Affiche Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
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This adventure centers on a self-conscious young teen named Chiro who -- with the help of five high-tech robot monkeys -- transforms into the brave fighter, bold leader and great hero he always wanted to be. Set in the Utopia of Shuggazoom as a cosmic changeover looms, the villainous Skeleton King is plotting to turn this futuristic planet into his evil empire. When Chiro inadvertently awakens the long dormant Super Robot Monkey Team, he absorbs the Power Primate energy that transforms him into superhero-in-training and leader of the Team. Now, the five Super Robot Monkeys help Chiro hone his new powers as he evolves into the Chosen Protector of the Universe!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

S01E01 Chiro's Girl 18/09/2004
S01E02 Depths of Fear 25/09/2004
S01E03 Planetoid Q 02/10/2004
S01E04 Magnetic Menace 09/10/2004
S01E05 The Sun Riders 16/10/2004
S01E06 Secret of the Sixth Monkey 23/10/2004
S01E07 Pit of Doom 30/10/2004
S01E08 Thingy 31/10/2004
S01E09 Flytor 06/11/2004
S01E10 A Man Called Krinkle 20/11/2004
S01E11 Ape New World 04/12/2004
S01E12 Circus of Ooze 11/12/2004
S01E13 Hidden Fortress 18/12/2004
S01E14 Skeleton King 06/02/2005
S02E02 The Lords of Soturix 7 19/02/2005
S02E03 In the Grip of Evil 25/02/2005
S02E04 Versus Chiro 05/03/2005
S02E05 Shadow Over Shuggazoom 12/03/2005
S02E06 The Sun Riders Return 19/03/2005
S02E07 Hunt for the Citadel of Bone 09/04/2005
S02E08 Snowbound 16/04/2005
S02E09 Wonder Fun Meat World 23/04/2005
S02E10 Antauri's Masters 07/05/2005
S02E12 Antauri's Masters 00/00/0000
S02E13 I, Chiro 15/05/2005
S03E01 The Skeleton King Threat 09/10/2005
S03E02 The Savage Lands (Part 1) 21/10/2005
S03E03 The Savage Lands (Part 2) 24/10/2005
S03E04 Season of the Skull 30/10/2005
S03E05 A Ghost in the Machinder 07/11/2005
S03E06 The Stranded Seven 21/11/2005
S03E07 Girl Trouble 10/12/2005
S03E08 Brothers in Arms 16/12/2005
S03E09 Monster Battle Club Now! 19/12/2005
S03E10 Meet the Wigglenog 01/01/2006
S03E11 Big Lug 16/01/2006
S03E12 Prototype 05/02/2006
S03E13 Wormhole 13/02/2006
S03E14 Belly of the Beast 20/02/2006
S04E01 Galactic Smash: Space Attack (Part 1) 09/09/2006
S04E02 Galactic Smash: Game Over (Part 2) 16/09/2006
S04E03 Incident on Ranger 7 23/09/2006
S04E04 Invasion of the Vreen 30/09/2006
S04E05 Ghosts of Shuggazoom 07/10/2006
S04E06 Evil Ages 14/10/2006
S04E07 Night of Fear 21/10/2006
S04E08 The Hills Have 5 28/10/2006
S04E09 Demon of the Deep 04/11/2006
S04E10 Secret Society 11/11/2006
S04E11 Golden Age 18/11/2006
S04E12 Object of Hate 09/12/2006
S04E13 Soul of Evil 16/12/2006