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Possible merge needed Airing as part of The Superman/Batman Adventures on USA in 1995, these episodes are known as "The Lost Episodes" because they were animated in 1983 but not aired as ABC dropped the series from their 1983-1984 Saturday morning television line-up. The mainstay super heroes Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman star in these much-loved Super Friends episodes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Superfriends: The Lost Episodes

S01E01 Mxyzptlk's Revenge 10/09/1983
S01E02 Roller Coaster 10/09/1983
S01E03 Once Upon a Poltergeist 10/09/1983
S01E04 The Krypton Syndrome 24/09/1983
S01E05 Invasion of the Space Dolls 24/09/1983
S01E06 Terror on the Titanic 24/09/1983
S01E07 The Revenge of Doom 01/10/1983
S01E08 A Pint of Life 01/10/1983
S01E09 Day of the Dinosaurs 01/10/1983
S01E10 Playground of Doom 29/10/1983
S01E11 Space Racers 29/10/1983
S01E12 The Recruiter 29/10/1983
S01E13 Warpland 17/09/1983
S01E14 Two Gleeks are Better than One 17/09/1983
S01E15 Bulgor the Behemoth 17/09/1983
S01E16 Prisoners of Sleep 15/10/1983
S01E17 An Unexpected Treasure 15/10/1983
S01E18 The Malusian Blob 15/10/1983
S01E19 Return of the Phantoms 08/10/1983
S01E20 Bully for You 08/10/1983
S01E21 Superclones 08/10/1983
S01E22 Attack of the Cats 22/10/1983
S01E23 One Small Step for Superman 22/10/1983
S01E24 Video Victims 22/10/1983

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