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Super Friends returned to ABC on Saturday September 8, 1984 with a new thirty minute program that typically featured two 11-minute stories per episode. This incarnation featured Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman, and also the Wonder Twins and Gleek, this time teamed up with Firestorm. In addition to this core group, episodes during this season also featured some cameos by old and new Super Friends. The program lasted one season until August 31, 1985. The appeal of this version of the series at the time were the emphasis on actual villains from the comic books. Brainiac, Lex Luthor, Mirror Master, Mr Mxyzptlk, as well as Darkseid and his henchmen from Apokolips, all made appearances. Mirror Master only used pocket mirrors and larger mirrors to capture the Super Friends. He didn't use any ray guns or mirror traveling. Darkseid and his underlings were actually introduced into animated form in this series. One of the oddities of the show's opening credits is the depiction of Brainiac as he appeared in the 1970s and early 1980s even though on the episodes of this series, Brainiac's appearance was in line with the comic book's of that time period — being depicted in a more skeletal form. Another oddity was having Aquaman appear in the opening sequence but he never made an appearance throughout this run of the series. This season, and the one to follow, featured the “Super Powers” tag which was part of a marketing tie-in with a toyline of the same name produced by Kenner


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show

S01E01 The Bride of Darkseid (1) 08/09/1984 A new and powerful super-hero known as Firestorm attracts the attention of the Super Friends. They invite him to join their team, and he gladly accepts their offer. His powers are a great boost to the team when Darkseid, ruler of the planet Apokolips, comes to Earth and kidnaps Wonder Woman as his unwilling bride.
S01E02 The Bride of Darkseid (2) 08/09/1984 Darkseid has taken Wonder Woman back to his home planet of Apokolips to be his bride. The Super Friends and their new team-mate, Firestorm follow him to his home world, but find that Darkseid's minion, Desaad, has used a mind-controller on Wonder Woman. The Super Friends must avoid Darkseid's trap, and rescue Wonder Woman.
S01E03 The Wrath of Brainiac 15/09/1984 Brainiac joins forces with Darkseid, and creates android duplicates of both Superman and Wonder Woman that are powered-up by Darkseid's Omega Beams. They use the androids to attempt to capture the Super Friends. The team has use their skills to tell which Superman and Wonder Woman are the real deal, and then save themselves from Darkseid's plan.
S01E04 Reflections in Crime 15/09/1984 The super-villain known as the Mirror Master uses his new invention to trap the Super Friends in the dimension inside of all mirrors. Together, the Friends must use all their resources to escape this trap, and stop the Mirror Master.
S01E06 Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp 22/09/1984 After stealing a magic lamp, an otherwise idiotic thief known as Benny the bungler is confronted by what he believes to be a genie. In reality, it is Mr. Mxyzptlk, and he grants Benny the power to commit super crimes. With the Super Friends clueless as to how a simple thief is committing these crimes, they have to find a way to stop him, and deal with the even more powerful Mxyzptlk as well.
S01E07 The Case of the Shrinking Superfriends 01/10/1984 The older members of the Super Friends, including Batman and Superman, are called away to outer space, to stop the destruction of a distant inhabited world. In the meantime, back on Earth, Robin, Firestorm and the Wonder Twins, together with the Hall of Justice itself, are shrunk down in size by Luthor's new ray. The young heroes must work together in order to free themselves from Luthor, and restore everything back to normal size.
S01E08 The Mask of Mystery 01/10/1984 Captain Mystery, a useless amateur super-hero, wants to join the Super Friends, but they decline his request. Afterwards, Luthor steals the computer controller disk from the Hall of Justice, and after setting up a trap for the Super Friends, Captain Mystery ends up being their only hope of defeating Luthor.
S01E11 Island of the Dinosoids 15/10/1984 While transporting Professor Martin Stein (one half of Firestorm) and his new omnicaster in the Batplane, Batman and the plane crash-land on an island. The Super Friends go to the island to rescue Batman and Professor Stein, but encounter a reptile-man dinosoid calling himself Dr. Corwin, who has created a genetic manipulation beam that can change any animal into its dinosaur counterpart. Corwin has also turned Batman and Stein into reptile men, and after Wonder Woman is also transformed, the Super Friends must restore them to normal whilst fighting Corwin's dinosaur army.
S01E13 The Case of the Dreadful Dolls 22/10/1984 A villain called the Dollmaker uses his special magic mud to create dolls of the Super Friends. With these dolls, he then controls their minds and actions, forcing them to commit crimes on his behalf. With El Dorado not yet represented by one of the dolls, only he is left to free his team-mates and stop Dollmaker.
S01E15 The Village of Lost Souls 29/10/1984 Apache Chef and the Wonder Twins go for a nature walk near the small town of Buzzard's Roost, where all the population is under a hypnotic suggestion. The Twins are then captured by the townspeople, and Apace Chief enlists the help of Wonder Woman to assist him. Together, they find out that it is Brainiac who is controlling the town, and they must stop him and his helpless slaves in order to free both of the Wonder Twins.
S00E01 The Super Powers Collection 00/00/0000 The Effect of the Toy Industry on the Super Friends
S00E02 Evolution: New Heroes, Viler Villains and Ethnic Additions 00/00/0000 How Super Friends prefigured the era of diversity in animation