantically entangled and instead tries to focus on the reason why he came to town.
S01E30 Episode 30 17/02/1997 Gregory explains to Tim that his duties as a chauffeur will be expanded, as he'll use him for more jobs. Annie intentionally misleads Meg before she can confront Ben about being her Internet chatter SB. Ricardo finally proposes Paula, and she says "yes", much to Eddie's surprise.
S01E31 Episode 31 18/02/1997 Mark emcees the Valentine's Day costume dance at the Deep, where several near-couples can't seem to connect. Ben makes a decision about helping Annie: he will help her to get out of the country before anyone discovers that she is still alive and get her to prison. Cole tells Caitlin that he doesn't want to be her first lover.
S01E32 Episode 32 19/02/1997 For the Richard's family lunch, Caitlin and Sean bring their own guests; but, Cole doesn't seem to appear. Sean brings Tiffany who is in improper clothes and smeary make-up. Gregory intentionally insults her by telling that she looks like a slut. She runs away home and goes back to the abandoned daycare center. Sean follows her. Jaleen disappears mysteriously.
S01E33 Episode 33 20/02/1997 Meg sends an e-mail to SB revealing her identity as Dorothy. At Ben's place, Annie opens Ben's laptop when the modem wires. Paula notices that Ricardo is spending a lot of time on the Douglas murder case, so he is not paying too much attention to her. They divide their duties: Paula will go for a window-shopping for wedding rings and Ricardo goes to Java Web to look over possible wedding sites. In the meantime, Eddie goes through Del Douglas's briefcase and takes a diamond brooch heading to get the diamond appraised.
S01E34 Episode 34 21/02/1997 Caitlin decides to separate from Cole after she finds out that some Contessa made a suicide because of some "gigolo". Gregory announces to Olivia that his only intention is to protect his daughter. Cole informs Caitlin that he is in love with a sophisticated woman in London. Caitlin is disappointed and after she runs out of her house, Tim persuades Caitlin to let him take her home. Later, at the same cave, a drunk Olivia turns up and wishes for "some of that Deschanel magic" as Cole enters the cave behind her. Ricardo still wants to elope with Paula, so he keeps on pressing her. Eddie does his best to make his new plan even more better. He goes to Ricardo's house when he's not there and kidnaps Paula. Meg talks to confused Ben about his deception. Ben realizes that Annie lied to Meg about the nature of their relationship. Meg tells Annie that Ben probably does not wants to be more than friend with Annie because he cannot trust her. Ben agrees with her. Ben tells Annie that he and Meg will do their best to prove her innocence. Annie has some disturbing flashback of a woman's hands, covered with blood... panicked, Annie envisions more... the woman in her vision was wearing a black cape-like coat... and the woman wiped off the blood off her hands onto the front of the coat.
S01E35 Episode 35 24/02/1997 Cole and a drunk Olivia talk in the cave, and he suggests she should stop drinking as a way to deal with her life problems. They leave to a seedy motel, where they continue talking about life. Cole spots Olivia's necklace and then proceeds to have sex with her. Caitlin tries to have sex with Tim, but he refuses to do so, and then later changes his mind, but then Caitlin refuses. Meg explains to Mark about Ben actually being SB, and she says she'll keep it a secret. Meg and Ben pretend to be lovers, to cover for Annie, whom Gregory almost spotted at Ben's place. Eddie kidnaps Paula and she struggles to let herself free, but she can't. She doesn't know who kidnapped her. Ricardo is tempted to sleep with Gabi and she starts to undress him, but he eventually changes his mind and goes to find Paula. Eddie takes a gun, points it at Paula, and shoots.
S01E36 Episode 36 25/02/1997 Ricardo fights with Elaine. Tim informs Gregory about Olivia's disappearance. Caitlin apologizes to Tim about her behavior in the limo. Cole steals the necklace from Olivia. Annie dreams about bloody hands again. Ben tells her that her nightmares will probably stop when the real murderer is revealed. Meg realizes that Annie thinks about Meg as her competition. Ben and Meg continue faking a relationship to fool Gregory. Cole wants to know more about the Deschanel legend. Caitlin and Olivia discuss about Cole's other woman. Caitlin runs into Cole and refuses to talk to him. Paula demands the kidnapper to release her. Eddie kisses her roughly. He then wonders if Paula might have recognized him. Ricardo almost catches Eddie in his apartment. He finds Paula's necklace on the floor, and then hears a train whistle on the tape he received. Paula panics when Eddie starts to rip her shit apart.
S01E37 Episode 37 26/02/1997 Rae and Casey are excited to do the finishing touches on renewing their house. Vanessa is finally ready to publish her story, but she shares her fears about it with Michael. Michael warns Casey to fight for Rae. Later, Michael is about to leave town when he runs into Jo-Jo, with a gun. Ricardo realizes that the tape from the kidnapper was fixed. He then goes to the SBPD and asks Chief Harris for his job back, and she accepts his request. She immediately jumps to the task of finding Paula's kidnapper. Eddie fakes being concerned, and then concentrates on finding someone that could pose as Paula's kidnapper. He sends a videotape of Paula to Ricardo. Ricardo informs Elaine about Paula getting kidnapped.
S01E38 Episode 38 27/02/1997 A mysterious man approaches Paula and takes off her blindfold. Eddie and Ricardo continue working on the kidnapping case. Eddie returns to his warehouse, where he greets Ralph Myers. Vanessa enters a trap prepared by Jo-Jo, but Michael and Gregory's agent are able to save the day. Meg and Ben pretend to be together to blow off Gregory's alibi. Olivia catches Cole snooping around her jewelry. Paula tries to escape, but is captured by Ralph. Ricardo realizes that Ralph could be Paula's kidnapper. Annie continues having mysterious flashbacks.
S01E39 Episode 39 28/02/1997 Ricardo checks Ralph's list of crimes, while Eddie prepares to ambush Ralph, who is, at the time, preparing to tattoo and rape Paula. Cole covers his intrusion by pretending to want to continue his affair with Olivia. She realizes that Cole wants to steal her jewels. Caitlin knocks on the bedroom door as they're making love. A bloody coat is delivered to Meg, who then talks about it with Annie and Ben. Annie tells them that she was at her father's room on the night he was killed, but she doesn't remember what happened exactly.
S01E40 Episode 40 03/03/1997 Ricardo and Eddie are disappointed to find the warehouse empty, and Ricardo is suspicious to realize that the kidnapper used police handcuffs to capture Paula. Ralph finishes his crime on Paula. Cole exits as Caitlin realizes that Olivia must be having an affair with someone. Gregory confronts Olivia about having an affair. Ben is convinced that Annie didn't kill Del, although Annie believes she must have. Bette is shocked to learn that Annie is alive.
S01E41 Episode 41 04/03/1997 Eddie receives a call from Myers, who claims that Paula knows that Eddie kidnapped her. Eddie wants to know where Ralph took Paula, but he refuses to say. Ricardo is accused by FBI agents for kidnapping Paula, and Ricardo angrily kicks them out. Tiffany learns that her old daycare center is being teared down, and she's disappointed to learn that she'll have to live in the maid's room at the Richards' mansion. Ralph prepares to marry Paula. Tiffany and her dog Spike run into Ralph, but they don't realize that he kidnapped Paula. Tiffany then picks up a ring that Paula had thrown away recently.
S01E42 Episode 42 05/03/1997 Ralph continues performing the marriage ceremony as he fills the van with carbon monoxide and then makes her repeat wedding vows while listening to a tape of the wedding march. Meanwhile, Ricardo and Eddie fight while trying to track down Paula and Ralph. Tiffany shows the ring she found to Mark and Meg realizes "P.S.," as in-scripted in the ring, actually means "Paula Stevens" and they rush to the SBPD to inform the police about it. Paula knocks out Ralph and then proceeds to finally escape.
S01E43 Episode 43 06/03/1997 Ricardo and Eddie finally catch Myers, and Eddie kills Ralph before he can connect him to Paula's abduction. Ben and Annie realize that Annie didn't kill her father, but she only found his dead body on the same night he was killed. Tim lurks around Ben's house as Ben and Meg talk to Annie. Bette and Annie discuss about Deschanel jewels. Ricardo questions Tiffany about Paula. Meanwhile, Paula, unable to continue trying to escape, succumbs to the gas inside the van.
S01E44 Episode 44 07/03/1997 Rae receives a package from her family containing a few family heirlooms. Casey suggests Rae should reveal that they are "getting a divorce." Annie tries to pursue Bette to talk about the Deschanel jewels, but Bette continues trying to avoid the subject. Ricardo and Eddie save Paula from near death. Meg and Ben are still pretending to be together, and it seems like Ben isn't uncomfortable playing at all. Olivia surprises Cole at the hotel wearing nothing but jewels on her body. Paula is rushed to the hospital.
S01E45 Episode 45 10/03/1997 Gregory realizes that Tim has valuable info and he offers to help Tim gain Meg's affection in exchange for the info. Annie listens as Meg and Ben discuss about Annie and love life in general. Paula awakens in the hospital. Eddie fears she might realize he was the one who kidnapped her. Bette catches Cole and Olivia kissing. Mark tries to entertain Caitlin, but their fun is interrupted when Cole arrives at The Deep.
S01E46 Episode 46 11/03/1997 Tim reveals that Annie is alive and kicking, so Gregory hires a specialist to take shots of Ben's house from inside, to catch Annie on camera. The tape turns out to be low quality, so Gregory pursues the man to continue taping. Gregory visits Ben. Bette warns Olivia that their secret is about to be revealed, and then she talks about Olivia's affair with Elaine's long lost son. Caitlin dances with Mark to make Cole jealous, but he leaves, and later she catches up with him. Eddie tries to convince Paula that Myers was working alone. Ricardo feels guilt over spending time with Gabi.
S01E47 Episode 47 12/03/1997 Ricardo feels better when Rae tells him that there is no evidence about Ralph raping Paula. In the meantime, Paula visions some bad memories. Rae and Casey dance at the Deep. Caitlin heads off to leave the Deep unaware that her mother arrived. Cole rushes after her and abandons Olivia when she tries to stop him. Back at the Richards mansion, Caitlin gets in the bad mood. Annie suspects that Gregory murdered her father. Gregory arrives hom, finding Olivia drunk again. But, soon he leaves the house. He's happy when he sees Annie on the video camera. Annie and Meg get into another fight. In the meantime, Gregory reveals to Eddie that Annie is alive.
S01E48 Episode 48 13/03/1997 Annie disguises herself as Meg. Ben catches her and tries to get her to change back, but Gregory interrupts them and they are forced to act like a couple. Annie rushes away as soon as possible. Eddie tries to locate Annie. An unknown woman is putting up a scrapbook on Paula. Rae suggests Paula should take Ricardo to see a therapist. Casey learns that Paula's condition isn't as bad as everyone thinks. Ricardo tries to tell Paula about Gabi, but doesn't. Gregory hires a different person to handle his dirty work. Rae, Casey, Vanessa, Michael and others prepare for the barbecue.
S01E49 Episode 49 14/03/1997 A scared Paula feels like there's someone watching her. Ricardo and Paula try to make love, but it's too much painful for Paula to continue. Elaine introduces Gabi to Ricardo, and he pretends that he never met Gabi before. Ben drags Annie back to the house, as Eddie watches them. They discuss about Gregory being the murderer and Annie remembers that Del had a boat named "Liberty." Annie's disguise is blown. Back at the beach, Casey suggests Meg should tell Ben that she is "Dorothy." The Surf Central gang celebrates Vanessa's published article on the beach, but when Mark brings some copies of the newspaper to the beach, Vanessa realizes that her article has been pulled. Gregory celebrates pulling away Vanessa's article. Meg and Ben are stunned seeing Eddie in the house with a gun in his hands.
S01E50 Episode 50 17/03/1997 Casey refuses to talk about his family and leaves Rae suspicious about his past. Vanessa is worried about Michael when she catches him seeing a mysterious woman in a bad part of the town. Gabi learns from Elaine that Ricardo is a "ladies' man." Paula is having hard time dealing with a fantasy of Ralph, and she almost shoots Ricardo. Gabi turns out to be Paula's stalker, and later she shows up at Ricardo and Paula's place. Eddie makes up a lie as to why he's in Ben's apartment. Bette orders Annie to continue hiding. Olivia mentions Del's briefcase while talking about fortune with Gregory. Ben, Meg and Bette are exasperated to find that Annie has run off again. Annie breaks into Eddie's apartment and steals the briefcase. Ben decides to stop helping Annie. Gregory is furious to learn Olivia suspects him as Del's murderer.
S01E51 Episode 51 18/03/1997 Ricardo fears Gabi might reveal where he was on the night Paula was kidnapped. Eddie and Gregory retell the story of the night Del was murdered. The both confess that they didn't kill the man, and Eddie explains how he found Del mortally wounded, and how he did everything that Gregory wanted him to do, starting with taking a briefcase and planting a gun in Annie's apartment. Rae's ex-fiancée Wei-Lee Young arrives. Casey avoids talking about his mother. Annie listens as Ben and Meg talk about Annie's irresponsible behavior. Ben refuses to give any info on Annie to Gregory. Eddie realizes his briefcase is missing. Meanwhile, Mark gives the briefcase to Meg, who takes it to Ben's office.
S01E52 Episode 52 19/03/1997 Rae wants to get back with Casey as she remembers what happened between them the night before. Paula warns Casey to watch out for Wei-Lee, because he may do something to make Rae go away. Vanessa wants to know the truth from Michael, but he can't confess who is the woman she saw him with. Finally, Michael takes her to the secret woman and introduces Virginia and James, her son. Eddie and Gregory are fighting over a videotape. Gregory wants Eddie to find the briefcase. Olivia warns Tiffany to stop looking for money and she whispers about Del. Olivia later tells her that she didn't kill Del. Bette wants Annie to return home, but she refuses. Gregory shows up at her house.
S01E53 Episode 53 20/03/1997 Rae and Casey argue when she thinks of having dinner with Wei-Lee. Wei-Lee questions Mark about Casey and Rae's wedding, and when Mark pauses for awhile, Wei-Lee realizes that his suspicions are true. After seeing Rae dancing with Wei-Lee, Casey wants her to choose between them. Michael tells Vanessa how he met Virginia, but he doesn't discover anything about Jimmy's dad. Michael confesses to Vanessa that he murdered Virginia's husband in a gang war, and then she comforts him. Gregory tells Bette that the beach house now belongs to Olivia. Mark takes the briefcase and puts it into Ben's office, while Gregory orders Eddie to find Annie and the briefcase. Annie is frightened to see Eddie in her home.
S01E54 Episode 54 21/03/1997 Ricardo and Paula want to go back at planning their wedding, but Paula is still haunted by flashes of her raping. Gabi wants to talk to Paula about something important. Annie tells Ben everything she knows about the briefcase. After they open the briefcase, Annie tells Ben that Eddie killed her father. In the meantime, Eddie finds Mark's lost-and-found note and a briefcase is on the list, so he runs to get it. Elaine questions Cole about his mother and he tells her that she abandoned him in the hospital on the day he was born. Olivia and Bette remember what they did... 20 years ago Del kidnapped Elaine's son and Olivia & Bette told Elaine that her baby is dead. Cole makes a very mysterious call to an unknown person and he says a name of the key... "Olivia."
S01E55 Episode 55 24/03/1997 After drinking too much, Olivia is worried that Gregory will send her away to a clinic. Caitlin asks Gregory to not send her anywhere and he promises her that he won't. Gregory tells Olivia he can't forgive her after she slept with Del. Olivia is convinced that what she did years ago is way worse, and she can't forgive herself for it. Caitlin and Cole meet on the beach. Ricardo asks Elaine to give him her blessing to marry Paula which she does. Gabi apologizes to Ricardo, and reveals to Paula that they're half sisters. Eddie holds Meg at his gunpoint.
S01E56 Episode 56 25/03/1997 Caitlin is afraid that Cole is having an affair with another woman. Olivia wants to know about Cole's origin, but he doesn't say anything. Cole is frightened to see Caitlin's picture in the cabinet. Later, Caitlin cries on Olivia's shoulder about her love life. Paula wants Gabi to move in with her and Ricardo. Ben gives Eddie the briefcase and runs away, but Annie stops him, steals the briefcase and then he tries to catch her. Eddie holds Ben on gunpoint, so Annie has to hand the briefcase to him. Eddie runs away. Annie later reveals that she replaced the jewels with sand.
S01E57 Episode 57 26/03/1997 Caitlin and Olivia bond as the talk about their love lives. Cole tells Tim that he isn't having an affair. Gabi and Ricardo agree to forget about what happened in the past. While Gabi undresses herself, Ricardo comes to help her because she accidentally gets caught to a camper bed, and Paula catches them. Paula jokes about Gabi making a move on Ricardo. Meg and Ben connect and share a few good moments together, but Annie comes bursting in their room and tells that she wants to be Meg's company for the night. Annie dreams of Ben being in love with her. Eddie arrives in Switzerland in a new wardrobe and starts celebrating his success.
S01E58 Episode 58 27/03/1997 Casey offers himself to show Wei-Lee how to surf, but Wei-Lee soon shows that he already knows it. Later on, Wei-Lee suggests to make a party for Casey & Rae's wedding and they agree, reluctantly. Paula wants to introduce Gabi to Elaine as her sister. Gabi tells Paula that she feels guilty for her kidnapping. Ben hints to Ricardo that Annie may be alive to see his reaction. When Ben returns back home he tells Annie to leave Sunset Beach and she won't go unless he comes with her. Annie confesses to him that she loves him, but he loves her only as a friend. Ricardo discovers that Eddie is in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Eddie finds out that the briefcase is full of sand and crashes it. There he finds a birth certificate for Elaine's baby. He wonders what does Del has to do with Elaine's baby.
S01E59 Episode 59 28/03/1997 Vanessa interrupts Michael as he's getting ready to tell Virginia and Jimmy the truth about killing James Harrison. Caitlin tries to talk to Cole about his other woman, but he convinces her that he only has eyes for Caitlin. Bette and Olivia both agree that it's the right time to tell Elaine the truth about her son. When they meet near Elaine's Waffle Shop, Cole tells Olivia that they can't be together anymore. Vanessa wants to show Michael hoe much she likes him, but he tells her to go away, because he needs to pay for his sins. Gabi tells Ricardo that she applied for a job at the SBPD. When she finds out she got the job, she decides to move out from Paula and Ricardo's apartment to give them their privacy.
S01E60 Episode 60 31/03/1997 Meg and Ben decide to attend Casey and Rae's party together. Ben describes Annie as a selfish person, and then warns her to stay away from Meg. Wei-Lee watches suspiciously as Casey asks Rae to finally reveal the truth. Annie catches Eddie in Ben's apartment, in a wig and a dress. Tiffany and Olivia have a face-off. Gregory realizes that there is a dog in the house and calls the animal control.
S01E61 Episode 61 01/04/1997 Sean convinces Gregory to let Tiffany stay at their place. He passes out, but Gregory believes he's faking it. Tiffany is troubled by flashes of being abused. Eddie convinces Annie that he didn't kill Del. Gabi watches Ricardo talking to an ex-girlfriend. Paula finds Elaine's name on the list of 0.38 caliber gun owners. She goes to the hotel where Del was murdered and questions a service man about the woman who left Del's room on the same night he was killed. Annie watches as Meg and Ben kiss passionately. Wei-Lee tells Rae that he already knew that her marriage to Casey was only a scam. A troubled Michael leaves the party early.
S01E62 Episode 62 02/04/1997 Gregory realizes that Sean is not faking his fall and he Sean is quickly transported to the hospital. Gregory blames Tiffany for everything that happened to Sean. Meanwhile, Ben is troubled by memories of his ex-wife Maria, so he keeps on pushing Meg away. Eddie comes to Ben's apartment by Annie's call and starts looking for the missing jewels. Ricardo is still troubled by the fact that he was with Gabi on the night Paula was kidnapped. Elaine lies to Paula that she never saw Del the night he was murdered. Gregory wants to transfer Sean to another hospital and threatens to a malpractice when Rae tells him that's not the best idea.
S01E63 Episode 63 03/04/1997 Ben tells Meg that he doesn't want to hurt her. Tim finds out that Ben still doesn't know that Meg is actually Dorothy. While Rae is fighting for Sean's life, Gregory is occupied by threatening the hospital, so Olivia has to sign the papers instead of him. The equipment from another resource is brought in. Wei-Lee tells Rae that he is leaving to San Francisco, and then he promises that Rae won't stick around in Sunset Beach for much longer. Elaine receives an anonymous call from a person that knows what she's done. She goes to the graveyard and Eddie follows her. There, she confesses that she murdered Del.
S01E64 Episode 64 04/04/1997 Casey saves Michael's life when he tries surfing in a riptide. Vanessa blames herself for destroying Michael's life again by bringing Jo-Jo in their lives. Michael is reluctant, and tells her that he doesn't want to tell Jimmy & Virginia that he murdered Jimmy's father. However, Virginia & Jimmy walk into the room and find out the truth after which Jimmy, obviously, runs away terrified. Virginia confesses that she already knew that Michael killed her husband years ago, but she forgave Michael. Olivia is crushed to find out what could Sean's surgery do to him. Tiffany shows Sean his charts and he decides to not go through with the operation.
S01E65 Episode 65 07/04/1997 Gregory and Olivia are in panic after they find out that Sean ran away, who is on the beach with Tiffany. Jimmy has been caught shoplifting and Michael talks to him, but Jimmy seems to not care about what Michael has to say at all. Bette believes that the person who stole the briefcase is probably Del's killer. Paula finds out that Elaine is selling the Waffle Shop. She takes a sample of Elaine's hair from her hairbrush and wants to compare it from the hair found in Del's hotel room.
S01E66 Episode 66 08/04/1997 Paula finds out that the hair sample matches the hair found in Del's room. Ricardo is terrified to be left alone with Gabi. Eddie searches for evidence that Elaine is Del's murderer. Elaine finds out Cole's birthday is on the same day as her son's. Tiffany convinces Sean to go through with the operation. Gregory repeats that Tiffany is guilty for everything that Sean had done. Rae is surprised when her ex-teacher, Dr. Moulton, is surprised that she is wasting her medical talent on nothing. After Meg leaves, Annie Annie sips a pill into Ben's vine.
S01E67 Episode 67 09/04/1997 Meg is shocked when she finds Annie and Ben together in the bed. Annie just tells him that he shouldn't mix sleeping pills with wine. Sean's operation seems to be going well, until an obstacle appears and Rae has to inform Gregory and Olivia. Eddie finds the test sample proving that Elaine is Del's murderer. Ricardo realizes that Eddie was in the office. Elaine digs up her son's grave and is shocked to find out that her son is still alive. Paula follows her and confronts her.
S01E68 Episode 68 10/04/1997 Elaine explains to Paula that Cole is her son, because of the birthday on the same day. She explains how Del used to brag about killing her son and that she didn't have time to think about it, but just took the gun and shot him. Paula promises to protect her, as Ricardo walks into the room. Ben wants to know what Meg saw in his apartment. Eddie leaves a message for Ricardo telling him that he knows who is the murderer. Mark almost confesses that he is guilty for Sean's illness. When Cole asks her to run away with him, Caitlin tells him it would be better to build a new life together in Sunset Beach.
S01E69 Episode 69 11/04/1997 Ricardo meets up with Eddie who wants immunity in exchange for the news he has. Eddie then finally tells him that Olivia is Del's murderer. Elaine, Olivia and Bette meet at the graveyard, where Elaine tells them that she knows the truth and that she would kill Del if he wouldn't be dead already. A police officer realizes that the hair sample is missing. Elaine wonders if she should tell Cole the truth. Rae wonders why Casey can't understand how hard it's for her to decide between him and Wei-Lee. Casey and Rae kiss, and Wei-Lee sees them.
S01E70 Episode 70 14/04/1997 Wei-Lee is interrupted while trying to tell Rae about his surprise. When he reveals that it's an amazing job opportunity in San Francisco, she is reluctant to either take or reject it. Meg tries to reassure Casey that Rae isn't going anywhere. Virginia asks Michael to stay in her life because Jimmy needs him. Vanessa witnesses a close moment between the two. Gregory offers money to Tiffany to leave Sean, but she tears it up. Caitlin is shocked to hear what her father did when he tells her that he removed Cole from Sunset Beach. Elaine decides not to tell Cole that she is his mother. Cole decides to tell the truth to Caitlin.
S01E71 Episode 71 15/04/1997 After making up, Caitlin decides to make love to Cole in the cave. Ricardo questions Ben about everything he knows regarding the Deschanel jewels. Tim informs Ben that he knows that Annie is alive, and then warns him not to hurt Meg, or he'll have to deal with him. Meg confronts Annie with sleeping pills she saw at Ben's place, but Annie makes up a silly story about Ben going mad if Meg brings them up. Vanessa and Michael go out on a date.
S01E72 Episode 72 16/04/1997 Gregory apologizes to Olivia and they make up. Olivia is surprised to realize Cole is in Sunset Beach. Caitlin confronts her father. Paula is worried that someone might realize her mother killed Del. Ricardo and Elaine discuss about her son. Ben and Meg end up locked in the vine cellar, where Ben finally realizes that Meg is actually Dorothy.
S01E73 Episode 73 17/04/1997 Ricardo decides to give Eddie full immunity for all the information he can provide. Then Eddie gives him the hair samples and the birth certificate that was in Del's briefcase. Meg finally confesses that she is Dorothy and that she knew about Ben being SB for a while. Caitlin wants Gregory to accept Tiffany as a part of the family, which he reluctantly agrees to. Sean fells weird seeing Gregory trying to make nice in front of Tiffany. Gregory even suggests a family vacation, but Sean refuses the offer. While waiting for Olivia at the grotto, Cole meets Caitlin and they kiss when Olivia arrives. Olivia is shocked to find out that her she was having an affair with her daughter's boyfriend. In the meantime, after he can't read a note, Tiffany realizes that Sean has sight problems.
S01E74 Episode 74 18/04/1997 Ricardo isn't being himself while trying to solve the murder mystery. Paula believes Ricardo is acting strange because he feels guilt over Annie's death, but he's actually being down about himself because he feels like a bad police detective. Sean wants Tiffany to keep quit about his health problem. Meg and Ben continue sharing experiences while being locked in the vine cellar. A surprised Olivia talks to Caitlin about her boyfriend. Meg and Ben fall asleep in the cellar. Suddenly, Ben starts talking about Maria and strangling Meg. Ricardo arrives at Elaine's Waffle Shop, where she's waiting for him.
S01E75 Episode 75 21/04/1997 Elaine confesses to murdering Del Douglas because she was still under the impression of what Del did to her baby years ago, and Paula interrupts her conversation with Ricardo. Ricardo is then surprised to realize that Paula already knew about her mother's crime. Eddie tells Annie that Del's murderer will be revealed tommorow. Meg awakens Ben and he apologizes for trying to strangle her. Ben tells Meg all about his ex-wife and how he couldn't save her from her drowning. Meg convinces him that he is not a murderer and they fall asleep on each others arms. Gregory finds an unhappy Olivia on the beach. They return home and have a heart-to-heart. Annie finds Meg and Ben together in the cellar.
S01E76 Episode 76 22/04/1997 Tim arrives at the Deep and is surprised to see Annie looking at Ben and Meg sleeping in each other's arms. When they awake, Ben asks Annie and Meg to go to his house, while Ben has a talk with Tim. He wants him to take Meg back to Kansas. Sean's vision gets worse and Tiffany tries to make him talk to others about his health problem. They talk Rae into visiting Sean. Caitlin finds out about Sean's problem and he begs her to not say anything to their parents. Casey and Mark find a strange envelope and hide it when Rae comes in. Rae thinks it has something to do with her San Francisco job offer. Ricardo and Paula fight over Paula's knowledge of Elaine being Del's murderer. Paula tries to convince Elaine not to surrender, but Elaine has decided to do so. Paula watches in tears as Ricardo handcuffs Elaine. Annie worries about what happened between Ben and Meg in the vine cellar.
S01E77 Episode 77 23/04/1997 Wei-Lee wants Casey to let Rae take the job in San Francisco. Rae is reluctant to the idea, and doesn't know what to do. Casey tells her that she should take the job, realizing that this is the opportunity she shouldn't miss. Vanessa is asked to cover the Elaine Stevens' arrest story. Jimmy tells Michael they've been robbed and Michael promises that he'll find a new home for his mother and him. Eddie informs Gregory that Elaine is arrested. Cole tells Olivia that he didn't know that Caitlin was her daughter. She slaps him and then asks him to leave Sunset Beach. They talk on the beach as Caitlin approaches them.
S01E78 Episode 78 24/04/1997 When he learns that Vanessa has to cover Elaine's trial, Michael tries to pursue her not to do it. Paula wants him to prevent Vanessa. Ricardo informs Ben that Elaine was arrested for Del's murder, and therefore, Annie is free at last. However, Annie, believing that police is on to her, runs through the pier and throws a police officer off to enter the restricted area. Bette informs Caitlin and Olivia with news of Elaine and the girls rush to the police station, where both Bette and Olivia confess to murdering Del.
S01E79 Episode 79 25/04/1997 The police officer is saved after falling, but Annie is still missing. Ben realizes that Annie is at the lifeguard tower, but he prevents her from jumping down. When Annie witnesses yet another close moment between Meg and Ben, she tries to distract them, and then jumps off the pier. Rae tells Wei-Lee that she's happy in Sunset Beach. Gregory presumes that Eddie has the Deschanel jewels, but then Eddie tells him that Annie has them. Caitlin wonders why is Cole rushing to leave town. Elaine is surprised when both Bette and Olivia stick up for Elaine in prison. Paula works on bringing Elaine and Cole closer together.
S01E80 Episode 80 28/04/1997 Casey and Michael rescue Annie and bring her to the hospital, where Ricardo apologizes for his behavior, and then tells Annie that Elaine murdered her father. Michael tries to prevent Vanessa from interviewing Annie. Paula, Elaine and Ben are shocked to hear that Eddie got immunity for keeping a secret about Elaine, and then Ricardo punches Eddie. Annie is confused to find Bette and Olivia at the police station. Paula and Elaine are stunned when Ricardo arrests both Bette and Olivia after they confessed too. Cole learns Ben has hidden the Deschanel jewels somewhere, so he goes on a search mission. Ben and Meg discuss about their recent adventure. Rae informs Casey that she decided to stay in Sunset Beach. Meanwhile, Wei-Lee decides to find another way to force Rae to leave town... family.
S01E81 Episode 81 29/04/1997 Ricardo interrogates Bette and Olivia about their unusual confession, thinking that the women have a bigger reason for confessing. Gregory arrives at the stations after learning about the confession from Annie. In Ben's apartment, Cole listens in as Annie and Bette discuss about the Deschanel jewels. Michael, Vanessa and Gregory are fighting over publishing an article on Elaine. Vanessa eventually decides to publish it, and Michael confesses that Paula asked him not to do it. Elaine tells the story of the night she murdered Del.
S01E82 Episode 82 30/04/1997 Paula moves out of Ricardo's place, claiming that she can't be with a man that would arrest her mother. He tries to stop her in the name of love, but she claims that the same love doesn't allow her to continue being with him. Gabi suggests Ricardo should give Paula some time to heal. Sean's health is getting worse, and Tiffany confesses her fears to Mark. Olivia confesses to Gregory about helping Del kidnap Elaine's baby in the past, and then describes how she used the money. Gregory promises to help Elaine in court, and they are about to make love when Caitlin interrupts them by informing them that she'll stay with Cole. Virginia finds drugs in Jimmy's backpacks, but then Michael learns that a drug dealer is pushing drugs on kids and then he offers to keep Virginia and Jimmy safe by letting them stay at his place. Cole prepares to break into The Deep.
S01E83 Episode 83 01/05/1997 Casey and Rae discuss about confessing the truth about their fake marriage, but Rae can't get through with it until she listens to a story told by her father. Annie wants Ben to give her the Deschanel jewels, but he isn't ready to give them up yet. Ricardo warns Meg to keep away from Ben and then shares a story of his sister's bad experience with Ben. Ben almost catches Cole breaking into his office, and Cole is forced to jump through glass to escape. Ricardo and Ruiz arrive at the scene of crime, where Ricardo believes that Ben has something to do with the jewel theft.
S01E84 Episode 84 02/05/1997 Mr. and Mrs. Chang are disappointed when Rae tells them the truth about her fake marriage with Casey. Mr. Chang wants Rae to come back to San Francisco, or to forget that she has parents. Wei-Lee tells Rae that he believes she will never choose Casey over her parents. Caitlin is surprised when Cole arrives at the grotto bleeding, and he tells her that he was looking for the Deschanel jewels. She wants him to go to the doctor but he tells her he can't go because cops are probably searching for him. Annie finds Eddie with Bette in Ben's apartment and knows that he was trying to steal the jewels. Ricardo arrests Eddie after Ben gives him the trace. Ben can't believe that Annie has been working with Eddie. Meg confronts Ben about his talk with Tim. She assures Ben that his luck is about to change. As they share a close moment, Annie watches them.
S01E85 Episode 85 05/05/1997 Vanessa finds out that Gregory is the new owner of The Sentinel, a newspaper firm she's working for, and that her story about Elaine was dropped before the newspaper went out. Bette gives Eddie an alibi. Everyone prepares for the trial and Paula assures Ricardo nothing will be the same after today. Caitlin realizes there's something troubling Cole. Olivia sees traces of blood on Caitlin and instantly knows what happened. She leaves to the grotto, where she has a conversation with a wounded Cole. He tells her about his plans to leave Sunset Beach with Caitlin. Olivia hides as Caitlin enters the grotto. Once she leaves, Olivia and Cole make a pact – he won't leave Sunset Beach with Caitlin in exchange for Olivia keeping quiet about their affair.
S01E86 Episode 86 06/05/1997 Olivia tells Bette about confessing the truth about kidnapping Elaine's baby to Gregory. The trial begins and Elaine pleads guilty. Gregory tries to change the situation, but after Ricardo's testimony, Elaine is taken back to her cell. Paula is devastated, and she refuses to forgive Ricardo for what he had done. Wei-Lee sets up a dinner for Rae and her parents at the Grenadines. Mr. Chang is not too happy to see Casey there. Once again, the Changs want Rae to return to San Francisco, but she refuses once again. Mark leaves Meg wondering about Ben's actions on the anniversary of Maria's death. Meg wants to have dinner with Ben but gets no reply. Meg wonders what is located behind the mysterious doors upstairs in Ben's apartment. Annie tells her it's Maria's studio. Ben goes upstairs and finds Meg standing by the door.
S01E87 Episode 87 07/05/1997 Meg tells Ben that she isn't curious what's behind the mysterious door, but he doesn't treat her nice. Ben curses the Maria portrait and tells her she's not going to ruin his life. He arrives at The Deep and apologizes to Meg about his behavior. They dance. Annie and Tim plot against them. They want to find a perfect plan to break them up. Gregory reveals his perfect plan to get Elaine out of jail - her son. He needs to find him in order to save Elaine. Olivia is worried that Gregory might find out about her affair with Cole. Caitlin and Cole talk about the Deschanel jewels and Cole reveals his plan to steal them. Cole then arrives to the police station and breaks into the evidence room. At the same time, Gregory arrives to get Elaine's case files.
S01E88 Episode 88 08/05/1997 Casey misreads Rae's words and blames Wei-Lee for all the bad stuff that has happened in Rae's life recently, and the mix up reminds Rae just how much she needs her parents, and she realizes that going away with Wei-Lee would be the best thing to do. Gregory is about to catch Cole snooping around the police station when suddenly he's interrupted by Paula, who wants to thank him for taking her mother's case. Meanwhile, Cole continues to search through the evidence room. Olivia doesn't want to give Caitlin the Deschanel jewels because she knows that Cole will leave Sunset Beach with Caitlin. Gabi tries to convince Paula to stay at Ricardo's. Bette confesses to Cole that he is Elaine's son.
S01E89 Episode 89 09/05/1997 When she is about to leave his apartment, Ricardo surprises Paula with an engagement ring. She is deeply touched by the sudden move and decides to take things slowly. Gabi sees the improvement in their relationship, and then barges into the apartment. Paula offers her to stay with them. Gregory offers Vanessa a job trip to Hong Kong and gives her 48 hours to decide about it. Elaine and Cole have a mother-and-son talk. Cole is wondering about why Elaine left him as a child and she tells him she thought he was dead. When Elaine finishes the story, she wonders if Cole can forgive her, but gets no response.
S01E90 Episode 90 12/05/1997 Ben has another nightmare and this time it's Maria leading him to her studio. Frightened, Ben wakes up and is about to unlock the door of the studio when Meg arrives. She's frustrated because he is always pushing her away. Ben loses it and goes upstairs. The doorbell rings again... and it's Meg's mother Joan, in Tim's company. Meg is surprised by their visit and Ben wants to know who they are. The doorbell rings again and it's Annie, who kisses Ben, much to Meg and Joan's surprise. Later on, Joan is questioning Meg about the painting of Maria, and it makes Ben lose it again. Rae is having hard time dealing with the fact that her parents won't talk to her. Vanessa confides in Rae about a job offer in Hong Kong.
S01E91 Episode 91 13/05/1997 Joan learns more about the death of Maria, and Tim explains further how things are going in Sunset Beach. Meg doesn't know how to react with her mother being in town. Annie pretends like she cares about what's going on. As soon as Paula exits, Gabi starts seducing Ricardo. Paula visits her mother. Gregory is shocked to learn that Cole St. John is actually Cole Deschanel, Elaine's son. Cole and Caitlin are keen on leaving town. Olivia tries to bribe Cole to stay, but he refuses the offer. Caitlin is about to leave when Gregory catches her.
S01E92 Episode 92 14/05/1997 Meg introduces Eddie to her mother. Ben sees Annie and Tim talking and realizes there might be something behind this. Tim accuses Ben of murdering Maria and Ben loses it again. Their fight is interrupted by Joan. Ben offers to give her a tour around the city. Gregory is surprised to find Caitlin's letter on her bed. He instantly believes that Cole kidnapped her. Olivia whispers something about the meeting at the grotto. Gregory wants to know if she knows anything about it. Olivia tells him she knew that Caitlin was back with Cole. While escaping, Caitlin and Cole are on the beach surrounded by the cops. They go back at the grotto and Gregory enters. Gabi is causing more trouble for Ricardo and Paula. Eddie tells Gabi that he knows about how she wants Ricardo.
S01E93 Episode 93 15/05/1997 Vanessa tries to make Michael realize that she wants him to prevent her from leaving to Hong Kong. She declines the job offer, but Michael buys her the ticket to Hong Kong at the same time. Virginia watches them from afar. Paula and Ricardo have a romantic lunch together. Gabi dreams of being with Ricardo. Eddie warns Gabi not to hurt Paula. Olivia and Bette visit Elaine in jail. Sean and Tiffany discuss about life. Gregory tries to convince Caitlin to return home with him, but after knocking him down, Cole and Caitlin leave the grotto on a white horse.
S01E94 Episode 94 16/05/1997 Michael is waiting at the airport for Vanessa, while she appears at Surf Central. She tries to persuade a flight attendant to contact the plane that left few minutes earlier and tells her all about Michael, but then Michael surprises her with a rose. Chief Harris is curious about Gregory's war against Cole St. John. Ricardo reads Caitlin's letter and confirms that Cole didn't kidnap her. Gregory confronts Olivia about giving Ricardo the letter. Olivia wants Gregory to trust her. Cole wants Caitlin to return back home, thinking that it's too dangerous to her. Paula and Cole have a talk about Elaine's trial. She wants him to stay, but he leaves.
S01E95 Episode 95 19/05/1997 Cole is angry to realize that Caitlin had hidden and came with him during the entire trip. He wants to return her back to Sunset Beach, but an officer stops them and wants to see Cole's identifications. Cole tells Caitlin that Gregory will probably find them soon. He speeds off with his car. Ben and Joan return home after the tour and Annie gives Joan a tour upstairs, making her interested in the locked room. Joan mistakes Rae and Casey for a couple when she comes with Meg to Surf Central. Jimmy is disgusted when Joan mistakes him, Michael and Virginia for a family. Vanessa appears and tells Michael she is going to leave to Hong Kong, much to his surprise. Jimmy is shocked and blames Michael for he fact that Vanessa is leaving Sunset Beach. Joan wants to know about Ben's intentions with Meg. After Meg assures her about loving Ben, she goes away with Ben and asks him about his intentions with Meg. When she asks him about his wife, Ben confesses to her that he might never be over her. Annie and Tim find the key to Maria's studio and Annie sees it as a perfect chance for their next plot.
S01E96 Episode 96 20/05/1997 Michael has a talk with Jimmy about his real intentions with his mother. Virginia tells Michael that he should go away to Hong Kong with Vanessa. Michael is ready to do so, but she convinces him to stay in Sunset Beach. He is wondering if Vanessa thinks he has something to do with Virginia. Paula finds out that Cole is wanted by the Interpol. Eddie plays with Paula's mind when he warns her to keep an eye on Ricardo, especially now when Gabi is around. Gabi misreads Eddie's intentions and accidentally tells him the truth about the night she was with Ricardo. While being with Cole, Caitlin realizes she misses her home. She calls her father, but doesn't say anything. Gregory immediately wants to trace down the signal. When Caitlin calls Sean, Cole hangs up and tells her they need to move fast because Gregory probably has every mobile net tracking them down.
S01E97 Episode 97 21/05/1997 Michael and Vanessa try to spend some romantic time together before she leaves, but they are once again interrupted by Virginia and Jimmy, after which Vanessa leaves to Hong Kong. Casey receives a phone call from his mother and senses something is wrong with her. Rae is surprised to hear that Casey's mother exists. Casey and Rae are about to make love, but she stops, claiming that she isn't ready yet. Casey wants her to decide. Bette talks to Joan about Big Al, while Tim and Annie try to convince Joan that Ben is a murderer. Joan wants Meg to come back with her to Kansas, but she is determined to stay in Sunset Beach. Meg realizes that Annie is trying to make Joan believe things that aren't true. Meg finds the key to Maria's studio and goes upstairs. She unlocks the doors and finds a room full of paintings, red stains on the floor and splatters on the walls.
S01E98 Episode 98 22/05/1997 Wei-Lee returns to Surf Central and interrupts an intimate moment between Rae and Casey. He tells her that the Changs have forbidden any mention of Rae's name in their family. Meg is horrified of what she's seen in Maria's studio, and she comes downstairs where she bumps into Ben. Joan and Tim are worried when they hear a scream in Ben's apartment. Meg remembers leaving the key in the lock, so she goes upstairs and takes it out. Ben asks her if she found what she was looking for. Cole and Caitlin arrive at a hotel, and they must pretend being on their honeymoon so they could explain why they have no luggage. Cole has a nightmare about Olivia. Gregory vows to Olivia that he'll find their daughter.
S01E99 Episode 99 23/05/1997 Ricardo feels ready to tell Paula about the night she was abducted but Gabi interrupts them again, and Ricardo asks her to leave. Paula tells Gabi that she will accept Ricardo's proposal tonight. Gabi promises to herself that will not happen. Olivia tells Sean not to tell Gregory about Caitlin's call. Elaine is beating herself up with the fact that she wasn't a good mother. She then wants to talk to Olivia, to learn more about Cole's kidnapping. Gregory realizes that Olivia had a small fling with A.J. Deschanel in the past. Cole and Caitlin arrive at the house of his grandmas, Madame Julianna Deschanel. Julianna then tells him that she sent him to Sunset Beach to meet his real mother. He feels like she betrayed him, and Caitlin suggests they should return to Sunset Beach as soon as possible to save Elaine before the trial ends.
S01E100 Episode 100 26/05/1997 Meg returns to Ben's apartment to return the key from Maria's studio but she faces yet another chilling encounter with Ben. She accidentally cuts herself and the blood makes her think back to finding Maria's studio full of blood. Later, Meg is reluctant to grab some coffee with Ben and her mother. Caitlin, Julianna and Cole try to make a plan for Cole to return to Sunset Beach without getting arrested. Paula catches Gabi wearing her ring and Gabi makes up a lie to cover her actions. Annie advises Ricardo to tell Paula about the night she was kidnapped before Paula hears it from someone else. Gabi tells Paula that Ricardo was with someone else on the night she was kidnapped. Ricardo enters the room as they're talking.
S01E101 Episode 101 27/05/1997 Rae is shocked to find out that her parents disowned her. Ricardo confesses to Paula about being with another woman on the night she was kidnapped. Gabi wonders why Ricardo didn't tell Paula that Gabi was the woman who he was with. Casey and Paula have a friendly talk. Paula is not sure if Ricardo is being sincere to her. Casey tells Rae that she should go to San Francisco. Paula tells Ricardo she still needs some time to think. They both agree that Gabi should leave their apartment, and Gabi eavesdrops.
S01E102 Episode 102 28/05/1997 Ricardo wonders where did Gabi find the pictures of Paula and him. Trying to hide her real reasons, Gabi gives Paula the album of the pictures and makes up a silly excuse. A torn picture of Paula and Ricardo falls out and Paula wonders what happened. Gabi makes up another lie. Casey tells Michael he thinks Rae should go to her parents and be with Wei-Lee. Michael misses Vanessa. Gregory finally finds a trace on Cole, but Olivia wants him to stop the search. She tells him she doesn't want her family destroyed. Cole reads Elaine's old letter to A.J. Deschanel and decides to help her, without telling Caitlin.
S01E103 Episode 103 29/05/1997 Virginia organizes a picnic with Michael and Jimmy, but when Jimmy isn't okay with it, Michael invites Mark too. When Virginia asks him to go get ketchup, Jimmy meets Officer Ruiz and asks him if he should report a crime if he knows one. Virginia tells Michael that she doesn't want to leave his apartment. Meg has a nightmare about Ben wanting to show Meg the inside of Maria's studio. She wakes up and Ben does the same thing. Meg informs him that Joan will be returning back to Kansas. Joan wants Ben to promise her not to hurt her daughter. Meg enters the studio not realizing that Ben returned from his trip.
S01E104 Episode 104 30/05/1997 Julianna tells Caitlin a story about Armando Deschanel. Cole arrives in Sunset Beach and visits Elaine, keen on helping her in court. She wants him to leave town for his safety. Meg is in Maria's studio, wondering what really happened to her. The doors suddenly get locked and Meg thinks that Annie is playing with her. Meanwhile, Annie arrives at Ben's apartment and sees him staring at Maria's portrait. Ben drinks and breaks a glass on Maria's picture, while Meg finds Maria's diary in the studio.
S01E105 Episode 105 02/06/1997 Gregory arrests Cole. Caitlin comes back to Sunset Beach and tells Olivia that Gregory caught Cole. Gregory tells Caitlin to say goodbye to Cole, as he is about to be deported to Europe. Cole tells them that he slept with both Caitlin and Olivia, after which Gregory calls Olivia a tramp and Caitlin's heart is broken. However, Olivia wakes up and realizes it has all been a dream. Annie and Tim continue working on their plan, while Meg is reading Maria's diary. Someone unlocks the studio doors and Meg escapes. Meg blames Annie for locking her up, but Bette gives Annie an alibi for the whole night. Meg wonders if maybe Ben locked her, because he was the only one in the house the whole night.
S01E106 Episode 106 03/06/1997 Vanessa learns over the phone that Michael and Virginia are spending more time together when Jimmy answers her call. Michael wants to know what Jimmy told her, and then he, once again, tries to assure Jimmy that he doesn't have anything to do with his mother other than friendship. Rae tells Casey that she wishes she had married Wei-Lee and made her family happy. Paula wants Gregory to drop the charges against Cole. After talking to Caitlin, Gregory decides to drop the charges, but he gets angry when Caitlin decides to go away with Cole.
S01E107 Episode 107 04/06/1997 Meg talks to Mark about her fears concerning Ben. Gregory tries to convince Cole and Caitlin to stay home, but Cole refuses to accept the plea. He believes Gregory has a secret agenda. Gregory makes up a new solution for Cole when he receives a phone call from the judge's office. Meg returns to Ben's home and reads another section of Maria's diary. Annie and Tim watch her as she puts the key back. On the trial, Elaine wants to know where Cole is, but Gregory just makes a weird face move. Meanwhile, Caitlin waits for Cole under the pier, while he is handcuffed to a jet, unconscious.
S01E108 Episode 108 05/06/1997 Casey's heart is broken when Rae finally decides to leave Sunset Beach and have a new life in San Francisco. He begs her to stay with him, but Wei-Lee comes to pick her up, and after a tearful goodbye, she leaves. Gregory tries to convince Elaine to testify herself because Cole is nowhere to be found. Cole manages to free himself. Caitlin informs Julianna that Cole disappeared, so Julianna arrives at the trial to tell her story to the judge. Caitlin worries that Gregory might have done something to Cole, but Cole surprised everyone by entering the courtroom. Casey learns that his mother Alex arrived in town.
S01E109 Episode 109 06/06/1997 Meg wants to know the reason why Ben never talks about Maria. He explains that he doesn't want to hurt her. Meg tells Mark that she fears the possibility that Ben might have killed his wife. When Mark wants to see Maria's studio himself, Tim follows. The trial continues, and everyone is in shock when Gregory pronounces Elaine a coldblooded killer. However, he then tells the story about Del's crimes. Cole testifies and makes an impression. The judge returns with the verdict... Elaine has 3 months of probation and 200 hours of community service. Meg stares in shock when she and Mark enter Maria's studio. The Interpol arrests Cole.
S01E110 Episode 110 09/06/1997 Following Cole's orders, Caitlin calls Paula and informs her about Cole being taken by the Interpol. She asks her to not say anything to Elaine. When Paula asks him to help, Ricardo tries to find some mistake in the papers, but it all seems right. Meg & Mark find Maria's studio clean, so Meg tries to assure Mark that she isn't going crazy. Meanwhile, Ben washes the blood off his hands at The Deep. Once again, Meg is sure that Annie is just playing a game with her, but Annie assures her that it wasn't her. Ben arrives home and Meg wonders how he got a cut on the hand. He answers with a simple answer -- from the robbery that happened recently. Meg finds out that be has been alone at The Deep. When Ben feels tired of the questions, he sends her home. Annie tells Meg she better make sure she isn't near Ben on the day of Maria's death. On the airport, Cole tells Caitlin that he has a plan.
S01E111 Episode 111 10/06/1997 Vanessa returns from Hong Kong and she's not pleased to see Michael massaging Virginia. Michael tells her that Virginia will move out as soon as her leg gets better. Gregory stops the Interpol from taking Cole and Caitlin is surprised by his move. Cole wonders what he wants instead. In a happy reunion, Elaine is pleased to finally be with her son. Julianna makes a special arrival at the reunion, but Elaine isn't pleased to see her. Paula's tattoo, once again, gets in the way of Paula and Ricardo's happiness. Olivia faints when she finds out that Cole is free thanks to Gregory.
S01E112 Episode 112 11/06/1997 Mark warns Meg to stay away from Ben on the anniversary of Maria's death, but she has something else in her mind. Ricardo and Paula aren't able to make love when old pain comes haunting Paula. Ricardo and Ben fight over the fact that Ricardo still believes that Ben is responsible for Maria's death. Meg tries to comfort Ben and tells him he should forget the past and move on, and then she reminds him that tomorrow is also the anniversary of the beginning of their Internet chatting. They start dancing, but when Ben remembers Maria, he tells Meg she should get as far away from him as she can.
S01E113 Episode 113 12/06/1997 On the beach, Annie and Meg watch Ben pushing Maria's swing. Annie feels bad on her best friend's death anniversary, so she cries on Tim's shoulders. Ricardo sees Ben on the pier, standing with Maria's favorite flower. Ricardo asks Ben to tell him what happened the night Maria died, but Ben says nothing. Tim warns Meg to stay away from Ben. Ben returns to the studio and remembers what happened the night Maria died. He later goes to The Deep and continues thinking about Maria. He sees a woman standing on the stairs and wonders if it's her.
S01E114 Episode 114 13/06/1997 Alex gets a job offer from Gregory. They talk at the celebration party held for Vanessa. Olivia buys a pregnancy test. Meg asks Ben to open up to her and put Maria behind, but he just wants to be left alone. Meg returns back home and dresses up in Maria's clothes. Tim and Annie continue fulfilling their plan. Tim calls Ben and tells him that someone is in his apartment. Annie and Tim get closer.
S01E115 Episode 115 16/06/1997 Annie and Tim start seducing each other, but they both know what they really want. Ben enters Maria's studio and finds Meg dressed in her clothes, and then they start arguing. Gregory suspects that Olivia started drinking again, and she goes down that road just to keep the real truth away from him... she is pregnant. Cole and Olivia promise to each other that nobody will ever learn about their affair. Alex decides not to accept the job offer. Ben kicks Meg out of his house, while Annie and Tim celebrate the success of their plan.
S01E116 Episode 116 17/06/1997 Annie and Ricardo remember the old times when Maria was still alive. Meg goes to Annie's house and begs for her and Ricardo's help when Ben's house starts flaming up. Caitlin questions Olivia if it's true that she started drinking again. She tells her that it's not true what her father said, and Caitlin is very pleased to hear that. Olivia listens in shock as Caitlin tells her that she would like to have a baby. Olivia and Gregory make love. Michael is worried that something is going on with Alex. Mark talks to Tim and tells him that he should leave Meg alone, because Meg doesn't need him. Casey still feels bad about Rae.
S01E117 Episode 117 18/06/1997 Everybody runs into Ben's house and Ricardo stops the fire. Ben is not aware of what's happening. Ricardo is pleased to see Ben covered with guilt over Maria's death. Ricardo warns Meg to stay away from Ben, while Tim arrives and comforts Meg in front of Ben. Meg apologizes to Ben and leaves, while he convinces himself that the best thing is that Meg is far away from him. Gabi has secret plans. She wants Mark to help her find an apartment. She lies to him about Ricardo making a move on her. Michael feels that Alex is hiding something from him, and they talk about Casey, trying to convince him to move on with his life, just like Rae did. Later on, Michael tries to persuade Alex to tell him the truth. Finally, Alex breaks and wants Michael to help her go to the doctor, but she doesn't want Casey to know anything about it.
S01E118 Episode 118 19/06/1997 Tiffany's dog Spike digs out Olivia's positive pregnancy test from the trash and she tries to catch him. When she finally reaches the test, Gregory arrives and Bette covers for Olivia. Tim tries to comfort Meg. Olivia tells Bette that she is pregnant. Later on, she goes to the doctors where she meets Alex. Alex confesses to Michael that she has a Stage 4 Cancer, and that she has been ignoring all the symptoms. She is afraid. Wei-Lee arrives at the Waffle Shop and tells Casey that he and Rae got married two days ago. He gives Casey the half of the house that Rae owned.
S01E119 Episode 119 20/06/1997 Meg believes that Ben didn't kill his wife and she berates herself for putting on Maria's dress, while Tim believes Ben is very dangerous. Meg an Ben talk and she apologizes once again. When Ben leaves to the beach, Meg returns to Maria's studio, takes her diary and reads a new passage. Olivia can't wait for the results of the pregnancy test in the hospital, so she goes home and almost starts drinking again. Cole and Caitlin announce that they'll stay in Sunset Beach. Cole wants to keep the short romance between him and Olivia a secret. Alex is afraid that Casey will break under pressure if she tells him that she has cancer, especially now that Rae left him. She promises to Michael that she'll say the truth to soon. Casey informs Alex about Rae and Wei-Lee's wedding. Michael tells Casey that now he should spend a lot of time with Alex.
S01E120 Episode 120 23/06/1997 Ben and Meg talk on the beach, while Tim continues trying to split them apart. Michael wants Alex to tell Casey the truth, but she is still too afraid to tell him. Gregory is surprised when Cole and Caitlin announce that they'll be living together. The tension between Annie and Tim arises again, and they are both afraid that it will take them off the road. Olivia is convinced that Cole is the father of her unborn child.
S01E121 Episode 121 24/06/1997 Paula is still not ready to talk about her abduction, but she wants to clear her past. She wants to remove the tattoo from her chest. Olivia tries to persuade Gregory to have another baby, but he doesn't like the idea. Tiffany is jealous to see Gabi and Mark together, while they are talking about Gabi's apartment search. Paula informs Elaine about removing the tattoo off her chest. Paula leaves a note for Ricardo in the house in which she makes a change of plans, but when she leaves, Gabi trashes the paper on the floor. Olivia tells Bette that she is not ready to have a baby. Caitlin is ready to move back into the Ricards' house but only if Cole will be welcome to come there anytime. Sean has plans to play a Mark's D.J. work on the radio.
S01E122 Episode 122 25/06/1997 Mark saves Ricardo when Paula enter The Deep and almost catches him with Gabi. Sean & Tiffany record the music that Mark played, and Sean is on his way to the radio station. Mark tells Tiffany that she shouldn't be the one to tell him whohe should talk or be with. Annie is pushy -- she wants to know why Ben burned down Maria's bed. Mark tells Gabi that he knows that Ricardo was not making a move on her. Annie wants Tim to take Maria's diary and bring it to her. A strange person enters Maria's studio and fingers the ashes of Maria's bed. Bette is shocked when she hears Olivia's choice to terminate her pregnancy. Bette tells Gregory that he should stick closer to Olivia, while she is even more decided to terminate her pregnancy. Olivia wants somebody near her to protect her. She says to Gregory that she is trying really hard to stop drinking. Gregory tells her there is nothing that could break them down, as long as they are together. Tim continues to go cloer to Meg and he wants to have
S01E123 Episode 123 26/06/1997 Casey is shocked when he finds Alex lying on the kitchen floor. Vanessa is afraid of working with Alex. When the paramedics arrive Michael discovers that Alex has Stage 4 cancer and he tells Casey to go with his mother. When they leave Michael is not pleased that Casey found out the truth in this way. Alex & Casey talk in the hospital and she apologizes to him. When Michael tries to apologize to Casey, he calls him a sob. Annie blackmails Tim into taking Maria's diary. When the diary is not in Meg's backpack Annie realizes that it must be in Meg's room. When she arrives there she has no idea that Meg is coming home early from her job. Olivia dreams of telling Gregory the truth about the father of her baby and it doesn't come out too well. Caitlin moves back to her house and Gregory sees it as a great chance to control Olivia's drinking. Cole enters the wrong room and gets into the bed with Olivia, instead of Caitlin. Caitlin approaches the room...
S01E124 Episode 124 27/06/1997 Annie goes inside Meg'a bedroom and finds Maria's diary under her pillow. Tim distracts Meg so Annie would get out of Meg's room before Meg returns. Meg talks to Mark who sais that Ben is acting very weird lately. Meanwhile, Ben thinks of Maria and then remembers Meg which makes him confuse. He destroys a picture. Annie reads Maria's diary in her hot tub. Tim arrives and gets into the tub. The diary falls into the water and Annie is mad at Tim. Annie wants to make new entries into the diary before Tim returns it to Meg. Olivia hides while Gregory distracts Cailtin for a while. Then, Caitlin enters the room and sees Cole naked on the bed. She makes a joke about him entering her mother's room instead of hers. The situation gets complicated when Cailtin wants to make love to Cole and Olivia is in the same room. However, Gregory walks into the room, so Cole hides under the bed with Olivia. Gregory wants to know where Olivia is. When Gregory leaves, Caitlin still wants to make love. Olivia
S01E125 Episode 125 07/07/1997 Alex explains to Michael that she isn't ready to give up on her life after she holding the baby in her arms the previous night. Annie assures Tim that Meg won't know that she faked an another section of Maria's diary. Caitlin accidentally learns that her mother wants to terminate her pregnancy, and she rushes to the hospital to stop her. Gregory urges Ben to forget about Maria and move on with his life, and they both want to renew their friendship. Gregory asks Annie to help Ben forget about his wife. Olivia prepares for the termination procedure at the hospital, and Caitlin arrives at the hospital looking for her.
S01E126 Episode 126 08/07/1997 Annie manages to slip out before Meg can see her. Tim angers Ben. Ben imagines talking to Meg at the beach, and then he decides to approach her, but the conversation doesn't go the way he imagined. Meg continues reading Maria's diary unaware of the altered entries. Casey and Michael manage to bury the hatchet when they agree to both take care of Alex. Michael isn't happy that Alex is already working on a party when just a few moments ago she was at the hospital. Caitlin is shocked to find her mother at the hospital waiting to terminate her pregnancy. Cole and Gregory rush to the hospital when Rose tells them she heard something about it, and Gregory comes to confront Olivia.
S01E127 Episode 127 09/07/1997 Gregory realizes that Caitlin and Olivia are keeping a secret from him. Gabi continues using Mark for her plans to get Ricardo. Casey is worried when Alex gets sick during a dancing session. Ben pushes Meg further away from himself. Meg reads more entries in Maria's diary and consults with Mark about Ben's rage. Tim convinces Meg to come to the party with him. Cole is confused about why is Olivia at the hospital. Ben witnesses Annie and Tim kissing, and later, while thinking of Meg, he kisses Annie.
S01E128 Episode 128 10/07/1997 Olivia is plagued with doubts regarding her pregnancy. She hides the real reason why she's in the hospital when Cole comes to see her, and later when Tyus arrives she asks him to keep her pregnancy a secret from her entire family. Gregory arrives at the party at Alex's request, because she wants to know if her will is valid. Meg's friend convince her to tell Ben that they're over, and she heads to Ben's place to tell him she doesn't want to work for him anymore. Paula notes to Ricardo that Gabi and Mark seem to be getting closer. Michael tries to offer support to Casey when he tries to do research on how to help out Alex. Caitlin is overjoyed when she learns that Olivia didn't go through with the abortion, but Olivia makes Caitlin promise that she won't tell Gregory about her pregnancy just yet. Meg arrives to see Ben and Annie kissing.
S01E129 Episode 129 11/07/1997 Meg is deeply hurt after seeing Ben and Annie kiss. Annie is angry when she realizes that Ben was only kissing her so he could push Meg away. She explains to Tim that Ben loves Meg so much that he wanted to get her far away from himself. Eddie explains to Bette that all of her money is gone, and that she is going to have to find herself a job. Meg goes to see Ben and she officially quits her job. Casey catches Alex before she is able to leave town, and realizes that she intended to leave without saying goodbye. He manages to convince her to try a program of rehabilitation he found on the net, and she agrees. Michael bids farewell to Alex as she embarks on the trip with her son.
S01E130 Episode 130 14/07/1997 Meg informs Tim about quitting her job, and confesses to Mark that she saw Ben kissing Annie. Gregory has a tender moment with Olivia when he shares the news of Alex's cancer. Annie is caught on her way out of a restaurant when Bette's tab is rejected and is forced to work her way out to pay for lunch. Bette almost lets it slip to Cole about the real reason why Olivia was at the hospital. Olivia learns that the Deschanel jewels will soon be released. Gregory urges Annie not to dig into Ben's past anymore. Olivia wants to have Tyus remain her doctor. Ben and Gregory make a business deal. Gregory arranges a romantic trip for Olivia.
S01E131 Episode 131 15/07/1997 Michael comes up with a perfect solution for Virginia's living arrangement, and Vanessa isn't a least bit impressed. Virginia continues faking being modest. Caitlin is worried when she receives a cryptic message from Cole, only to learn that it was his way of bringing danger to her by arranging a romantic dinner at The Deep. Caitlin is overjoyed by the surprise and starts insisting that Cole isn't happy in Sunset Beach because he got himself away from the dangerous life he used to lead. Cole tries to reassure her that life in Sunset Beach is perfect for him. Paula talks to Gabi about finally making love to Ricardo again now that her tattoo has been completely removed, and Gabi tries to make her think she isn't ready yet. Elaine persuades Paula to do what she wants, but when Paula arrives home to Ricardo, he instead decides to go out with Ruiz for a boys night out.
S01E132 Episode 132 16/07/1997 Ben gives Meg her last paycheck, while Annie worries that their talk might lead to something more, and she throws herself in Ben's arms to annoy Meg. Gabi calls Paula to the Deep as an excuse to stop her romantic night with Ricardo. Ricardo worries that Gabi might tell Paula about the night they spent together. Cole and Caitlin continue playing games, and as a part of the game Caitlin steals briefcase which accidentally ends up being the one containing the Deschanel jewels. Bette comes to the Richards house to question Olivia about if she got her a job, but actually wants to know where the Deschanel jewels are. Meg reads another fake entry from Maria's diary, and ends up having a nightmare. Eddie thinks Gabi told Paula about the night she spent with Ricardo, and he approaches Paula to comfort her.
S01E133 Episode 133 17/07/1997 Gregory acts as peacemaker between Annie and Olivia as they battle it out over who owns the Deschanel jewels. Eddie confronts Gabi for setting him up to reveal that Gabi was the woman Ricardo was with on the night Paula got kidnapped. Paula confronts Ricardo about it and he claims it was all innocent, but Paula isn't convinced. Caitlin and Cole are surprised to find the Deschanel jewels in the briefcase Caitllin stole from her parents' bedroom, and Caitlin is surprised when Cole says he isn't interested in them. They agree to return them to the bedroom. Ricardo confronts Gabi about revealing the truth to Paula, but Gabi claims she's innocent and offers to straighten things out with Paula. There, she lies to Paula about Ricardo being obsessed with her. Gregory tells Olivia about the romantic trip he planned, but Caitlin warns Olivia that she's can't fly due to her condition. Olivia comes up with a lie to cover Caitlin's comment. Paula tells Ricardo she's moving out. Caitlin tries to stall Gregory and Olivia from finding Cole in their bathroom.
S01E134 Episode 134 18/07/1997 Gregory looks like a fool when he insists that Cole came to steal the Deschanel jewels, only to have the briefcase full of dirty clothes. Caitlin explains about the mix up, and Cole tells Gregory and Olivia that he has no more interest in the Deschanel jewels because of all the hurt they have caused his family. Olivia and Gregory depart for a vacation. Mark finds Meg unable to sleep because of a nightmare she had. He orders her to stop reading Maria's diary because it is messing with her mind, but Meg is unable to stop. Caitlin and Cole spend some quality time together at the hotel. Gregory and Olivia manage to bond as a couple as well. Vanessa is very suspicious of the fact that Virginia can't find a place to stay. Jimmy wants to report Michael to the police for killing his father, but Virginia changes his mind. Michael is confused when Virginia plants a kiss on him. Annie breaks into Maria's studio.
S01E135 Episode 135 21/07/1997 Paula informs Elaine about Gabi being the person Ricardo was with on the night she was abducted. Elaine is confused, just as Paula, as to why Gabi and Ricardo kept it a secret for so long if it was innocent. Eddie checks up on Paula, and she has to make a decision if she wants to stay with Ricardo. Meg confides in Tim about reading Maria's journal, and he puts on a show acting like her best friend. Annie confides in Bette about the lack of attention from her father in the past, and their conversation leads to exactly why Annie wants affection with Ben. She comes up with an idea to become Ben's personal assistant. Gabi tries to explain to Elaine why she didn't fess up to her secrets before. Meg and Tim find Annie and Ben eating together at the restaurant.
S01E136 Episode 136 22/07/1997 Paula doesn't know what to do regarding her situation, and Ricardo tries to make himself look better in her eyes, and later tries to convince Elaine of the same. Eddie tells Gabi that he could easily reveal to Mark that she's just stringing him along. Caitlin questions Cole about the woman he slept with, and he tries to tell her that she didn't mean anything. Tiffany questions Cole about why he won't take the Deschanel jewels now that Olivia and Gregory are out of town, and Cole explains how the past affected those jewels. Meg refuses to leave Grenadine's when she sees that Ben and Annie are these as well, but Annie's attitude causes Meg to leave. Gregory phones Ben thanking him for their business deal. Paula wants Mark to explain what he saw the night Gabi and Ricardo had drinks together. She confronts Ricardo about it, and Ricardo finally has enough, claiming that Paula has decided to take any excuse to stop their relationship from rebuilding. Tim informs Annie about Meg's nightmares.
S01E137 Episode 137 23/07/1997 Annie and Tim agree to lure Meg inside the cave so she would get frightened. Ben makes plans to destroy the cave to remove the bad memories, unaware that Meg has entered the place. Vanessa finds a gun between Michael's things and wants to get rid of it so that it wouldn't cause any drama. Virginia interrupts their conversation when Jimmy escapes, following an argument about Virginia kissing Michael. Caitlin and Cole ask Ben for a job. When they return home, Caitlin is surprised to find out that she's pregnant.
S01E138 Episode 138 24/07/1997 Annie is overjoyed about her plan working until she learns from Ben that he intends to blow up the cave as a part of a business deal, and she informs Ben about Meg walking around the caves. Meanwhile, Meg finds herself trapped inside the cave until Ben comes to her rescue, but it may be too late for either of them to exit. Tim is frustrated to learn that the plan isn't working. Vanessa hides when Virginia comes back to her room. She is intrigued to learn that Virginia is somehow connected to Jo-Jo. Michael tries to reach out to Jimmy, without much success. Cole tells Elaine that he wants to get his surname, Deschanel, back. Caitlin learns that she's pregnant, but she isn't ready to inform Cole about it just yet when Elaine tells her that the Deschanel men don't like to be tied down.
S01E139 Episode 139 25/07/1997 Ben digs Meg out from underneath the rubble after the bomb explodes which sees Meg finally quiz Ben about Maria but will the truth finally be revealed? Annie & Tim realise that Ben & Meg are trapped in the cave but will someone be able to save them? Ricardo tells Gabi to pack her bags but she still plans to get him into bed & continues to play him off against her Paula. Olivia & Gregory arrive back from their holiday to find Sean & Tiffany canoodaling on the sofa, Gregory hits the roof & tells Tiff to pack her bags but after Sean announces he'll go too Olivia changes Gregory's mind. There is a further shock for Olivia when Caytlin accidentally gives away the impression she's pregnant.
S01E140 Episode 140 04/08/1997 Ricardo calls Michael to rescue Meg and Ben from the cave, but after they manage to get the oxygen inside, another cave-in occurs. Jimmy gets angry when Virginia tells him she's going to get married to Michael, and he decides to go to the police station. Gabi flirts with Mark when he helps her move into Surf Central. Vanessa goes to visit Virginia's ex-neighbor and finds out that Virginia never had any break-ins. Annie is scared and talks to God so that he could save Meg and Ben. Meg awakes in the cave and asks Ben if he knows what they were talking about. He tells her he loves her. Meg is happy until she realizes that he thinks she is Maria.
S01E141 Episode 141 05/08/1997 Caitlin fails at telling Cole that she's pregnant. Sean learns about it instead and wants Caitlin to let everyone know. Annie and Tim console each hoping that Meg and Ben are still alive. Ben is convinced that Meg is Maria, and Meg agrees to go along with him. Michael wants to save Meg and Ben by going underwater into the cave, and Jimmy changes his mind about turning in Michael as the killer of his father. Tiffany tries to get Olivia to give Mark a job as a DJ on the local radio station.
S01E142 Episode 142 06/08/1997 Paula is unhappy when she sees Gabi talking to Ricardo. Ben worries they are going to run out of air in the cave. Annie and Tim look for some tunnels that lead to the caves. Caitlin tells Cole she is pregnant. Meg tells Ben how much she loves him.
S01E143 Episode 143 07/08/1997 Michael risks his life in an attempt to save Ben and Meg. Annie and Tim find the secret tunnel. Meg has sex with Ben only to realize that he still thinks she is Maria. Casey flirts with Cynthia, the VH host, on his way back to Sunset Beach. Caitlin is confused as to why Cole didn't tell her parents about the pregnancy. Olivia is worried that Cole might be the father of both her and Caitlin's baby.
S01E144 Episode 144 08/08/1997 Olivia almost lets slip to Cole that she is pregnant, maybe with his child. Caitlin walks in as Olivia and Cole talking about her baby and is shocked to learn her mom knows she is pregnant. Olivia breaks down in tears and has to lie to cover up the possible paternity of her baby. Gregory won't admit he was the one who caused the cave explosion and he tries to pin the blame on Ben. Although Ben and Meg have survived, Ben is getting colder and Meg tries to help him by cuddling up to him, but what she doesn't know is that Annie and Tim have found a way to the cave. Annie spots Ben and Meg naked and kissing, not knowing that Ben still thinks Meg is Maria. Elsewhere Michael, who has listened to Casey's advice and set off the dynamite against Eddie's wishes, has taken the full blow of the blast and Eddie can't contact him so Casey has to go in to rescue him.
S01E145 Episode 145 11/08/1997 Casey reaches Michael and manages to get him out of the cave while Tim and Annie find Ben and Meg. Once everyone is at the hospital, Annie confronts Meg about being with Ben and must tell Tim that she saw Ben and Meg together. Meg turns it around and questions Annie on why she was with Tim in the first place. When she is finally able to see Ben, Meg is visible upset and Ben tries to reassure her that the danger has past so she should be fine. As she walks away, to upset to talk, he asks her how she can do it after what happened. Meg turns back around, shocked that he might actually know what happened in the cave. Meanwhile Bette is pressuring Olivia about the job she promised. Olivia informs Bette that she has tried but Gregory wouldn't listen so Bette talks it upon herself to speak with him. When she does however, he questions what dirt she has on Olivia. Bette blurts out that its about the baby and Gregory is left shocked and confused.
S01E146 Episode 146 12/08/1997 Caitlin is scared about her future with Cole, while he plans to propose. Bette almost lets it slip to Gregory that Olivia is pregnant, but she covers by saying that she planned to reveal Olivia's part in the Elaine's baby kidnapping scheme. Gregory offers Bette a job as a gossip columnist at the local newspaper. Olivia catches Cole with a ring and tells him that her daughter will never marry him. Annie tells Bette that she lost Ben. Tim refuses to believe that Meg and Ben made love. Meg is uncomfortable when Ben doesn't remember making love to her, and she tried to avoid talking about what happened in the cave.
S01E147 Episode 147 13/08/1997 Tim suggests Caitlin should check up on Cole's past before making any important life plans. Gregory accidentally overhears a part of a conversation between Olivia and Cole and mistakenly thinks that Olivia is keen on breaking up Caitlin and Cole. He likes the idea and is happy to see that his wife is on his side. Gabi changes police files to say that Paula is favorite for a job outside of Sunset Beach. Virginia continues plotting to separate Michael and Vanessa. Jimmy and Michael finally become closer again. Cole tells Elaine that he plans to propose to Caitlin. After talking to Elaine, Paula decides that it's time to end things with Ricardo forever. Sean and Tiffany help Mark prepare for his big night. Eddie sizzles when Paula enters The Deep.
S01E148 Episode 148 14/08/1997 Annie and Bette discuss about the closeness between Meg and Ben. Tim writes a letter for Meg stating that he's returning home and that he knows that Meg belongs to Ben. Cole proposes to Caitlin, but she turns him down saying that she still doesn't know much about his history. Cole persuades her to accept the ring as a pledge. Meg refuses to answer Ben's phone call. Eddie is surprised to see how Paula has changed. Mark arranges a deal with Olivia to be a D.J. Ricardo learns about Paula's job in Sacramento and he offers to help her avoid it, but she decides to take the job. Ben decorates his apartment a bit and then Meg enters. Annie sees them together. Cole confronts Olivia about what she said to Caitlin.
S01E149 Episode 149 15/08/1997 Cole warns Olivia that he'll fight for Caitlin if he has to. Caitlin advises Gregory to tell Olivia that he loves her. Gregory and Caitlin catch Cole and Olivia in the room together, but they say they were only talking about Caitlin. Gregory later confronts Olivia about her pregnancy. Meg is surprised to see the effort that Ben went through to arrange a perfect time for them, but she keeps remembering the past and realizes that it will always be there. Ben tries to assure her that he wants to be with her. Annie, who has been eavesdropping the entire time, learns that Ben has no idea that he made love to Meg in the cave. She confronts Meg about it.
S01E150 Episode 150 18/08/1997 Tim arrives at Ben's place and wants to see Meg. He gets into a fight with Ben and Ben almost discovers that Tim was one of the people that trapped Meg in the cave. Ben throws Tim out of his house, while Annie is talking to Meg. She remembers her that Ben does not remeber anything about sleeping with her, but Meg denies it. Meg warns Annie to stay away from her and Ben. Annie talks to Ben about Meg and Ben tells her that he believes he has a future with Meg. Caitlin tells Cole she wants to know who is his mystery woman and he tries to convince her to focus on their future, and not Cole's past. Olivia convinces Gregory that she is not pregnant and Gregory acts very mad when Olivia brings up a possobility of having another baby. Gregory does not buy Olivia's lies and wants call Tyus to hear the truth. Olivia stops him and confesses that Caitlin is pregnant. Gregory fells like he lost his little girl forever.
S01E151 Episode 151 19/08/1997 Gabi plays innocent when Eddie accuses her of sending Paula on an assignment in Sacramento. Mark becomes closer with Gabi and she tells him his audition went very well. Paula leaves Sunset Beach and, once again, says that it's over between her and Ricardo. Olivia asks Gregory not to tell Caitlin that he knows about her pregnancy, because it will totally ruin their plan to breakup Cole and Caitlin. Gregory visits Elaine and secretly tries to find out about Caitlin's pregnancy. Bette runs into Caitlin & Cole at the hospital. Olivia finishes with her appointment and runs into Cole. The nurse tells her to pick up her results and Cole is about to find out that Olivia is also pregnant. Gregory talks to Tim and tries to find out if he has some news about Cole. Tim takes the money that Gregory offers him and says that Caitlin told her about Cole sleeping with another woman in Sunset Beach.
S01E152 Episode 152 20/08/1997 Olivia tells Cole that the nurse was referring to Caitlin when she told her that she needs to pick up the ultra-sound and Cole buys it. Gregory confesses to Olivia that he knows about Cole's affair with another woman in Sunset Beach. He tells her that he will do his best to find the woman. Olivia tells Gregory that they should go to Europe and pick up all the women that Cole had hurt and bring them to Caitlin so that she would be convinced how bad Cole is.
S01E153 Episode 153 21/08/1997 Michael gets into a fight with Vanessa about Vanessa's recent actions. She tells him everything that she found out about Virginia, but Michael thinks she does not understand what happened in the past. He decides not to go on a picnic with her. Gregory hires Eddie to find the woman that slept with Cole a few months ago and Olivia warns Gregory that it might blew up in his face. Gregory finds out that Sean already knew about Caitlin's pregnancy and tells him not to say anything either to Caitlin or Tiffany. When Sean leaves, Gregory says that he needs to get rid of Tiffany. Tim and Annie stick around Ben's house and snoop to find some informations. Annie finds out that Ben has temporary amnesia. Ben and Meg talk in Surf Central and he tries to convince her about his true feelings. He tells her that he is ready to put his past back and that he loves her. Meg wants to know some answers about Maria and Ben is ready to tell her everything. Ben invites her over for dinner and she accepts. They kiss. Later, when Meg goes to get a shower, Annie comes to her room to return the diary. Annie is about to leave when Meg comes in and sees Annie standing there.
S01E154 Episode 154 22/08/1997 Gregory changes his mind about Cole and tells him that he is finally ready to welcome him into his house and his family. Cole can't believe that Gregory just said that, while he has no idea that it's all just a part of Gregory's plan. Gregory wonders why is Olivia trying to keep him away from finding out who is Cole's mystery woman. Cole talks to Olivia and tells her that he knows she was not at the hospital because of Caitlin, but Olivia convinces him otherwise. Olivia tells Caitlin a secret... her upcoming baby is not her third, but fourth baby. Bette gives Ben an advice about his romance with Meg. Ben agrees with her advice and takes off the painting of Maria from the living room. He puts it into Maria's studio. Meanwhile, a mysterious person comes to Ben's apartment.
S01E155 Episode 155 25/08/1997 Gregory says he is thrilled to learn that Olivia is pregnant...sort of. It's all part of Gregory's plan to keep Cole and Caitlin apart. Olivia is to announce that she is pregnant, forcing Caitlin to keep mum about her own pregnancy. Caitlin talks to Spike and wonders if she can trust Cole with a secret, if she can tell him Olivia is pregnant. Cole then enters saying what secret does she want to tell him. Ricardo is the mysterious person who enters Ben's house. He goes up to the studio where Ben is. Ben is talking to the picture of Maria saying he is moving on. Ricardo wants to know what really happened the night of Maria's death. Meg and Annie go at it in an all out fight! Meg throws some of Annie's priceless vases on the floor. Meg even throws one of Bette's ex-husbands (#4) ashes on the floor... glass and ashes are everywhere. Meg reads some of Annie's entries to Annie saying she was so clever, and sick for forging her best friends handwriting.
S01E156 Episode 156 26/08/1997 Caitlin is wondering why is Gregory so happy about her and Cole, and she talks about it with Olivia. While Olivia convinces Caitlin that she didn't say anything to Gregory, Cole is threatening Gregory, he believes that Gregory has a second plan. Annie confronts Meg about what happened in the cave. Meg answers by threatening to tell Ben about Annie's entries in Maria's diary. Tim comforts a sad Meg, who wants to return back to Kansas. Ben talks to Mark and decides to wait at Surf Central until Meg arrives. Bette is mad when she finds all of her belongings destroyed. Casey warns Annie to leave Meg alone.
S01E157 Episode 157 27/08/1997 Virginia is mad when she finds out Michael prepared breakfast for Vanessa, because she was cooking breakfast for Michael. She tells Jimmy about moving away. Michael apologizes to Vanessa for his behavior, and they spend a whole day together. They come close to having sex, but they are interrupted by Jimmy, who wants to talk to Michael about moving with Virginia. Vanessa is prepared for a war with Virginia. Annie is scheming again, she wants Ben to find out that Meg spent the night with Tim. Annie "accidentally" informs Ben about Meg's stay at Tim's. When Ben arrives there, Meg is showering, and Tim prepares the entire apartment so it would look like they were having sex last night.
S01E158 Episode 158 28/08/1997 While Caitlin and Cole are at the waffle shop, a beautiful woman bumps into Cole, which sort of makes Caitlin jealous. She even has a fantasy of the two together on the beach, but then she scolds herself saying the "other woman" meant nothing to Cole. Cole tells Elaine about the offer Gregory gave him and Caitlin to move into a condo. Gregory asked Olivia to look at some pregnancy pillows, Olivia just stood there in awe. Olivia says she still can't believe what he wants her to do, he claims they have to take the risk for Caitlin's sake. Gregory gives Olivia a file and tells her to get rid of Tiffany. Vanessa goes off in search of a scoop. She talks to Dr. Tyus about Virginia and how he knew her. Ben throws Tim out of his own home. Ben wants to know what went on between the two. Meg says he has no business interfering in her life. Ben asks Meg to look him in the eye to tell him Tim and her slept together... she can't do it. Ben kisses her passionately, but she pushes him away and forces him to leave.
S01E159 Episode 159 29/08/1997 Olivia tips off Gregory about Caitlin standing in the hallway listening to his conversation with Cole. Gregory uses the chance to give Cole pictures of his ex-lovers and claims that he gave it to him so Cole would hide it and put the past behind, because apparently he only cares for his daughter. Olivia forces Tiffany to write a goodbye letter to Sean and blackmails her into leaving Sunset Beach for good. Gregory surprises Cole, Caitlin and Sean by announcing that Olivia is pregnant. Annie informs Tim about Ben being unaware of the fact that he slept with Meg in the cave. Following a conversation with Annie, Ben goes to Tyus' office to find out if he can learn about what happened in the cave. Meg confides in Mark about what happened between her and Ben, and Mark suggests Meg telling Ben the truth. Annie and Tim let their passion get the best of them.
S01E160 Episode 160 01/09/1997 Annie and Tim start passionately kissing and giving into the temptation, but Tim tries to concentrate on their plan to break up Ben and Meg. Meg tells Mark that she can't tell Ben about what happened in the cave yet because Ben still isn't over Maria. Gregory surprises the entire family by announcing Olivia's pregnancy. Olivia begs Bette not to write about it her article, but Gregory urges Bette to do so. Cole wonders if Olivia's child might be his. Sean reads Tiffany's goodbye letter and Olivia consoles him. Annie hides when Meg arrives at Tim's place and she begins talking to him about changes. In order to distract her, Tim kisses Meg.
S01E161 Episode 161 02/09/1997 Meg thanks Tim for being a good friend and when she leaves, Annie congratulates Tim on an amazing job. Casey, Michael, Virginia and others come to The Deep to watch Mark perform. Kenzie flirts with Ricardo. Ricardo tries to convince Casey that he wasn't the one to blame for breaking up with Paula. Sean confronts Mark by giving him the goodbye letter that Tiffany left. Virginia begins dancing provocative with Michael when Vanessa enters the club. Annie overhears Ben asking Tyus for a favor to learn about what happened in the cave between him and Meg. Vanessa overhears Virginia talking to Michael about Vanessa snooping in her past.
S01E162 Episode 162 03/09/1997 Ben makes an appointment with a hypnotherapist. Meg is determined to start a new life without Ben. Cole has a nightmare of Olivia telling him that she's carrying his baby. Elaine is surprised to hear Cole shouting Olivia's name, but he makes up a silly excuse. Olivia is appalled to see an article in the newspaper that Gregory wanted Bette to publish. Gregory plots more against Cole. Ben tells Gregory that he hopes for a future with Meg, but when he encounters Meg, she avoids talking to him. Gregory gives Meg a job. Annie confronts Bette about writing the article about Olivia's pregnancy. Elaine tells Olivia that she knows what secret she's hiding with Cole.
S01E163 Episode 163 04/09/1997 Elaine warns Olivia to stop trying to break up Cole and Caitlin. Meg refuses to accept Gregory's job offer solely on the basis of being Ben's friend, but he assures her he'll find something for her. Eddie gives Gregory info on Cole's secret lover, while Bette and Olivia have to find a way to cover Olivia's tracks. Ricardo questions Ben about Meg. Annie and Tim hide at Dr. McRae's office while Ben is under hypnosis, and Annie, with Tim's help, lures the therapist out of the office, and then plays with Ben's mind. Gabi kisses Mark to make Ricardo jealous.
S01E164 Episode 164 05/09/1997 Bette pulls the fire alarm and uses the situation to erase Olivia's credit card number from the computer at the hotel. Eddie takes a look at the computer and finds out who Cole was having an affair with. Sean starts doubting Cole. Cole takes Caitlin on a romantic ride on a horse-drawn carriage. Annie escapes from the room in time for Dr. McRae to return. Annie tells Meg to leave Sunset Beach already. Ben wants to talk to Meg. Vanessa manages to convince Michael that she wasn't snooping in Virginia's life.
S01E165 Episode 165 08/09/1997 Eddie tells Gregory that he wants to reveal in person who the woman that Cole was having an affair with is, as Olivia worries about her future. Bette almost lets it slip to Cole that Olivia's baby might be his. Annie awaits the success of her plan as Meg and Ben discuss. Ben finally calls Meg by her name, and Meg throws him out of her room. Annie and Tim happily celebrate their victory. Sean tells Cole that he doesn't trust him anymore, and Cole is convinced Gregory has brainwashed his son. Sean encourages Caitlin to open the envelope containing the pictures of Cole with his former girlfriends. Eddie arrives at the Richards house ready to reveal the results of his investigation.
S01E166 Episode 166 09/09/1997 Meg is heartbroken after Ben called her Maria again. Tim calls Joan and asks her to contact Meg, and she does so. Caitlin refuses to look at the pictures of Cole with other women, but Sean takes a peek before destroying them. Bette, Olivia and Gregory are shocked when Eddie tells them that Bette is Cole's secret lover. Cole is surprised when Bette pretends being his lover in front of Gregory. He then prepares to tell Caitlin about it. Eddie and Bette start flirting. Annie encourages Ben to go an see Meg, hoping that he'll continue calling her Maria.
S01E167 Episode 167 10/09/1997 Virginia destroys the tape that Vanessa had of them talking. Jimmy manages to get in the football team. Gabi continues making drama around Ricardo in front of Mark. Olivia plays a victim in front of Gregory, being unable to believe that he would ever suspect she was having an affair, and he promises her that he loves her. Gregory tricks Sean into realizing that he needs to tell Caitlin about Cole's past. Cole warns Bette that he'll find out how long Olivia is pregnant no matter what it makes.
S01E168 Episode 168 11/09/1997 After Virginia rips up Vanessa's audio tape, they argue and Virginia walks out. Vanessa flows her to the apartment where the two have a heated confrontation. As Meg packs, she reminisces the times she shared with Ben. Tim who is at Annie's, calls Meg to see how the packing is going along, Meg says she's not ready yet, but she will be. Ricardo can't figure out why Gabi is so upset. Ben beeps Mark because he wants to see him right away because he wants Mark to tell him what's wrong with Meg. Jimmy and Michael continue to play football. Jimmy says he feels bad for not remembering his father and yet he's having such a great time with Michael.
S01E169 Episode 169 12/09/1997 Olivia wants Bette to get Eddie to research Cole. Bette wants to know all the details about Cole because she needs to pretend being his lover, yet Olivia won't say anything. Annie heads over to Tim's place to celebrate their triumph in breaking up Ben and Meg. Meg bids farewell to Vanessa. Ricardo informs Ben that Meg intends to leave town. Ben visits Meg and tells her that he remembers making love to her. Cole is jealous while seeing Caitlin and Tim say goodbye to each other. Gregory plans a dinner date with Caitlin and Cole. Olivia threatens to Tyus to keep quiet about her secrets concerning the pregnancy. A mystery man by the name of Mr. Dumont receives a phone call, and he is about to arrive to Grenadine's.
S01E170 Episode 170 15/09/1997 Annie and Tim celebrate their triumph and bid farewell to each other. Ben tells Meg that he remembers making love to her, but she berates him for thinking she made love to Maria. Tim arrives to pick Meg up, and Ben begs Meg to hear him out. Caitlin confronts her mother, thinking that Olivia already knows who is the woman Cole slept with, but Olivia tells her it's for the best that she doesn't know. Cole and Caitlin have a long talk about his past and both agree to put the past behind them. Caitlin seeks relationship advice from Elaine.
S01E171 Episode 171 16/09/1997 Gregory makes certain that his surprise will be at Grenadine's that night. Cole presses Olivia to tell him when she conceived. Elaine tells Caitlin that she really should forget about Cole's past, and the reason her and Cole are so in love is because their love is pure and true, whereas her romance with A.J. was love too, but Elaine got pregnant, which changed everything. Annie is certain she will get Ben know that Meg is out of the way. Annie tells Bette she has finally won the battle. Bette tries to explain to Annie that her obsession will get her no where. Meg agrees to hear Ben out after his many pleas. Ben continues to say he loves her, but she tells him that's what makes her so angry. Meg calls Ben "Ben" which forces his subconscious to say "I love you Maria." Meg in shock runs out the door and goes into her cab.
S01E172 Episode 172 17/09/1997 Vanessa tells Michael that Meg left Sunset Beach to go to Kansas. She asks Michael to make love to her tonight, she wants to be with him, she doesn't want the same thing that happened to Meg and Ben to happen to them two. Gabi overhears that Ricardo has a "date" at 7pm sharp, and plans to be there. Vanessa suggests that Michael move into her apartment so Virginia and Jimmy can really settle into Surf Central and have more room. Virginia tells Vanessa it is time that she back off, or Michael will be going to jail. Sean tells Caitlin she must be scared of something if she refuses to look at the pictures. Cole spots the Deschanel necklace around Olivia's neck. The family leaves for Grenadine's, where Cole is shocked to see Jacques. Gabi hops in Ricardo's car and is happy to interrupt his date, to her shock, he's on a stake-out.
S01E173 Episode 173 18/09/1997 Shots are fired and Gabi gets really scared. She freaks out and acts like she was a little girl again and asks Ricardo not leave her, the bad man wants to hurt her again. Ricardo is totally confused by this, but Gabi snaps out of it and thanks Ricardo for protecting her. He tells her it's part of his job, Ricardo misreads it as Ricardo really does care for her. The suspect got away and Gabi feels responsible because she forced him to stay behind.
S01E174 Episode 174 19/09/1997 Meg looks at her wedding dress and has a fantasy of her marring Ben, but he calls her Maria. Meg runs out in hysterics saying going to Sunset Beach was the worst decision she had ever made. Meg thinks of Ben who is thinking of her and their first kiss. Ben cleared out Maria's belongings. Annie was happy to hear that, but not so happy when Ben vowed to get Meg back. Cole is in Monte Carlo at a black jack table.
S01E175 Episode 175 22/09/1997 Meg walks in her room to see her computer all set up. She has a flashback when she told Ben "SB meet Dorothy". She closes the computer and walks away just as her dad walks in. He tells Meg he set the computer up thinking it will make Meg happy. He knows how she loves the Internet. Hank tells Meg that her mother told him of Ben, her boss. Hank ask if Ben was a good guy. Meg tells him yes. He reminds Meg that although she is really close to her mother, she has a father that cares as well. He ask her is she is crying because of her old boss and Meg said I don't know. He gives her a hug and goes back to work on the farm.
S01E176 Episode 176 23/09/1997 Ben awaits a response from Meg. Annie tries to erase the message Ben sent while he was out, but failed. Doctor McRae calls Ben to see how he's doing and if he has remembered anything since she hypnotized him. The woman flirts with Cole and tells him her room number. Cole kisses her hand, when he opens his hand, she slipped him her room key. Cole goes up to the room to find the woman in lingerie. Caitlin asks Gregory to see if they can find Cole, but to be discreet, she doesn't want him to think she distrusts him.
S01E177 Episode 177 24/09/1997 Mark checks up on Gabi to see if she's okay after the nightmare she had last night. She says she's fine, the stakeout just brought back some childhood memories of the night someone broke into her house when she was a child. While Chief Harris is reprimanding Ricardo for blowing the undercover operation, Gabi speaks up and says it was her fault. Chief Harris still says she has to bring the whole incident up to the Review Board. Ricardo yells at Gabi for interfering in the conversation. He tells her to save the sympathy act for the Board. She says she wasn't acting last night when she told him about her childhood memory. He apologizes and is trying console Gabi when Paula walks in on them.
S01E178 Episode 178 25/09/1997 Connie tells Meg that she hit on Tim, not the other way around. Meg says it doesn't make a difference things will never be the same. As it so happens Tim comes out from hiding and thanks Connie for lying. They kiss, but Tim tells her loves Meg. Meg decides not to check her mail, she looks at her opened suitcase and sees the picture that Vanessa put it there secretly before she left Sunset Beach.
S01E179 Episode 179 26/09/1997 ddie gives Gregory pictures of Cole in Monte Carlo, Gregory tells him he will be compensated well. Olivia and Caitlin have a heart-to-heart about the baby and that it will be loved even without Cole. Olivia tells Bette that if and when Eddie finds dirt on Tyus, Bette will have to help her blackmail him. Gregory tells Olivia it's time for their next part of the plan, time for Olivia to pretend to miscarry.
S01E180 Episode 180 29/09/1997 Ben is telling Annie that Dr. McRae is working on another possible solution when the electricity in his house cuts out. Ben goes to investigate. Ben returns to tell Annie that his is the only house without electricity. Annie tells Ben that he's too stressed and starts to give him a massage, when Ben realizes that he can check his e-mail from work. He leaves. When Dr. McRae goes to Ben's house to tell him about the post-hypnotic suggestion, she recognizes Annie as the "reporter" who was interviewing her, then she recognizes Annie's voice from the tape.Tim and Meg walk around the Cummings farm reminiscing about the past. Tim asks Meg out on a date. After Tim reassures Meg that he's not trying to rush her, Meg accepts.
S01E181 Episode 181 30/09/1997 Eddie taunts Ricardo and Ricardo punches Eddie. Paula breaks up the fight between Eddie and Ricardo. Ricardo insists that he knows that Paula wants to be with him and not Eddie. Sean tells Caitlin that, after Tiffany hurt him, he's determined to save Caitlin from the same kind of pain. Caitlin insists that Cole isn't going to hurt her. Sean tells Caitlin that he's worried that Cole will leave Caitlin alone with the baby. After Caitlin leaves, he decides that she needs to meet Cole's former fiancée.
S01E182 Episode 182 01/10/1997 Vanessa confronts Virginia about her threats, while Michael and Casey discuss about Michael's relationship with Vanessa. Ricardo sleeps with Gabi, and Ricardo's guilt leads to a shocking revelation. Paula wants to reunite with Ricardo. Eddie helps Annie and Bette take pictures of Dr. McRae to use for blackmail later. Meg and Tim go out in town to have fun.
S01E183 Episode 183 02/10/1997 Ricardo tells Paula to call the cops if she believes that he raped Gabi. Paula takes Gabi away and tells Ricardo to stay there until the cops arrive. He doesn't listen and takes off. Eddie and Bette laugh at how they barged in announcing the pictures while Ben was there. They say they make a good team. Eddie tells Bette he hasn't found any dirt on Dr. Robinson, and she tells him to keep digging. Cole is sure the baby must be his, after all, why would Olivia want to have an abortion? Tim goes to Meg's room without her knowing and sends Ben an e-mail message "from Meg" saying she's going to marry Tim, he needs to forget about her. Meg goes and gets some fresh air and wonders where things went wrong with Ben.
S01E184 Episode 184 03/10/1997 Ben paces around screaming at Annie accusing her of driving Meg back to Kansas. Annie justifies herself by admitting her love for Ben saying how desperate she was to get him for herself. He threatens to kill her. Ben then notices he has new mail. Annie, not knowing it's the email Tim wrote, doesn't want Ben to read it, but he does anyway. Furious, Ben slams his computer shut, races out on the balcony and hurls his computer as far away as possible. His behavior is scaring Annie. Ben then leaves out the front door. Annie's cellular phone rings and it's Tim wondering if Ben has read the email yet. Annie says yes, but there is a problem.
S01E185 Episode 185 06/10/1997 In the back seat of a limo driving through Susnet Beach, Helena is headed to the Richards' to talk to Caitlin. She is reading the newspaper article Bette wrote about Cole and thinking about her phone conversation with Sean. Caitlin comes back home and sees Gregory waiting to talk to her. He wants her to know he will do anything to protect her. The doorbell rings and Caitlin answers the door. It's Helena and she wants to talk to Caitlin alone about something they have in common. Caitlin recognizes her from the picture and invites her in.
S01E186 Episode 186 07/10/1997 Ben tells Meg that he got the e-mail from her. She says she didn't send it, but who did, and at precisely that time, Tim comes waltzing in and gets okay'd by Ben. Meg tells Tim to stay out of her life forever. Ben professes his love to Meg once again, but she denies it saying no matter what Annie did, he called her Maria when they made love in the cave, she can't compete with that. She asks him to go, she has some things to think about. He says no, he's not leaving Kansas without her. Tim talks to Annie, Annie says the game isn't over yet.
S01E187 Episode 187 08/10/1997 Virginia says that she feels sympathy for Gabi and that she now feels unsafe in Sunset Beach. Michael reassures Virginia that nothing's going to happen to her. Michael told Vanessa that Virginia's been reminded of some painful memories. Vanessa apologizes to Virginia for not being sensitive to Virginia's concerns. Vanessa, Michael and Casey leave Virginia alone in the kitchen, where Virginia vows that she'll be the one to spend the weekend in Catalina with Michael.
S01E188 Episode 188 09/10/1997 Meg tells her mother, Joan, that she doesn't know if she can risk giving her heart to Ben. Joan tells Meg that whether or not she knows it, she gave her heart to Ben a long time ago. Ben comes in and Joan leaves them. Ben wants to spend time with Meg without all the pressure and distractions. Meg tells him she can't make any decisions right now. Ben asks for a tour of the family farm. Meg agrees when Ben tells her that he's interested in anything that matters to her.
S01E189 Episode 189 10/10/1997 Virginia pretends to be pleased when Casey tells Virginia that he's going to be standing in for Michael at the father/son football game. Unknown to Vanessa, Jimmy walked in when Vanessa was telling Virginia that nothing was going to keep Michael and Vanessa apart. Virginia pretends to be hurt by Vanessa's words for Jimmy's benefit. When Jimmy asks if Virginia's upset because Michael and Vanessa are going away together, Virginia tells him that she wouldn't be upset if she thought that Michael and Vanessa were right for each other.
S01E190 Episode 190 13/10/1997 While Tyus helps Olivia upstairs, Gregory muses that there can't be anything wrong with the baby, because Olivia's not pregnant. After Tyus says that the pain was just a muscle spasm, Gregory congratulates Olivia on the fortunate timing of her muscle spasm and then recaps his fight with Cole, including Cole's threat that Gregory may not be the father of the baby. Tyus remarks that it's interesting that Gregory never asked about the baby. Olivia attempts to explain to Tyus that Gregory thinks that the entire pregnancy is a pretense. When Caitlin overhears Tyus reiterating that the pain was a minor muscle spasm brought on by stress, she decides that she was what was stressing Olivia.
S01E191 Episode 191 14/10/1997 Gabi shows up at Ricardo's. He tries to shut the door in her face, but she pushes right in. Gabi tells Ricardo that she decided not to testify. She doesn't want to feel responsible for ruining his life. Gabi still feels that he took advantage of her. Ricardo demands a full public apology. Gabi says no way. She came over to give him a shot at getting out of hell, but now he can just rot there. Mark comforts a distraught Gabi. She claims she did what she had to do. Cole listens to Paula's problems. Ricardo tells Paula that Gabi paid him a visit. Before he can explain, the police come in and tell them that Gabi must have given the DA the go ahead. Ricardo is arrested, and Paula is left standing in tears.
S01E192 Episode 192 15/10/1997 Gregory tells her Sean said Olivia left the house early this morning probably to go to the radio station. As Caitlin leaves, Gregory says to himself that Olivia better be at the radio station. He needs Olivia on his side and not out causing trouble to his "plan." Gabi's talking out loud to herself about having to go forward with her lies and no turning back. Elaine walks up on her and says that Gabi is not going to get away with destroying Ricardo's life and Paula's as well.
S01E193 Episode 193 16/10/1997 Paula tells Elaine about Ricardo grabbing her. Elaine reminds her to look at things from Ricardo's point of view. Paula is shocked to hear that Elaine has asked Gregory to take Ricardo's case. Paula wants to know how Elaine could do that. Elaine tells Paula that she is not thinking clearly. Mark offers to testify that Ricardo has been coming on to Gabi for months. The Waffle Shop Ricardo, who is now out on bail, hugs Elaine and thanks her. Paula witnesses this and walks over to them.
S01E194 Episode 194 17/10/1997 Sean talks to Caitlin about college, he tells her he just wants to protect her, but it seems he's been hurting her, Caitlin says that's nonsense. Cole arrives and talks to Caitlin, he tells her he's going to come clean and tell her the truth once and for all. Olivia talks to Elaine and tries to convince her that maybe it's best if Cole and Caitlin left Sunset Beach, after all these bad memories...she already brought it up with Cole. Elaine is astounded Olivia would even think that. Elaine doesn't even want to hear it. Virginia is made aware that Vanessa took a few personal days off from work. She leaves the Waffle Shop in a fury, saying she knows what Vanessa is up to.
S01E195 Episode 195 20/10/1997 Virginia pumps an unsuspecting Casey for information on Michael and Vanessa. Virginia tells Casey she'd like to plan a getaway trip for Michael and Vanessa, because Jimmy had ruined their plans to Catalina. Virginia gets the information she wanted when Casey says that Vanessa and Michael are at his friend's cabin. Casey catches Virginia snooping around his room. When Ben realizes that Meg isn't willing to risk her heart again, he tells Meg he will always love her. They stare longingly at each other before he walks out the door. Feeling torn, Meg follows him outside. After hesitating, Ben finally leaves in a cloud of dust. Meg is left crying.
S01E196 Episode 196 21/10/1997 A young woman sitting next to Ben on the plane tells him that she's about to fulfill her lifelong dream of living in Malibu. When she says that it's silly to want to live out one's dreams, Ben says that without dreams, there's no point to life. Cole tells Bette that he wanted to tell Caitlin the truth and she tells him that it would be best that Caitlin never find out that it was Olivia that Cole had been sleeping with. When Cole tells her that Olivia tried to pay him off to leave town and take Caitlin with him, Bette tells him that Olivia had the right idea. Gregory tells Olivia that the alternative to going to San Francisco would be to tell Caitlin that they had been plotting to get Caitlin to give up her baby. Olivia promises herself that she won't go along with his plan.
S01E197 Episode 197 22/10/1997 Meg shows up at Ben's and they have dinner and a dance. Ben asks why she came back, she says she wants to give it another shot, start all over. Meg leaves, Ben asks if Surf Central crew are happy to see her, she says they don't know yet, she rented a room at Sea Breeze Motel just in case they rented out her room. Cole tries to show Caitlin he loves her but she pulls away and asks him to leave. Gregory is intrigued by the information on Cole; he asks Rose to come up with a reason for Caitlin to come downstairs. Gregory and Eddie put on a "show" for Caitlin.
S01E198 Episode 198 23/10/1997 Casey is upset that the cabin he was watching was on fire, but is happy that no one got hurt. Vanessa says she'll pay for the damage since the owner had no insurance. Vanessa asks Casey if Virginia was home all evening, he said she went out, then Virginia overheard and told Vanessa exactly where she was at, helping that older woman. Vanessa goes to visit Mrs. Jones, and reconfirms that Virginia was there.
S01E199 Episode 199 24/10/1997 Gabi takes the lie detector test. She recalled what happened that night at Ricardo's as she answered her questions. She didn't answer when asked if Ricardo held her down. Sean speculated that Gregory was the reason that Tiffany left. Greg said he had nothing to do with that, and Olivia backed him up. Sean told them he wanted to protect Caitlin from Cole too, but it appears that Cole really loves Caitlin. Cole was shocked when Caitlin dumped his stolen jewels out of her pocketbook. He explained he resorted to his old ways of life so that he could support Caitlin and their baby.
S01E200 Episode 200 27/10/1997 Caitlin explained to Olivia she will be going to San Francisco with her and will not be going away with Cole. Olivia tried to convince Caitlin otherwise, but Caitlin said it was final. Caitlin realized that Cole would never change. Going away with her mother was the only way she knew to sort out the mess. Meg warned Annie to stay away from her and Ben. None of the stunts that Annie pulled has split Ben and Meg up. Annie admitted she no longer has designs on Ben as she has bigger fish to fry. Vanessa and Michael discussed their problems about the cabin burning down and not having their weekend together.
S01E201 Episode 201 28/10/1997 Gabi recalls the polygraph test and just can't think of how she passed it. Ricardo shows up and has some "words" with her. Mark arrives and overhears just as Gabi holds Ricardo by the hand and tells him she doesn't want to hurt him. Caitlin and Olivia ignore Cole's screams from outside. They left out the back without his knowledge. Rose lets Cole in after Gregory gives her the instruction to.
S01E202 Episode 202 29/10/1997 Virginia turns the tables on Vanessa and snoops around Vanessa's apartment. Virginia is stunned when she hears someone at the door about to enter. Gregory and Cole have an all-out fight. Sean goes to Cole and asks help on how to catch Gregory in his lies. Cole shows Sean how to tap the phone. Sean is surprised when he overhears Gregory talking to the doctor in San Francisco and explaining to him how he is to sedate Caitlin, and take the baby. Sean has it all on tape. Caitlin and Olivia stop at a hotel in Santa Barbara. Olivia keeps felling the baby kick and places Caitlin's hand on her stomach. Olivia is in pain, this time it's not the baby kicking, she says she's having contractions.
S01E203 Episode 203 30/10/1997 Virginia looks at a picture of Vanessa and her mom. Virginia hides while Vanessa and Michael walk in. Virginia if forced to watch Vanessa and Michael kiss passionately. Michael leaves, Vanessa goes and gets a shower. Virginia goes back to snooping, but hears Vanessa about to come out again. Virginia hides. Vanessa's phone rings and decides to let the machine get it, but when she hears who it is, she picks it up. It just so happens that Mrs. Jones car was stopped on the night of the cabin fire, but the driver is unknown right now. Virginia is shocked to hear Vanessa looked into the car. Virginia leaves after Vanessa goes back to her shower.
S01E204 Episode 204 31/10/1997 Ben drove Meg up the coast to a beautiful area overlooking the beach. Meg said she couldn't believe he rented a red convertible just to show her dreams come true. Ben made a confession that he didn't rent the car, he bought it and it's hers. Meg was shocked and kissed Ben. They had to get going for the meeting with Gregory. Annie waited for Gregory. Ricardo came in, Annie told whom she couldn't believe he'd rape Gabi. He says he didn't and how his friends refuse to back him up. She says it's just like when people thought she murdered her father. Ricardo told Gregory to set up a lie detector test for him. Gregory was against it, but did it anyway.
S01E205 Episode 205 03/11/1997 Gregory told Eddie to step up the investigation on Gabi. Gregory asked Annie what he would have to endure to get her vote. Caitlin lost control of the car and it dove over a cliff with she and Olivia in it. Cole witnessed the accident and realized that it was Olivia's car. When Cole got down to the car, Olivia was there but Caitlin wasn't.
S01E206 Episode 206 04/11/1997 While looking for Caitlin, Cole gets seriously injured, and the paramedics decide to send him and Olivia to hospital, and abort the search for Caitlin. Annie plots against Meg again, she warns her about the article that she sent to Ben's house, but when Meg can't find it, she's sure that Ben got rid of it. Annie tries to seduce Gregory, without any results, but he finds new respect for Annie, comparing her attitude to Del's. Bette and Eddie bond as friends.
S01E207 Episode 207 05/11/1997 Gregory finds out about Caitlin and Olivia's accident, and he presumes that Olivia has died in the accident. Meanwhile, Cole, who found out that Caitlin is pronounced dead, decides to lie to Olivia due to her condition. A strange man found Caitlin and carried her off. Caitlin, who had only been unconscious, screamed when she woke up and saw the man. Meg knocked on Ben's office door. When he opened the door, she grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss.
S01E208 Episode 208 06/11/1997 A sad Gregory and Olivia blame themselves for their daughter's death. Caitlin, who has been taken away by an unknown man, is trying to escape, by she is too weak. Virginia continues plotting against Vanessa. She prepares a special night with Michael at the cabin. Ben proposes to Meg. Vanessa and Casey catch Virginia and Michael, hugging in the cabin for warmth.
S01E209 Episode 209 07/11/1997 Meg accepts Ben's proposal and they go upstairs to make love. While Sean is blaming both Olivia and Gregory for Caitlin's death, Gregory believes that it's all Cole's fault, so he hires a hitman to kill Cole. Casey tried to assure a worried Vanessa that there is a logical reason why Michael isn't back from the cabin. Vanessa agreed, but that logical reason is Virginia. Caitlin woke up and was terrified to see a strange man. She told him she needed help. He picked her up and carried her off to another spot.
S01E210 Episode 210 10/11/1997 After being arrested for assaulting Gregory, Cole gets some help from Bette & Sean, who help him to escape from jail. Ben and Meg are finally happy, and while Ben is showering, Meg is looking for something comfortable to wear, and ends up in a closet, where she finds a secret box with scissors and bloody sheets inside. Olivia has an emergency medical procedure, which causes her to go into early labor. The mysterious man brings Caitlin to a Covenant of Saint Anne, where we find out that Caitlin lost her unborn baby. Olivia and Bette find out that if Olivia's baby will need transfusion, the two possible father will have to donate blood. Gregory, who has hired a hitman, wants him to kill Cole in jail. However, the hitman does not know that it's not Cole in jail, but Sean who has disguised to help Cole.
S01E211 Episode 211 11/11/1997 Meg is trying to convince herself that the bloody sheets and scissors that she found in the closet, are all Annie's work. When he sees Cole in the hospital, Gregory rushes to the Police Department to stop the hitman from killing the wrong person. Cole is in the hospital to donate blood for Olivia's baby. Tyus comes out of surgery and tells Bette that Olivia has gone into labor. Bette realizes they'd know who the father was if the baby was born that night. Bette warns Cole to steer clear of Gregory for everyone's best interest.
S01E212 Episode 212 12/11/1997 Eddie calls the police when he sees Cole in the hospital. Gregory believes that the hitman killed his son, but it appears that Sean was just unconscious. Sean berates him for his behavior. A sick Caitlin wakes up to find out that she lost her unborn baby. Vincent, the guy who saves her, comes to check up on her. Meg realizes that Annie probably planted the bloody sheets and scissors. Cole escapes and the police goes after him.
S01E213 Episode 213 13/11/1997 Sean tells Olivia that Gregory hired a hitman to kill Cole, while he was in a police call. Gregory finds out that Bette helped Cole escape from jail, and he fires her. A hot pursuit on Cole starts, with Paula and Ricardo trying to convince Cole to give himself up. Caitlin, who is sad about her baby's death, asks Sister Beatrice to not contact her family. Meg and Ben continues professing their love for each other. Casey tries to assure a worried Vanessa that there is a logical reason why Michael isn't back from the cabin, and Vanessa knows that it must be Virginia.
S01E214 Episode 214 14/11/1997 A sad Caitlin blames herself for the miscarriage, believing that nothing would have happened if she would have trusted in Cole. Annie is mad when she finds out that Ben and Meg got engaged. Meanwhile, Meg confronts Tim and she wants to know about all the things he did with Annie to break up her and Ben. Paula pleads with Cole to give up via car phone, but he declares that he wouldn't stop for anything. Caitlin explains to Sister Beatrice that she doesn't want her family contacted because of everything that her parents planned to do to her baby. Meg arrives to confront Annie.
S01E215 Episode 215 17/11/1997 After not learning his lesson, Gregory hires another hitman to kill Cole. Meanwhile, Sean and Ricardo plot against the police, and make a good trap which allows Cole to escape from the police pursuit. Meg questions Annie about trashing Maria's studio, but Annie denies any involvement, and then taunts Meg when she realizes that Meg still has fears about Ben. Caitlin tells Sister Beatrice that she doesn't want Cole to find her. Vanessa is full of joy when the patrol officer, who pulled Virginia over on the night of the cabin fire, confirms that Virginia was on a road near the cabin. Michael confronts Virginia.
S01E216 Episode 216 18/11/1997 After escaping from police, Cole ditches Bette's car and continues the escape by foot. Soon, he's attacked by Gregory's hitman. Vanessa confronts Virginia about her appearance near the cabin while the cabin was burning, but Virginia claims to have been taking a prescription for Selita Jones at the time. Michael actually believes in Virginia's lie, so Vanessa angrily storms out. Gregory warns Annie to stay away from Olivia. Bette blasts Annie for upsetting Olivia and warns her not to go to war with Gregory. Annie thought to herself that thanks to her dad, she has no choice. Cole realizes that someone must have found Caitlin when he finds her shoe.
S01E217 Episode 217 19/11/1997 Meg asks Vanessa to help her in the investigation of Maria's death. Cole kills the hitman that Gregory hired to kill him. Later, Cole arrives to the convent where Caitlin is hiding, but he does not realize that Caitlin is there. Mark, Casey, Michael, Virginia, and Gabi threw a surprise engagement party for Meg. Meg became dazed when she saw a pair of scissors laying on the coffee table. Mark quizzed Meg as to what was wrong with her. Meg explained to Mark that she was just nervous and that what she had seen earlier must have been a figment of her imagination.
S01E218 Episode 218 20/11/1997 Cole finally finds Caitlin in the convent. Annie decides to help a sad Sean, only so that she could come closer to Gregory. Ben accidentally lifts Meg's handbook, in which are the documents about Maria's death. Ben flipped through Meg's notes and said to himself that there were just a few secrets he needed to keep. Caitlin is reckless to confess to Cole about her miscarriage. Annie looked at old photos of Ben, Maria, and herself together. She wondered what really happened to her friend Maria on the night she died. Tim came in and gloated that they needed to take advantage of Meg doubting Ben.
S01E219 Episode 219 21/11/1997 Olivia tells Bette that she wants to divorce Gregory. Cole proposes to Caitlin and she accepts it, but she still isn't ready to tell him about her miscarriage. With a suspicion that Ben found out about her investigation on Maria's death, Meg is called by Mark to The Deep, where Ben is waiting for her, with a very serious question. Meg comes looking for her date book, and Ben lies to her that he hadn't seen it. Ben explains that he had to cancel their plans for the evening, because he will be gone overnight on business. Sean gives Gregory the family heirloom watch back that Gregory had given him. Sean declares that he is no longer Gregory's son. Gregory grieves for Caitlin while looking around her room. He vows he would get things right with the new baby Olivia is expecting.
S01E220 Episode 220 24/11/1997 Caitlin, who hasn't told Cole about her miscarriage, decides to get pregnant again, and then tell him about the miscarriage. Sister Beatrice was overjoyed when she learned that Cole and Caitlin were getting married, but she was disappointed to learn that Caitlin still hadn't told Cole that she'd lost the baby. Ben confronts Meg about not telling him it's her birthday, and there is a special birthday party. Caitlin tells Cole that she never wants to return to Sunset Beach again. Gregory came in to visit Olivia with an armful of flowers just to tell her he loved her and that he didn't know what he'd do without her. Although touched by his sweetness, Olivia still sprung the news on Gregory that she wanted a divorce. Bette informed Annie that Olivia would be moving in with them.
S01E221 Episode 221 25/11/1997 Michael and Vanessa try to reunite, but they continue fighting about Virginia. Meanwhile, Meg's surprise party is up, and Tim plots again. He hires Maria's double, Alma Rodriguez, to go to the party and scare people. Annie is the first one that sees her and she gets the fright of her life. Gregory went into denial when Olivia told him she was divorcing him. Gregory reminded her that they needed each other and that their baby needed them. Olivia said there was nothing Gregory could do or say to change her mind. She loved him, but their love had destroyed their children's lives and she wouldn't let that happen to the baby she is carrying. She was tired of Gregory running her life. When Gregory realized she was serious, he swore that he was not about to lose anything else and that he would never let her leave him.
S01E222 Episode 222 26/11/1997 Gregory finds out that Olivia plans to divorce him, and he threatens that she'll never divorce him. In order to make some peace between them, Michael invites Vanessa to Thanksgiving Party at Surf Central. Meg is first mad when she finds out that Ben moved her thing into his apartment, but when he explains everything to her, she forgives him easily. Cole noticed that there was something going on with Caitlin, but he just thought she was nervous about becoming a parent. Sister Beatrice told Caitlin that it was unfair to be letting Cole get more excited about the baby. Caitlin wanted to wait until she could see a doctor and find out when she can get pregnant again. Cole asked Caitlin where she had been going when she had in the accident. She explained she was on her way back to him, because she had found out her parents had been trying to break them up.
S01E223 Episode 223 28/11/1997 Gregory finds out about Olivia's demand for divorce, and tells her that he will never agree to it. Meg finds out that Ben moved her stuff into his house, and becomes angry, but soon she forgives him, when he explains that he did it so they could spend more time together. Because she overheard Annie ordering dinner for two, Bette mistakenly thought that Annie was planning a dinner for the two of them. Bette knew that Annie was up to something when she suggested that Bette spend Thanksgiving with Olivia. Caitlin padded her belly to hide her miscarriage from Cole. Cole and Caitlin chat about what their future Thanksgivings will be like with a family.
S01E224 Episode 224 01/12/1997 Gregory enters Olivia's room at hospital with a huge bunch of flowers only to find that she's had herself released already. Meg has a nightmare in which she's in the deep surrounded by people that she knows, but they each vanish in turn when she trys to get their attention. When she wakes up she calls Mark because she needs to talk. Olivia moves in with Bette & Annie. Caitlin makes an appointment with a Doctor to see when she can get pregnant again. Cole calls Sean and tells him that his sister Caitlin is alive.
S01E225 Episode 225 02/12/1997 Meg explained to Mark that she loves Ben, but she is confused. She revealed to Mark that she found bloody sheets and scissors in Ben's closet. Caitlin was devastated when the doctor informed her that she would never be able to have children. Caitlin blamed her parents. When Cole asked about the baby, Caitlin lied and told him that the baby was fine. Annie offered to keep an eye on Olivia for Gregory. Gregory realized that Annie has an ulterior motive. Ben gave Meg a monogrammed robe so that she wouldn't have to go digging through his closets anymore. Gregory pulled out all the stops in trying to reconcile with Olivia. Annie was eavesdropping as Gregory apologized, pleaded, and declared his undying love to Olivia.
S01E226 Episode 226 03/12/1997 Caitlin learns from the doctor that the car accident didn't only kill her baby, it also made her infertile. Meg talks to Mark about Ben's hate towards Maria. Ben talks to Charles, who advices him to declare Maria dead, so he could finally have peace with Meg. Meg overhears Charles talking about the life insurance policy that Ben took out on Maria but leaves before she hears Ben say that he only wants to declare Maria dead so that he can be free to marry the woman he loves, Meg. Vanessa tried to no avail to get more information on Virginia from Tyus. Tyus said he'd rather find out more about Vanessa. He was impressed when he recognized her father's name as a Nobel Prize winning journalist. When he asked about her mother, Vanessa said very little and excused herself to leave. When Paula told Elaine that she would be testifying against Ricardo, Elaine surprised her with the news that she would be testifying as a character witness for Ricardo. Ricardo told Gabi that he needed to talk to her. Gregory was shocked when he learned that it wasn't Cole's body that was found at the crash site. Cole must be alive.
S01E227 Episode 227 04/12/1997 Casey suggested to Michael that Vanessa wasn't the only one at fault for Michael and Vanessa's problems. He thought Michael was enjoying the attention he was getting from two women. Michael denied it. Casey told Michael that he couldn't just close his eyes and hope that it all goes away. Casey had an idea. Virginia found out that Cedar Oaks was an in-patient hospital. Ricardo told Gabi that everything that has happened has been his fault. He didn't rape her, but he treated her like dirt after they made love. He had hated himself and took it out on her. He had been attracted to her from the start, and he couldn't deny his feelings for her any longer. Gabi knew that her instincts had been right. When Gabi asked about Paula, Ricardo told her to forget Paula. It should have been Gabi and him all along. Ricardo kissed Gabi who returned his kiss passionately. Meg found Quint and said she wanted to ask him some questions about Maria.
S01E228 Episode 228 05/12/1997 Ben watches Meg questioning Quint, a fisherman who was a good fried to Maria, and later threats the fisherman to stay out of his life. As their divorce continues, Gregory threatens to take Olivia's baby away from her. Ricardo is trying to attract Gabi by saying that he wants her and not Paula, but Gabi doesn't buy the story. Eddie takes some pictures of Gabi and Ricardo taling, but when he realizes it wouldn't be good because he wants to attract Paula, he tells Ricardo that the pictures didn't come out.
S01E229 Episode 229 08/12/1997 Caitlin continues faking her pregnancy by stealing a pregnancy pad from a maternity clothing store. While at the store, she hears a story from a woman who had been having infertility problems, and she feels like there is hope for her too. Bette advices Olivia to tell Gregory that her baby is Cole's, so Gregory wouldn't threat to take away Olivia's baby from her. Meg continues investigating Maria's mysterious death - she takes a sample from the bloody sheet and decides to send it to a lab. Meanwhile, Alex Mitchum, Casey's mother, returns to Sunset Beach, ready for new challenges.
S01E230 Episode 230 09/12/1997 Meg sends the bloody sheet to analyze. Caitlin discovers the money that Olivia paid Cole to take Caitlin away from Sunset Beach. Casey gets a job as the community liaison for the Liberty Corporation, and he's proud now when he has a job in which he is allowed to wear more clothes. Annie, who wants to break up Gregory and Olivia, decides to find a way to use Alex and Gregory's friendship for her plan.
S01E231 Episode 231 10/12/1997 Sean visits Caitlin at the bed and breakfast establishment. Charles advices Olivia to divulge some of Gregory's best kept secrets, in order to insure herself to keep her baby. Gabi visits Ricardo and confesses her plan to ruin Paula's life, and her sad history, which makes Ricardo ask her why did she accuse him of raping her. Gabi bursts into tears, all confused.
S01E232 Episode 232 11/12/1997 Ricardo comes to the terms with Gabi's beliefs. She still seems to believe that Ricardo raped her. Meg is disturbed when she sees Maria's death announcement in the newspapers, which was published by Ben, who wants to finish his plan to officially declare Maria dead. Ricardo and Gabi arrive at the courthouse for the beginning of the trial.
S01E233 Episode 233 12/12/1997 Olivia tells Cole that she'll confess Gregory everything about their affair, in order to keep her baby away from Gregory. Ricardo's trial beginns, and Gabi breaks while testifying, she still accuses Ricardo of raping her. A few police officers testify too. Paula tells that she believes that Ricardo raped Gabi, but when Gregory asks her whether she believes that Ricardo could be capable of committing rape, she cannot answer the question. An anonymous person calls Ben and tells him that someone is diggin in Maria's past. When Ben goes to see who is it, he sees fisherman Quint, Maria's friend, with Meg.
S01E234 Episode 234 15/12/1997 Cole doesn't want Olivia to tell Gregory about their affair, because it would ruin his and Caitlin's relationship. Paula continues testifying against Ricardo, and says that she believes, in her professional opinion, that Gabi was raped. After Quint says too much, Meg realizes that Annie sent him to her, and it's just another plot of hers. Ben finds out at the marina that nobody was near The Mariah all day, and he rushes home, where he throws Quint out of his house. Caitlin decides to come back to Sunset Beach, to stop Cole from finding a letter in which she wrote to him about her miscarriage. Ricardo takes a stand in his own defense, and tells the bitter truth about the night he slep with Gabi, and when the D.A. asks him if he raped Gabi to get back at her for ruining his relationship with Paula, Ricardo wants Gabi to answer the question.
S01E235 Episode 235 16/12/1997 Vanessa finds a potential ally in Alex. Virginia continues plotting against Vanessa, as she finds the password for Vanessa's answering machine, where she listens to her messages and realizes that the patient in Cedar Oaks may be Vanessa's ill mother. She also advises Tyus to ask Vanessa out, if he like her. Gregory confronts Gabi with a winning evidence - a scrapbook in which Gabi explained how she was keeping on Paula and Ricardo. Gabi breaks, and confesses that she might have confused her experience with Ricardo with her childhood molestation.
S01E236 Episode 236 17/12/1997 Virginia continues plotting against Vanessa - she calls Cedar Oaks, pretending to be Vanessa, in order to find out more information about Vanessa's ill mother. When Gabi finally admits that Ricardo never raped her, that it was her father, Lorenzo, who raped her, the D.A. drops the charges against Ricardo. Sean drives Caitlin back to Sunset Beach, and Caitlin rushes to Cole's apartment, where she stops Cole before reading the letter in which she wrote about her miscarriage. Paula apologizes to Ricardo for doubting him.
S01E237 Episode 237 18/12/1997 A new girl appears in Sunset Beach, Jade Sheridan, Cole's ex, who knows everything about Cole's past, and she turns up on Cole's doorstep. She cannot believe how much Cole has changed, and she thinks it's all just a scam. Sean convinces Gregory that he saw Caitlin's ghost, when Gregory thinks he saw Caitlin in his house. Meanwhile, Olivia faints when she sees Caitlin alive. Meg decides to tell the truth about her investigation on Maria to Ben, but she is interrupted by both Annie and Mark. She leaves the compartment where the sheets and the scissors were held opened, which Ben stumbles upon later.
S01E238 Episode 238 19/12/1997 The people at Surf Central prepare for the Christmas festivities. Gabi feels guilty about everything she did to Ricardo these past days, while she's talking to Mark. Suddenly, she bumps into Ricardo on the beach. Caitlin doesn't confess to Olivia about her miscarriage, so Olivia believes that Caitlin is still pregnant. They both decide to go to Gregory, who is busy by Annie. However, when Gregory and Annie seem to be going somewhere, Caitlin and Olivia arrive suddenly.
S01E239 Episode 239 22/12/1997 Jade is trying to seduce Cole. She still believes that Cole is just pretending to be normal again. Caitlin plans a scam on her family, in order to revenge for the death of her baby. Gregory is full of happiness when he sees Caitlin alive. When Gregory begs Caitlin to forgive him, he accepts her plea -- Gregory will arrange a wedding for her and Cole. Meg's investigation comes to an end when Ben confronts her about it. She says that she believes it was just one more of Annie and Tim's scams, while Ben tells her the entire truth -- he destroyed Maria's studio and that later, not knowing that Meg had been in the studio and seen the mess, he cleaned it up. Ben burns the sheets in The Deep. Ricardo forgives Gabi, who cannot forgive herself for everything that she has done to Ricardo.
S01E240 Episode 240 23/12/1997 Meg talks to Mark about what Ben did in the studio and that she told him about the sheets and the scissors. She receives a lab report from the sheet sample she sent, and she tears it up and throws it in garbage, without reading it. Caitlin almost confesses Olivia about her miscarriage when Olivia asks her about her baby, but Sean interrupts them. After being interrupted, Caitlin continues planning to keep her miscarriage a seret. Gregory and Cole talk about Caitlin. Jade continues researching Cole's new behaviour while she's watching a videotape of her and Cole fooling around. She wants to find the Richard's house to track him down. Vanessa, Gabi and Meg decide to go to a psychic. Madame Carmen tells Gabi that she has been under a shadow, which has been lifted, that she will be taking a short journey, and that she will find true love in Sunset Beach. Carmen tells Vanessa that a door is about to be opened, and that once that door is opened, it will be too late to prevent what will inevitably happen. Meawhile, Ben meets with Grogan, a boat captain and tells him to go somewhere and check if everything is all right.
S01E241 Episode 241 24/12/1997 The Christmas day at the Richard's house bring Jade in, who pretends to be a caterer that Cole ordered. Each of the family members have their secret thoughts full of unhappiness. Ben gives Meg a special surprise, an island with a house on it, where they will go to. Olivia wants to leave Gregory for the sake of her baby, but Cole wants her to stay, in order to keep the baby safe. Jade wrapped up the videotape with her and Cole fooling around, and she puts it under the tree, with Caitlin's name on it. Carmen tells Vanessa that her cards relate to her mother, a journey, and romance. Carmen tells Meg that she sees a white dress and water in her cards. She says that Meg, Gabi and Vanessa will take a journey together and that on the journey, something will be lost, something will be gained, and for one of them, nothing will ever be the same. Carmen reveals to Ben, after the girls leave, that Meg's last card denotes danger, possibly death. Virginia goes to Cedar Oaks and pretend to be Vanessa. Vanessa's mother, Lena, who thinks she's talking to Vanessa, tlls Virginia to go out of the room, which leaves Virginia intrigued about a heavy relationship that Lena and Vanessa have.
S01E242 Episode 242 26/12/1997 Gregory tells Olivia that he won't let his baby be raised anywhere other but in his house. However, Olivia isn't changing her mind about divorcing Gregory. Gregory gives Sean $15,000 - he thinks that he can buy his love just like that. When Gregory gives Caitlin the deed to the condo on the beach that he had promised her, Cole is upset, but Caitlin accepts. Meg surprises Ben with a gift, an antique wristwatch, which has inscribed To SB. I'll love you forever, Dorothy. The Richards' family almost watches the tape that Jade put under the Richards' Christmas tree. Gregory seduce's Olivia, but she still isn't changing her mind about divorcing Gregory. Caitlin continues with her plan to pretend to be pregnant, and she asks Tyus about some advises for her friend who had a miscarriage.
S01E243 Episode 243 29/12/1997 Ben finds Meg's lab report in the trash and realizes that Meg has sent the sheets to analysis. Meg confesses that she ordered the lab report, but she didn't want to read it at all. Grogan talks to Meg about the island, and tells her that when you go there, you can't go back soon, you have to be there for the night. Ben calls a computer hacker to help him hack into a lab's computer, because the results of the tests were that the substance on the sheets was pure blood, which Ben wants to hide from Meg. Sean, who is also going on the island, calls Elizabeth to go on the island with them, because his original date, Amy, cannot make it. Mark and Gabi, who are also leaving to the boat, arrive at Grogan's boat, where Mark stops Gabi from opening his secret bag. Cole confronts Jade about her research on Ben, and she tells him that she left a videotape for Caitlin. Cole rushes to the Richards' house to stop Caitlin before she watches the tape. Caitlin plays the tape, but gets distracted and doesn't watch it.
S01E244 Episode 244 30/12/1997 Alex interrupts Annie while seducing Gregory, and she warns Gregory to stay away from Annie, if he wants to get back with Olivia. Olivia watches the tape that Jade put under the Christmas tree, and she warns Cole to keep Jade away from Caitlin. Cole talks to Jade and warns her to stay away from Caitlin. Jade continues snooping around Ben. Caitlin makes an appointment with a fertility specialist. Meg trusts Ben when he asks her about the stains on the sheets that she sent to a lab. Later, Ben decides that he needs to do something to Mark. Sean brings Elizabeth, his date, to the boat and Gabi mistakes her for Amy, who was meant to go instead of Elizabeth, so Elizabeth storms off madly. Ben calls Meg to inform her that he won't make it on the trip. Elizabeth decides to hide on the boat until the arrive at the island. She doesn't know that someone near is watching her.
S01E245 Episode 245 31/12/1997 Captain Grogan tells Sean more mysteries about the island -- no phone lines. Alex thinks about a kiss with Gregory when she told him about her cancer, and she's wondering if it means anything. Olivia accidentally hears Alex asking Gregory about Annie. Elizabeth finds Mark's camera on the boat and turns it on. While looking into Sean's bag, she gets attacked by a person in a skull mask. Caitlin leaves to a fertility specialist. Jade lies to Sean about a reason why Jade confronted Cole. Olivia is worried when she hears that Jade is going on the island too, because she might get too close to her son Sean. Cole is searching for a videotape in Annie's house and he finds her almost naked.
S01E246 Episode 246 02/01/1998 Gregory says to Olivia that his kiss with Annie was in a friendly manner, and Annie tells Olivia that she was just comforting Gregory. However, Olivia tells Annie that she can have Gregory, because she obviously doesn't want him anymore. Cole threats Olivia to reveal about their little affair to Annie, but when Olivia warns him about Caitlin, Cole gives up. Caitlin is hurt because she can't have a baby anymore, and she tries to confess everything to Cole, but she just can't come around to say that. A mysterious killer attacks Elizabeth. She begs him not to kill her, but with no good result. He wraps up her body in a tarp and pushes it into the ocean. The people on the boat are unaware that what they are seeing is Elizabeth being eaten by sharks.
S01E247 Episode 247 05/01/1998 Caitlin is still trying to tell Cole about her miscarriage, but she just can't do that, and Cole interrupts her, thinking of something totally else, their wedding. Tyus asks Caitlin about what happened to her friend who miscarried, and Caitlin tells him that her friend is infertile, so Tyus advises her to tell her friend to adopt a baby. Mark plays a little with the people on the boat -- he tells them a a story about a group of people who came to a party and were all murdered. He offers them a game to find a murder weapon, unaware of what is happening. Meg and Gabi go down to the basement together, where they find a doll hanging from a noose. Casey scares Michael and Vanessa on the boat, and Sean scares Meg, but it's all just a game.
S02E01 Episode 248 06/01/1998 Caitlin, lead by her wish to hide her miscarriage, goes to an adoption agency to adopt a baby, saying that she is stable to have a baby and give everything that it needs to it, but she freaks out when she finds out that it will take more than a year to adopt a baby. She meets Rachel, a pregnant girl, who tells her that she can't keep her baby and that he wants to find someone who will love her baby as much as she does. Cole realizes that Jade stole his money that Olivia gave him to get Caitlin out of Sunset Beach, and Olivia advises him to go to the island and get Jade. While looking for a tape, Cole stumbles upon an injured Eddie who's staying at Annie's, and he claims to have the tape.
S02E02 Episode 249 07/01/1998 Caitlin comes to terms with Rachel, a girl that wants to give away her baby. Caitlin accepts to cover the cost of Rachel's mother's operation and provide a home for her baby, which makes her happy. While looking for Cole's money, Caitlin gets surprised by Cole who tells her that someone stole his money. Caitlin, who believes that Gregory stole his money, goes to his office to steal $10,000, but she gets interrupted by Gregory. Alex, Gregory and Tyus discuss about the death of Jackson Harrison, Virginia's husband, and the Gang War which Tyus wasn't aware of at the time. Eddie blackmails Cole with the tape, and Cole steals it from him and destroys him. However, Eddie was just playing with him, because he gave him the wrong tape. The people on the island are hallucinating, and Mark is reassuring everyone that this is not just another game. The islanders hallucinate weird and creepy stuffs including scalps bleeding, disfiguration, attacks with a knife, poisonous snakes. Vanessa hallucinates Virginia teasing her about her mother, while Michael hallucinates killing Jackson Harrison again. Jade goes out to open a box of cans, and when her knife disappears, a mystery person with a skull mask attacks her.
S02E03 Episode 250 08/01/1998 Annie finds Tyus's informations about infertility and she thinks of a great way to use it against Caitlin. Caitlin, who was interrupted by Gregory while stealing his money, lies to him about the reason why she wants him money. Caitlin goes to Rachel to finish her deal, but she's stopped by Annie, who tells her that she knows about her infertility. However, Caitlin lies to her, and tells her it's for her friend. The people on the Terror Island still hallucinate, especially Meg, who thinks that Ben is about to kill her, just like he did it to Maria. Tim figures out that someone put something in the soup. Gabi is shaken by her hallucinations of her abuser from childhood, her father Lorenzo. Mark says to Gabi that he likes her, in his way. Meanwhile, Jade is trying to rescue herself, and she pulls off the mask off her attacker and recognizes him, which leaves another mystery -- who of the known people is the killer.
S02E04 Episode 251 09/01/1998 Caitlin convinces Rachel to give her the baby, but then the baby's father Joe suddenly appears and says that he won't let Caitlin get his baby. Later, he wants those $10,000 for himself. Suddenly, Annie appears there and demands that Rachel and Joe return the money to Caitlin. She threats them with police and tells them to run before the arrive. Annie realizes that Caitlin isn't pregnant. The killer in the skull mask drag's Jade's lifeless body somewhere in the bushes. Gabi and Mark talk about love, and they admit that they both want something more, but not so soon. Meg, who is alone in the bushes, hears the killer moving, but she's surprised by Tim who was worried about her. When Meg gets rid of Tim, the killer arrives. Vanessa sets up their blanket in the bushes, near Jade's lifeless body. Virginia lets a spider crawl onto her arm and starts freaking out, just so that she would make Michael go away from Vanessa. Michael goes back to the house with Virginia, and leaves Vanessa in the bushes. While waiting for him, Vanessa stumbles upon Jade's dead body.
S02E05 Episode 252 12/01/1998 Ricardo questions Cole about Jade's whereabouts, because she has been accused for a number on jewel thefts in O.C. Caitlin confesses to Annie the entire truth about her miscarriage, and shows her the pregnancy pad that she keeps under her clothes. Annie thinks of a really good way to use what she knows to get closer to Caitlin, and then maybe to someone else. The girls continue calling, and Caitlin tells why she is reluctant to tell anyone about her miscarriage. When Caitlin tucks the pregnancy pad back under her clothes, Cole arrives and is about to see that it's all fake. When they find Jade's lifeless body, Meg feels like she is the guilty one for bringing everyone on this island. The islanders, however, tell her that they came of their own volition. The islanders talk about possible suspects, and Mark feels guilty because he told them all of those scary stories, while Tim believes that Grogan could be the killer, because his boat is no longer at the dock. However, he suspects that it could be Ben more, and tells it to Meg, who doesn't believe him.
S02E06 Episode 253 13/01/1998 Annie helps Caitlin hide the pregnancy pad from Cole, and Caitlin decides to tell Cole the truth, while putting the pregnancy pad back in the bathroom. However, Annie, who told a few lies to Cole about hat they were talking about, tells her that she shouldn't say anything, because she might lose Cole. Caitlin interprets Annie's words and thinks that Annie will help her find a baby to pass off as her own, and Annie is ready to do that, just to get Caitlin's support for the inheritance. Tim find the bloody gaff in Mark's bag, which leads Tim to suspect that Mark is the killer. Casey and Michael run after Mark, who left the house to find the murder. Meg and Vanessa follow them without saying anything. The islanders find out that Jade was a thief. Suddenly, Amy finds Mark's camera and the islanders watch the tape of Elizabeth getting murdered by a killer in a skull mask. Meg calls out Mark's name when she hears a sound, but she doesn't know that it's actually the killer.
S02E07 Episode 254 14/01/1998 Tim accuses Mark of being the killer, but nobody believes him. Gabi tries to prove that Mark isn't the killer, and she takes another look at the tape of Elizabeth getting murdered, in order to find a proof. When Tim can't find Meg in the house, he goes after her. Casey and Michael find Grogan's boat -- complete with a puddle of Elizabeth's blood. Vanessa falls down into a hole. Mark tells Meg that he's not going to go back to the others until he can prove that he's not the killer.
S02E08 Episode 255 15/01/1998 Alex leaves Sunset Beach, in order to get rid of her feeling towards Gregory. Vanessa and Virginia talk about Michael, and Virginia says that she knows that Michael will never love her in the way she wants, but that he only wants to stay in connection with her. The fight between Meg and killer continues and the killer corners Meg. Is her life over? Virginia tries to help her, but she can't do much for her, because the killer kicks her out. Meanwhile, the others on the island go to Grogan's boat, where they find out that the boat is about to explode.
S02E09 Episode 256 16/01/1998 Cole asks Caitlin about what was she talking about with Annie, but Caitlin lies to him, she tells him she asked her to be at their wedding. When Caitlin tells Annie that if she hadn't been arguing with Olivia in the car, she would have never lost her baby, so Annie tells her that Caitlin's miscarriage is Olivia's fault. Annie says that she needs to marry Gregory before the end of June, and she believes that Caitlin is just what she needs to catch Gregory in her web. Mark is hunting the killer and he actually catches him. The two guys struggle, until the killer wins. Mark takes the killer's mask off and it turns out to be someone you'd least expect.
S02E10 Episode 257 19/01/1998 Olivia confronts Annie about her true intentions towards Gregory and Olivia's children. Annie talks to Caitlin and tells her that she should blame Olivia for everything that has happened to her, but Caitlin tells her that she blames Gregory much more than Olivia for her miscarriage. Mark reveals Ben's face under the mask, and manages to escape from him. He runs away, while Ben (hurt from the wound where Tim stabbed him) follows him. Sadly, the others find Mark with a hook in his back. Meg and Tim start screaming, while Mark is about to die. Before he dies, Tim hears Mark's last words: "It was Ben."
S02E11 Episode 258 20/01/1998 Gabi, Casey and Meg hold Mark as he dies. Tim tries to convince everyone that Ben is guilty for all the murders on the island, because Mark said so before he died, but nobody believes him. Gabi and Meg suspect that Grogan is the murderer. However, when they search for him, Meg, Gabi, Tim and Casey find Grogan's dead body, wearing the mask. Meg tells everyone that the killer had a wound on his leg, and at the same time, Ben is also looking at his wound. Tim sees that Grogan has a wound on his leg, and apologizes for telling that Ben is the murderer. Casey and Michael watch over Mark's dead body.
S02E12 Episode 259 21/01/1998 Bette is surprised when one of her ex-husbands, a former tycoon Vincent Duke, surprises her. After so many years, Vincent is now a homeless man, and Bette gives him some money. Ben finally arrives on the island, with a bouquet of roses for Meg. Ben asks everyone about where is Mark, and Casey gives him the sad news about Mark. Tim, who is suspicious of Ben, asks him about where was he all this time, and Ben says that he had a special meeting in Santa Barbara.
S02E13 Episode 260 22/01/1998 Now that she's finally back in Sunset Beach, Virginia continues plotting against Vanessa and she visits Lena, Vanessa's sick mother, again. She overhears a nurse complaining about how short-staffed they are. Caitlin doesn't want to visit Tyus when Cole asks her to, but he convinces her to do it. Caitlin is scared because her secret may be discovered. However, Annie saves her at the last time. Annie is also working on her plan to get with Gregory, and she uses Sean as a pawn in her game. She wants to know why is Caitlin so mad on Gregory. Gabi feels like she is guilty for Ricardo and Gabi's breakup, when she receives Paula's goodbye-letter.
S02E14 Episode 14 23/01/1998 Annie tries to use Caitlin's sadness over Mark's death in order to convince her to make up with her father, because she believes that Caitlin couldn't bare to lose Gregory in the way she lost Mark. However, Caitlin is not at all moved by Annie's words. When that doesn't work, Annie plots to find the tape which Caitlin has. She orders Caitlin to look if her family is around so she could sneak out, but she's actually looking for the tape in Caitlin's room. Olivia goes up to Caitlin's room to talk to her, not knowing that Annie is inside. Meanwhile, Annie finds the mysterious tape of Gregory making a phone call. Virginia decides to use the lack of nurses in the hospital to sneak in Lena's room. She goes to visit Selita Jones, tells her to leave the apartment, and then she steals Mrs. Jones's name-tags and nurse uniforms. However, just as she's about to leave the apartment, she bumps into Michael.
S02E15 Episode 15 26/01/1998 Caitlin saves Annie before Olivia could find her in Caitlin's room. When Annie realizes that Caitlin is coming back to her room, she returns the tape back in Caitlin's jewelry box. Caitlin asks Annie if she has some other motives which she can get by helping her. Annie tells her that she wants to get good with Gregory, and the two girls make a deal to help each other. Caitlin will do anything she can to help her with Gregory, if Annie can get her a baby.
S02E16 Episode 16 27/01/1998 Tim explains his suspicions about Ben to Ricardo, but Ricardo says that there's no evidence that Ben was the murderer. Ben overhears Tim asking Ricardo why he thinks that Ben killed Maria, even though there was no evidence of it. Annie sneaks into Caitlin's bedroom and listens to the tape of Gregory and the doctor, and finds that Gregory's plan was even worse than she could have imagined. Virginia goes to the job interview. After reading a file that he's carrying with him, Virginia tells him a story that's exactly what the administrator wants to hear in order to get the job.
S02E17 Episode 17 28/01/1998 The evil Ben rents a building and pays the landlord in cash, and when the landlord leaves, the evil Ben brings in a trunk filled with chains and shackles. Annie realizes why is Caitlin so angry on Gregory, and she plans how to use the information in her favor. Caitlin wants to make up with her parents, and Olivia and Sean make a drastic move -- they move back in the Richards' house. Vanessa almost tells Gabi about her mother Lena. Michael tells Casey that he's finally ready to make a commitment to Vanessa. Olivia decides to sleep in the guest room, although Gregory wants her to sleep with him. Virginia is shocked when she enters Lena's room in the institution.
S02E18 Episode 18 29/01/1998 Virginia finds out more about Lena's condition, about Martin's Syndrome. Vanessa talks to Gabi about Lena. Ben and Meg are spending time together, and Ben tells her that he rented a warehouse as a home for teenage runaways. Tim interrupts them in a moment of tenderness, and thinks that Ben is about to attack Meg. Meg tries to convince Tim of Ben's good intentions, but Tim isn't impressed. The evil Ben hangs the shackles from the ceiling and, remembering the fight that Mark put up, says that people put up less of a fight when they can't run away. He staples pictures of Ben and Meg up on the wall.
S02E19 Episode 19 30/01/1998 Cole is happy, he informs Caitlin about the wedding preparations. Caitlin is having second thoughts, but she doesn't say anything, and instead, she listens to Cole talking about the wedding arrangements. Annie fantasizes about visiting her father, Del Douglas in hell, and he advises her to take Olivia's baby and give it to Caitlin, but Annie says she could never do something like that. Annie informs Caitlin that she already found a baby for her. Olivia is walking in the hallway, and he can hear Annie AND Caitlin talking. Tim is still trying to convince Meg about Ben, but she doesn't listen to him, and she keeps on defending Ben. They talk about the wound on the killer's leg. Tim tells her that Ben wasn't in Santa Barbara, like she thought. Tim swears on his grandmothers' Bible that Ben is the person who killed Mark, but Meg isn't impressed. Tim pleas Meg to check Ben's leg, to convince them that Ben isn't the killer. Meanwhile, evil Ben notes that Meg should never have tried to take over Maria's place. Cole is on yet another stealing spree.
S02E20 Episode 20 02/02/1998 Annie continues working on her plan with Caitlin. She dresses as a flower child, calls herself Amber Stone, and goes to take some drugs which should help Caitlin produce milk. After he didn't convince Meg about Ben, Tim approaches Ricardo, and tries to make him go after Ben, because he knows how much Ricardo hates Ben. Meg checks Ben's leg, and she's happy when there isn't any. Cole talks to JoBeth, and asks her for a job, because now that he is going to have a baby, he needs some money, and JoBeth recommends him for the job. Late at night, Meg wakes up in the bed and realizes that Ben is gone. In his storage room, the evil Ben removes the fake skin that covered the stab on his leg.
S02E21 Episode 21 03/02/1998 Cole is injured when his co-worker, jealous over JoBeth's preferential treatment to Cole, causes an accident. JoBeth rushes to help Cole get the immediate medical attention. There, JoBeth and Cole kiss, and Caitlin catches them, while picking up Cole for lunch. Michael and Vanessa, after a little treasure hunt, finally make love in the Sunset Beach Inn. Virginia finds out more about Martin's syndrome, and she thinks of ways to use it against Vanessa.
S02E22 Episode 22 04/02/1998 Olivia finds a bottle of lactating pills, and accuses Annie of supplying her kids with illegal drugs, so Annie takes some of the pills to prove that they aren't harmful. While looking for a way to use Martin's syndrome against Vanessa, Virginia finds out that the Martin's Syndrome, or let's say, to become ill with it, is Vanessa's biggest fear.
S02E23 Episode 23 05/02/1998 Meg talks to Tim about Ben, and Tim is still accusing him of the murders. Meg says Ben doesn't have a wound on his leg, so Tim calls Hank & Joan and tells them about Mark's last words "It was Ben," but they don't believe him. Meanwhile, the evil Ben is in his hideout, taking care of his wound, and looking at Ben and Meg's wedding announcement. Annie convinces Caitlin to keep quiet about her miscarriage from Cole, and she gives her the natural-feeling pregnancy pad and the lactating pills. Virginia continues plotting against Vanessa -- she wants to take a picture of Lena.
S02E24 Episode 24 06/02/1998 Tim is suspicious of Ben's behavior and he thinks that Ben actually does have a stab on his leg. Meanwhile, Ben gives Meg one pearl and promises to give one pearl every day to her, until their wedding. Caitlin is surprised by a visit from Sister Beatrice, who knows that Caitlin hasn't told Cole anything about her miscarriage yet. Caitlin talks to her and Sister Beatrice advises her to tell Cole the truth before their wedding. Sean sees Caitlin's pregnancy pad, and talks to Annie about it. Caitlin goes to confession and Antonio tells her that she knows what to do regarding the secret. Cole also goes to confession and he admits to Antonio about sleeping with Olivia, and the fact that he could be the baby's father. Ricardo talks to Gabi, and says that she's not fault for his and Paula's breakup.
S02E25 Episode 25 09/02/1998 While Annie is doing her best to stop Caitlin from telling Cole the truth, Sean is trying to convince Caitlin to tell everyone the truth. While on confession, Olivia refuses to listen to Antonio's advice to tell Caitlin the truth about Cole. Ben confesses to Tim about the murders, he say that he would have killed everyone if Tim hadn't shown up. Ricardo asks Tim to dig up some info about Ben, so he could re-open the Terror Island case.
S02E26 Episode 26 10/02/1998 Before telling Michael the truth about her mother Lena, Vanessa wants to visit her, and is unaware that Virginia is there posing as a nurse. Cole and Caitlin both back out of telling the truth. Ben has plans for Meg. Sean asks Cole if he'd ever want to marry Caitlin, even if she isn't pregnant, and he says "yes." Caitlin's pad falls out while she's in a room full of people.
S02E27 Episode 27 11/02/1998 Cole worries that there's something wrong with Caitlin's baby, but Sean assures him that the baby is OK. Annie sets fire to Olivia's flowers, so that Caitlin could replace her padding. When Gregory takes the bouquet away, Annie burns it again. Vanessa wants to speak to her mother, but she doesn't want to talk to her, and gets hysterical. Meanwhile, Virginia is hiding in the closet. Gregory walks Caitlin down the aisle and he wedding begins. Both Cole and Caitlin think about their secrets that they are hiding from each other while Antonio is talking about honesty.
S02E28 Episode 28 12/02/1998 It's Caitlin and Cole's wedding, and nothing makes them happier on this day. Sean asks Annie for how long she knew that Caitlin isn't pregnant, and she answers by saying that the entire charade will be over soon. While dancing with Olivia, Cole realizes that he never felt Caitlin's baby kick. Gregory gives Olivia a silver spoon with the name Thomas engraved on it and tells her that he wants to name the baby Thomas Blake after Olivia's father. Virginia continues plotting in the hospital. She gets the floor nurse fired, just so that she could take over her position. Tim follows Ben to his lair and finds shackles and pictures of Meg. Ben (or let's say, the evil Ben) catches him. Madame Carmen warns Meg about being in grave danger.
S02E29 Episode 29 13/02/1998 The celebration continues as the attendants do the hokey-pokey. Meg is upset after Carmen gives her a warning about her life being in danger. Tim's life is put in danger by Ben. Sean confronts Annie about knowing that Caitlin isn't pregnant anymore. Cole is surprised that Gregory already named Olivia's unborn baby. Virginia takes pictures of Lena and almost gets caught again. Vanessa is haunted by flashbacks of visiting her mother as she tries to spend a quiet night with Michael
S02E30 Episode 30 16/02/1998 Meg is trying to find Ben, because she thinks that Madame Carmen's warning was about Ben being in grave danger. However, when she is unable to find him, she thinks about the possibility of Ben being the killer. She falls asleep and has a nightmare about Ben, in a skull mask, who is trying to kill her. Olivia goes into labor, and Bette calls Tyus. They take her to the hospital, and Caitlin & Cole go after them. Annie tells Caitlin that she still didn't get the baby. While talking to Cole, Sean realizes that Cole really wants a baby of his own, and he also realizes why it's so hard to Caitlin to tell Cole about her miscarriage. Ben is making it seem like Tim fell off the scaffolding while he was drunk, and when he's about to beat Tim to death, Casey and Gabi interrupt him. They find Tim's unconscious body, so Casey examines Tim. Meg freaks out when Ben appears in the apartment, but he says that he only went for a walk on the beach, and he's pounding on the window because he forgot his keys. Olivia's labor turns out to be just a false alarm.
S02E31 Episode 31 17/02/1998 While holding Caitlin in his arms, Cole feels the strap of her pregnancy pad, which Caitlin tells him is the strap of a back brace. While a drunk Eddie tries to seduce Annie, she reaches for the pile of videotapes on his nightstand. Finally, Eddie passes out, and Annie is able to get away with the tape. When Annie finds the videotape, she first thinks that it's a particularly bad porno movie. When she realizes that it's a tape of Cole and Jade, she decides to use the tape to get Olivia alone and then drug her to induce labor. Annie tricks Bette into telling her the name of the clinic where Olivia was taking Caitlin, so that she can blackmail that doctor into helping her steal Olivia's baby. Annie calls the doctor from the clinic, Dr. Brock, and begins her plan to blackmail him into helping her. Bette tells Annie that Annie's scheme will only end up hurting Annie, and not Olivia.
S02E32 Episode 32 18/02/1998 Annie talks to Dr. Brock about their deal with Gregory & Olivia's baby. Annie asks Sean to help her with her plan, to lie about delivering Caitlin's baby. Sean warns Caitlin that on the day the baby comes, a lifetime of lying about the origin of the baby will begin. Vanessa calls to check on her mother and is told that Lena spent the whole night insisting that someone was in her room taking her picture. When Michael asks Vanessa why she's getting mail from Cedar Oaks, she says that she's writing a story on the hospital. Virginia picks up the photos and when the clerk asks what's wrong with Lena, she says that Lena's disfigurement is just movie makeup. As she leaves the photo developing place, she drops a picture, which the clerk then dubs their "photo of the week," and puts in the window of the shop. Virginia visits Mrs. Moreau for a potion that will make someone look like Lena. Mrs. Moreau says that she can make a potion that will make someone look like Lena, but that she won't. On his way to apply for a job at the construction site, Michael sees the photo of Lena.
S02E33 Episode 33 19/02/1998 Meg is worrying about Tim's life in the hospital, while Tim dreams of being attacked by the evil Ben. The evil Ben overhears a nurse saying to Tyus that Tim is regaining consciousness. Meg and Ben rush to the room, where Tim's heart monitor goes wild. Michael tells Vanessa about Lena's picture in the photo shop window, so Vanessa realizes that Lena may not have been delusional when she claimed that someone took a photo of her in the hospital. Jimmy informs Virginia about seeing Lena's picture in the photo shop window. Virginia visits Mrs Moreau, she wants a potion from her. She says to her that she is willing to love with the consequences of the potion, but she can't afford it. Annie calls Olivia anonymously again, and she says that she has the tape of Cole & Jade together, and she wants money from her, and she wants to meet her. Sean talks to Caitlin about her miscarriage, and says that he is convinced that Annie's plan isn't the best for her. Sean convinces Caitlin to tell Cole the truth, and to have another baby with him, but Caitlin tells him that she is infertile. Sean realizes that Caitlin deserves a baby much more that his mother. Olivia arrives at the place where Annie wanted to meet her. Annie points a gun at her.
S02E34 Episode 34 20/02/1998 Ben continues giving pearls to Meg, to take her mind off worrying about Tim. Tyus informs Meg and Ben about Tim. He seems to be completely unable to communicate, because all the parts of his body are broken. Meanwhile, the evil Ben is smothering Tim with a pillow. Annie misses Olivia, so Olivia leaves the cabin. Caitlin asks Sean to be her baby's godfather, and tells him that she would like to know who is the baby's biological mother. Olivia returns at the cabin and finds Annie with a dart in her hand. They fight, and Annie stabs Olivia. Virginia goes to the photo shop, and wants the clerk to remove Lena's picture out of the window. Vanessa arrives at the place, and wants to know everything about the picture, while Virginia is hiding. Olivia passes out from the sedative in the dart, and Annie calls doctor Brock to come and deliver the baby. Olivia goes into labor.
S02E35 Episode 35 23/02/1998 Ricardo traces Cole's car to Ventura County. Cole, who cannot wait until Ricardo can get ready, heads out to find Caitlin. Meg realizes that Tim isn't breathing, and she calls Tyus so he could save Tim's life. Jimmy asks Gabi if Tim's fall could have been caused by the same person who committed the Terror Island murders. Annie argues with doctor Brock about who will deliver the baby. Meanwhile, Olivia wakes up and recognizes Annie. Olivia gives birth. Caitlin worries that something is happening to the baby's mother. Ricardo tells Gabi that he thinks Ben killed Maria.
S02E36 Episode 36 24/02/1998 Tyus informs Ben & Meg that Tim may have brain damage, caused by the suffocation. Meg feels guilty, and when Ben leaves, she tells Gabi that Madame Carmen warned her on the day she met her (on the same day of Tim's "accident") that the Terror Island killer was going to strike again. The evil Ben decides to use Eddie is his evil plans. Annie takes Olivia's baby away, and doctor Brock is there to do the rest of the work on Olivia. However, he allows Olivia to escape. Gregory and Annie have an accident, and Gregory recognizes Annie's car, while she just sneaks away before he can see her. Later, Annie report her car as stolen, so Gregory wouldn't suspect anything. Cole finds out that Caitlin and Sean visited the antique shop. Doctor Brock calls Bette to inform her about Olivia's condition.
S02E37 Episode 37 25/02/1998 When Doctor Brock calls Bette, Gregory takes her phone away and wants to know what is happening. Brock informs him that Olivia had a difficult labor and that she is situated in his clinic. Annie deliver Olivia's baby to Caitlin, and tells her it's now going to be hers. Caitlin is stunned when she sees the kid, it's like 'love at first sight'. Virginia has to work in a hospital, because she cannot afford Mrs Moreau's services. Vanessa asks Virginia in the hospital, without knowing that it's actually Virginia, but Virginia tells her to talk to the other nurse. Vanessa finds out that Lena health isn't improving. Michael catches Virginia stealing money from the cash register at the Waffle Shop. Cole approaches the cabin, so Sean hides Annie. Both Sean & Caitlin tell Cole the story that they've planned to use. Doctor Brock tells Gregory that Olivia's baby is dead, while Olivia wants to know what happened to it.
S02E38 Episode 38 26/02/1998 Tyus wants to examine Caitlin and the baby at the hospital. Michael catches Virginia stealing money from the cash register at the Waffle Shop. Virginia lies to him, but Michael says that he knows she's stealing. She admits it, and says that it's for school supplies for Jimmy. Michael wants to give some money to Virginia. When the baby checks out OK, Caitlin refuses to be examined, and claims that another doctor already examined her. Annie talks to Doctor Brock, who threatens to put an end to her charade. Vanessa tells Virginia that Mrs Moreau called her, however, Virginia claims that she never heard about her, and later tells her that it's the person that she's going to take the school supplies for Jimmy from. Gregory tells Olivia that her baby is dead, and he wants to see the baby immediately. Annie visits Tim at the hospital, and is shocked to see what happened to him. She tells him all about her plans. Joan decides to come to Sunset Beach, to support Tim. Ben hurts Meg while hugging her. Virginia finally gives money to Mrs Moreau, who then gives her the potion.
S02E39 Episode 39 27/02/1998 Ben promises to Meg that he'll go visit Tyus, because his headaches keep getting worse. Tyus wants to examine Caitlin, although she said that another doctor already examined her, so Annie steals results from another patient and inserts it into Caitlin's chart. Annie informs Cole & Caitlin about Tim's accident. Eddie plans to break into Ben's safe. As he is sneaking out of the house, Meg catches him and screams. Antonio finds out that Caitlin has a baby, and wants to know what is happening. He talks to Caitlin about how could the baby be hers, and Cole overhears them. Gregory wants to see the baby, but Doctor Brock tells him that the baby was already cremated. Olivia tells Gregory that she fears that her baby's death was a result of their plan to steal Caitlin's baby away from her. Ben and Eddie wrestle, and Eddie uses Meg as a shield. Eddie throws Meg at Ben, who fires the gun. Gregory decides to become even more merciless, now that God took away his baby. Nothing will ever stop him.
S02E40 Episode 40 02/03/1998 Doctor Brock fears that the drug that Annie gave Olivia doesn't work, and that Olivia may remember everything that happened to her. Caitlin breast feeds her baby in front of everyone. While Eddie and Ben fight, Ben fires the gun, but it misses Meg. Casey hears the gunshot, and comes to help Ben and Meg. Eddie wants to know why did the evil Ben set him up.
S02E41 Episode 41 03/03/1998 After he stole everything from Ben's safe, Eddie gives it to the evil Ben. Meanwhile, the real Ben keeps on having headaches, so he has to delay his visit to the police station. When he finally arrives there, the headaches make him forget what was actually in his safe. Gabi tells Ricardo that she never saw Ben act like that before, and he says that he's acting just like the night Maria died. Meg is in Ben's house, and as she comes downstairs, someone is fiddling with the door.
S02E42 Episode 42 04/03/1998 Gabi decides to quit her job at the police station, because she always ends up hurting the people she loves when she begins having feeling toward them. Antonio wants to know why is Ricardo so good to Gabi, after the entire trial-thing, and he tells him that Gabi doesn't deserve to be not forgiven. After taking the potion from Mrs Moreau, Virginia plans to use it against Vanessa. When Michael and Vanessa are sleeping, she puts two drops of the potion on Vanessa's arm. Joan arrives in Sunset Beach. Tyus informs the others that Tim has finally stabilized, and that they are going to move him to Cedar Oaks. Tyus and Ben discuss Ben's headaches.
S02E43 Episode 43 05/03/1998 Michael wonders what did Virginia spend on the money on, when Jimmy tells him that Virginia didn't buy him any supplies. Vanessa notices a splotch on her arm which is a result of Mrs Moreau's potion, and coves it with a long-sleeved shirt. Olivia has a nightmare of someone kidnapping her baby.
S02E44 Episode 44 06/03/1998 When she reads her mother's medical file, Vanessa fears that she also has Martin's Syndrome, because all the signs are telling her that she has it. Virginia suggests to Michael that he should buy a sexy dress for Vanessa. Olivia remembers the day her baby died, and realizes that someone was talking to her on the phone, but she doesn't realize that it's Annie. Caitlin names her baby Armando Deschanel III, or 'Trey' shortly. Annie tells Caitlin and Cole that they should visit Olivia and Gregory, without them knowing that Olivia 'lost' her baby. They arrive at the house.
S02E45 Episode 45 09/03/1998 Vanessa's lesion disappears, so Virginia makes sure that next time it won't go away so soon. Cole, Caitlin and little Trey arrive at the Richards' home where Gregory informs them that Olivia lost her baby. While Caitlin is comforting Olivia, Gregory bonds with little Trey. Olivia keeps on remember the day she lost her baby. She hears her baby crying.
S02E46 Episode 46 10/03/1998 Tyus and Ben continue talking about Ben's headaches, and Ben tells Tyus that he is happier than he ever was in years. Tyus gives him some medications for the headaches. Joan tells Meg that Tim called her in Kansas and claimed that Meg is in danger from Ben. Ben overhears them and claims that Joan is trying to keep Meg away from him. When Ben leaves, Meg apologizes for Ben's behavior. Caitlin catches Cole crying because of Gregory and Olivia's loss. Sean attacks Gregory and Olivia, because they aren't happy for Caitlin and Cole, and then Gregory tells him that Olivia lost her baby. Doctor Brock informs Annie that small percentage of women remember things that happened under the amnesia, so she has to keep Olivia away from thinking about her baby. Antonio and Gabi talk at breakfast about life experiences.
S02E47 Episode 47 11/03/1998 Olivia is convinced that she can hear her baby crying, so she won't leave the nursery. Gregory takes her home, where Cole visits Olivia, climbing in the window, and they talk about the baby. Olivia tells Cole that she heard her baby cry. Annie goes to the Richards' house and makes Gregory remove all the stuffs that could remind Olivia of the baby, because Doctor Brock told her that the amnesia may not work. However, Gregory says that he cannot get rid of all the stuffs, because he wants to remember the baby by something. While on a picnic with Meg, Ben doesn't want to talk about his headaches and his appointment with Tyus. Ben tells Meg that he doesn't know what he would do if anything would happen to her. Meg leaves to get some strawberries, while Ben gets another headache. Meg sees him near a cliff, and while going to him, she almost falls off.
S02E48 Episode 48 12/03/1998 Madame Carmen advises Gabi to stay in Sunset Beach, because her problems will follow her wherever she goes. Meg tells Caitlin about what happened to Tim, and Caitlin says that Tim couldn't be drunk when he fell off, because he was completely sober when Caitlin and Cole saw him that day. Mrs Moreau advises Virginia to stop putting the potion on Vanessa's skin because it won't last long, and tells her that putting the potion in her lotion is a much more better idea. Vanessa talks to Tyus about the lesions, and decides to tell Michael about it. Madame Carmen tells Gabi that she should warn Meg that she is in danger, because she can't see her future. Gabi tells Ricardo and Antonio that she's staying in Sunset Beach. Ben tells Meg that they will never stand in front of a priest in Sunset Beach.
S02E49 Episode 49 13/03/1998 Virginia decides to take Jimmy to the movies, only to have an excuse to go to Vanessa's apartment. She says that she thinks that someone broke into Vanessa's apartment and she goes inside to see it. She goes in her bedroom and puts Mrs Moreau's potion in Vanessa's lotion. Michael and Vanessa arrive there while Virginia is leaving the place. Ben tells Meg that he wants to get married in Venice, and then throw a big party for everyone they know. Meg is upset when Gabi tells her that Madame Carmen told her that there is no future for her. Meg visits Madame Carmen, who tells her that her cards don't lie and that she has to change her future, because otherwise, she will die.
S02E50 Episode 50 16/03/1998 Vanessa and Michael catch Virginia inside Vanessa's apartment, and Virginia says that she saw a burglar climbing out of Vanessa's apartment. She makes silly excuses to make them think that she was trying to stop the burglar. Michael notices that there is no sign of a forced entry, so the burglar must have had a key. The evil Ben reminisces about the people he murdered and says that Meg is the next one. Ben talks to Madame Carmen about Maria's death, because Madame Carmen is Ricardo, Antonio and Maria's mother. Jimmy backs up Virginia's story, so Michael and Vanessa believe Virginia. Ricardo says to Carmen that he is convinced that Ben is the man who murdered Maria. Ben promises to Meg that everything will be OK. A police officer comes to Vanessa's apartment. Later, Vanessa smooths some lotion on her arms, and is surprised to discover a rash.
S02E51 Episode 51 17/03/1998 When Olivia won't move out of the Richards' house, Gregory tells her it's for the best, because they need to go far away from the house that will remember them of the baby she lost. Caitlin catches Annie while she's trying to steal the music box that Gregory kept to remember him of the baby, so Olivia wouldn't think about the baby. Caitlin says to her that it's up to Gregory and Olivia to decides whether they should keep the music box or not. Meg tells Joan that she's going to elope with Ben to Venice, so they could have the perfect wedding, and Joan is happy for her daughter. Joan calls Hank, who decides to come to Sunset Beach, to see Ben and Meg off. Eddie doesn't know that Ben isn't the evil Ben. Cole comforts Olivia, who is still convinced that she can hear her baby crying. Annie tells Gregory that she knows what happened to Olivia and why she can't remember anything.
S02E52 Episode 52 18/03/1998 Eddie overhears Meg talking to Caitlin about eloping to Venice with Ben, so he calls the evil Ben and tells him what he overheard, and demands money from him. Meg returns home, where Ben waits for her, and tells her that they are leaving for Venice tonight. Olivia breaks into tears when she is about to hold Trey, because she's hurt by what happened to her. Cole promises to find out what happened to their baby. Olivia wants to bury her baby, but Gregory tells her that their baby was cremated. Gregory, who still isn't sure what actually happened, decides to travel to San Francisco to find out more about what happened to Olivia. Ben tells Meg that her life will never be the same, which reminds her of what Madame Carmen told her. Annie tells Gregory that Olivia could have lost her baby because she was drinking, but Gregory is convinced that Olivia isn't drinking anymore.
S02E53 Episode 53 19/03/1998 Ben decides to wait until morning to elope, so Meg could see her father, and later they both agree to sleep in separate beds while Hank is in town. Ben gives Meg a pearl necklace, and Meg gives him a scarf, as a wedding present. Gregory talks to Doctor Brock, who won't let him see Olivia's file without Olivia's written permission, so Gregory takes the Doctor to Sunset Beach with him. Olivia and Annie fight over the music box, so it drops and breaks.
S02E54 Episode 54 20/03/1998 Vanessa makes an appointment with Dr Luisa Estrada to find out if she has Martin's Syndrome. Gabi is convinced that Grogan is behind the murders on the Terror Island. Ben wants stronger medicine for his headache. He is surprised to find a note in Maria's handwriting. The person wants to meet him. Meg overhears Carmen talking about how Ben trashed her shop. Ben appears at the evil Ben's shelter, where he finds Meg's shattered pictures. Soon, the evil Ben appears in the room.
S02E55 Episode 55 23/03/1998 The evil Ben manages to chain Ben up to a wall, and takes his jacket and scarf. Carmen claims that Ben is the Terror Island killer, which surprises Meg. Joan and her husband Hank arrive from the airport. Meg is happy that her parents are back. Vanessa talks to Michael about Lena and her illness, but she doesn't say that Lena is her mother. Dr Estrada tells Vanessa that it's too soon to tell if she has Martin's Syndrome. The evil Ben comes to Meg.
S02E56 Episode 56 24/03/1998 The evil Ben doesn't recognize Hank and Joan. Gregory and Doctor Brock arrive in Sunset Beach, where Gregory introduces the doctor to Caitlin and Annie. Gregory tells them that he is going to press charges against Brock. Olivia is shocked when she reads her medical file.
S02E57 Episode 57 25/03/1998 Gregory wants to know why did Olivia sign a release to have the baby cremated. When the evil Ben starts acting weirdly, Meg tells him, without knowing that this isn't Ben, that he is very strange, which makes him nervous. He makes a few more mistakes. Ben manages to reach his cell phone and calls Meg, but she can't hear what he's saying. The evil Ben takes her phone away. Olivia claims that she never signed anything, but Gregory doesn't believe her. Sean catches Annie talking to Doctor Brock, and later confronts her about it. Ben manages to call Ricardo, but the evil Ben comes in time to stop him. Meg informs her parents that she and Ben aren't going to Venice. Her parents inform her that they could lose their farm in Kansas.
S02E58 Episode 58 26/03/1998 Gregory accuses Olivia for causing their baby's death. Sean realizes that Trey is actually Olivia's baby. Meg notices that Ben unplugged the answering machine. Ricardo advices Meg to not trust Ben, because of his past. The evil Ben cuts Ben's face. Ben threatens to kill him. Later, the evil Ben tells Meg that his headaches are gone, and that he unplugged the answering machine because he wanted her all to himself.
S02E59 Episode 59 27/03/1998 Ben calls the evil Ben "Derek" for the first time. He seems to be his evil twin brother. Annie gives Gregory a bill for liquor that Olivia apparently signed, what makes Gregory tell Olivia that he's sending her to rehab. Olivia leaves a suicide note to both Cole and Caitlin, so Cole rushes to stop her before it's too late. Casey arrives at Ben's place, where Derek tries to find out what is Casey's name before they figure out that he doesn't know who he is. Later, Derek threatens to kill Meg unless Ben gives him the passwords to his financial files. While transferring Tim to Cedar Oaks, the staff discovers an ad for Derek's place.
S02E60 Episode 60 30/03/1998 Cole comes in time to stop Olivia from killing herself, and asks her to let him help her face the death of her baby. Ben refuses to give the passwords for his financial files until Derek proves that Meg is still alive. Gregory and Annie fool around in his office when Caitlin informs them about Olivia. Annie fantasizes about Olivia disappearing. Sean buys a new music box, to replace the previous one that broke while Olivia and Annie were fighting for it. Olivia decides to leave Sunset Beach, and informs everyone about it. Derek wants to kill Tim once and for all, but before he comes to him, he finds an ad for his place. After one last attempt, Gregory lets Olivia leave Sunset Beach. Sean wants to know from Annie what actually happened to Olivia's baby.
S02E61 Episode 61 31/03/1998 Casey informs Virginia that Michael is moving in with Vanessa. Sean suspects that Annie gave Olivia's baby to Caitlin, and he threatens to tell the truth to Caitlin, unless Annie lets him meet the woman who gave birth to Trey. Annie now has to find someone to pretend to be Trey's biological mother.
S02E62 Episode 62 01/04/1998 Annie feels guilty when Cole informs her that Olivia trying to commit suicide. She applies to become a mentor to an underprivileged teenager, only to get someone to pretend to be Trey's biological mother. Antonio helps her, without knowing Annie's true intentions. Dr Estrada informs Vanessa that there is a new test that could help her see if she has Martin's Syndrome or not. Annie can't find anyone to play the role of Trey's biological mother. Gregory offers Caitlin to move back home with Cole and Trey, but she refuses, because she already has a new apartment. Sean threatens Annie to tell Caitlin the truth, again.
S02E63 Episode 63 02/04/1998 Vanessa wants Dr Estrada not to tell anything to Tyus, and she agrees to keep Vanessa's identity a secret. Antonio is moving in the Surf Central. In order to prove Ben that Meg is alive, Derek buys a video camera and tapes Meg talking about their relationship and them kissing. Then, he claims that the video camera is broken, only so that he could bring it and show it to Ben. Gabi finds an unusual thing in Antonio's place. Casey accidentally sees Derek walking into his place. He pounds on the door, calling for Ben.
S02E64 Episode 64 03/04/1998 Derek lets Casey come into his secret place, and Casey talks about a party at Surf Central. Derek doesn't know where it is and asks him where it is, which leaves Casey puzzled. Virginia finds out that Vanessa visited Dr Estrada, and knows that her evil plan is working. Casey tells Meg that Ben didn't know where Surf Central was, or what it is, so they decide to return back to 'Ben's' place. Derek shows Ben the tape that he made of Meg, and threatens to kill Meg if he won't give him the passwords for his financial files. Later, when Derek leaves, Meg and Casey come and decide to break the door down so they could enter the place.
S02E65 Episode 65 06/04/1998 Dr Estrada tells Tyus that her patient wants to stay anonymous, but later, while checking the files, Tyus realizes that it's Vanessa. Hank and Joan tell Derek that Casey and Meg left together, so he rushes to the warehouse to stop them before they enter the place. Eddie has some gambling debts, and decides to get the money that he needs from Derek. Derek comes in time to stop Meg and Casey, and he explains that he bought the warehouse so he could covert it into a home for them to live in one day. Ben knocks on the pipe so they could save him, but Derek tells them that it's only a sound from the old plumbing. Meg believes him.
S02E66 Episode 66 07/04/1998 When Caitlin and Cole lose the apartment that they were waiting for, Caitlin asks Gregory if he had anything to do with it, but he won't answer. Eddie blackmails Derek into giving him the money to pay for his gambling debts, by threatening to tell Meg the truth. Gregory calls the office at the complex where Cole and Caitlin were meant to leave, and wants them to reinstate the lease. Annie is still trying to find someone to play the role of Trey's biological mother, and when the last woman comes, she's black. Annie tells him that the person is Trey's biological mother's friend, but Sean doesn't believe her, so Annie decides to hire an actress.
S02E67 Episode 67 08/04/1998 Annie's actress, Tess Montgomery, finally arrives to play the part of Trey's biological mother in front of Sean. While Tess is talking to Sean, Annie sees Tess on a talk show on television, and the show is about women who would do anything for money. Vanessa takes the Martin's Syndrome test, while Virginia plots against Vanessa again. She substitutes the cells from Lena's arm for Vanessa's cells.
S02E68 Episode 68 09/04/1998 Sean is still talking to Tess Montgomery, the actress that Annie hired, and while talking to her, he sees the talk show and Annie is worried that Sean discovered her secret, but then Sean tells her that he saw Amy in the public. Just as Annie is trying to get Tess to leave, Caitlin, Cole and Trey arrive. Tess plays the role of a baby-enticed lady when she sees little Trey. Derek gives only a fraction of money to Eddie. Meg tells Casey that she overheard Ben promising to give Eddie what he wants. Casey then talks to Eddie. Derek tells Ben that he's going to take-over his life as soon as he gets his passwords. Eddie sees Annie with Cole and Caitlin, and realizes that Annie is after Gregory. While Virginia is mixing Lena and Vanessa's samples, Tyus talks to Vanessa about her illness.
S02E69 Episode 69 10/04/1998 Tyus tells Vanessa that she shouldn't rush into things before she's sure that she has Martin's Syndrome. Meg tells Derek, thinking it's Ben, that she knows that he gave money to Eddie, so he verbally attacks her. Then, Derek admits that he has been lying to her and wants to take her to the warehouse to talk to her. Ricardo asks Gabi out on a date. Hank finds out that they lost their farm in Kansas.
S02E70 Episode 70 13/04/1998 Virginia wants to switch the Petri dishes so that her plan would be perfect, so she makes an appointment with Tyus. Derek lies to Meg and she believes him, and assures that she loves him for who he is. Of course, she's talking about Ben. Casey takes Meg home and she tells him all about 'Ben'. Hank and Joan inform Meg that they've lost their farm in Kansas.
S02E71 Episode 71 14/04/1998 Annie continues seducing Gregory, and realizes that her real competition is Trey, not Olivia. Vanessa doesn't want Michael to know the truth about her illness, and she tells Tyus that she is probably going to become very ugly. Tyus comforts her, and tells her that he thinks she's beautiful. Annie tries to convince Caitlin to not return home, so that Trey wouldn't be near Gregory. While Virginia is switching the Petri dishes Tyus walks in on her, and she gets confused, so she doesn't know which dish is which.
S02E72 Episode 72 15/04/1998 Eddie walks in on Derek with a stack of money, and he takes it away from him, telling him that he doesn't owe him anything anymore. Meg asks Derek if his brother is coming to the wedding, and he says that his brother is dead. Derek wants to join his bank account with Meg's and asks her for a password. She gets mad, because he never told her his password before. Annie succeeds in seducing Gregory. They kiss, but Gregory stops and wants to know what is her true interest in him. She says that she was, at first, politically motivated, but now she has really grown to like him. However, when she asks him how he feels about her, he doesn't answer. A thug steals a lock of Cole's hair, and Cole catches him. When he wants to know who hired him, the thug only gives him the address where he had to deliver the hair. Cole rents the box next to the one where the hair sample has to go and he breaks into the box. He hides, and the Gregory comes there.
S02E73 Episode 73 16/04/1998 Gabi and Ricardo are out on a date, and Gabi feels a little bit uncomfortable going out with him, but an unknown man reassures her that people are always like that on their first date. Meg asks Derek about his password, but Derek doesn't know it, so he says that he wants to open a new joint account with her. Cole confronts Gregory about the hair sample that a thug stole from him, but Gregory claims that he had nothing to do with it. Derek tries to fantasize about killing Meg in front of Ben, but he can't do it. Eddie is watching Derek from far away, and Hank & Joan interrupt him. Eddie warns Meg to watch out for Derek. An unknown technician receives a phone call from someone who tells him that he has Cole's hair sample, and the technician tells him that it's just what they need. Eddie follows Ben to the warehouse. Derek is angry because Ben didn't warn him that Meg doesn't know the password. Gabi has a flashback of her father raping her after the date.
S02E74 Episode 74 17/04/1998 Vanessa lies to Michael about leaving to do a breaking story, and tells him that she doesn't know when she'll be back. Tyus calls Vanessa and tells her that the results are done. Meg is confused when Ben's employees tell her that Ben hasn't given them their paycheck yet. Derek explains his deadly plan to kill Ben and marry Meg. Eddie breaks into the warehouse and finds Ben. Virginia finds Vanessa's test results on Tyus's desk and opens it, but she doesn't know what does anything in that file mean. Casey talks about everything that happened to Meg since she arrived in Sunset Beach, and Derek reveals that he doesn't know that Meg was in the cave-in.
S02E75 Episode 75 20/04/1998 Vanessa's test results are positive. She has Martin's Syndrome. Vanessa decides to leave Sunset Beach. Tyus wants her to stay in the town, at least until he consults with Dr Estrada. After finding Ben in the warehouse, Eddie decides that it's better for Ben to stay there. Eddie calls Derek and arranges to meet him. Eddie makes Ben think that Derek and Meg had sex. Tyus does some research and is wondering why did Martin's Syndrom appear so suddenly to Vanessa. Vanessa spills the bottle of lotion. Michael goes shopping for an engagement ring for Vanessa. Antonio tells Ricardo that he should tell Carmen that Gabi was the person who charged him with the rape on court, before she finds out about it from someone else.
S02E76 Episode 76 21/04/1998 Vanessa throws the lotion bottle that she spilled away, and notices that her rash is going away. She talks to Tyus about it, but he reassures her that she in fact has Martin's Syndrome, he double-checker her test. Tyus examines Derek thinking he's Ben (of course) and notices a scar on his retinas that he didn't notice before. Derek is about to leave to meet with Eddie when Meg tells him that he has a meeting in the Liberty Corporation. Eddie asks Ben about Derek and Ben tells him that Derek is the Terror Island murderer. Ben tries to set himself free. Derek doesn't recognize Bette, Gregory, Annie or anyone else and makes a few more mistakes on the meeting. Jimmy tells Virginia that he saw Vanessa throwing away her lotion. Eddie asks Bette out on a date. Gregory and Annie continue fooling around, and Bette realizes that Annie is after Gregory. Eddie tells Derek that he knows that he is actually Derek, not Ben.
S02E77 Episode 77 22/04/1998 Tim finally wakes up, and Meg tells Derek the good news. When Derek arrives, Tim pretents to have brain damage, just so that Derek wouldn't do anything to him. Annie makes it look like Gregory is having an affair with his secretary, so that Sean would tell Olivia about it. Derek threatens to kill Eddie, who tells him that in case of his death, there is a letter in which he wrote all about Derek's schemes. Later, Derek breaks into Eddie's apartment looking for the letter, but he can't find it.
S02E78 Episode 78 23/04/1998 Annie makes sure that Sean notices that Gregory is having an affair with his secretary. Sean is about to call Olivia to tell her about the affair, but then he realizes that he shouldn't be the person to come in between his parents. Virginia visits Mrs Moreau. She needs a potion that will make Vanessa have a rash all over her body. Mrs Moreau says that she needs Lena's fingernail clippings. Before telling Michael about the desease, Vanessa decides to visit her mother. Meanwhile, Michael finds a perfect engagement ring for Vanessa, and decides to throw a surprise party with Jimmy for her. Laverne catches Virginia trying to clip Lena's fingernails. Annie goes to see Caitlin, and accidentally overhears Bette talking with Cole about Cole's affair with Olivia.
S02E79 Episode 79 24/04/1998 Bette catches Annie outside the door and knows that she overheared their conversation. Cole, who is now in a trap, tries to convince Annie that he had an affair with Bette, not Olivia. Joan and Vanessa strike a deal about the dress code for the party. Gregory walks in on Caitlin and Sean discussing her miscarriage. Virginia finds out that she can't get her job at the hospital back, because Laverne told the board about her illegal job. Caitlin tells Gregory that she knows that Gregory planned to steal her baby and tell her that it's dead.
S02E80 Episode 80 27/04/1998 Cole is trying to convince Annie that he had an affair with Bette, but Annie doesn't buy it. Vanessa visits her mother at the hospital and they have a tearful reunion. Mrs Moreau warns Virginia that her latest potion could be fatal for Vanessa. Jimmy finds a bottle of potion in Virginia's purse.
S02E81 Episode 81 28/04/1998 Following Antonio's advice, Ricardo confesses to Carmen that Gabi is the woman who pressed charges against him for raping her. Carmen tells him to stop seeing Gabi. Gabi overhears Carmen telling Ricardo that he shouldn't date her. Bette and Meg talk about her wedding plans, and Bette asks her about her sister Sara who is an intern for a Californian congressman. Bette receives a package from Eddie containing the letter in which Eddie wrote about Derek and his crimes. They kiss, and Eddie wants Bette to come with him. Derek thinks that Meg found out about him when he sees meg holding an envelope, but it turns out to be a love letter from her to him. Vanessa decides to tell Michael the truth. Virginia finds out that Jimmy spilled the potion that he found in her purse on himself, and realizes that Jimmy is the most important thing in the whole world for her. Derek writes a substitute letter. Meg receives a surprising visit.
S02E82 Episode 82 29/04/1998 Annie is trying to find out if Cole really did sleep with Olivia, so she tries to trick Antonio into telling her the truth, but she doesn't get anything from him. Then she decides to find out the truth from Bette with truth serum. Meg's sister Sara arrives in Sunset Beach. Bette invites her, Joan and Sara to a party at the Deep, because she lost a bet with the mayor, and now she has to sing a solo at the Deep. Gabi tells Ricardo that they can't be together, until she gets over the trauma from her childhood. Annie suspects that Bette and Eddie are more than friends.
S02E83 Episode 83 30/04/1998 After Sean told him about Gregory's secrets inside a Chinese puzzle box, Cole opens it and finds old love letter from Olivia and the death certificate of Olivia's dead baby. He also finds a hidden compartment with a secret letter for a police. Meg and Derek find out from Joan and Sara that they are taking the cast off of Tim's hands. Joan overhears Sara talking on the phone with someone, telling him that no one suspects. Annie tries to put the truth serum in Bette's drink, but Bette wants hot tea. Then Annie puts the serum in her tea, but Bette switches the cups. Then, Bette questions Annie about why did she put the truth serum in the cup, if she is jealous over Meg and other questions.
S02E84 Episode 84 01/05/1998 Virginia sprays Mrs Moreau's potion on Vanessa's dress in Ben's house. Casey offer help to Sara, but she says that she doesn't need help and that she isn't running away from anything. Later, Sara receives a phone call from someone who tells her that she is a lead story on the news. Tyus leaves a pad and a pen to Tim, and Tim writes "Ben pushed me. Save me." on it. Casey arrives. Derek gives the pearls to Meg, unzips her dress and lays her on the bed.
S02E85 Episode 85 04/05/1998 Gabi overhears Carmen discussing with Antonio about her dating Ricardo. Gabi reassures Carmen that she has no intention in dating her son. A story about an affair of an intern with the Congressman Blythe is all over the news. Joan receives a phone call from a reporter who wants to know if she has any comments on the situation with Congressman Blythe.
S02E86 Episode 86 05/05/1998 When Meg and Joan ask her about it, Sara tells them that Congressman Blythe's enemies planted the entire affair story in the media. Hank tells Sara that he'll take the next flight and come to support her. The electricity goes out, so Vanessa has to dress for the party in the dark. When the lights come back on, Vanessa is frightened when she realizes that she is covered in blisters. Derek comes to Bette's place and pretends to be interested in an interview, but he's there only so that he could find Eddie's letter. After finding a police letter in Gregory's Chinese puzzle box, Cole decides to find out everything about the case by using the case number on the letter.
S02E87 Episode 87 06/05/1998 Cole, determined to find what is the police case about, lifts the key for the file from a rookie. Frightened by all the blisters on herself, Vanessa writes a goodbye letter to Michael, and leaves to the beach. Michael turns up there. Eddie takes pictures of Ben locked up in the warehouse so he could use it against Derek. Bette takes the fake letter that Derek replaced. Sara says that she gave a statement in which she explains that Congressman Blythe did not sexually harass her, but the statement, which was ment to be confidental, somehow leaked. Derek arrives to Eddie's just while Eddie is developing Ben's pictures. Meg decides to hide Sara in Derek's warehouse.
S02E88 Episode 88 07/05/1998 Gabi catches Cole in the police office searching for a police file, and she helps him to find it. Vanessa overhears Michael rehearsing the proposal, but she doesn't talk to him. On the airport, she is determined to go as far aways as possible. Meg and Sara are in Derek's hideout talking, while Ben is trying to let them know that he is in the warehouse, but they can't hear him until he kicks over a crate. Bette confronts Annie about the truth serum, and tells her that she knows that she is trying to steal Gregory away from Olivia, just to hurt her. Sara sees the door where Ben is. Derek shows Eddie the letter that Eddie sent to Bette. Gabi and Cole find out that Gregory was a witness to a crime that Cole was researching, and the name of the suspect, but they don't say it aloud.
S02E89 Episode 89 08/05/1998 Olivia, who is on a cruise, trying to deal with the death of her baby, receives a letter from Caitlin. She reads the letter, but she doesn't want to look at the pictures of Trey that Caitlin sent her, because it's too much pain for her. Derek kills Eddie, and takes pictures and other stuff from him. Sara and Meg are in the warehouse, about to open the door where Ben is locked up. Meg doesn't want to open it, because she promised to "Ben" that she won't open it, but Sara says that she didn't promise anything and picks the lock on the room. The suspects in the crime involving Gregory turns out to be nobody else than A.J. Deschanel, Cole's father. He finds out more about the crime. Gabi is determined to forget about her childhood. She tells Ricardo that she decided to see a therapist. Annie decides to make a tape which will make Gregory think that Olivia wants to divorce him. Annie finally makes up with Bette, but the tape that Annie made starts playing. Bette is stunned. Olivia climbs through the railing, prepared to jump. Just when Meg is about to open the door, Derek stops her and tells her that rats are in that room. Later, Derek tells Ben that he murdered Eddie.
S02E90 Episode 90 11/05/1998 Cole and Caitlin talk about what Cole discovered, and Caitlin tells Cole that A.J. Deschanel was Olivia's first love. Just when Bette and Annie made up, the tape that Annie made starts playing, and Bette realizes what Annie is up to. Hurt by her actions, Bette tells Annie that she's going to Hell just like her father and decides to cut all ties with her. Annie tries to explain why she did, but Bette won't listen and she leaves. A unknown man stops Olivia from jumping and they start talking. He takes her to his cabin where he presents himself as her friend. Gregory finds Annie crying.
S02E91 Episode 92 12/05/1998 Olivia continues talking to the unknown man who stopped her from jumping, and tells him about her baby. The man encourages her to find out the real truth about her baby, while she tells him that her husband thinks that she is the guilty one. When the man tells her that she shouldn't listen to Gregory, Olivia realizes that she knows the man she's talking to. Derek continues torturing Ben, this time by forcing him to listen at him and Meg getting intimate. Just as Meg and Derek are about to have sex, Ben wills Meg to stop, and surprisingly, she does.
S02E92 Episode 92 13/05/1998 Olivia recognizes the strange man that presented himself as a friend -- it's A.J. Deschanel, her first love, Cole's father. They talk about the past, and he encourages her to find out what actually happened to her baby. Meg almost finds a picture of Ben & Derek together. It falls out of Ben's wallet. Tyus comforts Vanessa and tells her that she needs to be with the loved ones while dealing with such a desease as hers. She knows that she has to face the fact that she has Martin's Syndrome. Tyus offers her to live in his apartment, and she accepts the offer. Annie stops Gregory before they move on, and tells him that she can't sleep with him and then pretend that nothing happened between them. She tells him that she knows that he can't give her love.
S02E93 Episode 93 14/05/1998 Cole decides to find out more about A.J.'s crime, and Gabi promises to help him. They find out that Frank Doyle, a witness of the crime, dissapeared without a trace. Olivia promises to A.J. that she won't tell anyone that he's returned to Sunset Beach, because he wants to face his son alone. He arrives in Sunset Beach. Another appereance by Del reminds Annie that she has to marry Gregory by the end of June. She refuses to, but when Del insults her, she decides it's best to return to her plan.
S02E94 Episode 94 15/05/1998 A.J. and Cole meet for the first time. Annie and Gregory finally make love, and they are caught by Olivia. Sara finds the picture of Ben & Derek together which fell out of Ben's wallet, and realizes that they are identical twins. Derek reminds Ben that today is the fifth anniversaty of Maria's death. Meg practices her apology to Ben for not realizing what day is today. Ben is listening to her, because she's in the warehouse. Bette finds Eddie's body.
S02E95 Episode 95 18/05/1998 Cole and A.J. talk about the past. Cole doesn't want anything from him. A.J. tells him that he never knew that Elaine was pregnant after he left Sunset Beach. Olivia and Annie fight, and Annie promises that she will take away her family just like Olivia took away hers. Olivia reminds her that Del never loved his daughter. A.J. promises to win his son back, and he won't leave Sunset Beach before he does it. Bette gives Ricardo the envelope from Eddie, which was actually written by Derek, which accuses Eddie's bookie of the murder. Annie comes to comfort Bette, but she doesn't want to talk to her. While having a romantic evening with Meg in the warehouse, Derek drops a glass of champagne. The drop was actually caused by Ben, who realizes that he has some kind of a psychic bond with his brother and he can use it to give Derek headaches, just like the ones Ben had.
S02E96 Episode 96 19/05/1998 Vanessa wants to go to a hospital to control her disease, but Tyus wants her to stay in his place, so that he could study the Martin's Syndrome up close and find a cure for her. Meg and Derek make love, while Meg has a feeling that "Ben" is a stranger. Casey wants to help Sara and arranges a press conference so she could make a statement. Derek tells Ben that he was never intimate with Maria. Sara states that she was never intimate with Congressman Blythe, but the press doesn't believe her.
S02E97 Episode 97 20/05/1998 Ricardo is investigating Eddie's murder, and Meg asks him if Ben could be the murderer. Ricardo only wants to ask Ben about what was Eddie's job at the Liberty Corporation, hoping that it will lead him to the murderer. Casey tell Meg that he witnesses "Ben" arguing with Eddie before Eddie's death. Meg tells Sara that she didn't feel a connection to "Ben" while making love to him, and tells him about Casey's information about "Ben" & Eddie. Ben and Derek struggle, and Ben finally knocks Derek unconscious. While escaping, Ben passes out and Casey finds him. However, he doesn't see Derek.
S02E98 Episode 98 21/05/1998 Cole thinks that A.J. was the person who ordered the thief to steal a sample of his hair, and he confronts A.J. about it. Casey finds Ben unconscious and calls the paramedics. Meg visits him at the hospital and feels like the connection between them is back. Casey and Ricardo return to the warehouse, where Casey tells Ricardo that Ben didn't want anyone to access the back room. The lab technician leaves a message on someone's answering machine, saying that Cole Deschanel is a perfect match for something. Gregory admits that Annie was just a fling to him. Gabi and Sara talk, and Gabi tells her that she knows what it's like to be a subject of unwanted attention.
S02E99 Episode 99 22/05/1998 Casey and Ricardo decide to find out what is in the back room in the warehouse. They come in the place, but can't find anything, because Derek removed all the traces. Tyus notices that Ben is strangely dehydrated, and that he never saw a person dehydrate like that in just a few hours. Olivia tells Gregory that she is determined to find out what actually happened to her baby. Sara tells Joan about the picture of Ben and Derek together, and Joan suggests that Sara doesn't say anything to Meg, because they think that Ben's brother is dead. Derek decides to replace Ben in the hospital. He sets a fire in the warehouse.
S02E100 Episode 100 25/05/1998 The police finds out that someone set up a fire in Ben's warehouse. Annie tries to have Cole and Olivia admit to having an affair, with no luck. Derek is at the hospital in disguise, waiting for the opportunity to get rid of Ben. Cole wants Gabi to help him track down A.J.'s latest movements. Gregory isn't happy when A.J. pays him a visit. Sean runs into a girl at the beach. Olivia goes to see Tyus to find out if there's way for her to find out what happened on the night she lost her child.
S02E101 Episode 101 26/05/1998 Olivia decides to visit Doctor Alison McRae. Ricardo informs the Cummings' that Ben's warehouse was burned down to the ground, and that he posted a guard in Ben's hospital room for security. Dr McRae hypnotizes Olivia and returns her to the day she had her baby. She remembers Gregory's kindness that day, and the fact that someone called to meet her somewhere. Just as she's about to remember that it was Annie who called her, Annie lures Dr McRae away and comes to Olivia's side. Cole tells A.J. that Del kidnapped him as a child and that he made Elaine believe that he was dead. A.J. tells him that he wants to kill Del for that, and Cole tells him that Elaine already beat him to it.
S02E102 Episode 102 27/05/1998 Derek kills a another person, this time a drug addict and decides to use him as Ben's replacement. Ben awakens in the hospital and Ricardo comes in to ask him a couple of questions. Just as Ricardo is about to ask him who did it, he gets called away because of a person that Derek just killed. Hank brings messages to Sara from someone. Casey overhears Sara talking on the phone with the person who left her the messages. She says to the person that the reporters didn't believe her "and why should they?" Annie blackmails Dr. McCrae with pictures of her and Eddie, so Dr. McRae brings Olivia out of the hypnosis without any memory of the day she lost her baby. After Sara hangs up, we find out that her friend taped the entire phone call.
S02E103 Episode 103 28/05/1998 Vanessa agrees to go visit her mother when Tyus says to her that the nurses were surprised to see Lena smile the last time Vanessa was there. Virginia is trying to convince Michael that Vanessa doesn't want to be found. A.J. is checking the new Liberty Corporation building. Cole asks A.J. about what happened between him and Gregory that made him leave town. And the reason is no one else than Olivia. When Gabi tells him about it, Michael realizes that the person that Vanessa was visiting at the Cedar Oak is actually her mother Lena. A.J. tells Cole how Gregory made a trap that made him leave town. Bette is worried that A.J. could discover the trap that she and Gregory set up for A.J. and Olivia, but Gregory convinces her that the only reason why A.J. is here is to reunite with Cole. Emily decides to apply for a training to become a lifeguard.
S02E104 Episode 104 29/05/1998 Derek plans to put a drug in Ben's IV in order to kill him. Ricardo informs Meg that the case is officially closed, but that he doesn't believe that the dead guy was the one that attacked Ben and burned down the warehouse. Derek goes to the morgue, and changes the dead guy's autopsy so it would say that they found traces of kerosene on him. Ricardo reads it and realizes that the dead guy is the one that attacked Ben. Derek goes to Ben's room and puts the drugs in his IV. Virginia pretends to be surprised when she sees Vanessa. Vanessa asks her to make Michael forget about her, and tells her that she has to disappear in order to spare Michael from knowing the truth about her illness. Sean fills out and application to train for being a lifeguard, and Emily teases him about it. She says that he has only one week to prepare, but he says that he's the kind of guy that does everything in the last minute. Michael visits Lena and wants to talk to her, but she doesn't want to talk to him. Finally, she sends him away by telling him that she doesn't have a daughter.
S02E105 Episode 105 01/06/1998 Caitlin offers some money to Annie when she overhears her saying that she could become homeless soon, however Annie claims that she only needs a place to live. Annie tells her that she spent all her money on paying off Trey's biological mother, so Annie offers her to stay at Gregory's house. Olivia calls that phone company and wants to trace the call she received on the day her baby died. Cole brings Trey to Olivia, and Annie sees Olivia holding the baby. A.J. contacts Gregory, telling him that, thanks to him, he is going to ear A LOT of money. While Derek is putting drugs in Ben's IV, Meg walks in, so Derek tries to distract her. Derek, hoping that he gave enough drugs to Ben, takes Ben to the morgue and informs the worker in the morgue that Ben is up for cremation. Ricardo is still convinced that the dead guy is not the one that attacked Ben and burned down the warehouse. Antonio encourages him to trust his instincts and continue investigating. Melinda, Sara's "friend," tapes herself talking to Sara about the affair.
S02E106 Episode 106 02/06/1998 Melinda's attempt to tape Sara and herself talking about the affair is ruined due to constant interruptions. Meg returns to Ben's room in the hospital and finds Derek on the bed, without knowing that it isn't Ben. Ricardo arrives too to question him about his attacker. "Ben" describes the addict. Ricardo informs him about Eddie's death, and Derek pretends to be surprised. When A.J. tells him that he owns the beach on which Gregory is building a new resor, Gregory threatens to sue him. Antonio and Gabi talk about why Antonio became a priest, and Antonio says that it helped him go through Maria's death. However, he regrets never being able to help Ricardo move on.
S02E107 Episode 107 03/06/1998 Vanessa wants to leave Sunset Beach, claiming that she doesn't have enough money, but Tyus wants her to stay, so he could continue researching Martin's Syndrome and find a cure for her. He loans her his apartment in South Central. Michael pawns Vanessa's engagement ring, because he needs money to continue searching for Vanessa. Vanessa overhears one of the neighbors greeting Mrs Moreau, and can't remember where she heard that name before. Sara doesn't want to answer on Melinda's question about Congressman Blythe. She doesn't know that Melinda is taping their conversation.
S02E108 Episode 108 04/06/1998 Virginia tells Michael that she met Vanessa, and that Vanessa doesn't want to be found. Michael is convinced that Virginia really does want to come in between him and Vanessa, however, Virginia tells him that Vanessa didn't care about his proposal, which hurts. Michael thinks about quitting her search for Vanessa. Vanessa is visited by a neighbor who wants to see who is a new tenant. Vanessa covers herself with a scarf to hide her blisters caused by Virginia's potion. Derek is worried that Tyus will realize that something is wrong, so when Tyus exits the room by Derek's order, he gets Tyus paged. Then, he informs Meg that it's all done and that he can go home. Later Tyus calls "Ben" and wants to examine him. Derek decides to leave town before that happens. A delivery guy comes to the morgue and finds Ben mumbling strange words. Vanessa overhears her neighbor talking to Mrs. Moreau and recognizes her voice.
S02E109 Episode 109 08/06/1998 Bette is shocked when Olivia tells her she found Gregory & Annie in bed together. But Olivia doesn't plan to cry over Gregory, she is ready to move on. Bette warns Olivia that Gregory may tell A.J. about Olivia's role in kidnapping Cole as a child. Olivia is stuck between two decidions. Annie approaches A.J., pretending to be on a stood-up date, and he invites her to sit with him, where she tries to make him talk about himself. Sean asks Casey about the lifeguard position, and when Emily sees them, she confronts Sean about sucking up to the head lifeguard. When Emily leaves, Sean tells Casey that he wants to become a lifeguard only to come closer to Emily. Derek wants to leave town with Meg, to avoid Tyus's examination, and Meg agrees if Tyus lets her. Derek pretends that he's talking to Tyus, and convinces Meg that Tyus said OK. Meg tells Sara that she doesn't feel the connection with Ben that they used to have. Sara finds a picture of Ben & Derek together. Diane talks to Ben about him being her destiny, and tells that they belong together forever. When she leaves, Ben calls home, but the line is busy. He passes out before he's able to call the police. Derek arrives at the mortuaty to pick up Ben's ashes, or so he thinks.
S02E110 Episode 110 09/06/1998 Annie manages to take A.J.'s room key, but A.J. tells her that he knows who she is, and warns her to leave him and Olivia alone. A.J. returns to the dinner with Olivia, and Annie decides to eavesdrop to find out more about A.J.'s plane. Unfortunately for Annie, Bette catches her and she warns her that she will never be able to break up Gregory and Olivia. Meg tells Gabi that her connection with Ben is gone. While talking, Meg accidentally packs Ben & Derek's picture in her suitcase, but she does not see it. Sara tells Gabi that Ben has a twin, and Gabi tells her that she is sure that Meg doesn't know that Ben has a twin. Diane gives Derek the ashes, and he thinks that it's Ben who was cremated. Ben overhears Derek talking to Diane. Later, Diane tells Ben that they are destined to be together, because her kiss woke him up. He tells her that Derek tried to kill him and wants to call home, howeverm, when he reaches to phone, Diane knocks him out. Derek and Meg are on the road, and Derek isn't sure which way to go. They stop, and Meg goes for a map. She finds the ashes.
S02E111 Episode 111 10/06/1998 Olivia decides to tell the truth to A.J. about her part in Cole's kidnapping as a child, but first she has to resolve all the problems with Cole. Annie informs Gregory about her suspicions that Olivia and A.J. are having an affair. Gregory asks her how does she know that, and she says that she is at Grenaldine's, trying to extract some information out of A.J.. Gregory gets mad on Annie. He decides that even if he doesn't want Olivia anymore, he won't let A.J. have her. He arranges to meet with AJ, planning to tell him that Olivia helped Del kidnap Cole. Casey isn't sure if Sara is telling him the truth about Congressman Blythe, but he promises to stop pressuring her to tell him the truth. Derek lies to Meg about the ashes, saying that it's his brother's personal effect. Meg is convinced that "Ben" is having amnesia from his injuries, and it gives Ben the idea to call a bank and pretend that he needs to know a password because he forgot about it due to amnesia. Meg thinks about opening the box (which contains the ashes). Diane puts Ben in a coffin.
S02E112 Episode 112 11/06/1998 Michael suspects that Virginia isn't as innocent as he thought when he overhears her conversation with Mrs Moreau. He wants to know what did she do with the money he gave her, and she claims that Mrs Moreau charged her too much. When Michael says that he has to put his life back on track, Virginia is convinced that it contains her, but she's disappointed when Michael tells her that he is going to keep on looking for Vanessa. Gregory tells A.J. all about Olivia's role in Cole's kidnapping and he's also very disappointed. Gregory tells Olivia that he told A.J. the truth. Olivia comes to A.J.'s door, and she wants to talk to him. Meanwhile, A.J. is pounding on the door of Olivia's house.
S02E113 Episode 113 12/06/1998 The final lifeguard tests are ready, and Brad knocks Emily behind him, without anyone knowing about it. Emily says that she would like to come in second, only if he would be first. Soon, Sean and Brad are named as the new trainees. Emily congratulates Sean and leaves before he can talk to her. Ben wakes up, realizing that Dian gave him a drug, and now he can't move his legs. He begs Diane to go and tell Meg the truth, because she's in danger. Meg finally finds the picture of Ben and Derek together and realizes that Ben has a twin brother.
S02E114 Episode 114 15/06/1998 Olivia confesses to Caitlin and Sean about what she did to Cole when he was a child, and Caitlin tells her that she knows how it is when you love a man and you'd do anything for him. However, she doesn't intend to make Cole forgive Olivia. Sean tells Olivia that he needs some time to forgive his mother. Charles Lakin informs Annie that she has to marry Gregory by June 30th if she wants to inherit the Liberty Corporation stocks. Annie is mad. She fantasizes about her and Olivia playing a chess game, Olivia being the white queen and Annie the black one, and Olivia wins the game. Charles suggests her a way to make Gregory's and Olivia's divorce come faster. Olivia receives divorce paper from Charles, and Charles claims that they ended up at her place by mistake, but she decides to keep it and calls Gregory.
S02E115 Episode 115 16/06/1998 Meg remembers Tim's accusation of Ben being the killer, and realizes that the real killer could be his twin brother, who probably attacked Tim just to keep him quiet. She decides to find out if she's with Ben or Derek by looking at the scar from the wound on the man's leg. If the man has a scar then it's Derek. Ben promises Diane to become intimate with her after the wedding, only to keep her from paralizying him with a medication. Gabi tells Ricardo that she wrote about him in her diary, and that's what made her upset when the thugs stole her purse. Olivia wants Gregory to sign the divorce papers. A.J. arrives and convinces Olivia that she already suffered enough. Cole decides to visit his mother (Elaine) after realizing what Olivia did to him.
S02E116 Episode 116 17/06/1998 Meg sees that the man she's with does not have a scar on his leg, so she's convinced that the man must be Ben. However, when they take a shower together, she sees latex covering the scar fall off. Ben finally escapes from crazy Diane, and while trying to catch him, Diane sets fire to her dress by knocking over a candlestick. Casey says Emily that he's sorry about her not getting the trainee job, but she tells him that there are other jobs too. Sean is surprised by her reaction, and makes a suggestion to Casey, who later offers a job to Emily. Gregory finally signs the divorce papers, and exits sad. He talks to Annie, claiming that she can't understand how he feels, but Annie has an answer ready for him. A.J. is proud of Olivia stooding up against Gregory, while she is surprised because he isn't mad on her about the whole Cole thing. A.J. says that he had done some research and realized that Del and Julianna were the only people to blame about what happened. Olivia is surprised by A.J.'s change of heart. Later, Olivia tells Caitlin that she and Gregory are getting divorced. Caitlin is shocked to find out that Olivia found Gregory and Annie in bed together. Gregory goes to see Charles. Caitlin orders Annie to get out of her house.
S02E117 Episode 117 18/06/1998 Michael finds out that an unknown person hired people to pack up Vanessa's apartment. Ben is about to escape when he hears Diane screaming. He helps her, and then she stabs him in the shoulder with a syringe. She puts Ben back in the coffin, and is ready to make their love eternal in death. Meg is nervous when she realizes she isn't with Ben, but with his twin brother. Derek catches her when she tries to call for help. She claims she wanted to call her parents. When they go to sleep, Derek wants to cuddle with her, but she is horrified. She wonders where Ben is, but she knows that he is alive, she can feel it. Later, Meg tries to sneak out, but Derek catches her again.
S02E118 Episode 118 19/06/1998 Michael is determined to find out who ordered to pack Vanessa's stuff in the apartment and move them away. Emily realizes that Sean gave up his spot as a trainee for her, and it makes her furious. She doesn't want anyone's charity, but Sean convinces her that she deserved the job. The man who rented Derek the warehouse appears at the police station, in order to inquire information about his building. He claims that the man who rented the building wasn't named Ben, but he recognizes the man on the picture, it's Derek, but he doesn't know it's him. Ricardo heads to the Cummings house, where he tries to contact Meg, but he can't reach her. Ben stops Diane from giving him poison, so she plans to use a stake to end his life. Derek catches Meg while she's trying to run away. She claims that she has to pick up something she left at the car. She also feigns being ill, so Derek gets her some medicine. Meg finds out that Derek locked her in the house, and soon she finds the ashes. She fears that it's Ben. When Derek returns, Meg spills the ashes all over the floor.l
S02E119 Episode 119 22/06/1998 Gabi and Ricardo realize that there is something weird happening with Ben, and they decide to find out more about it. Tim finally tells Ricardo that "Ben" was the one who pushed him off the scaffolding. Ben plays with Diane's mind, only to stop her from killing him. She decides that they will drink poison together at the same time. Ben stalls more, so Diane slashes their wrists and puts them together. Meg tries to get rid of Derek, but she can't start the car. Derek approaches her and wants to know what is she doing. Michael, who is determined to find out who moved Vanessa's stuff out of her apartment, finds out that Tyus was the one who did it. Vanessa tries to convince Tyus to help her fake her own death. Michael pounds on Tyus's door while they are talking. Casey rescues Sara from drowning. Sara confesses that she wanted to kill herself because of her life, because of the lies about Congressman Blythe. She tells him the truth, and wonders why doesn't he hate her.
S02E120 Episode 120 23/06/1998 Sara tells Hank that Casey saved her from drowning, but she doesn't say anything about Congressman Blythe. Diane realizes that Ben is trying to stall her, to prevent her from killing him, so she attacks him with a knife. He knock her unconscious while they fight and calls the police to help him. Meg lies to Derek about the reason why she got into a car, and begs Derek to take her home, but he is determined to take her to a local doctor. Before they go to the doctors, Meg tells Derek that the front door aren't locked, so Derek returns, while Meg convinces herself to stay calm until she can come to the doctor. Meanwhile, while at the cabin, Derek finds the picture of him and hiss brother and realizes that Meg knows the truth. Tim tells Ricardo all about "Ben," and Ricardo puts out an APB on Ben. The police arrests Ben, who is injured. When Gabi asks him about where is Meg, Ben has no idea. Tyus lies to Michael about Vanessa's stuff.
S02E121 Episode 121 24/06/1998 Ben claims that he has a twin brother Derek, but Ricardo doesn't believe a word, until Gabi tells him about the picture of Ben & Derek together that Sara found. Ricardo decides to take Ben to the cabin, but the DA demands to lock Ben up, so Ricardo and Casey leave for the cabin to rescue Meg. Derek realizes that Meg knows who he is, so he decides to kill Meg. He decides to kill her with an axe, but when he can't do it, he decides to poison her. Cole tells A.J. that Elaine has a new boyfriend, so A.J. would stay a dead man for her. Caitlin wants Olivia to be Trey's godmother, and Cole agrees, but he doesn't want to leave Olivia alone with Trey. A.J. wants to have an equal ownership of the Liberty Corporation in exchange of giving up the rights to the beach, but Gregory doesn't agree.
S02E122 Episode 122 25/06/1998 Although Caitlin wants Annie out, Annie threatens to expose Caitlin's lie to Cole, so Caitlin changes her mind quickly and talk to Gregory about Annie, claiming that she wouldn't have anything against him pursuing a deeper relationship with Annie. Gregory thanks Annie for her support lately, and she says that she can't be his mistress anymore; she wants to be his wife. Ricardo and Casey arrive at the cabin, where they realize that nobody was in that cabin for years. Ricardo feels fooled, and demands to know where Meg actually is, but Ben has no idea. Ben tries to poison Meg by offering her a soup, which Meg drops on the floor, "accidentally."
S02E123 Episode 123 26/06/1998 Antonio jumps onto Spence, knocking him over so he can't shoot Ben, who takes off in Gabi's car. Antonio and Gabi get arrested for helping Ben escape and put into lockup together. They try to explain to Ricardo why they helped Ben escape. Diane is brought in, and told them that "Steele" kept saying that he was Ben Evans. When Casey asks Sara about the picture of Ben and Derek, she realizes that Meg is in danger. Meg then temporarily disables Derek by throwing "Ben's" ashes into his face. Once Derek recovers, he grabs a knife. As he is about to kill Meg, Ben arrives, surprising both Meg and Derek. Annie tells Gregory that she used to think that Ben would turn out to be her hero, but that Gregory is. When Gregory expresses his doubts, she reminds him of how he helped cover her embarrassment when Del abandoned her during her college graduation party for a rendezvous with Olivia by asking her to dance with him.
S02E124 Episode 124 29/06/1998 When Olivia remembers a cabin in Silverado Canyone (where Annie took her) A.J. suggests they drive up to the cabin, so Olivia could recall what actually happened there. Annie does her best to convince Gregory to marry her as soon as possible, and claims that the only reason she wants to marry him this night is because of her father's unreliability. Gregory calls his private jet to fly to Las Vegas, and the couple fly to Vegas. On their way, the pilot says he's ill and he can't make it to Las Vegas, so Annie knocks him out and gets in the pilot seat. She says she has been taking flying lessons. Casey and Ricardo finally realize who Derek is, and they head to the cabin. Accidentally, some robbers order Ricardo and Casey to drive them, and when they realize Ricardo is a cop, they shoot out his radio. Sara informs Hank and Joan about who Derek is. Gabi claims that she is fault for what happened with Ben, and she wants them to let Antonio go. Some police officers realize that there is something wrong with Ricardo's radio, and he decides to go after him. Hank says he'll go with him. Derek and Ben struggle, and meg interferes, only to get pushed against a wall and kocked out. Ben manages to stab Derek. Thinking it's all over, Ben goes to get Meg, and they kiss. He tells her it's finally over, but the devil never rests. Derek gets up, jumps and stabs Ben in the stomach.
S02E125 Episode 125 30/06/1998 Michael slips into Tyus's office, and goes through his records, when he finds a file for a patient with the last name Hart, he thinks that it's Vanessa's, but it turns out to be Lena's. Annie almost loses control of the plane, but Gregory takes over, telling her that he's a pilot. Annie convinces Gregory that they should continue on to Las Vegas. Gregory and Annie make it to their destination safely, and head straight for a chapel. As they discussed what wedding package to buy, Gregory says that he can't marry her. Sara and Joan tell Tim about Ben's twin brother, and say that Derek has taken Meg to a cabin, and they don't know if Ben has gotten there yet. When they leave Tim's room to call the police station, another person goes into his room. Derek asks Meg if she ever heard the truth about Maria's death. Meg says she thought Maria had betrayed Ben, but Derek says that Ben killed her!
S02E126 Episode 126 01/07/1998 Vanessa thinks that Tyus is Michael and kisses him. She's ready to make love to him. Michael tricks Dr. Estrada into telling him what is the name of Lena's desease. He finds out that she has Martin's Syndrome. Virginia overhears Tyus and Vanessa talking about Vanessa being cured, and she's worried about what will happen. After stabbing Ben, Derek wants to catch Meg. Casey and Ricardo arrive and find the cabin deserted. While running from Derek, Meg ends up on top of a cliff. The twins fight, and in the struggle, they fall off the cliff. Tim's strange visitor, a strange woman, has a nightmare in her room. Gregory tells Annie his attorneys have advised him not to marry her unless she signs a prenuptial agreement. Annie at first resists, but then she realizes that the clock is ticking, and that once she's married to Gregory, she'll have her own money, so there won't be any harm in signing the agreement.
S02E127 Episode 127 06/07/1998 Annie and Gregory are finally married, and although their marriage certificate says they married on July 1, 12:01, Annie manages to convince a woman to change the date to June 30th, claiming that it was her father's birthday, and she wanted to get married on that day. Gregory gives Annie a diamond, and later overhears Annie saying that her life with Gregory will be like a dream come true. Ricardo and Casey hear Meg cry out when Ben and Derek go off the cliff. Ben catches himself and climbs back up. Derek, hanging onto a ledge, begs Ben to save him. Ben grabs Derek's hand, and Derek tries to pull him off the cliff. Ben refuses to give up on his brother, but eventually his hand slips, and Derek drops to the bottom. Casey and Ricardo search for Derek's body, while Ben comforts Meg.
S02E128 Episode 128 07/07/1998 After Gregory carries Annie over the threshold, the entire family is shocked. Caitlin is dissapointed in Gregory, while Bette warns Annie that she is going to ruin her life with this marriage, because she knows that Gregory loves only Olivia. Gregory tells Caitlin that she was the reason why he married Annie. He tells her that he's happy that she is such good friends with Annie, and he reminds Caitlin that she asked him to be Trey's godmother. Later, Annie threatens Caitlin to tell everyone about the baby's real mother, so Caitlin must make her a godmother. The DA tells Gabi, Antonio and Ricardo that she intends to press charges against Gabi and Antonio. When Bette threatens to publicize the fact that the DA is pressing charges against the people who rescued Ben, the DA agrees to drop the charges. Ricardo also suggests that the DA put in a good word so that Gabi can keep her job. Olivia and A.J. are at the cabin, where Olivia is about to recall what happened to her baby. She remembers that there was someone else in the cabin, and that the person was close to her, and that that person probably kidnapped her baby. Olivia tries to throw Annie out of the house, and stays shocked when she finds out that Annie married Gregory. When Annie shows Olivia her ring, Olivia remembers that the person who was at the cabin with her was a woman.
S02E129 Episode 129 08/07/1998 Sara realizes that Casey risked his life to save Meg. He tells her that both Meg and Sara deserve to be happy. Sara admits that she is having a hard time putting the affair with Congressman Blythe behind her, and Casey convinces her to tell her parents the truth. Melinda says that she is going to leave town and tries to talk Sara out of telling her parents the truth. After Melinda leaves, Sara tells Casey that she doesn't think she should tell her parents, because Melinda suggested that now might not be a good time. Olivia nearly remembers who the woman was in the cabin, and Gregory tells her to stop being so dramatic. Olivia is shocked when Gregory says that Annie is going to be Trey's godmother. Caitlin says that both Olivia and Annie will be Trey's godmothers. Olivia accuses Caitlin of taking Annie's side against her. Gregory tells AJ that he can become a partner in the Liberty Corporation. Carmen encourages Olivia to attend the baptism, because then all of her questions will be answered. Annie overhears Olivia telling Antonio that she wishes she'd never slept with Cole. Carmen admits that it was Derek she saw trying to hurt Meg, but she still won't admit that Ben didn't kill Maria.
S02E130 Episode 130 09/07/1998 When they arrive at the church, AJ offers to leave, but Cole asks him to stay, saying that even though all isn't forgiven, he wants AJ to be part of Trey's life. Antonio gives Caitlin a present -- a music box that plays "Rock-A-Bye, Baby." Annie tells Caitlin to stop playing it, but Olivia insists that she needs to remember. While holding Trey during the baptism, Olivia recognizes him as her own baby. When Annie takes Trey from Olivia, Olivia remembers Annie taking her baby from her. Ben gets a call that they didn't find Derek's body. He reassures Meg that Derek's body was washed out to sea; there was no way he could have survived that fall. Ben tells Meg that he has to learn to live with the mistake that he made not trusting Maria. Meg, not realizing that he knows that she was intimate with Derek, tries to figure out how to tell him. When Meg attempts to tell Ben about being intimate with Derek, he won't let her, and she wonders if he already knew the truth.
S02E131 Episode 131 10/07/1998 Meg hears the mystery woman crying out in her sleep, and goes in to see if she can help her. The woman wakes up and asks Meg not to call a nurse. Meg said that she'd do anything she can to help, including leaving the room, but she stops Meg before she can leave the room. When Ben came out of Tim's room, Meg was gone. He asked a nurse where Meg went and she directed him to the mystery woman's room. Olivia only manages to say the words "my baby" before fainting. Annie realizes that it was seeing Annie holding Trey that triggered her memory, so she hands him to Sean with the words, "he's your brother, or your nephew, whatever he is." Olivia tells AJ that she was holding her own baby, not her grandchild. AJ says that it was just a normal reaction to holding any baby and reminds her that holding Trey brought back her memories once before. In the ladies' room, Olivia wonders whether whatever she remembered was too painful to retain. As she wonders what it was that made her remember, Annie comes in. Olivia points out to Annie that she has everything she ever wanted, but that Annie will never be happy, because she doesn't know how to be happy. Annie tells Olivia to "put a cork in it," which triggers Olivia's memory again. Olivia grabs Annie and exclaims, "You stole my baby!"
S02E132 Episode 132 13/07/1998 A.J. wants Cole to work for the Liberty Corporation, so the Deschanels could take over Sunset Beach. Olivia realizes that Annie was the woman in the cabin with her, but Annie claims that she had nothing to do with it. When Olivia asks Annie if she killed her baby, Annie confesses that her baby is still alive. Olivia doesn't care what she has to do, as long as she gets her baby back. Annie warns Olivia that it will really hurt the woman who's been taking care of him to lose Trey. Olivia says that she doesn't care about the other woman, because he's not the other woman's to love, he's Olivia's. Annie takes Olivia to the sanctuary, where she points to Trey and reveals that Trey is her son. Gabi thanks Ricardo for getting her job back for her. Ricardo says that he had to get Gabi's job back for her because he'd never see her otherwise, since Gabi refuses to go out with him. Gabi says that Ricardo hasn't asked lately, so Ricardo asks Gabi to be his date for the cruise. Melinda delivers the tape to her agent, and they plan their strategy to leak the information to the press. Sara is jealous of the warm welcome Meg receives from their parents, admitting that she's glad she didn't say anything to her parents. Casey warns her that they're going to find out sooner or later, and that if she wants her parents' respect, she has to tell them the truth. Just as Sara is about to tell her parents, reporters invade their home armed with Sara's taped confession.
S02E133 Episode 133 14/07/1998 Both Hank and Joan are shocked when they find out that Sara actually DID have an affair with Congressman Blythe. Sara confesses the truth after seeing the tape and explains that the Congrassman was the only one who paid attention to her ideas. She feels like she was always Meg's shadown. Casey tells Sara that he thinks that Melinda taped their conversation, but Sara refuses to believe him. Her agent convinces Melinda to go back to Sunset Beach and face Sara, to catch Sara's reaction to Melinda, and her opinions about Congressman Blythe, on camera. Annie tells the entire truth to Olivia about Trey's kidnapping and replacing. Olivia is shocked to learn that Caitlin had a miscarriage. At first, Olivia doesn't believe Annie when she claimed that Caitlin knew about Gregory's plan to take her baby and tell her that it had died, until Annie says that Caitlin was driving so erratically because she knew about the plan. Annie explains that Caitlin thought that Cole would leave her if she wasn't pregnant, and says that Caitlin is now infertile. Olivia asks if Caitlin knows that Trey is Olivia's. Annie says that she told Caitlin that the mother was an unwed teenager. When Olivia threatens to expose Annie, Annie points out that she would lose that way, but Olivia would lose, too, because losing Trey would break Caitlin's heart.
S02E134 Episode 134 15/07/1998 Michael finally finds out the truth about why Vanessa left him. He realizes that Tyus must have been trying to treat Vanessa's illness. Meanwhile, Tyus and Vanessa are analyzing the position they were in before. Although they both agree that they would never do something like this even if they were sober, Vanessa warns him that she though he was Michael, and she isn't sure if they stopped in time. Ben tells Meg that he knows that she slept with Derek, and she begs for his forgiveness. He tells her that he doesn't hold her responsible, and reassures her that their love will be enough to get them through the difficulties caused by Derek. Olivia says that she wouldn't let Trey go -- not this time. Nearly everyone at the baptism believes Olivia has flipped her lid. Sean convinces Olivia to give Trey back to Caitlin. Olivia bolts from the church, and Antonio finishes up the baptism. Caitlin blames herself for Olivia's breakdown. Olivia realizes that it's more painful to know the truth about what happened to her baby.
S02E135 Episode 135 16/07/1998 Tyus tells Vanessa that he probably found a cure for her, but he isn't sure if it will cure or kill her, so he decides to send someone else away and test it on him before giving it to Vanessa, and he asks Dr Estrada to help. Dr Estrada sends Vanessa's mother, Lena, for treatment. Caitlin tells Olivia that she knows about the plan to take her baby and tell her it was dead, but that she knew that Olivia would never go through with Gregory's plan because she's a mother, and no mother would never knowingly take a baby from its mother, especially since she bonded to Trey the first time she held him. Trey made her whole. Cole tells Olivia that after seeing her with Trey, he isn't going to keep her from seeing him. Everyone feels the earth move when the first tremor hits.
S02E136 Episode 136 17/07/1998 Tyus is about to test his drug on himself when Michael appears and confronts Tyus about not telling him about Vanessa. Tyus denies having anything to do with it, but finally confesses that he is trying to cure Vanessa. Michael realizes that Vanessa wanted to keep the pain away from him, and that's why she's hiding from him. Tyus tells him that he plans to give the test-medicine to himself, but then Michael grabs the medicine and injects himself with Martin's Syndrome. The Sunset Beachers are going on a cruise. Casey invites Sara to with him on the cruise, to take her mind off thinking about Congressman Blythe. Melinda, who wants a new story about Sara, desperately follows her, and since the boat already left, she rents a Jet Ski to follow them. Cole, Caitlin, Ricardo, Gabi, Sean, Emily and Antonio are also on the ship. Everyone is surprised when Amy, Sean's date from the Terror Island, reappears on the boat, with a new date, Brad. While Amy is recalling what happened on the island with Gabi and Sean, Emily wonders what happened on the island that made everyone so upset. Melinda arrives on the ship. Cole spots a beautiful woman across the room. It's Francesca, his ex-lover. While all of this is happening, Sunset Beach is hit by an earthquake.
S02E137 Episode 137 20/07/1998 After the earthquake, Ben and Tim are trapped together, while Meg is trapped in a room with the mystery woman. Ben and Tim rush to make sure that Meg is OK. Meg sees the woman's bracelet which says "Dana," so she stars calling her by that name. Dana won't let her leave so Meg takes her with her as she leaves the room. They are shocked to find a dead body of a nurse when they get out of the room. Dana screams. Tyus tells Michael that he needs to refrigerate the cure immediately, or it will spoil. Tyus reaches through the broken window and opens the door of the lab. Vanessa is about to leave the building when she spots Virginia. After saving Virginia, the pair realizes that Jimmy is still trapped. Meanwhile, Gregory and A.J. are trapped at the construction site. Annie tries to rescue Olivia, who is trapped under the rubble, but Olivia puts Trey's life in front of hers. Annie tries to save Olivia, but by a mistake, the chandelier falls.
S02E138 Episode 138 21/07/1998 Casey tries to put Sara's mind off thinking about the affair, but Sara is worried when Melinda reappears. Emily spots Bette and disappears immediately. Amy tires to seize the moment and takes Sean dancing, but Sean leaves, to find Emily. Gabi tells Antonio that she has just found out that they have agreed to split the proceeds from the auction with St. Teresa's church in Rosario, Mexico, which surprises Antonio, who thought that all of the money was going to St. Joseph's. Gabi asks Ricardo the name of the parish that Antonio worked for in Mexico and found out that it was St. Teresa's in Rosario.
S02E139 Episode 139 22/07/1998 Sara slaps Melinda when she's asking too much, and Casey spots a cameraman filming them. When Melinda realizes that the camera man isn't filming anymore, she refuses to speak to Sara. She confesses that she set Sara up for a story, mostly because she was jealous of the relationship she and Congressman were having. Melinda fell in love with the Congressman years before. Casey is proud of Sara, while she says that there's nothing that Melinda can do that can hurt her anymore. Meanwhile, Melinda tells the cameraman that she came up with a new plan. Phillip finds Caitlin and Cole making out in the storage room, so he intentionally arranges for Francesca to go there so she could catch them in the act.
S02E140 Episode 140 23/07/1998 Phillip tells his employee that Cole's life hangs in balance. He wants to see how will Francesca react when she finds Cole and Caitlin together. Cole sees Francesca looking at them and temporarily loses interest in Caitlin. Francesca leaves crying, and confronts Phillip about why he sent her there. She knows the reason. Later, Phillip tells his thug that they have to kill Cole. Kurt brings Phillip's donation, which is a statue like the one that Gabi found in Antonio's things when he moved into Surf Central. Gabi questions Antonio about the statue. He, in turn, asks her where it came from, but she tells him that she didn't know. He is visibly upset, but won't talk to her about it. Sean finds out that Emily missed her prom, and he promises to make this night her prom.
S02E141 Episode 141 24/07/1998 Dana admits that she is afraid that the feeling that a twin was part of her life was just an attempt to fill in the blanks in her memories. Meg asks when was the last time she had the feeling that they'd found something that fit into her past. Dana says that it was when Meg was talking about Ben. Dana explains that she doesn't really remember Ben, but the way that Meg feels about Ben. Meg tried to prompt Dana to remember details about the man she loves. Dana thought that if she was truly and deeply in love with someone, she should remember something, but she didn't. Meg told Dana that she was sure that Dana loved someone once. She promised that she and Ben would do everything they can to help Dana put the pieces of her life back together.
S02E142 Episode 142 27/07/1998 Tyus and Virginia are rescued, but Michael, Vanessa, and Tyus's medical bag are left in the building. Hank is seriously injured after saving Joan from harm. Ben, Meg and Joan take Hank to South Bay General. Dana, trapped alone in the room, says the Lord's Prayer in Spanish to herself. Tim tries to rescue Dana. When Tim makes it into the room, Dana shies away from him. Annie awakens trapped under Lourdes' dead body. AJ removes Lourdes' body, and Annie is guilt-stricken over having caused Lourdes' death.
S02E143 Episode 143 28/07/1998 Melinda approaches Sara, bursting into false tears and proclaiming how ashamed she is of herself in a loud voice. She apologizes for taping Sara without her knowledge and hands her an envelope, claiming the videotape is in there. She also offers to send an e-mail to her agent that she isn't going to write her book after all. They don't believe her, but she begs them to come to her stateroom. Sara wonders if Melinda is telling the truth, and Casey tries to figure out what Melinda is up to. Meanwhile, in her stateroom, Melinda opens a bottle of wine and puts sleeping pills in it.
S02E144 Episode 144 29/07/1998 Dana tells Tim that her name isn't Dana, but that they call her that because she can't remember her real name. Tim realizes that she is afraid to leave the building because Cedar Oaks was all she knew. He was able to convince her to leave, and brought her to South Bay General for medical attention. The doctor informs Joan and Meg that they don't have the proper equipment to treat Hank's head injury because of the quake. Ben offers to fly the Liberty Corporation's helicopter up to San Francisco to get the equipment that Hank needs. Meg lets Ben go to get the equipment for her father, but not before she makes him promise that he'll return to her safely.
S02E145 Episode 145 30/07/1998 Casey maintains that he doesn't believe Melinda's sudden about face. Just as Sara and Casey are about to kiss, Gabi and Ricardo arrive. Ricardo and Casey go off to talk about the problems with the ship's radio, while Gabi and Sara talk about Sara's blossoming feelings for Casey. Gabi reclaims her date, leaving Sara and Casey alone together. Sara pressures Casey to give Melinda a second chance. Melinda shows Sara and Casey the e-mail she claims she is planning to send to her agent.
S02E146 Episode 146 31/07/1998 Cole disarms Phillip, who picks up a fencing foil and holds it on him. Cole grabs the other foil, and they duel. Francesca tells Caitlin that Phillip plans to kill Cole. Casey passed on having any alcohol, since he was on duty as a lifeguard. When Sara took a sip of her wine and then passed out, Melinda pretended to be upset. Casey looked in Melinda's purse and found the valium.
S02E147 Episode 147 03/08/1998 When Casey and Sara wake up, they are shocked to learn that the room is upside down. They try to leave the room, but the door is stuck. Then they try to open the door, but it only gets worse... the porthole pops open and the room stars filling with water. Emily panics when Bette disappears; Bette is trapped somewhere near the "ceiling." Emily coaxes her into jumping into a makeshift safety net created from a tablecloth. Phillip is knocked unconscious by the ship capsizing, and so Cole ties him up. Francesca doesn't want to leave him like that, but Cole promises that he'll come back for Phillip once they have been rescued.
S02E148 Episode 148 04/08/1998 Ricardo tries to rally the passengers to leave the dining room, but the stubborn crew member and several passengers refuse to leave. Ricardo finds a railing that they can use as a ladder to climb out of the ballroom. Casey gets the door open just in the nick of time. Melinda realizes that if Sara dies, she'll be a martyr and no one will buy her book. There is another explosion! When the walls of the dining room start to cave in, the people in the dining room scramble onto the railing, which collapses. Only Melinda and the cameraman make it to the top. When she catches up to the others, Melinda realizes that she left the galley door open on her way through, and that water is coming in through it. When Michael tells Vanessa that he gave himself Martin's Syndrome to test Tyus's cure, Vanessa loses her temper, telling him that she'd rather die herself than see Michael hurt. Michael insists that he did it for her, because he can handle anything life throws at him, as long as he has her. Dana has another memory flash when Meg tells her how close Mark and Ben were. Dana sees a picture of Ben and Meg together.
S02E149 Episode 149 05/08/1998 When he discovers that steam is blocking their way out, Ricardo tried to shut off the valve. In the process, the steam scalds him, but he is finally able to shut off the steam. Cole insists that they can't just go wandering around the ship, they have to develop a plan. Francesca said that when she and Cole worked together, they used a short wave radio to keep in touch with each other. She continued with that while working with Phillip, and tells Cole there is a radio in Kurt's room. Cole heads to Kurt's room. Soon after, Antonio finds Caitlin and Francesca. Caitlin goes after Cole, leaving Antonio alone with Francesca. Francesca tells Antonio that she regrets her missed opportunities, and asks Antonio to hear her confession. Meanwhile, Caitlin catches up to Cole. While she is trying to convince Cole to go back to Antonio with her, he gets the radio working again. Elsewhere, Phillip regains consciousness and vows to make Cole pay. He finds Cole and shoots at him. Virginia drops the vial, and it breaks.
S02E150 Episode 150 06/08/1998 Ricardo explains to the others what choices they are faced with -- take the chance of being killed by an exploding steam pipe or drown when the ship goes under. Melinda told Bruce, the photographer, that she wants the pictures of Sara and Casey, because she intends to make sure that Sara is remembered as a whore. He gives the pictures to her. Then Bruce falls from the ladder and drowns. Melinda runs away screaming. Ricardo goes back for Antonio. Casey finds one set of scuba gear to share with Sara when they swim away from the sinking ship. When Melinda spots them and tries to horn in on their escape, Sara and Casey agreed -- reluctantly -- to help Melinda. Francesca confesses that she sold herself to the highest bidder -- Phillip. Phillip gave her everything that she thought she wanted, but she was still unhappy.
S02E151 Episode 151 07/08/1998 ust as Gabi and Ricardo reach the top of the ladder, the bottom part drops off. Brad helps them to clear the path ahead. Phillip shoots at Cole, but Francesca jumps in front of him, taking the bullet in her upper arm. Phillip dies telling Francesca that Cole will never love her. After realizing that Phillip really is dead, Francesca declares that she is finally free. The next part of the path is flooded, so Ricardo swims it underwater, leading a rope between the two points and leaving Gabi to time how long it takes to make the swim. However, a pipe lands on him while he is swimming. When Brad refuses to save Ricardo, Gabi goes after him. Gregory makes plans to go to the capsized ship, and AJ and Leo talk him into taking them, as well. Olivia and AJ and Olivia and Gregory say their farewells. While Melinda is in the process of vowing that she'll never speak to her agent again, the film floats out of her cleavage. She begs Casey to get the film back for her. Casey guesses correctly that the film is pictures of him and Sara naked in her bed. He throws the film back to her. When a shark attacks Melinda, Casey has to restrain Sara from trying to rescue her. Casey and Sara cling to a floating piece of debris and swim for shore.
S02E152 Episode 152 10/08/1998 Joan gets the good news that the equipment that Ben brought allowed the doctors to see that they don't need to operate after all. When Gabi rescues Ricardo, he's unconscious, so she gives him CPR. Amy confesses she doesn't know how to swim, so Bette helps Amy swim across the passage. Ricardo finds a blowtorch. While he's opening a hole in the hull of the ship, Gabi notices that the boiler is about to explode. Cole and Antonio decide to climb up the remnants of the ladder through the ship's steam shaft. Antonio makes it up safely, but Cole is burned, and falls into the water. Dana recognizes Ben's keys on the counter. When Tim confesses his continuing love for Meg, Dana says that she remembers the feeling of loving someone who didn't love her, even though she has no specific memories of the person she loved.
S02E153 Episode 153 11/08/1998 Dana continues having nightmares in her sleep, saying "I love you, I'll love you forever." The doctor interrupts yet another Annie/Olivia fight with the news that he knows why they can't stop Trey's bleeding. Trey's internal organs weren't fully formed, and so his blood isn't clotting. He says that only blood from his mother can save him. Joan, Ben and Meg find out about the tidal wave and about what happened to the Neptune II, and they decide to keep it a secret, so Hank's health would get better, so he wouldn't have to worry about his younger daughter. Gregory and AJ agree not to mention Trey's condition to Caitlin and Cole. Bette and Emily discuss their difficult past together. They confess their love for one another and make amends.
S02E154 Episode 154 12/08/1998 Just as the ship explodes, Ricardo and Antonio jump into the water, grabbing a piece of debris to help them stay afloat. Just as the search party was about to give up on Antonio and Ricardo, Gabi spots them. Francesca, blaming herself for Cole's death, asks Antonio if he can forgive her for helping Phillip steal from the residents of Rosario. Antonio assures her that he sees a changed woman. AJ refuses to go back without Cole -- dead or alive! He spots Cole's body in the water, and he jumps in after him. They bring Cole up to the helicopter, but he doesn't have a pulse. Finally, after extensive CPR, Cole regains consciousness. Gabi wonders how to break the news to Meg about Sara and Casey. Everyone is shocked to hear about the earthquakes that rocked Sunset Beach. Gregory breaks the news to Caitlin and Cole about Trey's condition. The survivors arrive at the hospital. When Francesca flirts with Ricardo, Antonio informs her that he is (a) his brother and (b) a police officer. Olivia tells Annie that in order to save Trey's life, Caitlin will have to hear the truth.While mulling over her options when Olivia tells the truth to save Trey, Annie has a fantasy that she is in the old west with Olivia, Caitlin, Cole, Sean, AJ, Leo, Bette and Gregory out to get her. Later, Annie tells Olivia that they needed to work together to save Trey. Gregory, Cole, Caitlin and AJ share a happy reunion with Olivia and Annie. The doctor is confused when Caitlin declares that she is Trey's mother.
S02E155 Episode 155 13/08/1998 Caitlin is upset when the doctor tells her that the only thing that can save Trey was blood from his biological mother, and that blood from anyone else would kill him. Annie comes up with a plan. First, she tells Caitlin that Trey's biological mother will be willing to give blood for Trey's sake. Then she tells Olivia that if she donates the blood anonymously, everyone wins -- Gregory will never find out that Trey could be Cole's son, Caitlin will never find out that Trey's really her brother, and Cole will never find out that Trey isn't Caitlin's biological son. Olivia refuses to go along with this plan. Caitlin confesses to Olivia that Trey isn't her biological son, then breaks down into tears. Gabi tells Meg about Sara's disappearance.
S02E156 Episode 156 14/08/1998 Sara and Casey find a radio in a deserted shack, and they finally contact the coast guard, but they have no idea where they are. Dana wants Tim to help her escape from the hospital, so she'd be able to help Meg. Ben is informed about Sara and Casey, and he informs Meg that they are safe, but they don't know where they are. Cole and Leo decide to find out why AJ doesn't want them to meet up. Caitlin tells the entire truth to Olivia, who comforts her daughter, and decides to let her keep Trey. Annie suggests that Olivia gives blood to Trey, and she tells Caitlin that the biological mother will give the blood.
S02E157 Episode 157 17/08/1998 When he enters the room he was told Caitlin was in, Cole discovers Olivia instead. Olivia claims that she isn't giving blood for Trey; she is just donating blood for the blood bank. The nurse leaves to take the blood to the blood bank. Annie reassures Olivia that they'll get the blood to Trey somehow. When the nurse leaves the bag on the counter, Olivia pretends to faint, which gives Annie the chance to change the label to one that says "Caitlin Richards." Gregory asks Tim to stop by his house to give a check to the foreman in charge of the repairs. Dana catches Meg when she first comes home. When they walk into the house, the living room gives Dana deja-vu. Dana tells Meg that she feels that the ocean is calling to her. Meg urges her to go ahead down to the water. As soon as Dana gets to the water, she becomes terrified. Tim finds a picture of Annie and Dana in the rubble. While he is looking at it, he says, "Oh, my God. It's her." When Emily arrives for a visit, Bette overdoes the mother/daughter stuff, and Emily has to tell her to back off a little.
S02E158 Episode 158 18/08/1998 When Tim sees that the picture was labeled "Annie & Maria," he realizes that Dana is Maria! Suddenly everything makes sense -- the way that she recognized Ben's name, his key chain, etc. He decides that he has to tell Meg. As Tim is leaving the house, he runs into Ricardo, who spots the picture of Maria. Just as Tim is about to tell Ricardo that Maria is alive, Gabi interrupts them. Tim decides not to tell Ricardo about Maria, in hopes that when he tells Meg, she'll turn to him for comfort. Maria decides that she never belonged in Cedar Oaks because someone loved her once -- and she wonders if he still does. Maria dreams that she is walking through Ben's house when Meg walks up to her and says, "Welcome home."
S02E159 Episode 159 19/08/1998 Francesca and Cole reminisce about their days as jewel thieves, but Cole stops himself when they remember how aroused they got by their first successful job. A nurse brings Francesca's bracelet to Caitlin and asks if it is hers. Caitlin recognizes it as Francesca's. Soon after, Caitlin walks in on Francesca and Cole sharing a tender moment. When Annie visits Bette her aunt tells her that Emily is back, but that she doesn't want to move in with her. Emily returns and Annie greets her with hostility, blasting her cousin for how she treated Bette. When Emily says her mother was never exactly "parent material," Annie insists that Bette was a better mother to her than her own was. Bette overhears Annie telling Emily that love is a two-way street, and that if she wants to screw up a relationship, she can do it with a guy, not with Bette.
S02E160 Episode 160 20/08/1998 Casey and Sara are relieved when Ben and Meg arrive, but Sara confesses that she isn't ready to go back to Sunset Beach yet. Casey assures Sara that the reporters have gone on to something new, and the scandal is over. He promises that whatever happened, she isn't going to face it alone. Someone develops the film and recognizes Sara as the woman who had an affair with Congressman Blythe. Just as they arrive, Casey and Sara are accosted by reporters asking about the pictures of them. Sara isn't pleased when Casey declares there isn't a romantic relationship between them.
S02E161 Episode 161 21/08/1998 When Virginia pulls up Vanessa's sleeve preparing to tell them that she made Vanessa think she had a disease that she didn't have, Vanessa says that she is still sensitive from the skin culture that Tyus took to test his cure. Virginia realizes that if he's using Vanessa's skin to test his cure, he is doing lots of work for nothing. She leaves to stop him before he wastes any more time, but doesn't tell Michael and Vanessa the truth. Without telling him that she made Vanessa think that she has Martin's Syndrome, Virginia tries to convince Tyus not to use Vanessa's sample by telling him that he might not be able to get what he needs from it. Tyus surprises Virginia with his declaration that he got all of the diseased cells he needs from Vanessa. She is shocked to realize that Vanessa really does have Martin's Syndrome.
S02E162 Episode 162 24/08/1998 Gregory pressures Annie to change her mind about the resort. When AJ and Olivia point out that Gregory wants to control her, just like he controlled Olivia, Gregory tells Annie that he controls her stock, because she signed the control of her stock away in the prenuptial agreement. Annie realizes that Gregory just married her for her stock. Olivia tells Gregory that Annie only married him to keep her stock, and he replies that he knew that all along. When Annie leaves in tears, Gregory tries to stop Olivia from going after her, telling her that she's hurt Annie enough. Olivia spits that it's fine with him if people get hurt -- as long as he's the one doing the hurting. Olivia tells Annie that she has been where Annie was now and apologizes for the pain Annie is going through. Then she has a good laugh when she realizes that Annie really did think that Gregory loves her.
S02E163 Episode 163 25/08/1998 Gregory tells Caitlin that he married Annie to protect his interests in the Liberty Corporation. He goes on to say, to Caitlin's chagrin, that he really cares about Annie and he thinks that they are well suited for one another. Annie tells Charles that she knows that he told Gregory about the codicil to Del's will and demanded a divorce from Gregory -- today. Charles throws Annie's words about her success back at her. He informs her that the codicil says that they have to stay married for a year, or Olivia gets the stock. When Annie says that Gregory used her to get her stock, Charles points out that he could have gotten her stock without marrying her, so he must care about her. She thinks Gregory only pities her, and declares that she'd rather die than have Gregory's pity. Bette lets Gregory have it for his treatment of her niece.
S02E164 Episode 164 26/08/1998 Standing on the ledge, about to jump, Annie confesses to Gregory that she fell in love with him. She goes on to say that her discovery that he doesn't love her gave her no reason to go on living. Gregory protests that he really does care about her. She responds that if he cared about her he wouldn't have made her go through everything she went through to marry him. He says it was fascinating to watch her; she's one of the most exciting women he's ever known. Annie says that if Gregory really cares about her, he'll tear up the prenuptial agreement. Gregory agrees to rip up the prenuptial agreement and reaches to help her off of the ledge, but she slips and falls.
S02E165 Episode 165 27/08/1998 Tyus recreates the cure that he invented before the earthquake. Tyus gives the injection to Michael, who regains consciousness and proposes to Vanessa. Tyus and Vanessa return in time to hear Vanessa accept Michael's proposal. Meg and Ben happily tells Hank and Joan that they are getting married as soon as they can book a church. Meg says that they've decided to get married at St. Joseph's, even though that's where Ben and Maria got married. Casey asks Meg if it makes her uncomfortable to get married in the same place as Ben and Maria. She insists that if she were afraid to face Ben's past, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere in Sunset Beach. Meg asks Sara to be her maid of honor, while Ben asks Casey to be his best man.
S02E166 Episode 166 28/08/1998 Ben walks into Maria's room and introduces himself to a patient in a catatonic state whom Tim had conveniently put in there. When she doesn't respond, he leaves. Meanwhile, Maria worked on her picture of Ben in another room of the hospital. Ben tells Meg that her friend is sleeping, and they leave. Tim is in the process of moving the catatonic patient out of Maria's room when Maria returns and asks what he was doing. He claims that she wandered into her room and that he was helping her back out. Annie hides behind the desk and listens as Tim and Maria bring the patient out of the room.
S02E167 Episode 167 31/08/1998 Annie sees Maria and faints. Tim claims that Annie is hypoglycemic, and tells Maria that once Annie has a chocolate bar, she'll be fine. He carries Annie from Maria's room. Tim tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Annie that seeing Maria was just a dream. He finally admits that it was real, telling Annie that Maria doesn't remember the last five years, due to an accident that she was in several weeks ago. Tim explains that he didn't say anything to Maria about knowing who she is because he is afraid that the news would be too much for her. Annie realizes that Tim is going to use Maria to break up Ben and Meg. Tim offers to sell his Liberty Corporation stock to her in exchange for her silence. Francesca tells Cole that Phillip set him up to take the fall if anything happened during a robbery in Germany, and that the evidence still exists, so if he doesn't help her, she'll use it. Cole pretends to be unimpressed by her threats, but Francesca points out that he has a family to protect. Cole tells Caitlin to take Trey and go to San Diego without him. Olivia gushes that he's a very good friend, but AJ insists that he had hoped that they were more than friends. She tells him that she'll be more easily able to be more than friends with him if he promises not to ever talk about her baby again.
S02E168 Episode 168 01/09/1998 AJ is pleased to hear that Cole won't leave Sunset Beach. Francesca wants Cole to become a thief again. Amy learns about Sean's secret. Meg wants Maria/Dana to meet Antonio and attend her wedding. Annie and Tim try to prevent Maria from meeting Ben.
S02E169 Episode 169 02/09/1998 When she sees the damaged painting, Ben tells Bette that Maria intentionally didn't paint her face on the portrait, because she felt that what was most important was on the inside, and that she painted herself in the swing because the swing was soothing to her. Bette suggests that Ben have the painting repaired and give it to Carmen. Later, Ben brings a man from a gallery to give an estimate on repairing the portrait. Meg persuades Maria to go to St. Joseph's with her. Maria is overwhelmed by the wedding chapel. When Meg goes to meet with Antonio, Maria stays in the chapel, because it makes her feel warm and safe. However, later, she has an episode of some sort.
S02E170 Episode 170 03/09/1998 Maria bolts before Meg and Antonio get into the chapel. When she catches up to her on the beach, where she's been on the swings, Meg sees that Maria's safe, and Maria apologizes for bolting. She promises that she will attend Meg's wedding. Ben remembers Maria telling him that she loves him for the first time while pushing her in the swing on the beach. Antonio writes about his dreams in his journal. He says that he has no idea who the woman is or why she makes him feel this way. He says that it's strange, yet, at the same time, it's familiar. Antonio has another, more explicit, dream about the woman. Francesca tells him that the one job she wants him to do is that night. Francesca asks Cole to cause a distraction while she robs the safe, but then she has trouble opening the safe. When Cole comes into the room, she throws herself at him.
S02E171 Episode 171 04/09/1998 Melinda accuses Casey and Sara of trying to kill her. When Casey and Sara try to tell the truth, Melinda plays on the special prosecutor's sympathy. Melinda offers Sara a deal, suggesting that she rewrite her book to make Bob Blythe out to be the bad guy, and turn it into a book about how she and Sara bonded while facing adversity. As a result of Melinda's one condition - that Sara has to break up with Casey, because Casey will never go along with this plan, Sara refuses to go along with Melinda's plan. When Sara asks how Melinda could have survived the shark attack, Casey chalks it up to professional courtesy - one shark to another.
S02E172 Episode 172 07/09/1998 Bette has to interview Bob Blythe, the Congressman who still keeps on interrupting Sara's life. When Bette mentions her, Bob tells her that he never got to know Sara closer, so he decides to visit her. Ricardo wants Gabi to stay at his place for the night, but Gabi wants to take things slow. Olivia thinks that Cole stole jewels again, so he decides to let her search him. Although she doesn't find anything, she tells him that she is going to try to make him look bad in her daughter's eyes. Antonio goes to bed, and in the same moment, Francesca sneaks into the room, looking at a statue she and her deceased husband Phillip stole.
S02E173 Episode 173 08/09/1998 Casey comes to ask Ricardo for help with their Melinda problem. In response to Casey's request, Ricardo brings documents to him at Surf Central. Bob tells Sara that he has come to save her from Melinda's false accusations. He says that the key is to continue denying that they had ever been intimate. Sara insists that what she and Bob had is over. He insists that it isn't, and kisses her. Just then, Casey walks in. Fortunately, Casey stays long enough to overhear Sara ask Bob to stop kissing her. He defends Sara from Bob's advances. Casey says that maybe they can beat Melinda at her own game. Francesca takes one of the pictures of the statue, leaves the others on Antonio's desk, and climbs out the window. Francesca opens her evening bag and finds that it's Bette's bag, and Bette has hers. Francesca tells Cole that she brought home the wrong bag, so he tells her that he'll switch the bags back. Cole sneaks into Olivia's house to switch the evening bags, and Olivia catches him - with the emeralds in her hands.
S02E174 Episode 174 09/09/1998 Tim tells Annie that just telling Maria who she really is won't mean anything to her. She needs a big confrontation to make her memory come back and make it stick - just the sort of confrontation that Ben and Meg's wedding will provide. After he convinces her that his plan won't hurt Maria, Annie agrees to go along with it, in the interest of ensuring that Maria ends up with Ben. The doctor tells AJ that they've bought another six months before they'll need Cole. After thinking that Cole sent Caitlin away so that he could go back to his old ways, Olivia realizes that he was blackmailed into helping Francesca. Olivia gives the emeralds to Cole and tells him that if she ever catches him in a lie again, she'll have his head on a platter. When she asks him the nature of his relationship with Francesca, he tells her that she was his first love. Olivia asks if he still loves Francesca, and he says that he loves Caitlin now, and that's all that matters.
S02E175 Episode 175 10/09/1998 When the repaired painting of Maria is returned, Ben explains his plan to give the painting to Carmen. Meg tells Joan that she's never seen a picture of Maria except for the portrait, because she's never wanted Maria to be that real. Maria has difficulty on a drawing of Meg, which makes her wonder why it was so easy to draw the picture of Ben when she'd only seen a picture of him once, and it's so difficult to draw a picture of Meg, whom she knows so well. Ben arrives to visit Maria. Annie tells Gregory that she knows that he has a 500 share advantage over Ben and AJ together. Gregory doesn't remember Tim's shares of the Liberty Corporation at first, until Annie reminds him, and she also reminds him that whoever controls those shares could control the Liberty Corporation in the event that Ben and AJ side together against Gregory. Then she tells him that *she* controls Tim's shares. Annie bets Gregory that she can resist his charms longer than he can resist hers. The stakes are Tim's shares against Annie's. In order to give her a head start on the bet, Annie decides to slip Gregory some Viagra.
S02E176 Episode 176 11/09/1998 Annie takes a drink to Gregory, dropping three Viagra into the glass. He tells her that he knows that she's plying him with alcohol in hopes that he'll drag her off to the bedroom. Gregory sends the drink back. The bartender takes the drink and, since he hates to see good liquor go to waste, he drinks it. Gregory walks in while the bartender is coming on to Annie. He watches Annie fend off the bartender, and tells her that he thinks it was all an elaborate setup to make him jealous. Annie realizes that the bartender drank Gregory's drink, which proves that the drug works. During their therapy session, Dr. Estrada is called from the room. Maria decides that she needs something more to help her. She picks up her purse and leaves the room.
S02E177 Episode 177 15/09/1998 Meg confronts Annie and Tim about saying that Maria is still alive, but Annie changes her sentence and says that Maria is still alive in the memory of everyone she ever knew. She also says that Meg will ever live up to Maria. Ben is certain that the woman he saw is Maria, but too many people are in the way, and by the time Ben gets to the swings, Maria is gone. Maria stands under the pier, staring at the water. When a passing surfer encourages her to go into the water, she bolts. Ben arrives with the painting while Carmen, Antonio and Ricardo are arguing about Carmen's feelings about Maria. Carmen accepts the painting gratefully, but Ricardo is convinced that the painting will increase Carmen's obsession with Maria. Olivia says that she never believed that Cole and Francesca are having an affair, because Cole would never cheat on Caitlin so blatantly, and certainly not with Francesca's type of woman. After Olivia leaves, Francesca asked Cole why he didn't tell her that he had slept with Olivia. Annie arrives to meet Olivia, after getting a phone call from Olivia asking her to meet her. Antonio sees the pictures on his desk and notices that the picture of the Madonna is gone. He realizes that Francesca took it.
S02E178 Episode 178 16/09/1998 Olivia directs Annie to plan and execute the destruction of Caitlin and Cole's marriage, because once Caitlin has lost Cole, she'll be more than happy to let Olivia help raise Trey. When Olivia asks her how many people know that Trey isn't Caitlin's biological child, Annie says that Sean helped her with the baby switch, but that both Sean and Caitlin think that Trey's biological mother is an unmarried teenager. Emily tells Bette that she just got into UCLA, and then she asks if she can stay with Bette on a semi-permanent basis. Bette is overjoyed, but her joy is somewhat diminished when Emily said that she can't leave now, just when things are starting to go somewhere with Sean. Amy overhears Emily telling Bette about Sean rapping, and saying that Sean would kill her if she knew that she told Bette.
S02E179 Episode 179 17/09/1998 When Olivia decided that she needs Francesca's help to get Cole out of Caitlin and Trey's life, but that Francesca can't know that she's helping Olivia, she told Bette that she needs to contact Francesca because she dropped an earring at the party. Bette told Olivia that Francesca's staying at St. Joseph's, which, Bette suggested, may be more temptation than Antonio can handle, because apparently Antonio and Cole both have a history with Francesca. Caitlin told Olivia that she was glad to be home, especially since Trey doesn't have the bond with Elaine that he has with Olivia. Caitlin told Olivia that Trey makes up for the babies that they both lost.
S02E180 Episode 180 18/09/1998 Virginia introduced herself as Dr. Higgins, but the nurse didn't believe her, and called for another nurse to help her remove Virginia. They told her that Dr. Higgins is 63, so Virginia said that she's had extensive plastic surgery, which the two nurses bought. Virginia got a password for the computer, but couldn't find Tyus's name in the database until one of the nurses gave her the correct access code. Virginia stole Tyus's sperm sample. Fearing that someone she once knew would turn up, Tim tried to keep Maria from going to Meg's bridal shower. He told her that it would be unfair to Meg, because all that Meg would think about would be her. As she said that the best thing she could do for Meg would be to not go to the shower, Dr. Estrada arrives and asked why.
S02E181 Episode 181 21/09/1998 Caitlin is worried when she realizes that Francesca is still in town. Bette accidentally tells Caitlin that Cole was at the same party that Francesca attended. Meg has a bridal shower, where Tim successfully manages to get rid of Carmen before Maria enters. Maria has difficulty while being in the apartment without realizing why. Annie slips a drug in Gregory's drink in order to make love, but a minor incident might change things.
S02E182 Episode 182 22/09/1998 On his way back up to his hotel room, Gregory, who just drank the drug that Annie slipped to him, gets trapped in a stalled elevator with Olivia. Annie dressed in a teddy, puts more of the drug in the water pitcher, just in case. AJ comes by to pick up a file, and drinks some of the drugged water while Annie gets the file for him. After AJ left, Annie calls the front desk and found out that Gregory was trapped in the elevator with a woman, but not the identity of the woman. Feeling the effects of the drug, Gregory comes on to Olivia. Annie calls a doctor and found out that men who take the drug cannot resist the charms of any women they encounter while under its influence.
S02E183 Episode 183 23/09/1998 When Ben asked what "Dana" was doing in their bed, Meg explained that she hadn't been feeling well, so Meg sent her upstairs to take a nap. When Tim arrived, Ben answered the door, telling him that he had a lot of explaining to do. At first, Tim thought that Ben had found out about Maria, but when Ben went on to remind Tim that he asked him to stay out of their lives, Tim responded that he was there to pick up Maria. Ben got called in to work. Just as Ben left, Maria came downstairs, ready to leave. Meg told Maria that she wanted her to stay there for the night. Tim objected, saying that Dr. Estrada won't agree to Maria staying over, but Meg explained that she had already cleared it with Dr. Estrada.
S02E184 Episode 184 24/09/1998 Sara told Casey that she felt bad because of how hard this has been, not just on Hank and Joan, but on Casey, as well. Melinda called and Sara agreed to meet her at the Java Web. Casey and Sara shared a tender moment while hooking up her wire, but she pulled away. Bette overheard Amy's insult and threatened to make slanderous accusations about Amy in her column if she doesn't leave Emily alone. After Amy and Brad left, Sean told Emily that after being raised by liars like Gregory and Olivia, he doesn't know if he can ever trust her again. Bette promised Emily to help her make it up to Sean.
S02E185 Episode 185 25/09/1998 When Melinda dodged Sara's attempts to get her to confess, Sara told her that she was tempted to take her up on her offer, which lead Melinda to promise to tell Sara everything once she promised to help her with her book - in writing. When Sara agreed to sign whatever Melinda's lawyer would draft, Melinda hugged her and felt the bulge of the transmitter. She pulled out the transmitter and dumped it into a cup of coffee. Then she confessed to everything, and gloated about how, once again, she won, and Sara lost. After Melinda hobbled out, Casey arrived. Sara told him that she blew it, and Casey pulled a tape recorder out of his pocket, which had Melinda confessing on it. He told Sara that he planted an extra microphone on the table - just in case. Casey told Sara that she's finally free, and that she can do anything she wants with her life.
S02E186 Episode 186 28/09/1998 Ben figured that Maria fixed "huevos rancheros" for breakfast because Meg told her that they were his favorite. However, when he asked her, she told him that she didn't know that they're his favorite. As it was the night before their wedding, Meg left to spend the night at Hank and Joan's house. After she had left, Ben called Cedar Oaks to find out what their visiting hours are. Annie told Maria about her concerns that she'll be hurt by memories that will be awakened by Ben and Meg's wedding. When Annie told Maria that she wants to be Maria's friend too, Maria said that Annie is a nice person, even though she tries to hide it. She realized that she had hit home when she told Annie that Annie is desperate to be loved, because Annie broke down in tears.
S02E187 Episode 187 29/09/1998 Thinking that it was ice cream, Jimmy took the sperm sample out of the freezer. Virginia put the sperm back in the freezer, and offered Jimmy some rice pudding instead. Jimmy chose to do his homework. When Michael told Virginia that he and Vanessa are going to move in together, Virginia realized that she has to get her latest scheme in motion immediately. She asked Vanessa to get her a job with the caterer for Ben and Meg's wedding, deciding to drug Vanessa and use a turkey baster to impregnate her.
S02E188 Episode 188 30/09/1998 In her room, Maria was haunted by the memory of seeing Ben and Meg together. When Tim arrived to visit her she told him that she couldn't describe how she felt when she saw Ben's face for the first time. Tim explained it away by telling her that the weird feeling may have been because Ben reminded her of the man she loved- whoever he was. Tim gave her a dress that looks like the one in her self-portrait, telling her that he'd be proud to attend the wedding with her in that dress, which made her ask why he is going to the wedding. He responded that with a date like her, he wouldn't miss it for anything.
S02E189 Episode 189 01/10/1998 Meg's wedding dress arrives, with a note saying that the lower part of the dress was ripped. Meg panics when she sees the dress, but Maria fixes it. Ben asks Annie if she recognizes the artist of the drawing, and she admits that Maria drew it. She claims that she brought the picture over because she thought that it would be an appropriate wedding present. Ben loses his temper and throws Annie out of the house. Ben gives Meg her pearl necklace. Carmen arrives and tells Hank and Joan that she needs to see Meg - immediately. Maria puts on the dress that Tim gave her and remembers that she was wearing a similar dress when she was drowning. At the moment Maria remembers drowning, Meg's necklace breaks. Hank, Joan and Carmen return to the house to find Ben and Meg picking up pearls. Carmen says that it is a sign that Meg and Ben's marriage isn't meant to be.
S02E190 Episode 190 02/10/1998 Not knowing why she is there, Maria arrives at the Marina. Her drowning memories become stronger when she sees the Mariah. Maria literally bumps into Quint. When he blurts out that she's dead, she realizes that he recognizes her. When she doesn't recognize him, Quint panics and tells her that he'd go get someone who could help her. A worried Annie and Tim go to look for Maria. After Ben returns her home, Carmen vows that Ben and Meg won't get married, and pulls a gun from a drawer. Hank goes to get the pearls restrung. Meanwhile, Sara comforts her sister, telling her that she'll have the wedding of her dreams, and a marriage that will last her whole life.
S02E191 Episode 191 05/10/1998 Despite his insistence that Maria's alive, Ben doesn't believe Quint. However, eventually, Ben remembers how he had seen Maria recently and finally agrees to go along with Quint, insisting that he's going to marry Meg, no matter what. Annie pays the orderly off, and he tells them that Maria's at the Marina. Vanessa gives Meg her something old - an antique handkerchief. Gabi gives her something new - a pearl bracelet to match her necklace. Hank and Meg share a tender father/daughter moment, then it is Joan's turn to be alone with their daughter. Meg thanks her mother for giving her the courage to go to Sunset Beach in the first place.
S02E192 Episode 192 06/10/1998 As Maria opens the door to the sanctuary, her heel breaks. Antonio begins the wedding. Maria decides that she couldn't go in without washing her hands first, so she goes down the hall to wash her hands. While she is in the restroom, Maria prays for Ben and Meg's marriage, and for her to remember her identity. She gets locked into the restroom. Carmen objects to the marriage. When Ricardo tries to get his mother to leave, she pulls the gun out of her purse. Ricardo disarms her, and it turns out that the gun isn't loaded. Ricardo takes Carmen home. Annie and Tim arrive. Francesca confesses to Cole that she is worried about what Bernie and Hillary will do when they find that she's the one who stole the jewels. She also tells him that it may take longer than she thought to get the final jewels, because Phillip sold them to a Lance Hadjes, and she can't find Lance Hadjes anywhere. Cole solves the problem by telling her that if they can find the rubies, they'll have Mr. Hadjes. AJ gives Olivia a ruby necklace.
S02E193 Episode 193 07/10/1998 Olivia refuses the necklace. Francesca confesses that the chanting still bothers her. They decide to approach Sydney, a fence they know, for information about the rubies. Francesca draws a picture of the rubies, and Sydney gives them an address where they can find them. Cole tries to use the address that Sydney gave them to find Lance Hadjes. While getting ready for the reception, Virginia fantasizes about being wealthy and successful and married to Michael while a pregnant Vanessa and poor Tyus are living in squalor. Tim interrupts the ceremony, saying that he didn't marry Meg, and neither will Ben. Before Tim can show Ben the picture of Maria and Annie, Ben decks him. Bette finds the picture of Annie and Maria, and vows to find out why it was on the floor of the church. While standing on a bucket on a chair to get the window open, Maria falls and knocks herself out. Ben and Meg say their vows and exchange their rings. Antonio pronounces them husband and wife. Maria finally gets out of the restroom, but everyone has left. Meg worries about Maria's whereabouts.
S02E194 Episode 194 08/10/1998 Amy and Brad send Emily a "Dear Jane" e-mail in Sean's name, then discuss e-mail in loud voices, giving Emily the idea of checking her e-mail. Emily reads the e-mail and leaves the Java Web. Sean decides that anyone can make a mistake, and that he doesn't know when he'll find another woman as perfect for him as Emily is, so he leaves to find her and make up. In tears, Emily packs to leave. A storm blew up, and Annie worries about Maria's state of mind, because she "died" during a similar storm. Casey and Sara toast Ben and Meg's marriage, and then Ben toasts his new wife. Meg throws the bouquet. Maria catches it.
S02E195 Episode 195 09/10/1998 Telling them that he hates Emily, Leo congratulated Brad and Amy on the job they did making her break up with Sean. He convinces Amy to show him the e-mail, which he folds up and put in his pants pocket. He tells Amy that he had lied when he said that he hated Emily and leaves. Sean tells Emily that he doesn't want her to leave, but she leaves anyway. Leo shows Sean the "Dear Jane" letter that Amy and Brad sent to Emily. Suddenly, everything that Emily said made sense, and Sean realizes that he has to find her. Emily tells Bette that she is leaving, so Bette asks what she did to drive her away. When Bette realizes that this is about Sean and not her, she tries to talk Emily out of leaving and offers to drive Emily to the airport. When Ben, Antonio and Ricardo approach her, Maria realizes that they recognize her and faints. Tyus recognizes Maria as a psychiatric patient at Cedar Oaks, and takes her into a private room to examine her. Everyone who didn't know Maria before her disappearance realizes that "Dana" is Maria. Meg reprimands herself for not knowing that "Dana" was Maria, and Ben comforts her, reminding her that she'd never seen a photo of Maria. Tyus says that Maria asked to see Ben. Before Ben leaves to see Maria, he reassures Meg that he loves her.
S02E196 Episode 196 12/10/1998 While Emily is calling her father, Bette persuades the ticket agent to tell her that she couldn't get her on a flight. Emily refuses to leave the airport for fear of missing another flight to Connecticut. Bette tells Emily that she isn't going to leave the airport without her, and so she convinces Emily to let her get a room at one of the hotels at the airport. Carmen arrives, saying that the signs were clear that she had to come there, and Ricardo and Antonio tell her that Maria's alive. Maria, who hasn't regained her memory, apologizes to Ben for the awkwardness of their first meeting.
S02E197 Episode 197 13/10/1998 Sara suggests that maybe Maria has had her memory for a while and has been pretending to have amnesia, but Meg denies it, saying that Dana couldn't do anything like that. Sara then suggests that perhaps Maria could. Dr. Estrada says that Maria's condition may have been worsened by her unexpected contact with people from her past. Just as Ben is about to tell Maria the truth, Dr. Estrada and Tyus enter the room. Ben leaves to check on Meg. Alone in the room together, Maria demands that Dr. Estrada tell her what's going on. Dr. Estrada says that no one can give her her memory back, she has to remember who she is on her own. She offers to introduce her to other people who know her, in hopes that one of them will strike a familiar chord.
S02E198 Episode 198 14/10/1998 Cole begins working on the Lance Hadjes mystery. Sydney told them that Lance Hadjes' last known address was in St. Etienne, France, but there are no Lance Hadjeses in St. Etienne, France. Cole then realizes that Lance Hadjes is an alias. When Leo arrives for dinner, he sees the map of France that Cole had been looking at, and remarks that St. Etienne is one of AJ's favorite places. Later, while Cole is picking up Trey's blocks, he realizes that Lance Hadjes is an anagram for AJ Deschanel. Olivia finds the picture of the Madonna and realizes that the ruby at the top of the crown was on the necklace that AJ tried to give her.
S02E199 Episode 199 15/10/1998 Olivia decides to bring Cole down by letting Caitlin find out that Cole has been planning to steal the rubies from AJ, so she invites Caitlin to join her for breakfast with AJ. AJ becomes suspicious when Cole drops by to see him unannounced, asking if it is too late to mend their fences. Cole calls Sydney and asks if she could identify the rubies from a picture of them. Despite her misgivings, she agrees. When Olivia gives AJ a gift, he says that he couldn't accept her gift if she wouldn't accept his. He tells Caitlin that he had tried to give Olivia a small token, and Olivia says that it was hardly a small token.
S02E200 Episode 200 16/10/1998 Tim tells Meg that he tried to tell her that he had found out about Maria, but when he came to tell Ben, Ben made him fall down the stairs, and when he tried to tell Meg, she told him that she wasn't interested in anything that Tim had to say. Meg tries to explain to Tim that they never would have worked out because he has too much emotional baggage about growing up with alcoholic parents, and that he needs to learn that you can't lie and cheat your way into being loved. He promises that he will never lie to or cheat her again. When he finds out that Annie told Maria that she was married to him, Ben tells her how she "drowned" five years ago.
S02E201 Episode 201 19/10/1998 Sean decides to stop Emily from leaving Sunset Beach. Ben and Ricardo enter an another discussion about Maria. Meg talks to Joan about her life. Ricardo and Ben save Maria from the two thugs. Maria tells Ben "I love you" and Meg overhears them. Sara and Casey kiss.
S02E202 Episode 202 20/10/1998 Sean arrives to stop Emily from leaving, but she's already on the plane. When the security guard stops Sean from going onto the plane, Bette and Leo create a diversion. Sean barely makes it onto the plane before the security guard drags him away, so all he can do is call out to Emily that there had been a terrible mistake. When Emily's plane takes off, but Emily isn't on it. Sean explains to her that he didn't send the "Dear Jane" letter. Leo convinces the guard not to arrest Sean. Meg sees Ben and Maria by the swings, and wonders why they are there when Ben said he would be visiting her at Cedar Oaks.
S02E203 Episode 203 21/10/1998 Ben and Maria are speechless when Meg catches them kissing. Maria stops Meg from leaving and thanks her for being willing to help her, regardless of who she is, which completely confuses both Ben and Meg. It turns out that Ben is still legally married to Maria. Ben promises that he won't stop until they have their future secured. When Cole tells her that he'd decided that he isn't going to steal the rubies, Francesca realizes that AJ has the rubies. Francesca tells Cole that if AJ has the rubies, then he's as evil as Bernie and Hillary are. Sydney tells Cole that he and Francesca belong together, and he admits that they did always say that death is the only thing that could separate them. Olivia tells Annie that she's not sure that Cole will be willing to steal the necklace from AJ, so she wants Annie to convince Gregory to buy the necklace from AJ so that Cole can steal it from her. When Annie says that AJ would never sell the necklace to Gregory, Olivia says Annie that she'll make sure that AJ's willing to sell the necklace to Gregory, and Annie's job will be to convince Gregory to buy the necklace.
S02E204 Episode 204 22/10/1998 When Maria confronts her, Annie says that she only kept the truth from her as long as she did because Tim convinced her that she might regain her memories at the wedding. When Maria asks her why she risked this precious friendship just to hurt Meg, Annie claims that the old Maria would have understood. Maria says that Meg is her best friend and that she will never forgive Annie for ruining that friendship. Meg tells Maria that she'll do whatever she can to help Maria -- no matter what happens. As Cole arrives, he overhears Bernie and Hillary demanding the jewels from Francesca at gunpoint. Working together, Cole and Francesca disarm the pair and threaten to call the police if Bernie and Hillary come around again.
S02E205 Episode 205 23/10/1998 AJ tells Olivia and Cole that he sold the necklace to Gregory. Now knowing that Gregory has the rubies, Cole has himself paged with the excuse that he has to go to work. Gregory tells Annie that he gave her the necklace to apologize for getting carried away at Cedar Oaks. Annie has a nightmare about Olivia turning up in their bed, along with Cole, and Caitlin and AJ. The conversation ends in a fight over the necklace. When Francesca tells him that she's leaving for Rosario that night, Cole realizes just how scared Francesca is. Cole tells Francesca that Gregory has the rubies, and that he would help her to steal them from him, because he owes it to her to get them. They decide that they need to steal them that night.
S02E206 Episode 206 26/10/1998 Olivia tells Annie to meet her at the power plant, so Annie tells Gregory that he needs some time with Caitlin and that she is going out for a walk. She makes sure that Cole overhears Gregory saying that the necklace will be in the hotel safe overnight. Amy gets a call from her father, telling her that everything was about to fall apart. When they are disconnected, she cries on Brad's shoulder. Olivia instructs Annie to start telling people that she intends to give that necklace to the art museum immediately after the Halloween party.
S02E207 Episode 207 27/10/1998 Ben objects to Dr. Estrada's plan to have Maria move in with them. Dr. Estrada says that if Maria doesn't remember soon, she may suffer from a breakdown that she'll never recover from. Ben and Meg make love. Afterward, Meg has a dream about Maria waking her up, demanding to know what she's doing in bed with Maria's husband. Olivia and Annie see a rat and decide that that's what made the sound they heard, but we later see the man's shoes. Olivia explains that if Annie says that she is going to donate the necklace to the museum, Cole will think that the Halloween party will be his last chance to steal the necklace, and that once he's stolen the necklace, Caitlin will have to watch her husband being led away in handcuffs.
S02E208 Episode 208 28/10/1998 When Michael makes waffles for her, Vanessa has her first bout of morning sickness, but she later explains it away by saying that the smell of maple syrup makes her ill. Michael tells Virginia that Vanessa had been sick to her stomach that morning, and that Tyus is planning to leaving town. Virginia decides that if he knew that Vanessa is pregnant, Tyus wouldn't leave town. In an effort to get a urine sample so that she could see if Vanessa is pregnant, she calls the Sentinel pretending to be an FBI agent, asking if they have a drug testing policy. When the woman in the human resources department says that they don't, Virginia offers to run drug tests on the Sentinel's employees.
S02E209 Episode 209 29/10/1998 When Ben tells her that there's nothing else they can do, Maria replies that since she's had a chance to get to know Ricardo, Antonio and Carmen, moving in with her family will help her memory every bit as much as moving in with Ben and Meg. Dr. Estrada tells Maria that Ben is legally responsible to act in her best interest, so she appeals to him. He says that he won't force Maria to move anywhere that she doesn't want to. He asks if this was what she really wants, and she reassures him that she really wants to move in with her family, and tells him that his place is with Meg. Maria, Ricardo and Antonio decide that she should move in with Carmen, and Ben signs the release papers. Maria leaves with Antonio and Ricardo.
S02E210 Episode 210 30/10/1998 Maria sees her self-portrait and says that the fact that she painted her self-portrait faceless is ironic because the face of that painting is as blank as her memory is. Meg tells Ben that she had overheard Maria saying that she loved him. He explains that Maria had just had a flash of memory, and that she wasn't saying that she loved him at the time. When Meg asks Ben what he would have done if she'd said that she loved him at the time, he replies that he chose Meg and that he's not going to change his mind. Meg tells Ben that the only way they could be free of Maria will be if they can help her remember, so Ben says that he wants to give Maria's personal effects to her, in hopes that they could trigger her memories.
S02E211 Episode 211 02/11/1998 When Meg saw Ben looking at the picture of Maria, he said that it's nothing. She asked him why he was looking at it for such a long time if it was nothing. Meg explained to Sara that she and Ben were about to give Maria's personal effects back to her. Sara told Ben that Meg just was trying not to show how much this bothered her, and Ben responded that he and Meg weren't helping Maria only for her sake. He said that they're trying to help her so that she will be able to grant him a divorce. Sara reminded him that he didn't want to let Meg get hurt by this. Meg and Sara left to take Maria's things to her. Carmen came in when Maria was trying on the wedding dress.
S02E212 Episode 212 03/11/1998 Maria told Ben that she saw her wedding dress and felt compelled to put it on, then Carmen said that if she kept the dress on, it might trigger some memories, but it didn't work. Ben told Maria that the last time he saw her in that dress, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Ben took Maria home to warm up. When Meg offered to do anything she could to help Maria, Carmen said to stay out of Maria's life, because Maria belongs with Ben. Ben called and told Carmen that Maria's with him. Hoping that Meg would see them together, Carmen told Meg to leave immediately. Before they left, Sara told Carmen that she needed to stop living in the past.
S02E213 Episode 213 04/11/1998 When Sara berated her for being in Ben's house in her wedding dress, Maria promised to get out of their lives once and for all. Sara refused to believe that Maria had Meg's best interests at heart. Sara told Maria how Carmen has been pressuring Meg. When Sara said that Meg doesn't need any additional pressure, Maria surprised her by saying that that was why she refused to move in. Ben asked Meg what Carmen said to her, and Meg replied that Carmen said that Ben and Maria belong together, and that a part of Meg was beginning to believe that she's right.
S02E214 Episode 214 05/11/1998 Sara didn't approve of Meg's decision to let Maria move in with her and Ben. Sara pointed out all the reasons why it wasn't a good idea, but Meg was determined. Meanwhile, Carmen wasn't pleased with the notion, either, but Ben tried to convince Maria. When Maria refused, Ben returned home to Meg. Once they began to enjoy their moment alone, Maria showed up. She took them up on their offer and decided to move in! At Surf Central, Gabi confronted Antonio about his strange behavior. Antonio conceded she was right and apologized. He offered to help her with Ricardo's surprise party. They started getting along again, and later Antonio was plagued by his dreams of her.
S02E215 Episode 215 06/11/1998 Maria realized that Ben and Meg had changed their minds, but they assured her that they hadn't changed their minds and welcomed her in. They told her that they were just surprised to see her because they thought that she had made her mind up not to move in with them. Ben took Maria up to the studio. Meg remembered Sara's parting words, that once Maria moved in, she may never move out again. Ben told Meg how grateful he was that she was so good about Maria staying with them. She responded that she has her own agenda - the sooner Maria remembers, the sooner they can be married. Maria walked in on Ben and Meg kissing. She tried to leave unobtrusively, but stumbled on her way back up the stairs, and they heard her.
S02E216 Episode 216 09/11/1998 Gabi walked in when Antonio was telling the contractor that there's someone in his home that he can't live with anymore. She asked him why he was moving out, and he said that it was just because he's supposed to be at the mission. Gabi told Ricardo about her concerns that she has done something to alienate Antonio. After she left the room, Ricardo asked Antonio why he has been giving Gabi a hard time. Bette overheard the kids talking about the mummy in Bernie's clothes. Amy asked Bette not to tell anyone about the mummy. When Ricardo arrived to tell Amy that there had been no further developments in the search for her father, Olivia asked Ricardo for the latest on the search for the rubies.
S02E217 Episode 217 10/11/1998 Olivia admitted that she set Cole up, but she told him that she did it for Trey. Olivia lost her temper and said that Cole's not the type of person who should be with her daughter -- or with her son. Cole assumed that her slip was evidence that she hadn't gotten over the loss of her baby yet. Olivia was on her way to denounce him to Caitlin, but Cole stopped her and told her that he, Caitlin and Trey were leaving town together. As he left with Trey, Olivia begged Cole to reconsider. Olivia decided that in order to keep Trey, she was going to have to tell Caitlin the truth. A much-older Hillary drew a gun on Caitlin, demanding to know where the jewels are.
S02E218 Episode 218 11/11/1998 Ricardo asked Antonio why he lost his temper with Carmen, and Antonio said that it was difficult to see why she put so much faith in the cards, rather than in God. Gabi thanked Carmen for the necklace and told her that it's beautiful because it came from her. Carmen told her sons that Maria moved in with Ben and Meg. Antonio and Ricardo decided to speak to Ben. Carmen told Antonio that she would continue to read the cards to find out what she can about the other man in Gabi's life. Hank, Joan and Sara brought breakfast to Ben and Meg and were surprised when Maria answered the door. Maria explained that Dr. Estrada wanted her to move in with Ben and Meg because it would be the fastest way to help her get better. Meg reflected on the events that brought Maria to live with them.
S02E219 Episode 219 12/11/1998 Annie told Ricardo that she wants her necklace back -- now. Ricardo refused to make investigating the theft a priority because he was still angry at Annie for keeping the truth from Maria. Annie tried, unsuccessfully, to convince Ricardo that she had Maria's best interest at heart. Annie overheard Carmen telling Ricardo that it was the best thing for Maria to move in with Ben and Meg. She said that it must have been Meg's idea to let her move in with them, declared that she was going to get her best friend back and stormed out. Carmen told Ricardo that Maria moving in with him and Meg would be the best way to get Ben and Maria back together.
S02E220 Episode 220 13/11/1998 While they were watching them hug, Tim told Sara that Casey was about to throw her over for Meg. Sara noticed that Tim was drunk. He explained that he started drinking because he lost Meg. He told Sara that Gregory also fired him because he sold his Liberty Corporation stock to Annie. Casey told Meg that he didn't know how any man could choose another woman over her. Sara approached the pair. Casey asked Meg to go out for coffee with him, telling Sara that they would have to postpone their plans. Dr. Estrada asked Ben what happened the night that Maria drowned, and he responded that he had accused Maria of being unfaithful to him, and that for five years, he blamed himself for her death.
S02E221 Episode 221 16/11/1998 Sara tells Casey that she was expecting more of a crowd, so he told her that he threw everyone out so that they could have some privacy. Sara spilled her wine on Casey, and then the hors d'oeuvres that Casey was heating up burned. When Casey went upstairs to change into a dry shirt, Sara found a romance novel, and had a fantasy about Casey sweeping her off her feet. When he heard Meg admit that she had similar problems with Derek to the ones that Maria had with him, Ben stopped her from telling any more and proved that Maria hadn't remembered anything. Meg got angry at Maria for lying, but Maria said that she'd lie again, if it meant that she could find out about that night.
S02E222 Episode 222 17/11/1998 Three positive tests later, Vanessa finally decided that she must really be pregnant. Michael walked in on Vanessa and Gabi discussing how she's going to tell Michael. Gabi was about to make her escape when Ricardo arrived. The two women's refusal to tell what they had been up to was frustrating to both of their boyfriends. After they finished their Chinese takeout dinner, Vanessa asked Michael to open a particular fortune cookie, which had a fortune that said that he was going to be a father. He thought there must have been a mistake, but Vanessa told him that she put it there because she's pregnant.
S02E223 Episode 223 18/11/1998 Michael's first reaction to the news was disbelief. She told him that she double and triple-checked, and that Tyus must have made a mistake. Michael was overwhelmed with joy. Tyus and Jimmy came back from playing basketball together. When Tyus said that he wanted a family someday -- just not now, Virginia asked him if he'd feel the same way if he had a chance with Vanessa. He responded that he didn't want to talk about Vanessa, because he'll never have her. He said that he's moving to Maryland to start a new life for himself.
S02E224 Episode 224 19/11/1998 Caitlin got a phone call saying "I know your secret." When she overheard Ricardo telling AJ that there was plenty of evidence linking Cole to Hillary's disappearance, Gabi asked him about it, but he refused to tell her. Olivia told Cole that she thought that Hillary was dead long before last night. She also said that she wasn't going to turn him in, because she'd only hurt Caitlin by doing so. She promised not to turn him in to Ricardo or to try to turn Caitlin against him if he promised not to take Caitlin away with him. He agreed. Ricardo brought in the evidence that they found. He said that the blood on the clothes was Hillary's.
S02E225 Episode 225 20/11/1998 Emily refused the emerald, saying that she hadn't done anything to deserve it, but Amy wouldn't take no for an answer. When Emily went to look at it in the mirror, Amy tried the chanting, and a strong wind blew up out of nowhere. Amy realized that the wind was caused by her chanting, and continued. When Amy convinced Sean that she gave the necklace to Emily out of kindness, he told her that he was glad that she was getting beyond her jealousy. Amy almost told Sean that the emerald wasn't all it seemed to be. Olivia overheard her chanting, so she told her that she was just doing yoga.
S02E226 Episode 226 23/11/1998 Meg told Maria that she's going back to work. She was supposed to have taken a leave of absence for her honeymoon, but her honeymoon never happened. She tried to convince Maria that she wasn't angry at her, but Maria realized that Meg was angry because Ben stayed up with her after her nightmare. Ben interrupted his wives' discussion. He walked Meg outside, and she told him that it was disconcerting for him to leave their bed to comfort Maria. After Meg left, Ben gave Maria some money so that she could be more independent.
S02E227 Episode 227 24/11/1998 When Francesca tore the room apart looking for the emerald, Cole told her that it must have fallen out on the beach. Cole suggested that she go to Rosario with the jewels she has, but she refused because she was afraid that what happened to Bernie and Hillary will happen to her, too. Cole said that he was going to ask A.J. about the jewels. A.J. found the information he wanted about the jewels among some old manuscripts. Francesca had a nightmare about being turned into a mummy. When Ben propositioned Meg, she told him that she can't make love to him, because Maria's there even when she isn't.
S02E228 Episode 228 25/11/1998 Vanessa and Gabi told Casey that Michael's looking for him at the lifeguard headquarters. After Casey left, the two women told Meg that Vanessa's pregnant. Vanessa asked Meg not to tell anyone but close family and friends that she's pregnant. Michael told Virginia that Vanessa's pregnant and they're going to get married as soon as possible. Virginia was stunned that Michael thought that he's the father of the baby. Michael told Casey that Vanessa's pregnant. Vanessa and Gabi went on a baby book buying spree. Vanessa decided to ask Tyus for a recommendation of an obstetrician.
S02E229 Episode 229 27/11/1998 Ben told Meg they were spending the day together -- in Santa Barbara -- so they could be alone. Meg thanked him, but Ben sensed something was wrong. She admitted she had an argument with her father. Ben suggested they stop by the Cummings house on the way to Santa Barbara. Maria overheard Ben mention that Meg's fight with her father was about Maria. Later, Maria left another message for Pete Valente. Carmen brought Maria's favorite dishes, even though Gabi was making Thanksgiving dinner. Ricardo accused Carmen of not accepting Gabi, but Carmen insisted she only did it for Maria.
S02E230 Episode 230 30/11/1998 Sara told Casey and Joan that she started the fight with Meg on Thanksgiving by telling Meg that she made Maria cry. While Meg and Ben were talking on the phone, Ben found that Maria had left a gardenia inside his briefcase for him. Ben hung up with Meg and told Maria that she used to put a gardenia in his briefcase every morning, and Maria explained that she found the briefcase in the back of Ben's closet, and that leaving the gardenia in it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. After Ben left, Maria said that she had to convince them that she has her entire memory back so that they'll let her give Ben a divorce.
S02E231 Episode 231 01/12/1998 When Virginia recommends Dr. Green, Vanessa realizes that a number of other friends have also recommended him, so she decides to give him a try. Virginia asks Michael if they're sure that Vanessa's three months pregnant, reminding Michael that Vanessa stayed with Tyus while they were apart. Virginia has a crisis of conscience when she realizes that she'll go to prison if anyone finds out what she did to Vanessa, but it is too late, because Vanessa decides to go with Dr. Green. When Michael runs late, Dr. Green tells Vanessa that she's four and a half months pregnant, making her remember the day that she woke up half-undressed in Tyus' apartment. Pete gives Maria the file he put together on her life before she married Ben. Maria is overwhelmed by the amount of material that Pete compiled on her. Maria begins reading Pete's portfolio, and the pages get blown out of her hands.
S02E232 Episode 232 02/12/1998 While picking up the pages of the dossier, Maria passes out. Carmen finds her and helps her to her feet. Maria grabs up the papers so that Carmen won't see them, and then Carmen takes her home. Maria finds a copy of the videotape of her wedding to Ben. She lefts the tape, and, telling Carmen that she needs to rest, she leaves. Maria watches the beginning of the videotape she took from Carmen's house -- Ben showing her the house for the first time. After Michael takes Vanessa home, Dr. Green admits to Virginia that Vanessa's only two and a half months pregnant, not four and a half, like he told her.
S02E233 Episode 233 03/12/1998 Gabi tells Antonio that she still feels guilty that she had plotted to break Ricardo and Paula up when she first came to Sunset Beach. Antonio reminds her there is always the chance to redeem oneself and start over, and she is living proof of that, which makes her feel better. Later Ricardo is thrilled by his surprise party. Madame Carmen tries to appear happy for Ricardo and Gabi, but she is plagued by her premonition that there is another man in Gabi's life. Ricardo tells Amy that Bernie was broke and his house was being repossessed. Emily invites Amy to stay at her mom's for Christmas, but breaks the news to Amy that she and Sean plan to go to Aspen.
S02E234 Episode 234 04/12/1998 Meg and Ben walk in on Maria while she is watching the tape of Ben giving her the tour of the house. Ben and Meg unwittingly make it impossible for Maria to remove the tape from the VCR, so Maria goes up to bed. When she returns downstairs later, she catches Meg about to watch the videotape. Antonio tries to convince his mother that the other man she saw in the cards doesn't exist, but she says that she's as certain that there'll be pain ahead for Ricardo as she was that Maria was still alive.
S02E235 Episode 235 07/12/1998 Casey walks in on Tim taunting Sara that if Maria tries to get Ben back, then Casey will go after Meg. When Tim begs Joan to tell him how he can make amends, she tells him to stop making trouble for Meg. The car crashes. When the kids regain consciousness, Emily still can't see. Amy remembers that she wished that Emily would "stop seeing" Sean, right before she went blind. She decides that she did this to Emily. Cole tries to stem the flow of blood, but it doesn't work. Francesca says that she hadn't taken the diamonds from her bracelet yet, and when they remove the bracelet, the bleeding stops.
S02E236 Episode 236 08/12/1998 While Tyus is in the process of telling Emily that she'll have to see a specialist, Bette comes in, relieved that Emily is all right. It takes Bette a minute to realize that Emily has gone blind. Bette tries to convince Emily that her blindness is traumatic blindness caused by the accident, but Emily tells her that her blindness was the cause of the accident. Antonio starts praying. When AJ and Cole join in, the smoke clears, the doors open, and Francesca regain consciousness.
S02E237 Episode 237 09/12/1998 Gregory asks Annie to sign an insurance claim form for the Faberge egg that she told him was broken the previous night, reminding her that falsifying an insurance claim form is a felony. She never gets around to signing it. Olivia tells Gregory and Annie that she's heard about a professional prank caller who makes vague threats, but never says exactly what he's calling about. Caitlin tells the blackmailer that she needs more time to get the money. They keep the caller on the line long enough to trace it, but the tracer says that they haven't gotten any phone calls.
S02E238 Episode 238 10/12/1998 Meg and Ben decide to make a party out of decorating their tree. Sara apologizes for accusing Maria of faking her amnesia, but, of course, she doesn't really mean it. She has a fantasy in which Ben is so wrapped up in Maria that Meg turns to Casey, leaving Sara behind. Maria tells Gabi that she wants to look through family photographs to make a Christmas present for Carmen. In the box, she finds a picture of a tree from when she was married to Ben, and decided to make that her next memory.
S02E239 Episode 239 11/12/1998 When she notices Sara watching her practice her next memory, Maria accuses her of spying on her. Sara responds that she was there to pick something up for the picnic and said that she hopes that they can learn to get along, for Ben and Meg's sake. Maria finds the ornaments in a box in the closet and plans to have her memory when she sees the star for the top of the tree. The guests arrive for the tree-trimming party. Maria brings the ornaments into the living room, which convinces Ben that Maria's memory is coming back because she was able to find the ornaments. Meg suggests that Maria put the star on the top of the tree.
S02E240 Episode 240 14/12/1998 Maria claims to remember everything -- the house, the tree, her marriage to Ben. She even says that she remembers going to camp with Casey. Ben tells Meg that he is skeptical because the emotions that Maria shows are wrong. Maria walks in just as Meg asked Ben whether he would have been convinced if Maria had declared that she still loved him. Maria tells them that she is moving out, because she promised that she'd move out once she regained her memory. Meg tries to convince Maria to stay until she's sure that she has all of her memories.
S02E241 Episode 241 15/12/1998 Antonio frees Gabi and himself. Amy tries to steal the necklace from Emily. Caitlin continues receiving anonymous phone calls. Cole tells Francesca and A.J. that everyone who touched the Rosario jewels will die on Christmas Eve if the don't return the jewels by midnight. Antonio realizes that the dead man's body belongs to Juan Sanchez.
S02E242 Episode 242 16/12/1998 When they realize that Gregory changed the combination to the safe, Annie asks him for her money. He asks why she needs it, so she replies that the money is for Gregory's Christmas present. He is, apparently, so touched by this that he gives Annie the combination to the safe. Annie speculates that it was too easy to get the combination out of him. Caitlin tells Olivia about the blackmail, and Olivia offers to get the money for her.
S02E243 Episode 243 17/12/1998 Sara tells Tim that Maria is planning to file for a divorce, and that since Ben and Meg are going on with their lives, she wants to go on with hers as well. Meg overhears Ben telling Maria that she was too detached for him to believe that she really regained her memory. The crate contains some kind of strange sheet-metal statue. It's obvious that the metal contains something else, but Jimmy isn't able to open it himself. He almost shows the "statue" to Antonio, but then realizes that he is running late for basketball practice. Francesca tells Caitlin that after she leaves town, if she finds out that Caitlin has done anything to make Cole unhappy, Francesca will come back to steal Cole from her.
S02E244 Episode 244 18/12/1998 Cole tells Bette that he needs to see Amy about the emerald, and she responds that she gave the emerald to Emily, and that Emily has gone blind. Amy shows Brad the fake emerald she had made, telling him that if she gets the emerald back, she might not have Sean, but at least she would be able to sleep at night. Telling her that she was only switching the chains, Amy convinces Emily to let her switch the necklaces. Sean gives Emily a bottle of the perfume she borrowed from Francesca during the cruise, and that was too expensive for her to buy for herself.
S02E245 Episode 245 21/12/1998 Annie and Caitlin are tormented by repetitive laughter that turns out to be coming from tape recorders hidden all over the power plant. Annie realizes that the caller was just playing with their minds. When Caitlin begs for mercy, the caller gives them more time to get the money together. Annie and Caitlin resolve to get the money as soon as they could and they leave. We see the face of their tormentor. It's Gregory.
S02E246 Episode 246 22/12/1998 Gregory says that his phone calls are payback to Annie for keeping his son from him. When Annie tells Caitlin that she would have shot the blackmailer, Gregory, who is eavesdropping, asks her to elaborate. They tell him that they were talking about a video game they saw at the mall. Olivia arrives with the money, telling Gregory that it's a Christmas present for Trey. Gregory says that whatever the women have planned, he is sure he is going to enjoy it.
S02E247 Episode 247 23/12/1998 Meg arrives at her parents' house, and finds her entire family, and Casey, sharing a champagne toast to Maria regaining her memory. She tells them that Maria was pretending that she remembered so that she could give Ben and Meg the divorce that they want. Casey and Meg have a tender moment when he gives her a book on Venice for Christmas. A jealous Sara gets rid of Casey and asks Meg if there is anything else wrong, so Meg confesses that she is afraid that she is going to lose Ben to Maria.
S02E248 Episode 248 24/12/1998 Virginia fantasizes that she gets exactly what she wants for Christmas -- Michael. Tyus comes by with a present for Vanessa -- a picture frame with the words "our baby" engraved into it, which Vanessa promptly drops. Vanessa nearly tells Tyus about her fear that the baby was his, but when Michael interrupts them, she decides to tell them both the truth. Michael interrupts her again, saying that he knows that she was going to say how grateful she is for the life she has so soon after she thought she was going to die. After this, Vanessa can't bring herself to tell Michael the truth.
S02E249 Episode 249 25/12/1998 Sara tells Hank about her doubts about Maria's motivations. When Hank asks why she thinks that Maria is after Ben, Sara says that Maria's not the angel everyone thinks she is, and that Maria will find some way to get Ben over to Ricardo's for Christmas. Ben notices that Maria left her presents, and says that he'll take them over later, so Sara offers to take the presents to Ricardo's while she's running another errand.
S02E250 Episode 250 28/12/1998 Carmen tells Maria that a door will literally open and she'll remember everything. Ben and Meg get romantic, but Maria's return puts them out of the mood. Maria starts drawing a door with a lion handle on it.. She walks to the balcony doors to open them, but they were stuck. When she goes into the hall to find something to use to open the door, she bumps into Ben, and tells him that the window is stuck. Ben opens it, telling her that she always needed help with it.
S02E251 Episode 251 29/12/1998 Maria wakes up from her dream of the door, and looked at her drawing, wondering if she's been to the place where the door is. Meg tells Maria that ever since she lied about having her memory back, she hasn't felt as close to her as she did before. Meg says that she wants her to get her memory back, even if it means that she'll remember how much she loves Ben. When Meg sees the pad that Maria drew the door on, Maria asks her not to look at it and she respects Maria's wishes and doesn't look at the picture.
S02E252 Episode 252 30/12/1998 Maria tells Ben that what is behind the door could hold the key to getting her memory back. Ben says that she has to risk everything that she is in order to be everything that she wants to be. He offers to go through the door with her. Their cave is behind the door, and Maria remembered that the cave was their hideaway when they were together. When Maria asks him when he was last there, he says that it was the night before she disappeared. Maria remembers that Ben had been having terrible headaches, and that she had been afraid of him.
S02E253 Episode 253 31/12/1998 Casey tells Meg that he'd never seen any indication that Ben wants anything other than to be with Meg and that if she keeps getting upset, it might turn out that her fears are a self-fulfilling prophecy. Meg agrees that he is right and goes upstairs. When Casey is about to leave, Sara arrives. She tells him what she thinks she saw in the cave – Ben and Maria kissing. He leaves, cautioning Sara to not tell Meg anything of what she thought she saw, because it would make Meg leave Ben, not fight for him.
S02E254 Episode 254 04/01/1999 Gloating about the hell he's putting Annie through, Gregory calls her again and demands another million dollars, saying that if she could get one million from Olivia, she should be able to get a second million. Then he offers to let Annie off the hook if she will "entertain" a business associate of his. Annie agrees to go along with his demands. He tells her to go to the Monte Carlo suite at the Inn wearing only whipped cream. After hanging up the phone, Gregory interrupts Annie just as she decides to give the business associate some of the truth serum that she tried to give Bette in order to make the associate tell the truth about who the blackmailer is.
S02E255 Episode 255 05/01/1999 Ben realizes that Maria appears to think she fell off the boat only a few hours ago. Meanwhile, Meg walks in on Casey and Sara updating Carmen and Antonio about Maria's accident and takes full responsibility for what happened. Carmen lashes out at Meg, but Ben intervenes and comes to Meg's defense. Sara wonders if Casey blames her for Maria's accident. A disappointed Casey reminds Sara that she broke her promise to him and yes, he does feel that she is at fault. Cole is furious when he learns that Francesca decided to stay in Sunset Beach. When AJ and Francesca inadvertently touch, both feel a spark. Francesca remains curious about the secret Caitlin and Annie are withholding from Cole. Francesca leaves a message, allegedly from Annie, for Caitlin that "Cole knows". Caitlin freaks out. Annie realizes the blackmailer warns the jig is up, and Gregory tells Annie that he has a surprise for her.
S03E01 Episode 1 06/01/1999 Gregory promises to give Annie her stock back once she gives him the Christmas present she promised him. Caitlin is about to reveal the secret about Trey to Cole when Cole notices Francesca watching them. Caitlin tells Annie that she thinks Francesca is the blackmailer, so Annie leaves to confront her. Maria fully regains her memory and reunites with her mother and her brothers. Maria tells Carmen that Ben belongs to Meg now, but Carmen tries to convince her otherwise. Meg is keen on leaving Ben.
S03E02 Episode 2 07/01/1999 Annie tricks Francesca and realizes that she isn't the blackmailer. Francesca becomes even more interested in the secret that Annie and Caitlin are hiding. Maria is surprised to learn that Antonio has become a priest. She questions Ricardo about his hatred against Ben and she tries to convince him that Ben had nothing to do with her "death," but Ricardo isn't so sure. Hank and Joan arrive at Ben's place, where Casey tries to explain what happened. Meg and Ben have a long conversation after which she decides to leave. Casey picks up Meg in the rain and promises to take care of her.
S03E03 Episode 3 08/01/1999 Cole drives to the edge of a cliff and threatens to kill Francesca if she doesn't leave Caitlin alone. Gregory continues taunting Caitlin and Annie. He makes Caitlin leave to an alley behind the Deep with a large sum of money. In Trey's room, Gregory confronts Annie and reveals that he knows the secret that his daughter has been hiding. Francesca returns home and using the tape recorder, she finds out Caitlin's secret. Vanessa wants to confess the truth to Michael but she changes her mind after learning about Ben and Meg's breakup. Dr. Estrada releases Maria from the hospital. Maria wants Ben to take care of Meg, not her. Sara learns about Meg's moving back to Surf Central and her breakup. She questions Casey about their relationship, but he can't answer until he knows that Meg's situation is resolved.
S03E04 Episode 4 11/01/1999 Gregory says he's going to send Annie to jail. Annie tells Gregory she'll drag Caitlin with her. Gregory will assure Caitlin's safety. Annie tells Gregory she did everything for him, because Trey isn't his son, but Olivia's and Cole's son. Meanwhile Ricardo tells Ben he's sorry for being such a jerk all these years. Meg wants to know where she/Maria/Ben stand now that Maria has her memory back. Ben accepts Ricardo's apology and later walk in on Meg and Maria as Meg asks Maria if she plans on giving Ben a divorce. Ben and Meg share a moment where he asks Meg for another chance. Maria witnesses a kiss between Ben/Meg. Sean and Emily find Caitlin in the alley; she quickly dismisses them. Later, someone puts a knife to her back. Cole is about to leave to meet Caitlin, when he has to rush Trey to the hospital over an ear infection. Virginia goads Vanessa, trying to make her feel guilty about her baby's paternity. Later, Virginia calls Dr. Green telling him she needs documentation in order to spell I out for Michael that there is no way he could be the father of Vanessa's baby.
S03E05 Episode 5 12/01/1999 Prompted by Annie, Gregory recalls all the odd behavior by Olivia during the time he was convinced Cole had an affair with a woman in Sunset Beach...and it dawns on him that Cole could be Trey's father. Gregory realizes he has to stop Caitlin from confessing to Cole. Meanwhile, Cole runs into Olivia who finally admits the baby she lost could've been his. Caitlin fights off a would-be thief. Suddenly Cole arrives. Maria sees Ben kissing Meg and begins to hyperventilate. Meg tells Ben the kiss was a mistake and that he has to resolve his feelings for Maria before they can be together. Alone, Meg takes off her wedding ring just as Maria tells Ben she can't grant him the divorce--she's in love with him.
S03E06 Episode 6 13/01/1999 Annie convinces Gregory to let her help him keep the secret of Trey's paternity from Cole. Caitlin realizes she's been set up when Cole finds her in the alley. Caitlin hands over the briefcase full of money to Cole when Gregory and Annie arrive. Annie tries to sneak off with the briefcase, but Cole stops her. Vanessa finds Michael and Casey putting a crib together. She's overcome with guilt and leaves to see Tyus. Vanessa realizes she has to tell Michael the truth. Virginia blackmails Dr. Green into writing a letter confirming that Vanessa is four and a half months pregnant. Michael finds the letter only moment before Vanessa returns. Amy and Brad set off the smoke alarm in the Shock Wave to keep Emily and Sean from making love.
S03E07 Episode 7 14/01/1999 Gregory explains Caitlin came to him for help in getting rid of Francesca. Caitlin was giving the money to an employee of Gregory's to pay off Francesca and get her out of town. Annie claims she left Cole to not hoping to break up him and Caitlin to win Gregory's love. Back at the Richards house, Gregory tells Caitlin that Annie told him about the blackmailer and Gregory paid him off because he felt guilty for his part in her accident that caused her to lose her baby. Francesca tells Gregory she knows just how to break up Cole and Caitlin. Alone, Cole confronts Annie; he doesn't buy her story. Emily is horrified when everyone realizes she and Sean were about to sleep together. Leo returns, and tells Sean he saw Brad with matches in his hand. Amy realizes she can use Brad to get to Sean. Vanessa tells Michael about sleeping with Tyus when both were suffering side effects from Tyus's experimental Martin's Syndrome cure. Virgina arranges for Tyus to show up just as Vanessa admits her baby is Tyus'. Olivia arrives at AJ's and learns Francesca is staying in town. Later, Olivia is overwhelmed when she finds a baby spoon in her purse. Gabi kisses Antonio thinking he's Ricardo.
S03E08 Episode 8 15/01/1999 AJ comforts Olivia when she comes across a silver spoon that Gregory gave her when they were expecting their baby. He's convinced that there is still a piece to the puzzle missing and wants to pursue it. AJ contacts Cole and asks for his help. Cole confronts Annie about trying to break him and Caitlin up, Cole knows Gregory wouldn't hesitate to destroy Annie if it suited his purposes. Meanwhile, Francesca tells Gregory she knows all about Cole/Olivia/Trey. Francesca proposes that Gregory make sure there's no question about Trey's paternity by guaranteeing any test results that show Gregory is the father. Gregory privately decides to have Trey's paternity tested. Tyus is rocked when discovers that the baby Vanessa is carrying is really his. Michael accuses him of drugging Vanessa to take advantage of her. Vanessa defends Tyus. Tyus tells Vanessa he intends to be a father to the baby she is carrying. Ricardo discovers Antonio's transfer papers, but doesn't understand how his brother could possibly agree to a transfer when Maria needs him here in Sunset Beach. Gabi asks Antonio if the real reason he's leaving is because he has feelings for her.
S03E09 Episode 9 18/01/1999 Antonio fantasizes about kissing Gabi, and is interrupted by Gabi's arrival. She says that he's not the only one leaving St. Joseph's, because she is being reassigned. She asks him for the answer to her question, and he tells her that the feelings he has for her are those of friendship and that he is trying very hard to keep his vows. After Gabi leaves, Antonio realizes that she loves him, too.
S03E10 Episode 10 20/01/1999 Casey tells Sara he thinks it may be over for Ben and Meg. Meg tells Maria she is there to get the rest of her things, but lets Maria know she isn't giving up on Ben. Maria admits that she still loves Ben and isn't ready to walk away. Ricardo insists that Gabi can't take the new assignment, and Gabi bristles that she doesn't need Ricardo's permission to do anything. The chief brings AJ in, and he explains that he has an embezzlement problem. Later, Ricardo admits he doesn't want to lose Gabi.
S03E11 Episode 11 21/01/1999 Annie dreams that the paternity test says that Gregory is the father of Trey, and he wants to kill her -- literally. Watching Caitlin and Cole with Trey, Gregory vows that he'll destroy Cole if it turns out that he's Trey's father. Knowing that the test is that day, Annie steals some clothes from Rose's closet and heads for the hospital. Casey and Maria see each other for the first time since she regained her memory. She tells Casey that she's not giving Ben a divorce. Casey tells Maria that he thinks that Ben belongs with Meg. Meg asks Ben if he wants her to stay because he misses her or because he doesn't want to be alone with Maria. Tim promises Sara that he'll win Meg's heart and that he won't lose her a second time.
S03E12 Episode 12 22/01/1999 Caitlin fantasizes that when Cole goes to see AJ, a negligee-clad Francesca smooches him up. Cole and AJ try to find Dr. Brock, but he isn't listed in the San Francisco phone book. Bette gives Cole the name of Dr. Brock's nurse -- Florence Kennedy. Cole tells Caitlin that he took the job with AJ and is being sent out of town on a business trip. Tyus tells Michael that he won't be leaving Sunset Beach. He tried to convince Michael that both he and Vanessa would take that night back if they could, but Michael doesn't believe that Tyus means it. Vanessa and Meg tell Casey about the night Vanessa and Tyus took the hallucinogen.
S03E13 Episode 13 25/01/1999 Casey trains the young lifeguards while Olivia learns Gregory is having some sort of test done on Trey. The test shows that Cole is the father and Gregory daydreams about Olivia and Cole in bed together. Meanwhile, Tyus talks to Vanessa while Michael becomes suspicious when he overhears Virginia talking to Dr. Green.
S03E14 Episode 14 26/01/1999 Cole finds Dr. Brock's dead body clutching a gun in his hand. Cole finds a phone number in a locked desk drawer just as the police arrive. The officer opens the door and they find Dr. Brock's body. While the officer is distracted, Cole sneaks out. Gregory nearly loses it, but finally gets it back together and tells Olivia that he knows that Trey isn't Caitlin's son. He tells Olivia that she would get her money back -- in fact, she'll get everything that's coming to her. He also tells her that he hates Cole more than ever now.
S03E15 Episode 15 27/01/1999 Gabi tells Antonio that they have a lot of things to say to one another because they will never see each other again after that night, because she won't be going to his going-away party. Antonio asks her for an answer about her feelings for him, and she tells him that he is the best friend that she'll ever have, that she'll never let him out of her heart, and that she'll miss him forever. She kisses him next to his mouth.
S03E16 Episode 16 29/01/1999 After Carmen leaves, Gabi reassures Ricardo that she isn't upset by her confrontation with Carmen. They arrange to meet for lunch. When Antonio confesses to lusting after Gabi, the priest taking his confession tells him to pray, and that God will show him the way. He says that if Antonio stays in Sunset Beach much longer, something terrible will happen. Antonio prays to be the priest he always wanted to be. Gabi finally admits to herself that she has romantic feelings for Antonio.
S03E17 Episode 17 01/02/1999 Gregory decides to take Trey from Cole. When Olivia threatens to make Francesca leave town, Francesca says that her desperation is proof that she did sleep with Cole, and says that if she forced her to leave town without Cole, she'll make sure that Caitlin finds out that she slept with Cole. Bette overhears Olivia threatening to kill Francesca. Olivia tells Francesca that Caitlin and Cole will be together forever. Francesca calls Gregory and takes him up on his offer to sleep with AJ.
S03E18 Episode 18 02/02/1999 Cole comes to see Francesca telling her that she hasn't been acting like herself, and that he knows that she is planning to use AJ to get to him. He tells her that his life would be meaningless without Caitlin and Trey, and she says that she could make his life worthwhile. When Cole says that he hopes that they could be friends, Francesca says that she could never go back to being just friends with him. He says that no one can ever change the way he feels about Caitlin. After he left, she says that Gregory will change the way he feels, and then she'd have him back -- even if it kills her.
S03E19 Episode 19 03/02/1999 Carmen tells Antonio that if he stays in Sunset Beach for another hour, disaster will befall him and everyone he loves. Antonio agrees to leave immediately. They say a tearful farewell. He asks her to go easy on Gabi, telling her that Gabi and Ricardo are meant to be together. Sister Bertrille convinces Antonio to hear the sisters' confessions one last time. When Gabi calls to tell Ricardo that she has caught the embezzler, Gerard is eavesdropping. Karen disappears while Ricardo's talking to Gabi. It turns out that Gerard's plan is to blow Gabi and the evidence up. Someone phones in a tip, and Ricardo and Spence go to check it out. Karen slips in between the sisters and confesses that Gerard plans to kill Gabi. Antonio takes off in the middle of Karen's confession. Ricardo and Spence catch Gerard, who taunts Ricardo that Gabi is about to die. Antonio arrives just as the bomb goes off.
S03E20 Episode 20 04/02/1999 Antonio and Gabi are knocked unconscious by falling rubble. Antonio fishes Gabi out from under the debris. Ricardo tries to dig them out, but a fireman stops him because he would bring the building down on top of them. When Karen shows up, Ricardo confronts her about why she didn't warn him. He threatens her if Gabi is hurt. Karen tries to justify her silence by telling Ricardo about confessing to Antonio, which tells Ricardo that he has two people to rescue – his girlfriend and his brother. When Gabi panics at the thought that they might die, Antonio reassures her that they aren't going to die. When Gabi gets cold, Antonio holds her to warm her up.
S03E21 Episode 21 05/02/1999 Virginia tells Vanessa that she, not Vanessa, should be with Michael. Dr. Green tells Vanessa that Virginia blackmailed him into saying that she was four and a half months pregnant when she was really three months pregnant. Vanessa says that proves that the baby's Michael's, but Virginia insists that Tyus is the father. Michael arrives after Vanessa and Virginia have left. When Virginia reiterates that Tyus is the father of the baby, Vanessa explains that Tyus couldn't be the father. Virginia tells her that she got her pregnant, and spells the whole thing out for her -- getting the sperm from the sperm bank, knocking Vanessa out, and raping her with the turkey baster.
S03E22 Episode 22 08/02/1999 Vanessa goes into early labor. After calling for an ambulance, Michael calms her down and tells her that he knows that it's his baby. Vanessa tells Michael about Virginia raping her. Just as Virginia sneaks away, Vanessa's condition worsens again, so Michael can't go after her. The paramedics come to take Vanessa to the hospital. When they bring Vanessa in, another doctor took over from Tyus because the hospital has a policy against doctors working with family members and there is a chance that Tyus is the father of the baby. Tyus blames Vanessa's condition on Michael.
S03E23 Episode 23 09/02/1999 Francesca tells Gregory that she won't have anything to do with AJ unless he gives her an advance on the five million he promised her. Caitlin walks in on Gregory and Francesca conspiring. Ricardo suggests that since the building backed up against the caves, they could get in through the beach caves. Gabi and Antonio make love. Ricardo, Casey and Hank reach the other side of the beach cave wall from Ricardo and Gabi. Just as Antonio promises to love Gabi forever, they hear Ricardo calling out for them.
S03E24 Episode 24 10/02/1999 After they heard Ricardo calling for them, Gabi and Antonio hurriedly dressed. Ricardo punched a hole in the wall of the cave and got Gabi out. He told her that he didn't know what he would have done if something had happened to her. When she emerged from the cave, Sara and Joan came to Gabi's aid, but Carmen just asked what she did to Antonio. Emily overheard Gregory telling the foreman to keep Sean and Leo out of the rescue effort. When Emily told Sean what she heard Gregory saying, Sean stormed out.
S03E25 Episode 25 11/02/1999 Annie fantasized about Olivia and Cole taunting her and threatening to call the police when Cole survived the fall. When Annie tried to stop Cole, they both went over the edge. Cole pulled himself up. Annie begged Cole to help her, but he gleefully used Annie's position to demand that she tell him that she and Dr Brock stole Olivia's baby. Annie let it slip that Olivia already knew everything, but before he could make her explain, the security guard rescued her.
S03E26 Episode 26 12/02/1999 Meg interrupted Sara and Casey kissing when she came by to tell them that she and Ben got back together, saying that that it was fate that led them back to each other. Sara realized that if anyone knew that it was her conspiracy with Tim, not fate, that led Meg back into Ben's arms, she'd lose Casey for certain. Gabi told Antonio that he can't punish himself forever, to which he replied that he had to make amends. They disagreed over whether to tell Ricardo the truth – Antonio for, and Gabi against. Antonio was making one last stab at trying to convince Gabi to tell the truth when Ricardo walked in saying that he knew what they were talking about.
S03E27 Episode 27 15/02/1999 Ricardo leapt to the assumption that Gabi was there to say a prayer of thanks for their survival, but Antonio tried, once again, to tell Ricardo the truth. Ricardo got called in to work and told his brother that God will forgive him for whatever he wanted to confess to. When Antonio told Gabi that he had to tell Ricardo how he feels, she asked if he wanted to leave the priesthood for her. Antonio said that it had never occurred to him to leave the priesthood. They talked about their options, and Gabi asked him to give her warning before telling Ricardo. Gabi left and Antonio prayed for guidance. While praying, Antonio had a vision. Ricardo promised never to let go of Gabi.
S03E28 Episode 28 16/02/1999 Meg told Ben that she felt sorry for Maria, because she knew what it was like to lose him. Ben told Meg that he had a big surprise for her. Annie tried to convince Maria not to give up. Annie considered her options -- making a pass at Cole or playing on his sympathy. Maria moved out. Someone called and hung up when she got the answering machine. Antonio asks if God came to him because he broke his vows, and He said that He's there because Antonio needed Him. God told Antonio to atone for his sins. Antonio asked God if He could see a way for him to atone without hurting anyone else.
S03E29 Episode 29 17/02/1999 God told Antonio to follow his heart, and that when he next saw Ricardo, he would know what to do. Antonio walked in while Ricardo was proposing to Gabi. Ricardo persuaded Antonio to stay, and Gabi accepted his proposal. Carmen and Maria came by to tell them about Maria's idea to have a party. When Ricardo told them that Gabi and he had gotten engaged, Maria burst into tears. Carmen told her sons that Ben chose Meg. Antonio and Maria compared notes on losing the people they love. Antonio reassured Gabi that he had decided not to tell Ricardo about them making love. While looking for the tape of her kissing AJ, Francesca found the tape of Antonio and Gabi. She was stunned by what she saw.
S03E30 Episode 30 18/02/1999 Francesca decided to use the videotape of Gabi and Antonio to get the money to take Trey with them when Cole left town with her. In order to find out what Gregory was up to, Annie hit the last number redial on his phone. Francesca answered. Annie decided to find out what was going on with Gregory and Francesca. Caitlin and Cole told Gregory that Trey took the first step. Gregory told them that Trey would be having one-year checkup with another doctor. Annie saw AJ pounding on Francesca's door, and that she didn't answer the door. Francesca decided that the tape of Gabi and Antonio would help her get rich.
S03E31 Episode 31 19/02/1999 Carmen came over and told Gabi not to celebrate her engagement to Ricardo, because "the other man" had already sown the seeds of her destruction. While watching the tape (and eating popcorn), Francesca wondered what Gabi did to get Antonio into bed, when she was unsuccessful in Rosario. Francesca told Gabi that she wanted the money the police found when they caught Gerard. When Gabi threatened to call Ricardo, Francesca showed her the videotape. Francesca was trying to talk Gabi into cooperating when Antonio and Ricardo arrived.
S03E32 Episode 32 22/02/1999 Tyus told Michael that they were sending Virginia to Cedar Oaks. Vanessa said she didn't want them to press charges against Virginia because she didn't want Jimmy to lose his mother. She said that sending Virginia to jail wouldn't bring her baby back. Tyus told her that he would never forgive Virginia for killing the baby. While Dr. Estrada ran an electroencephalogram ("EEG") on Virginia, Virginia reminisced about the things she did to Vanessa. Dr. Estrada looked at the EEG results and said that Virginia has had a breakdown. After Dr. Estrada left the room, Virginia escaped from her straitjacket.
S03E33 Episode 33 23/02/1999 Maria told Ben and Meg that she wanted to talk about giving Ben a divorce. Maria said that she knew that Ben never wanted to hurt her, but that she just wanted to get this over with. Ben told Maria that he would make sure that she will get a fair settlement. When Meg said that she knew how painful it was for her to ask for a divorce, Maria said that what was really painful was that the only way she could show Ben how much she loved him was to let him go. Ben called his attorney to draw up the papers. The flight attendant brought orange juice to a woman and a child. The woman looked at a charcoal sketch of Ben – or was it Derek?
S03E34 Episode 34 24/02/1999 Sara had a romantic Mary Tyler Moore-style fantasy of her and Casey which ended with Tim catching the hat and threatening to expose her part in his plot to get Meg back. In real life, Tim told Sara that she needed to talk to her parents about the job at the Shock Wave that he wanted. He said that he's lost Meg, and that he couldn't afford to lose the Cummingses, too, because they were the only family he had ever had. Sara convinced her parents to consider giving Tim another chance. Joan gave Sara an order to deliver down the beach. Casey told Sara that he placed the order to give them some time alone. He took her to a picnic blanket, where they got romantic.
S03E35 Episode 35 25/02/1999 Maria overheard Gabi and Antonio, but she thought that Gabi just found out how Antonio felt about her. She brought a picture of Antonio the day of his first confession, reminding him that Carmen always used to say that confession makes the soul pure and white. When he lost his temper at her, Maria told him that she just brought the picture to tell him that maybe he was meant to be a priest. Then she realized that something more had happened than just Gabi finding out how he feels about her, but he wouldn't tell her what. Maria told Antonio that she had decided to give Ben the divorce.
S03E36 Episode 36 26/02/1999 When a sedated Caitlin begged Sean to get Cole, Sean berated Gregory for breaking them up. Caitlin had a nightmare about Cole taking Trey from her Emily walked in while Sean was comforting his sister. Cole told Olivia that he tied Annie up so that she wouldn't go anywhere while he looked for her. Cole acted distant when telling Olivia that he wanted some straight answers, and that he couldn't trust Annie. When Trey cried, Cole sent Olivia to deal with him. Cole tells Annie that he's going to tell Olivia that he knows that Trey isn't Caitlin's son. When he saw Olivia holding Trey, he tells her to put their son down.
S03E37 Episode 37 01/03/1999 Ben arrived with the divorce papers and Carmen told them that the divorce will never happen. After Ben left, Maria read over the divorce papers, remembering the good times with Ben. Meg told her parents that Maria finally agreed to the divorce. Sara and Casey arrived while Hank, Joan and Meg were arguing about Meg's future with Ben. Caitlin had another nightmare -- this time, it was of her family ignoring her while she asked for Trey. Gregory played stupid until Cole admitted to being Trey's father, then he pretended to figure out that Olivia is Trey's mother and that he also could be Trey's father. Gregory put Olivia on the spot by asking her which of them is Trey's father. Olivia reminded Gregory that she is Trey's mother. Gregory told her that she's not good enough to be his mother. Olivia returned to taunt Annie. While she's there, Caitlin returns home and overhears her admitting that she's Trey's mother. Cole told Gregory that since he was adamant on having Dr. Manning perform the test, he wanted Tyus to perform the test, instead. Gregory consented. Tyus told them that the answer to Trey's paternity was already in their files. Bette came in while AJ was trying to strangle Francesca.
S03E38 Episode 38 02/03/1999 Antonio had a fantasy about Francesca showing everyone the tape at Ricardo and Gabi's wedding. A woman brought a shoebox containing $200,000 to Antonio for safekeeping because she didn't trust banks, and wanted to put it in the church safe. Antonio felt too tempted to use it to pay Francesca, so he refused to take it. Gabi hid the gun just as Ricardo arrived home with flowers for her. At first, when Francesca showed up, Gabi thought she was there to tell Ricardo about the tape, but she was actually there to report AJ for assaulting her. Ricardo left, so Gabi broke the news to Francesca that she couldn't get the money. When Francesca berated her, she took the gun out of the box where she'd hidden it.
S03E39 Episode 39 03/03/1999 When Maria told them that she wouldn't sign the papers, Meg accused her of having planned not to give Ben the divorce all along, but then Maria insisted that she didn't sign the papers because their divorce wouldn't happen fast enough that way. She told them that she had booked flights for them to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce and then for Ben and Meg to Venice the next day for their wedding. When Meg asked why she was in such a hurry, she said that the woman that Ben had moved on, and that she had better do the same. When Meg went upstairs, Maria told Ben that Meg had better treat him right, or she'd be back. Maria told Carmen that she and Ben were going to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. Carmen insisted that their marriage was not over. A woman looked up Ben's address in the phone book.
S03E40 Episode 40 04/03/1999 Francesca told Cole that she saw his car in the parking lot and wanted to see what he was doing there. When she offered to do anything she could to help, he said that it was too late to help. He admitted that Trey wasn't his son, but told her that he couldn't leave Caitlin. When Francesca realized that if Cole forgave Caitlin, she would never get Cole back, she decided to turn Caitlin against Cole. A nurse told Sean and Emily that Caitlin had escaped. Olivia asked Caitlin if she really believed that she, Cole and Trey were going to live happily ever after, and she finally convinced her daughter to face the truth -- that Trey isn't her son.
S03E41 Episode 41 05/03/1999 Ben promised Meg that there would never be any obstacles between them again. When Olivia asked why he wanted to tell Caitlin the truth, Cole said that he wanted to prove to her that he isn't completely blameless. Rose told Cole and Olivia that Caitlin had disappeared from her bedroom. Michael admitted that he still cared about Vanessa. She begged him for a chance to win back his trust. Caitlin returned home and asked Cole if he slept with Olivia.
S03E42 Episode 42 08/03/1999 Olivia walked in on Caitlin while she was visiting Trey. Caitlin told her mother that she should have been there for her, like she had always been there for her mother. She said that she hated Olivia and that she would never forgive her. Caitlin told Trey that Olivia may have given birth to her, but that she didn't deserve him, and that she'd kill anyone who tried to take him from her. Olivia decided that she should have killed Francesca while she had the chance.
S03E43 Episode 43 09/03/1999 Carmen made another unsuccessful attempt to convince Maria that she shouldn't get the divorce. Ben presented Meg with her pearls again. They made love. When she arrived, Maria told Meg and Ben that she wanted her journal, to see if it would help her remember her missing five years. While looking for her journal, Maria was overcome by sadness. Ben told her that she would always be welcome there, but she responded that she would never be back. Tess came to see Ben and brought Benjy, with her, who asked if the house was where his daddy lives.
S03E44 Episode 44 10/03/1999 Overcome by emotions, Maria ripped the pages from the journal. When Ben came down the stairs, Benjy yelled, "There's my Daddy!" and ran to him. Tess reminded Benjy that he'd promised to wait. She explained that Ben is Benjy's father, and that Maria is his mother. When Maria came downstairs, Benjy recognized her and called her "Mommy." The bullet hit Francesca. She fell to the floor. An obviously ill-at-ease AJ and Olivia bump into each other. He said that he didn't think that he'd ever felt better than he did at that moment. Amy and Brad found Trey in the rental car.
S03E45 Episode 45 11/03/1999 While Ricardo tried to save Francesca's life, Caitlin said that she wished that Francesca would die. They revived Francesca and sent her to the hospital. Ricardo began his investigation by asking AJ where his gun was. AJ said that he lost his gun. Everyone said that they wanted to take Trey to get checked out, so Ricardo agreed to move the investigation to the hospital. Russell confronted Annie, who realized that if Francesca regains consciousness, everything will be over. She fantasizes about Francesca's funeral -- until she walked closer to the coffin and saw herself in it. They bring Francesca in, dying.
S03E46 Episode 46 12/03/1999 Gabi asked Antonio if he knew what happened to the gun after he took it from her. Francesca went into cardiac arrest before she could answer Ricardo's question about whether Antonio shot her. Amy told Sean that she rescued Trey. He also was floored when Amy told him that Trey was Olivia's. When Ricardo told Antonio that Francesca accused him of shooting her, and asked him for an alibi, Gabi interrupted to suggest that perhaps Francesca was asking for he last rites.
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S03E60 Episode 60 01/04/1999 When Ricardo asked Gabi why she didn't tell him that she spoke to Francesca, Gabi swore that she didn't speak to Francesca. Ricardo said that Francesca was on for several minutes, wondering who she spoke to. Finally, Antonio claimed that he, not Gabi, was the one who talked to Francesca. Sean told Caitlin that they both knew that Olivia wasn't the person who killed Francesca. Caitlin told him that Olivia wanted to keep her from ever seeing Trey again. Bette asked Olivia how she could take Trey from Caitlin after letting Caitlin have Trey for so long.
S03E61 Episode 61 02/04/1999 Caitlin fantasized about being the chief witness against her mother. She bumped into Cole, who admitted that he was following her. When he tried to explain why Olivia was behaving the way she was, Caitlin realized that he'd been eavesdropping on her confrontation with Olivia at Gregory's house. Caitlin said that she didn't want him arrested for breaking and entering if Gregory ever found out that Cole had been in his house. Caitlin said that she was helping Gregory because he could help her keep Trey.
S03E62 Episode 62 05/04/1999 Meg told Sara that Maria would still be part of Benjy's life. Sara asked Meg if she's sure that Tess and Maria didn't fix the paternity test. Meg asked Sara why she was so concerned -- like she had a stake in this herself -- and asked her to leave her alone. Sara had a "That Girl" fantasy, which ended in Casey and Meg running off together. Meg tried to make Hank understand that helping Ben make a home for Benjy is the right thing for her to do. Ben tried to convince Maria that it would be a mistake for her to move in with them, but she claimed that everything changed when she found out about Benjy. Emily said that she thought that she was losing Sean, Bette said that she'd throw a romantic dinner for her daughter and her boyfriend. Bette and Emily left for the grocery store. Someone put a gun behind one of the cushions on the sofa.
S03E63 Episode 63 06/04/1999 AJ rescued Caitlin from reporters asking her questions about Francesca's murder. Sean told Emily that he'd have to get back to her about her dinner invitation. Cole cornered Sean to tell him that Olivia had a restraining order on him, saying that Olivia will pay -- permanently. Sean lost his temper at Cole for sleeping with Olivia. Cole reminded Sean that if Olivia wins full custody, she'll keep Caitlin from ever seeing Trey again.
S03E64 Episode 64 07/04/1999 When Brad admitted that he hadn't seen Olivia before they arrived at Grenadine's, Amy admitted that she had lied and told Ricardo that Olivia had pressured her into lying. Amy identified the necklace he found in Francesca's room as belonging to Bette. Ricardo got an anonymous tip telling him that the gun was at Olivia's house. AJ told Olivia that he knew that she threatened Francesca with a gun.
S03E65 Episode 65 08/04/1999 Sara overheard Hank asking Casey to invite Meg to move back into Surf Central. Sara confessed to Joan about her suspicions regarding Tess's honesty. Maria and Meg had a confrontation when Maria was moving in. Maria left, taking Tess and Benjy to meet Carmen, allowing Ben and Meg to have some time alone. Meg told Ben that she didn't think that she had to like the fact that Maria was moving in. When Sara came over, she resisted the temptation to tell Meg her suspicions about Tess.
S03E66 Episode 66 09/04/1999 When Tess caught her snooping, Sara apologized, saying that she didn't know that it was Tess's room. Tess asked what she was doing with the box. Sara asked Tess where she was from originally. When Tess got defensive, Sara left the room. Maria and Meg had a confrontation about whether Maria's using Benjy to hang on to Ben. Maria and Tess compared notes about Sara. Maria said that Sara thought that Tess and she cooked up Benjy to separate Ben and Meg. Maria decided to find out why Sara acted like she had a stake in Ben and Meg's relationship.
S03E67 Episode 67 12/04/1999 Maria told Meg that she was willing to take Benjy and move out. Caitlin walked in while the pair were arguing. She said that she couldn't stop thinking of Trey as her son, which helped Meg and Maria focus on what's really important -- Benjy. When Gregory got a phone call that Olivia was taken in for questioning, he told Ben that he wasn't surprised. Even though Gregory explained the problems he's been having with Olivia, Ben didn't believe that she was capable of murder.
S03E68 Episode 68 13/04/1999 Casey told Michael that he fell in love with Sara the day he saved her from drowning. Michael admitted that he still loved Vanessa, but said that he didn't know if he could trust her again. Michael and Vanessa arrived to meet someone for an interview, who turned out to be each other. Gabi brought the credit card records to Antonio. The first place that Gabi tried to reach was a realtor. Gabi realized that the realtor might be the person who rented the cabin to Francesca.
S03E69 Episode 69 14/04/1999 Michael suggested that Vanessa might have taken the assignment in order to talk to him, because he knew that she was too good to really have been assigned to their story. He told her how flattered he was that she went to the effort to arrange the interview. She asked him where he got such a big ego, telling him the truth about why she was interviewing him - her demotion for her article on Francesca's murder. He apologized for the misunderstanding. They both realized how little they know about each other's lives these days.
S03E70 Episode 70 15/04/1999 When Casey told Meg that he found out that The Liberty Corporation has been dumping more waste into the bay than the EPA allowed, she was stunned to she realize that she hadn't checked the reports in three weeks. She promised that she'd straighten it out. She called Ben to tell him that they needed to have a meeting right away. When Ben reminded Maria that he had said that their situation wouldn't be perfect, she said that she and Meg were willing to put aside their differences, but he wasn't sure if they'd be able to.
S03E71 Episode 71 16/04/1999 After Cole arrived, he told Caitlin that he was glad that Francesca was dead, because her death will give them a chance to get back together. She blurted out that she was divorcing him. Caitlin and Cole were arguing when the police arrived to search for the gun. After the robber shot Ricardo, he took off. Maria ran to her brother to try to stop the bleeding while they waited for the ambulance. Gabi and Antonio wondered how they were going to explain to Ricardo where they were all night. When Gabi suggested that they could tell Ricardo that they got snowed in helping a former parishioner, Antonio said that they were becoming good liars. Gabi told Antonio how much Ricardo meant to her.
S03E72 Episode 72 19/04/1999 When Gabi asked Antonio if he still loved her, he said that he's committed to the church. He went on to say how easy it would be to give in to his feelings for her. She said that she can't marry Ricardo knowing how she and Antonio feel about each other. She said that she had to tell Ricardo the truth, because Ricardo needs a woman who loves him with her whole heart and soul. He said that they'd tell him the truth together. Casey gave Sara tickets to an Alanis Morrisette concert. When she suggested that she could take him out to dinner to thank him, he told her that he had to see Meg. Sara told him that his involvement in Meg's life had to stop.
S03E73 Episode 73 20/04/1999 Gregory was surprised when Olivia walked in while he was telling Rose that she wasn't going to be able to see Trey that day. Olivia told Bette that she suspected that Gregory put the gun in her house to frame her, but that she didn't have any proof. Bette suggested that Olivia should concentrate on figuring out who removed the gun from the house, rather than who hid it there. Olivia swore to Gregory that she'd raise Trey herself, away from Gregory's influence. Olivia said that since Gregory had won Caitlin to his side, she wouldn't fight him for Caitlin if he'd let her have their son.
S03E74 Episode 74 21/04/1999 Ben and Tess arrived. Benjy interrupted before Meg could tell him that he'd given her trouble, telling Ben that Meg had been mean to him. Ben easily pieced together the facts of what happened between Benjy and Meg -- that Benjy wanted to stay up, and he got angry with Meg for making him go back to bed. Tess took Benjy up to bed. Tess apologized to Meg for leaving Meg to handle Benjy alone. She explained that it took a long time for Benjy to accept her putting him to bed, instead of Maria, and said that Benjy will accept her in time. Benjy asked Ben if he was going to send him away. Meg watched Ben reassuring him that nothing was going to separate them.
S03E75 Episode 75 22/04/1999 After sending Spence after the DA, Bette and Olivia practiced their story. Olivia worried that Caitlin might have planted the gun in her house to begin with, but Bette talked her out of it. Caitlin told Cole that she was in the process of planting the gun in his room when she was caught, so that once he'd been sent to prison, she'd never have to think about him again. Cole insisted that Caitlin was incapable of hating someone like she claimed to hate him and Francesca. Before Ruiz took her down to book her, Caitlin left her wedding ring on the table.
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S03E82 Episode 82 03/05/1999 Casey interrupted Meg and Sara fighting about Meg's living situation with Ben, Benjy, Maria and Tess. After Meg left, Sara told Casey that Meg had been snooping in Tess's room and blamed her for it. When Casey berated Sara for interfering in Meg's life, Sara asked why it was acceptable for him to interfere, but not for her. When he didn't see where she was coming from, she tried to explain, but he didn't see any similarity in their behavior. He asked if helping Meg was worth ruining what they had, and Sara said that she didn't want to mess up what they had together.
S03E83 Episode 83 04/05/1999 Cole said that he wished he'd killed Francesca while he had the chance. He wondered who did kill her, considering the other suspects -- AJ, Olivia, Gregory and Annie. He wondered if there was a way to find out if Annie was the killer. When Annie wondered who killed Francesca, it occurred to her that it might have been Gregory. When he offered her a drink, she fantasized that it was poisoned, and said that she wasn't in the mood for a drink and put it to one side. They discussed his assertion that Cole was the murderer. AJ arrived for a meeting -- just when Olivia was scheduled to bring Trey back.
S03E84 Episode 84 05/05/1999 Cole asked Sean to listen in on Annie while she talked to herself to find out if she's the killer. Gregory encouraged Annie to look through the file -- which was filled with blank pages. He told her that he'd taken everything important out of his home office, then he said that she was banned from the Media Center. Sean listened in while she was talking to herself about whether Gregory was the killer, and if he'd kill her to keep her quiet. She fantasized about Gregory being brought to her in chains and realized that if Gregory went to jail, she could keep everything.
S03E85 Episode 85 06/05/1999 After Tess left for her date with Tim, Maria called Mrs. Moreau to tell her that she'd need to see her that night. When it turned out that Ben and Maria both had plans, they argued about what to do about Benjy. Meg offered to watch Benjy for them, but they weren't enthusiastic about the idea. When Meg asked if they didn't want her to watch Benjy, Ben reassured her that he just didn't want her to be forced to spend time alone with him until they'd gotten used to each other. Maria left, accidentally leaving Mrs. Moreau's card on the table, and Ben picked up Mrs. Moreau's card and took it with him.
S03E86 Episode 86 07/05/1999 Ben broke down the door to find that Maria wasn't responding. Over Mrs. Moreau's objections, Ben woke Maria, who told him how desperate she was to regain her missing five years. As Ben took Maria from the room, Mrs. Moreau swore that there was something wrong with Maria and that she could fix it. Tess sent Benjy from the room and laid into Meg for making Benjy cry. Meg explained about the kitten and Tess apologized.
S03E87 Episode 87 10/05/1999 Meg told Ben that Benjy will never accept her. She told him about the kitten, and Ben assured her that she did the right thing. She asked Ben not to speak to Benjy about this. Mrs. Moreau hung up when Maria asked how she could remember what she wanted to forget. Maria begged Tess to tell her everything about their five years in Seattle. Tess told her that she was certain that Maria would never have done anything that she'd repress.
S03E88 Episode 88 11/05/1999 Maria had a nightmare about Mrs. Moreau telling her that someone knew the truth. Afterward, she accused Tess of lying to her. Maria pretended that she had regained her memory, but it didn't work. Carmen asked Maria if she could borrow a VCR. Maria told her to use the one in Benjy's room. Ben gave Meg a teddy bear. When Benjy turned up, he thought that the bear was for him.
S03E89 Episode 89 12/05/1999 Carmen begged Maria to agree that Gabi couldn't marry Ricardo when she loved another man. Maria told Carmen to leave before she got a chance to watch the tape. Ricardo asked her why Carmen hated Gabi so much. When he saw her in her gown, Antonio fantasized about kissing Gabi. When Antonio hung around too long, Joan roped him into helping hold the fabric on Gabi's wedding dress - along with Gabi. Joan commented later that Antonio thought that Gabi was a beautiful bride.
S03E90 Episode 90 13/05/1999 When Cole showed up, Sean asked him if he figured out who the murderer was. Unwilling to tell Sean that he suspected Olivia, Cole told Sean that he couldn't say anything until he had some concrete evidence. Brad tried to con Sean into teaming up with him for an extreme sports competition. Amy piqued Sean's interest by pointing out that it was to benefit charity.
S03E91 Episode 91 14/05/1999 Cole offered whoever it was some time to think his request over. Caitlin had a nightmare about Olivia interrupting Caitlin's visit with Trey to tell her that she was going to take Trey away from her forever. AJ came to see Caitlin, and offered her any help he could give her. As he left, he reminded himself that Francesca deserved to die.
S03E92 Episode 92 17/05/1999 Before she could start the videotape, Maria was interrupted by an earthquake, during which the VCR shorted out. Ricardo said that they'd have to watch the tape at the reception. The groomsmen took Ricardo away for his bachelor party. When Carmen saw that the glass over her picture of Ricardo broke in the quake, she decided that it meant that her son was heartbroken after seeing the tape of Gabi and her lover.
S03E93 Episode 93 18/05/1999 When Ben asked why Carmen didn't want him to watch the tape, she said that she wanted to see the tape. He invited her to watch it with him, but she made up an elaborate story about how the Tarot said that she had to revisit her past with Ricardo in order to have a future with him, and that it was essential that she watch it alone. Maria and Ben argued with her about it, and woke Benjy up.
S03E94 Episode 94 19/05/1999 Meg told Ben that she was leaving because she needed a break from the stress of living with Benjy, Tess and Maria. Annie asked Maria to take her present to the wedding, because she had other things to do. Privately, she told Maria that she wasn't particularly fond of Tess. Maria confessed her doubts about Tess, and her fears that she did something terrible that she's blocking out.
S03E95 Episode 95 20/05/1999 When the phone rang, an irate Bette answered. When Bette asked who she had expected it to be, Olivia said that it was Annie that she was afraid of, but Bette didn't believe that after everything, Olivia would be that afraid of Annie. Olivia came downstairs to the smell of Francesca's perfume and a handkerchief with the initials "FT" on it.
S03E96 Episode 96 21/05/1999 Gregory brought Caitlin home, assuring her that he would get the charges dropped. Annie found out that Gregory was investigating the crate he found in his office the other day. The investigation was inconclusive, and Gregory let Annie know that he thought that she had used the crate to sneak into his office.
S03E97 Episode 97 24/05/1999 yus said that he would never show the autopsy report to anyone except the police or Francesca's family. Olivia begged him to show it to her for Caitlin's sake. When he continued to refuse, Olivia said that was proof that Francesca was alive. A woman dressed in black ransacked Olivia's house. Upon their return from the hospital, Olivia found a note saying that she was back and that Olivia would pay for what she did. She showed AJ the handkerchief. Brad came with an entry blank for Emily, asking if the "incredible woman" he saw fiddling with the lock on the door was still there. When they asked him to describe her, Brad said that if he didn't know better, he'd say that it was Francesca Vargas. Maria asked Meg if she was really planning to move out. Meg said that she needed to go away for a few days. Hank made the mistake of telling Sara that Meg moved out of Ben's house. Carmen showed Gabi the videotape, saying that she switched the tapes, and that Gabi had destroyed the decoy. Carmen berated Gabi for her misbehavior and told her to leave Sunset Beach. When the bridesmaids came for her, Gabi said that her tears were tears of joy, and asked for a few minutes alone. She said that she would go. When a nun asked if she could help her, Gabi asked her to get her a taxi.
S03E98 Episode 98 25/05/1999 Brad was certain that the woman he saw looked like Francesca. AJ threw him out, telling him not to say anything. AJ tried unsuccessfully to convince Olivia that the intruder was Annie. When Gregory told Caitlin that the only way he could get the charges dropped was for her to take back her confession, she refused. Olivia was overjoyed when she saw that Caitlin was out of jail, but Caitlin wasn't moved.
S03E99 Episode 99 26/05/1999 Cole got a visitor. While Cole was looking through some papers brought by his visitor, Annie stopped by. Cole said that they should be able to nail Olivia soon. Cole admitted that if they are able to prove that Olivia did it, he didn't know where that would leave Trey. When Annie mentioned that Caitlin was out of jail, Cole left to see her.
S03E100 Episode 100 27/05/1999 The wedding keeps on getting longer and longer. Gabi runs away from the wedding after not being able to take Carmen's blackmail anymore. Antonio finds Gabi at Surf Central, Ricardo then joins them shortly after. Gregory, Olivia and A.J. argue with Tyus over Francesca's autopsy report. Maria begins to remember the time when she was in Seattle when she returns home from the ceremony.
S03E101 Episode 101 28/05/1999 When Maria said that she was getting her memories of Seattle back, Tess didn't seem pleased. She asked Tess for a specific time when she used the phrase "right as rain." Tess said that she used it at least twice a day. When Benjy brought Franklin down to meet Maria, Maria asked if he meant like Franklin Street. Benjy recited their address in Seattle, 612 Franklin Street.
S03E102 Episode 102 31/05/1999 Francesca was about to suggest a place for them to meet when Gregory knocked something over. Olivia convinced Francesca that she was alone -- after all, who would she tell that she's having conversations with a dead woman. When Bette came home, she demanded to know who they had been on the phone with. Gregory told Bette that they were on a conference call, and then wouldn't say anything more.
S03E103 Episode 103 01/06/1999 Ricardo asked Antonio who the other man was. When Antonio hesitated, Ricardo assumed that the other man was the memory of being raped by Lorenzo, and Antonio couldn't get a word in edgewise. After Ricardo took off, Antonio prayed for the strength to tell Ricardo the truth. He sensed that a piece was missing from Gabi's story that she hadn't been able to marry Ricardo because she'd been unfaithful to him.
S03E104 Episode 104 02/06/1999 Maria grabbed the phone from Ben, demanding Benjy back. When Ben got the phone back from her, the kidnapper made his demands -- $40,000 in small bills, and that they couldn't tell the police or anyone else. Ben swore everyone to secrecy and then went to the bank for the ransom. Knowing that Meg had been on the beach, Hank and Joan came by to see if she was all right.
S03E105 Episode 105 03/06/1999 Annie walked in on Gregory arranging to have something done, and asked him what he was having done. When Gregory told Annie to get out of his study, she told him that she knew that Francesca was alive. After Gregory got over the shock, Annie said that she knew that Francesca was really dead, and that Gregory was trying to make Olivia think that she was alive. She offered to help him bring Olivia down.
S03E106 Episode 106 04/06/1999 When she caught her gossiping to Maria, Meg told Tess to say whatever she had to say to her face. Maria broke up Tess and Meg's argument to ask them if either of them cared whether Benjy was alive or dead. Meg agreed with Maria and Tess gave in reluctantly. Sara tried to stop Casey from going after Ben, but he insisted that he had to go help Ben, promising her that he'd stay safe.
S03E107 Episode 107 07/06/1999 Ben woke up and took Benjy from the room. Tim and Casey disarmed the kidnapper. Just as they were about to stop him, Tess yelled out that the man she saw was after them. Ben and Benjy returned, and Ben told the others that Benjy had been playing with a lighter. Tess lost it when she saw a bandage on Benjy's arm, despite Ben's assurance that it was just a scratch, and he'd had it checked out by the paramedics who came in response to the explosion.
S03E108 Episode 108 08/06/1999 After they brought Benjy home, Tess fell apart in Tim's arms because she didn't know what she'd do if anything happened to Benjy. Tim pointed out to Tess that she was the reason that meg looked away. Then Tess mentioned one kidnapper, forgetting the other that she said she saw. Tim told her that she was bothering him.
S03E109 Episode 109 09/06/1999 Sara and Casey told Hank and Joan about Benjy's kidnapping. Joan told Hank, Sara and Casey that she was worried that Benjy's kidnapping may have driven a wedge between Ben and Meg. Joan recommended to Sara that night might be a good might for romance, to show Casey how glad she was that he was all right.
S03E110 Episode 110 10/06/1999 When Maria told Ben that she needed to help him with Meg because she still loved him, he said that Meg thought that he blamed her for Benjy's kidnapping and that he didn't know if she'd ever come back. While Meg was asking Sara all sorts of impertinent questions about why Sara was playing "dress-up," Casey walked in on them.
S03E111 Episode 111 11/06/1999 While AJ was examining the lock on the door, Bette arrived. They heard the gunshot and decided to call the police. Annie stood up when she realized that she hadn't been shot. When Cole and Gregory struggled, Annie tried to knock Gregory out, but knocked Cole out instead. When Gregory started strangling Annie, they were interrupted by the sounds of police sirens.
S03E112 Episode 112 14/06/1999 Cole and Annie told Spence that they had proof that Gregory confessed to killing Francesca. Spence wouldn't let them leave until they'd explained the gunshots that AJ had reported, but no matter how they tried to explain that they needed to stop Gregory, Spence didn't buy it. Bette and AJ found Annie's Francesca wig.
S03E113 Episode 113 15/06/1999 Ben tried to prove to Meg that he didn't blame her for the kidnapping -- by kissing her. Meg begged Ben to let her move on with her life, so that Benjy could have a normal child's life. Before he remembered that Tess told him that their collusion was a secret, Benjy said that he hadn't been afraid of the kidnapper because of what Tess told him.
S03E114 Episode 114 16/06/1999 Meg left the room and told Ben that what Benjy had said was the truth. She said that Ben, Maria and Benjy are a family, and that she had no place in that family. Sara asked if she could move in, pointing out that there were extra rooms, but Casey made excuses why she couldn't move in. Meg returned. While Casey was letting Meg cry on his shoulder, Sara became increasingly jealous. Meg asked if she could move back in.
S03E115 Episode 115 17/06/1999 Amy reads Caitlin's diary and works out where Caitlin is but tells only Brad when she realizes that Emily will somehow end up the savior of the situation. Amy and Brad then go to Vanessa's apartment to inform her and Michael that Gregory is the one who killed Francesca. Olivia reminisces with Sean a time where she was bonding with Caitlin over a children's book that they both read to Trey. Caitlin gives Cole hidden clues as the where she and Gregory are. Annie and Cole both go to the Grotto to find Caitlin and Gregory.
S03E116 Episode 116 18/06/1999 Carmen haunts Gabi as she visits her mothers grave. Michael joins Ricardo in search for Gregory. Vanessa goes to the Richards home for a statement by the police. Olivia finds the tracker that Sean has set up to find Gregory and Caitlin. Sean and Emily tell A.J. about their plan to track Gregory and Caitlin. Annie and Cole team up to find Gregory. They find him. Gregory runs off to the beach with Cole chasing him, they fight and both fall off a tower and land in in the ocean.
S03E117 Episode 117 21/06/1999 Gabi had a nightmare about Carmen trying to make her decide which brother she loves. When she came downstairs, she overheard Kelly and another woman gossiping about what a loser she had been in high school. She confronted them and scared the other woman off. Gabi told Kelly that she'd left Sunset Beach because she'd hurt the people she cared about the most.
S03E118 Episode 118 22/06/1999 When Sara broached the subject of moving in again, Casey pulled a gift-wrapped box out of his pocket. Sara told Casey that she needed more than presents to know that she meant more to him than just a passing fancy. He asked her to open the present, as a favor to him. It was a key to Surf Central. Casey invited Sara to come down the hall to his room to sleep anytime she wanted.
S03E119 Episode 119 23/06/1999 Antonio told Maria that he was going to find Gabi and bring her back. When she argued that he needed to let Ricardo get Gabi back, Antonio said that he felt responsible for her departure and that he wanted to set things right. Maria agreed, saying that Ricardo was busy enough with Gregory. She told her brother that Gregory's disappearance reminded her of her own near-drowning.
S03E120 Episode 120 24/06/1999 Sean told Emily that, as much as he dreamed of the day when Gregory wasn't there to tell him what to do, he'd never thought it would be like this. Amy came to give her sympathy to Sean, saying that she identified with him, having lost her own father. When Sean pointed out that he had Emily to support him, Amy decided that she had to find Mrs. Moreau and get the love potion she needed. Sean mourned the chance to be the son that Gregory always wanted.
S03E121 Episode 121 25/06/1999 Annie was congratulating herself on winning out over Gregory in the end, when she was "haunted" by Gregory's "ghost." She was in the process of telling him off when Olivia arrived, saying that Annie had been talking to herself. Olivia told Annie that she, not Annie, was Gregory's widow. When she said that Annie had only ever loved Del's money, Annie hit her. Caitlin said that she didn't blame Cole for Gregory's death.
S03E122 Episode 122 28/06/1999 When Ricardo came in, Gabi begged Antonio to distract him. Ricardo told Antonio that he shouldn't have come after Gabi. Then he asked where she was. Antonio told Ricardo that by the time he got there, Gabi was gone. Antonio counseled Ricardo to let him handle Gabi. Ricardo said that he had a headache and went out for aspirin. Gabi told Antonio that if she goes back to Sunset Beach, Ricardo will be guaranteed to see the tape, because Carmen had it.
S03E123 Episode 123 29/06/1999 When Spence went to get the DA, Cole told Annie that he was upset that Trey was never going to know his real father. Annie considered telling him that he could be Trey's father, but they were interrupted by the arrival of the DA, who refused to drop the charges, explaining that because they had a fake Francesca on the tape, they might also have used a fake Gregory.
S03E124 Episode 124 30/06/1999 While helping Sara pack for her move to Surf Central, Meg remembered following Ben back to Sunset Beach after he had followed her to Kansas. She admitted that she thought about Ben all of the time, but that sometimes love wasn't enough. Meg told Sara that she didn't blame Maria, Tess or Benjy for her breakup with Ben -- she blamed herself for wanting it to be just her and Ben again, which led to her letting Benjy be kidnapped.
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S03E189 Episode 189 01/10/1999 Uncle Tobias asks Annie what is wrong and she says she isn't ready to talk about it, he says ok and goes to leave, when she tells him maybe he is right maybe she should talk about it, she tells him that it's Olivia and she will squash anyone that gets in her way, He says he doesn't believe her, Olivia says she lies, and Annie says Olivia lies; he says he doesn't know who is telling the truth and decides that he needs to interview people outside the family, Annie says that would take too much time, and she will show him the kind of person she is, one on one, just the two of them together, he says he will talk to her tomorrow.
S03E190 Episode 190 04/10/1999 Ricardo and Gabi make love and Ricardo asks Gabi if he was as good in bed as his brother, Antonio was? Meanwhile, Antonio who is trying to get Gabi out of his mind runs into Michael. Michael asks for Antonio's advice re: marrying Vanessa. Antonio asks Michael a thoughtful question and unbeknownst to Michael, his answers cause Antonio to reminisce about he and Gabi. Michael leaves and Antonio prays to the Virgin. The Virgin's voice tells Antonio to help Gabi. Olivia tries to choke Annie, but Annie manages to pull away and lashes out at Olivia. Once again, she lets her off, saying that it is enough punishment for Annie to not be loved by anyone. Annie loses it and slaps Olivia. Annie vows to make Olivia pay, even if she has to make a deal with the devil. The doorbell rings and Annie comes face to face with Mrs. Moreau. Meanwhile, Amy doesn't know how to pay Moreau. Sean and Emily have words and Emily says she can't get over Sean and Amy sleeping together. At the same time via Mrs. Moreua's phone machine, Amy says she won't pay.
S03E191 Episode 191 05/10/1999 Gabi is rocked by Ricardo's accusations and tell him that she loves him. Ricardo tests her for lying and says he must have made a mistake. Gabi lies and says that she never slept with Antonio. He apologizes profusely and Gabi says that he is forgiven. Ricardo confronts Gabi: Did she enjoy the sex with him as much as she did with Antonio? Gabi is reeling as Ricardo lists her treacheries and the number of times he's forgiven her. Ricardo puts on the tape of her making love with Antonio. Gabi is horrified. At the rectory, Antonio hears a voice tell him to help Gabi Go to her now. He starts to go but is detained by upset Emily who needs his counsel on forgiving Sean. Antonio is uncomfortably aware of the parallels with his own situation but offers Emily what comfort he can. Emily thanks him and leaves. Antonio resolves not to seek out Gabi again until he has given up all lustful thoughts and managed to forgive himself. Amy is thrilled that Sean thinks it's over with Emily. She arrives home and is confronted by Moreau. Annie is intrigued. At the same time, Michael is about to propose to Vanessa, but changes his mind when she starts talking about the high divorce rate.
S03E192 Episode 192 06/10/1999 Cole phones home to let Caitlin know he should be safely back in her arms the very next day. Derek reminds an annoyed Tess why he has to keep pretending that he's enjoying his physical relationship with Maria. As Gabi stares in horror at the videotape, a seething Ricardo pronounces her a liar and a whore. Meg confides to her sister how "Ben" seems like a changed man--and the change is definitely not for the better. Encountering Antonio working out aggressively at the gym, Jude guesses that the man is suffering from wounds inflicted by the woman he loves. Later, upon learning that his new acquaintance is a priest, Jude apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. A weeping Gabi begs Ricardo to believe she really does love him, but he bitterly informs her he's done listening to her treacherous words. Tess backpedals furiously to keep her secrets intact when Tim presses her for an update on the progress of their scheme. Sara urges Meg not to let Maria know about "Ben's" forked tongue. Derek and Maria make love again. After Gabi frantically pleads for another chance, Ricardo decides to string her along by pretending to consider her request.
S03E193 Episode 193 07/10/1999 While teaching a catechism class, Antonio fields questions from the kids about priests falling in love and never being able to get married. He dismisses them, only to face Carmen who's still troubled by what the cards have in store for him and Ricardo. Meanwhile, Ricardo orders Gabi out of the house. Gabi swears nobody wanted to hurt him which is why none of them told him about the lovemaking or tape. Ricardo stops her and says that they can try again if Gabi promises not to tell Antonio that Ricardo knows about them. Meanwhile, Tim tells Tess he wants to know why she keeps pushing him off. At the same time, Ben presents Maria with a new wedding band. Maria agrees to go away with him, and Ben says they have go one more place before leaving. Sara and Meg have pre-opening celebration. Casey is still jealous of Jude. Both Michael and Hank tell him to make up his mind regarding Sara. Michael makes plans for him and Vanessa. Jude asks Meg to return to Liberty Corp. She refuses. Jude understands Sara's situation with Casey and wants to help. Sara invites Casey to come back to shop. She and Meg open shop officially and Meg greets her first customers: Maria and "Ben."
S03E194 Episode 194 08/10/1999 Annie fantasizes about seducing Tobias into doing her bidding. Though Gabi balks at lying to Antonio, Ricardo icily reminds her that his brother can never know what they've been discussing. Startled to spot a flashy new ring on Maria's left hand, Meg storms off to the back room. When "Ben" follows her in, Meg slaps him hard across the jaw and calls him a bastard for playing mind games with her again. Meanwhile, Sara tears into Maria for cruelly rubbing her "victory" in Meg's face. Under questioning from Antonio, Ricardo explains away his wife's outburst by hinting that Gabi is still emotional after their hot night of passion. Embarrassed, Antonio hastily changes the subject and reveals how Maria has reconciled with "Ben." Jude advises an outraged Annie to accept a low paying job at the Liberty Corporation so she can start paying back her debts. Mrs. Moreau gives Amy one hour to come up with the five thousand dollars she owes. Claiming that he wants to prove his love, Ricardo tells Gabi to throw away the tape. Later, Ricardo secretly substitutes a blank and hides the incriminating video. Tim finds a photo of Tess in "Ben's" arms.
S03E195 Episode 195 11/10/1999 Tim confronts Tess with the photo and demands an explanation. As "Ben" declares his love to Meg in the shop's back room, Maria and Sara's shoving match sends them spinning into a glass display case which instantly shatters into a thousand pieces. Bette bristles following a brief encounter with Olivia at the Java Web. As they argue about Emily, Sean and Brad are astonished to see her stroll up with a sexy new look. Tess concocts a lame story to explain the photo of her and "Ben" but Tim remains unconvinced. Tobias wonders aloud why Olivia seems to attract the undying enmity of so many people in Sunset Beach. Sean burns when Emily flirts with a thrilled Brad right in front of him. Annie secretly trails Amy to Mrs. Moreau's place in South Central. A.J. asks an unnerved Bette why she disappeared the night before. Amy offers Mrs. Moreau her most prized possession---her vast collection of Barbies--but the witch woman insists on cold, hard cash instead. Meanwhile, Annie puts two and two together after hearing from a neighbor how Mrs. Moreau specializes in love potions.
S03E196 Episode 196 12/10/1999 Derek reassures Tess about their plan. Meanwhile on the beach, Meg wants to tell Maria about Ben and how he's been acting, but Derek interrupts them before Meg can say anything. Meg lays into Derek saying Maria should know how Ben's been acting. Derek tells Meg that his feelings for her don't matter because he and Maria will be leaving Sunset Beach for good. Maria goes to Carmen's and tells her about the honeymoon. However, Carmen sees the ring "Ben" gave Maria and freaks out. At the same time, Annie gets Amy to tell of the love potion. Annie decides that she and Amy should work together. At the same time, Bette is unhappy with Olivia for her intrusion. Bette leaves and AJ follows. Bette says she can no longer be AJ's friend as long as he's involved with Olivia. Meanwhile, across town, Emily flirts with Brad and Sean threatens Brad. Later on, Olivia runs into Emily and tells her not to give up on Sean. Olivia returns home and per Annie's instruction, Amy says she has a proposition for Olivia. Michael tries, unsuccessfully, to propose to Vanessa.
S03E197 Episode 197 13/10/1999 Prodded by Annie, Amy tells Olivia she'll need ten thousand dollars to relocate. A.J. is baffled at first by Bette's emotional outburst but it finally dawns on him that she's developed feelings for him which go way beyond mere friendship. As Maria shows off her new ring, Carmen suddenly has a premonition of danger and begs her daughter not to leave Sunset Beach. Sara and Meg's new shop earns kudos from their customers as the grand opening turns into a big success. Caitlin is mystified by a brief call from Cole, who hints darkly that things have taken a turn for the worse. Embarrassed that the man she loves has read the situation right, Bette tries to backpedal and laugh it off but A.J. isn't fooled. Carmen warns Maria she will die if she goes off with "Ben". Eager to get Amy out of her hair, Olivia forks over the ten grand. Later, Annie relieves a disappointed Amy of the cash. Bette's heart breaks when A.J. reminds her that his love will always belong to Olivia. Angered to discover that Carmen has disrupted his plans, Derek takes the woman aside for a private chat. Staring deep into Derek's eyes, Carmen realizes that he is not Ben.
S03E198 Episode 198 14/10/1999 Annie pays off Amy's debt to Mrs. Moreau, and tells Moreau that she wants a potion of her own. Meanwhile, a defiant Amy tells Olivia she's not leaving town, and Olivia snaps just as Sean walks in. Sean demands to know what's going on, but Olivia realizes it is in her best interest not to tell him. Olivia warns Amy that she will destroy her. On Jude's phone, Cole tells Caitlin good-bye and that he fears someone has set him up and he has to go underground and disappear until he figures out who is after him. Caitlin confronts Olivia about possibly setting up Cole. At Moreau's, Annie tells Moreau that she wants a potion that will completely discredit Olivia. Moreau thinks she has just the thing to do it. Sean At the same time, Olivia gets Amy alone and lays into her saying when Amy least expects it she will destroy her. Meanwhile, Meg still frets over Ben's odd behavior and Sara gets the feeling from Casey that maybe what they had isn't quite over. At the same time, after accusing Derek of not being Ben, Carmen faints. Maria goes to her side and Derek is reluctant to help. Later at the hospital, Derek and Tess both fret over Carmen's statement and Carmen regains consciousness and wants to see Maria, who invites Derek to join her.
S03E199 Episode 199 15/10/1999 An enraged Caitlin screeches at Olivia for driving Cole underground. Meanwhile, Jude reluctantly breaks some bad news to A.J. From her bed at South Bay Hospital, Carmen consults her ever-present Tarot cards and is alarmed by what she still sees in her daughter's future. Derek nervously attempts to prevent Maria from seeing her mother but Tyus misreads his concern and assures the couple that Carmen is well enough for visitors. Mrs. Moreau warns Annie that she might have to forfeit her soul for the chance to best her enemies. Though Olivia insists she had nothing to do with Cole's latest troubles, Caitlin exhorts Tobias not to let her mother have a single penny of Trey's inheritance. Casey and Sara have another heart to heart chat but Meg's arrival throws the usual bucket of cold water on her sister's hopes. Later, Meg bumps into Tess at South Bay and wonders if Sara might not be right about the nanny's ulterior motives. Jude prevents Caitlin from turning Olivia in to the police. Annie hits upon the idea of asking Mrs. Moreau to mix up a potent potable which will throw Olivia right off the wagon.
S03E200 Episode 200 18/10/1999 Derek is elated to learn that Carmen has no memory of what caused her to faint. Meg admits to following Tess, but says she wanted to get an update on Carmen's condition. Derek comes to Tess, thrilled to report that Carmen doesn't remember, but Tess blasts him for going to Meg's shop. Derek says he hates Meg and wants to make her suffer. Maria promises Carmen not to go on the trip. Olivia is beside herself that Caitlin and AJ think she had something to do with Cole's disappearance in Europe, and finds a surprising source of comfort and strength in Tobias. Meanwhile, AJ and Jude comfort Caitlin, and vow to find and help Cole. AJ leaves for Europe to find his son. Mrs. Moreau agrees to cook up a potion for Annie that will make Olivia crave alcohol again. However, Annie must bring her a lock of Olivia's hair, cut with special scissors. A distraught Olivia sits in the living room, her head buried in her hands, and Annie sneaks up behind her and reaches for her hair, scissors in hand. Casey tells Sara that he was never jealous of Meg when she was with Ben, but he is jealous of her and Jude.
S03E201 Episode 201 19/10/1999 Determined to steal a lock of Olivia's hair, Annie sneaks up behind her enemy with a pair of scissors. The Monsignor returns to Sunset Beach and informs Antonio that he's to remain at the mission indefinitely. Emily explains to her startled mother why she's changed her look so drastically and left her innocent, naive ways behind. Sean cautions Amy to steer clear of Annie before the perpetually troubled redhead complicates her life as well. Gabi swears to Ricardo that she'll never go near his brothe