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Kotobuki Ran has a whole family line of relatives working in the police force. Her aunts and uncles are officers, her dad is a police chief, and even her brother is a working policeman. Ran has no interest in being a policewoman; she has problems of her own, and her own style of dealing with them - the GAL way! Friends need boyfriends, shoes need to be bought, and nails need to be done. Despite Ran's wreckless and troublesome behaviour, Ran has a strong sense of justice, and she's always willing to help her friends out of trouble. With her two best friends Miyu and Aya, they live life as GALs, building romance and creating memorable fun!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran

S01E01 The Queen of the GALS -- GO GO -> Kotobuki Ran 04/07/2001
S01E02 Shibuya -- Pit-A-Pat -> Great Investigation! 11/07/2001
S01E03 Women`s feelings -- *thump* *thump* -> Red Mesh 18/07/2001
S01E04 There is There is? -- There isn`t There isn`t? -> Luck with men? 25/07/2001
S01E05 Heart -- Falling Apart ->Breaking off friendship with Aya!? 01/08/2001
S01E06 Pool -- Excitement -> Junior High Detectives! 08/08/2001
S01E07 Dark Shadow -- Sound of Waves -> Miyu Targeted 15/08/2001
S01E08 Heart -- Prick -> Miyu`s Past 22/08/2001
S01E09 Memories -- Worn Out -> Saya is kidnapped? 29/08/2001
S01E10 Yuuya -- Nervous -> Rival arrives! 05/09/2001
S01E11 Shibuy Crossing -- Super Cool -> Grand Prix 12/09/2001
S01E12 Appointment -- Farewell, the girl of swordsmanship 19/09/2001
S01E13 The Super Girl, Gentle Kotobuki 26/09/2001
S01E14 Maki`s shining entrance, Year one Gal 03/10/2001
S01E15 Revenge filled snowboard competition 10/10/2001
S01E16 The pretty sun shines on the memorable day of love 17/10/2001
S01E17 Feeling of shock -- Aya`s confession 24/10/2001
S01E18 Go, Taishou battle 31/10/2001
S01E19 The summer girl under the sun 07/11/2001
S01E20 Mami`s unforgettable first love 14/11/2001
S01E21 Victory! Charge charge! Sports meet 21/11/2001
S01E22 Para Queen 28/11/2001
S01E23 We have to tear down the mask of this teacher 05/12/2001
S01E24 The monkey is going back to Machida, Tasuki`s lost his love. 12/12/2001
S01E25 Yamato really went to propose. 19/12/2001
S01E26 Super Cop - Happening! - Ran Kotobuki! 26/12/2001
S01E27 Brother Kichi-kichi - Naokichi Appears! 02/01/2002
S01E28 Yuya Crying - Talks About Being A Man 09/01/2002
S01E29 Mami-Rin Lovey-Dovey - Falls for Yuya 16/01/2002
S01E30 Bukuro In Circles - Mystery of the Extension 23/01/2002
S01E31 Welcome - Exciting - Palm Tree Grand Opening 30/01/2002
S01E32 Ran-pyon Irritated - A New Rival?! 06/02/2002
S01E33 Kasumi Pissed - The Great Plot for Revenge! 13/02/2002
S01E34 Aya-ppe Teary-Eyed - Otohata Syndrome 20/02/2002
S01E35 Romantic Forecast Unclear - Otohata then Katase?! 27/02/2002
S01E36 Hot Spring Viva Viva - The Gal Incident in the Nothern Steam Clouds 06/03/2002
S01E37 Secret! Revelead! Mami-rin in Danger! 13/03/2002
S01E38 Heart! Aching! Otohata`s Words 20/03/2002
S01E39 Christmas Eve! Jingle Jingle -- Emergency Bell of Love 27/03/2002
S01E40 Ran-pyon! Dizzy -- Becomes Sayo!? 03/04/2002
S01E41 Mysterious Shibuya Fighter, Maru-Kyu-Moon! 10/04/2002
S01E42 Taizo Is Excited! - Cop Training Project! 17/04/2002
S01E43 So Pure! So Shy! - Rie`s *Koibana! *love story 24/04/2002
S01E44 Killed In Duties! Cry! Cry! - Last Day of Odaiba Shark 01/05/2002
S01E45 Different Romantic Forecasts! - Valentine`s Day! 08/05/2002
S01E46 Crash! Slurp! Slurp! - Ramen Battle! 15/05/2002
S01E47 Kasumi Is Cozy! - Dream Coat! 22/05/2002
S01E48 Gal Battle! Tough! - Mami-rin Breaks Up?! 29/05/2002
S01E49 Broken Heart! Ouch! - Miyu`s Home 05/06/2002
S01E50 Love Suspicion! Rustling! - Cold Spring Wind 12/06/2002
S01E51 Friendship! Smile! - ID Plate From The Heart 19/06/2002
S01E52 Good-Bye, Ran-Ran! - Shibuya`s Sky Stays the Same 26/06/2002

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