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"Every mum needs her Supernanny; ...surprisingly compulsive viewing. ...Frost's ideas certainly seem to be having an impact on the way people deal with their children." - The Sunday Times Television's newest superhero can tame the wildest toddler, soothe the savage six-year-old and get the most difficult child to overcome problems with behavior, sleep, mealtime, potty training and other challenges that have vexed parents around the world for centuries. This miracle worker is Jo Frost, a.k.a. Supernanny, Britain's hottest new TV star and godsend to desperate parents across the U.K. who were dazzled by her amazing results when her series debuted this summer, as she showed families the tools for transforming their children's wild ways. Her practical, no-nonsense style was honed over 15 years of nannying in the U.K. and the U.S. Now American families can tap into the secrets of this modern-day Mary Poppins in "Supernanny" on ABC. In each episode of "Supernanny," Jo observes how


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S01E01 The Jeans Family 17/01/2005 In the first episode Supernanny visits The Jeans Family. The Jeans Family has an active family of five in Denver, Colorado. David and Barbara Jeans have been married for 16 years. The couple both have three girls don't show any mercy on the middle-aged pair. Andra, who is 4 1/2 years old. Andra dominates the whole family by her family with her selfish demands, tantrums, and violent outbursts that feature hitting and kicking anything and anyone in her way.
S01E02 The Bullard Family 24/01/2005 Bryce and Jen Bullard are a Colorado couple who are struggling to manage a busy plumbing business and raise two unruly children. The Bullard household is chaotic, with work phones ringing off the hook and kids screaming late into the night. Jen is at the breaking point, as she tries to juggle her roles as secretary, homemaker and mother. The Bullard boys, two-year-old Rylan and six-year-old Brycie, have full rein of the house. Brycie constantly talks back to his parents, and baby Rylan refuses to sleep in his crib, shrieking at the top of his lungs at the mention of bedtime and spending hours delaying it. Jen and Bryce have very different views of parenting; Jen is more lenient, while Dad is quick to punish. In order for Bryce and Jen to gain control of their household, they must learn get on the same page with their discipline and follow the Supernanny method.
S01E03 The Orm Family 31/01/2005 Parents Shawn and Tammy Orm have lost control of their three sons. Eight-year-old Chandler talks back to his parents and has an attitude problem. Caden, who is six, has a nasty habit of beating up his younger brother, Declan. He also refuses to eat during mealtimes, choosing instead to throw tantrums. Three-year-old Declan is quickly learning to emulate his older brothers' bad behavior. In addition, his favorite pastime is sneaking out of the house to wander the neighborhood unsupervised. Stay-at-home mom Tammy is a softie and refuses to discipline her boys, letting them get away with murder. Video technician Shawn takes a tougher approach, often yelling at his sons, but that doesn't curb their naughtiness either. When parents lose hope and are desperate for answers, there's just one person to call.
S01E04 The Wischmeyer Family 07/02/2005 John and Melora Wischmeyer are a hard-working couple with three children. John works long hours as a civil engineer, and Melora took a marketing job where she could work at home to enjoy time with her children. However, the time spent is anything but enjoyable. Their four-year-old twin daughters, Alaia and Ashlyn, do everything in their power to control their parents. During the day, Alaia runs rampant around the house. She hits, she screams and is downright defiant. Any discipline Melora tries to dish out, Alaia simply ignores. When nighttime arrives, it's Ashlyn's turn to act up. She adamantly resists bedtime and repeatedly runs out of her room, throwing things and having wild tantrums. Complicating the issue is nine-year-old son Jared, a quiet, smart boy who often is punished for his sisters' misbehavior. Jared is becoming increasingly frustrated by this situation, though John and Melora haven't noticed yet
S01E05 The Weston Family 14/02/2005 Meet insurance salesman Fred Weston and his wife, Andrea, a homemaker and schoolteacher. The Westons are a loving, hardworking family with a big problem - a ferocious four-year-old named Andrew. Little Andrew rules the Weston house, and it's a reign of terror. He topples lawn furniture, calls his mother ""Poo-poo"" and bullies his eleven-month-old brother, Sean, in countless ways. Well-intentioned Fred and Andrea find themselves at their limit. They acknowledge that their tactics have been futile, but how to break the cycle and regain control? It's Supernanny to the rescue! She'll serve young Andrew a spoonful of respect and the parents an important lesson about consistency.
S01E06 The Bailey Family 21/02/2005 Bill and Stacie Bailey have demanding jobs and an even more demanding family. Bill is a police officer, and Stacie teaches at the local elementary school. But when they return from long days on the job, the real work begins - raising Billy and Jadyn, ages two and six. ""Billy can be very sweet - then there's the devil,"" says Stacie referring to her son's epic tantrums. Daughter Jadyn, according to Stacie, is ""already hitting the moodiness of puberty,"" plus the youngster has a major sleeping problem. She sleeps everywhere but her own bed, preferring her parents' room or even the hallway floor! Will Bill be able to police his children's behavior? How can educator Stacie teach her children respect and discipline?
S01E07 The Gorbea Family 07/03/2005 Robert (34) and Evelina (26) Gorbea have lost control of their family, and the power is in the hands of their two-year-old son, Adam. The toddler constantly latches onto his mother and explodes into ear-busting tantrums when he's denied her attention. He also refuses to go to sleep in his crib, often keeping Evelina up until the wee hours of the night. This monopoly of mom's time leaves Adam's siblings, daughter Meya (8) and son Demetrius (9), feeling neglected. Is Robert not helpful enough or is Evelina afraid to let her last baby grow up?
S01E08 The Ririe Family 21/03/2005 Scott and Jennifer Ririe have their hands full with their four children -- daughter Selia (9) and sons Hallden (7), Blake (3), and Broden(1). Scott and Jennifer have two completely different outlooks on how their children should be parented. By far their most troublesome child is the reckless and defiant Blake. Every time Jennifer looks away, he makes a beeline for the front door and dashes out across the busy street to play with a neighbor friend. In public, Jennifer also has no control over Blake. He refuses to stay with her and runs off constantly; and when she chases after him, she leaves her other children unattended. While Jennifer is fearful for Blake's safety, Scott doesn't have a problem with this situation, often laughing it off. The parents also disagree about their children's eating habits. Both let the kids snack whenever they want, but Jennifer wants that to change. Scott has the opposite view, saying that they should be able to snack as much as they want. Blake loves to
S01E09 The Collins Family 04/04/2005 Jason and Karen Collins live in Northamptonshire, U.K. with their four unruly children who run the house by mob rule. Ten-year-old Ben, Lauren (nine), Joshua (six) and Joseph (four) keep their stay-at-home mom on her toes all day. Dad Jason is the manager of a British bakery and often doesn't return home from work until 8:00 p.m. or later. Ben and Joseph, the oldest and youngest, are not only aggressive and destructive, but decide to be the first children ever to prove that Supernanny's techniques won't work. After Jo witnesses the Collins kids exhibiting bad behavior -- ranging from regular use of the ""f"" word to spitting and smashing up the house -- she introduces her strict zero tolerance regime. The children are separated into different naughty zones when they misbehave, and toys and luxury items are confiscated for infractions. Jo not only encounters great resistance from the children, but, surprisingly, tears from mum and dad, as she teaches the family how to get on track with th
S01E10 The Burnett Family 18/04/2005 The Burnetts are in over their heads. With five kids, including Zachary (8) and two sets of twins -- Joseph and John (3) and Michael and Molly (16 months) -- this is a family consumed by chaos. A self-employed, stay-at-home dad, Michael, is struggling to find a balance between work and family. Mom Joanne is a schoolteacher who comes home every afternoon to four needy toddlers who want all of her attention and a household full of chores that Dad has deemed ""woman's work."" Jo enters the equation with a master plan for this family to organize their lives and wake up to the reality of their situation. Jo's ultimate goal: reduce the chaos, add structure to an unbalanced routine and give the parents the tools to manage their clingy brood
S01E11 The Christiansen Family 02/05/2005 Homemaker Colleen Christiansen and her husband Chris, who works in insurance sales, have boys gone wild. Seven-year-old Corey and three-year-old Chase challenge their parents regularly with behavior that includes kicking, pinching, biting, backtalk and general disrespect. The boys can be destructive to the home, and the whole family has a tendency to shout. In addition, young Chase still uses a baby bottle. Jo Frost comes to the rescue, and foremost on her agenda are showing the parents how to communicate their expectations to the children without shouting and the importance of presenting a united front when it comes to discipline
S01E12 Supernanny Family Update Special 11/05/2005 This special,airing at a special time wednesday 5/11 at 10pm, will update supernannies loyal viewers on all the families that appeared on the show over the first season.....
S01E13 The Woods Family 07/07/2004 Two year old Charlie is a raging toddler who’s destroying and dominating family life with his out-of-control behavior. Mom Lucy and dad Steve are determined to turn their lives around and adhere to Supernanny's strict guidelines.
S01E14 The Steer Family 14/07/2004 Supernanny faces a tough assignment when she agrees to move into the home of single mum Kelly Steer. Kelly's two young children have pretty much destroyed the family home.
S01E15 The Charles Family 21/07/2004 Life has been tough for the Charles family since the birth of their twins 15 months ago. Their once well-behaved four year old Jacob now lashes out at his younger siblings.
S02E01 The Minyon Family 23/09/2005 Frank and Danielle Minyon have their hands full with Frank, 7, and Skylar, 3 who dominates the family with her massive tantrums ensuring that she always gets her way. Danielle, now a stay at home mom, had to quit her job when the daycare refused to admit Skylar back into its program. Is Jo up to the challenge?
S02E02 The Webb Family 12/04/2005 Kathy Webb is a working mother. Arthur Webb spends much of each day on the road. They have three young children, one of whom has Down's Syndrome.
S02E03 The McMillion Family 30/09/2005 The wife of a National Guardsman stationed in Afghanistan seeks assistance from Jo in dealing with her three aggressive sons.
S02E04 The Larmer Family 07/10/2005 Judy and Ed Larmer call on Jo to help them address the destructive behavior of their four children. When Jo discovers the source of the family’s unrest will Judy and Ed be able to make the necessary changes?
S02E05 The Cooke Family 02/10/2006 The British Cooke Family presents Jo with one of her toughest challenges to date. Nine-year old Meghann terrorizes her sisters Gabriella, 6, and Erin, 4. The frustrated parents rarely take the family out in public for fear of causing a scene. Has Jo finally met her match?
S02E06 The Amaral Family 02/10/2006 Michael and Lorraine Amaral own a restaurant and work there seven days a week. This leaves little time to spend with their three rambunctious boys who run amok in the restaurant bothering both customers and employees.
S02E07 The Facente Family 25/09/2006 Supernanny Jo Frost teams up with autism expert Lynn Koegel to give the Facentes and their 4-year-old twin daughters the tools they need to communicate with Tristin, 3 years old, who is autistic.
S02E08 The Keilen Family 18/09/2006 A Navy SEAL is rigorously trained to take whatever the enemy can throw at him. These guys are tough, make no mistake… until, that is, they’re confronted by badly behaved four year old twins!
S02E09 The Bradbury-Lambert Family 11/09/2006 Five year old kickboxer Matthew is too much to handle, so Jo Frost has Laura Bradbury enlist the help of her son's stepfather in helping with the discipline.
S02E10 The Tsironis Family 04/09/2006 Meet the Tsironis twins! Weighing in at just a pound each at birth they had a fairly shaky start in life - but have made up for it ever since with their larger-than-life personalities! Much to four year old Kate's disaproval, the rambunctious three year olds are running riot over Mom and Dad. Check out how Supernanny has taught the Tsironis family some valuable lessons in discipline and reward.
S02E11 The Carsley Family 28/08/2006 A single mother of five tries to get a college degree. Cheryl Carsley is a divorced mother of five: Chantal, 7; twins Nicolas and Caleb, 5; and twins Bobby and Elijah, 4. The children fight with each other almost constantly, and are abusive and disrespectful with their mother. They also trash their home on a regular basis, including routinely writing on the walls. Cheryl realizes that the kids need personal attention from her, but she is so busy stopping them from destroying the house and each other that she doesn't have quality time with any of them. Jo forms family teams pairing an older twin with a younger one and the girl with the mom. They work together doing chores to gain points for prizes.
S02E12 The Schwartz Family 13/11/2006 Kathy and Steve both work full-time and Kathy’s sister, Donna, helps raise the couple’s four tearaway children. Donna, though, isn’t much of a disciplinarian and the children are running wild...
S02E13 The Silva Family 06/11/2006 The Silva kids are a big unruly gang which the parents can’t control and, with dad soon to be deployed to Iraq, Danielle fears that she’ll be swamped by the foul-mouthed, badly behaved kids. Supernanny is up against the numbers this time!
S02E14 The Young Family 13/11/2006 Shift work means that dad, Sherman, looks after the three Young children during the day before handing them over to mum, Joelle, at 4.30pm every day. With the parents hardly seeing each other throughout the week, much of the childminding duty falls upon eldest boy, Dylan (aged 13). His siblings, though, are too much to handle.
S02E15 The Harmony Family 20/11/2006 Harmony by name but definitely not by nature! Three tearaway boys - Jake (aged 11), Ian (aged 5) and Grant (aged 3) - battle among themselves and with their parents 24 hours a day!
S02E16 The Wujcik Family 27/11/2006 Alec and Bryce ignore their mother’s attempts at discipline and now their one year old baby sister, Carly, is picking up on the bad behaviour. Mum, Toni, is worrying that things are spiralling out of control, but Dad, Tim, just seems to be making matters worse!
S02E17 The Jackson Family 27/11/2006 Lisa and Terry Jackson have triplets: five year old Will, Ethan and Isabella. Mum finds her terrible trio disruptive and impossible to control, while dad spends most of the week working away from home. Exhausted and unable to cope, Lisa needs help. Can Supernanny offer a solution?
S02E18 The Newton Family 04/12/2006 Separated couple, Vicki and Aaron, have joint custody of their two sons, Aaron (aged 12) and Kobe (aged 5). The young ‘uns are nearly always on their best behaviour for dad but mum gets a raw deal...
S02E19 The Uva Family 18/09/2006 A stay-at-home dad is ignorant and has to take care of two young boys who exhibit aggressive, selfish and abusive behavior.
S03E01 The Bowerstock Family 04/12/2006 In the explosive third season premiere of Supernanny, Jo takes on the Bowerstock family, dealing with the high levels of aggression and stress in this household. Mom and dad need all the help they can get to tame their three wild kids, who literally laugh in mom's face when she tries to discipline them.
S03E02 The Weinstein Family 11/12/2006 The Weinsteins need help. Dad David is a trucker, sometimes away from home as many as 10 days in a row, and stay-at-home mom Chia can’t control the children. When she tries to correct them, her kids respond by hitting and kicking her, cursing and other aggressive behavior.
S03E03 The Fager Family 18/12/2006 In Supernanny's first-ever vacation episode, Jo Frost surprises the Fager family with a beachside holiday in Florida. Stacie and Joe Fager are the proud parents of a blended family in Iowa, but with six children, they both feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Joe is a truck driver and full-time student, and he’s gone most of the week. Stacie, a stay-at-home mom, has a hard time controlling the children, so she hardly ever leaves home with the kids in tow, and family vacations are a rarity.
S03E04 The Swanson Family 08/01/2008 With five boisterous boys in a small house, Ken and Vania have reached the end of their rope - and possibly the end of their marriage. Vania has filed divorce papers and Jo Frost is the family’s last hope for reconciliation - if this doesn’t work, Vania will move forward with the divorce.
S03E05 The Mihalik Family 15/01/2007 Donna Mihalik is a single mom who’s been through multiple ordeals over the last four years. Her son survived a two-year, all-consuming battle with leukemia. But soon afterwards, Donna’s husband Steve suddenly died. Left alone to bring up their four children, Donna was so depleted she lost control of the kids.
S03E06 The Smith Family 22/01/2007 Marine biologists Will and Michelle Smith are clueless when it comes to raising their two sons, Nate, 3, and Ari, 18 months. The couple’s energy translates into endless fun for the boys – but discipline is non-existent and without a settled bedtime routine both children are keeping their parents up till late at night. Will and Michelle are worn out – can Supernanny help them find a solution or will they remain at the mercy of their boisterous boys?
S03E07 The Haines Family 29/01/2007 Tiny tyrant Sean is the alpha male in the Haines family – and mom Suzanne, dad Shane and big brother Seth, 10, are wilting under his aggression. Crying, hitting, spitting, punching, kicking and biting are Sean’s preferred methods of communication and when Seth fights back it just makes things worse. Suzanne and Shane cope by opting out of parenthood and letting the boys get on with it – and boredom breeds mischief! Can Supernanny help them re-connect with their kids and take back the power?
S03E08 The Nitti Family 06/02/2007 The four Nitti boys are at war with each other and their Mom. Darren, 10, Matthew, 8, Devin, 6, and Jared, 5, are so violent they leave serious welts and scars on each other and their mom Lisa. Lisa doesn’t know how to manage her kids without resorting to anger or threats to call boyfriend John, who uses intimidation to tame the terrors. Mealtimes, car journeys and bedtimes are a disaster – but when Jo Frost tries to implement change, John constantly resists her techniques and angrily confronts her. Can Jo help this family stop the violence?
S03E09 The Bruno Family 12/02/2007 John and Denise Bruno have their hands full with their four girls. Dad’s got issues with teens Mariah and Taylor, while Mom’s fed up with the two youngest, Bella and Sam. Matters are complicated by Mariah’s cerebral palsy. With tension at an all-time high, Supernanny must play a dual role: peacemaker and family relationship counselor…
S03E10 The McAfee Family 19/02/2007 Newly-divorced Dad of four Brian McAfee has shut himself off from his kids and friends while he mourns his broken marriage. The house is a disaster and discipline is non-existent. Worse of all, Brian has totally lost touch with what makes his kids tick… he’s uncomfortable doing ‘girly’ things with his daughters and is baffled by his son’s struggle with schoolwork. For his sake and his kids’ future, Jo must shake him out of his grief and get him out of the house and back in the world again...
S03E11 The Goins Family 26/02/2007 Karolee and Jay Goins have a beautiful young family with a not-so-pretty problem… Mom, pregnant with number four, is completely exhausted by her brood’s out-of-control behavior. Khalin, 7, has attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); Kolben, 5, is overly aggressive and little Kadance, 2, is learning all of her big brothers’ worst tricks. To make matters even more difficult for Karolee, dad Jay acts like a kid himself most of the time. Can Supernanny help Karolee turn things around – and get Dad more involved in parenting?
S03E12 The Williams Family 05/03/2007 Single mom Jency Williams has three unruly children: Bradley (12 years old), Kelsey (10 years old), and Hagen (5 years old). Jency works two jobs to make ends meet, drops the children at her grandparents' house, so that they can take care of the kids while she is at work. The children are calm and respectful with their great-grandparents, Hal and Carolyn, who are in their seventies. Hal and Carolyn ask Supernanny, Jo Frost, to come and teach their granddaughter Jency to discipline her own children.
S03E13 The Walker Family 12/03/2007 Anthony and Alice Walker have their hands full. They have three children – Anthony Jr, 12, Naleila, 6, and Alyssa, 17 months, plus Marcus, a nephew who lives with them full-time – and run a daycare business in their home. Mom’s outsized personality and attitude has rubbed off on the kids, and they’re doing whatever they want. Unsure of how to regain control, she resorts to chasing them around the house trying to mete out discipline. Anthony Jr is a master of backchat, and Naleila and Alyssa spend their nights snuggled up with Mom and Dad. Alice wants help to set boundaries… and Dad’s just looking for a good night’s sleep! Will Jo succeed in turning the Walkers around?
S03E14 The Cantoni Family 28/05/2007 Jo tries to help an overwhelmed mother and a father who gives in to the bossiness of their three children.
S03E15 The Amouri Family 12/08/2007 Jo helps a mother with four young children and a husband who's always out late with friends.
S04E01 The Drake Family 02/01/2008 Donna and Billy Jo Drake’s three children – Josie, 4, and 3-year-old twins Jared and Justin – are adorable… but so lively Mom and Dad are terrified to let their guard down for even a second in case the kids race off! Mom and Dad want nothing more than to pile their children into their sparkling new RV and hit the road for a family camping trip, but they’re so overprotective with the kids that even a walk induces parental panic. Can Supernanny get this family road-trip ready?
S04E02 The Chapman Family 02/01/2008 Supernanny has gotten the call from the Chapman Family… but not from Mom and Dad! Teenagers Brittany, 16, and Moriah, 14, are worn out by taking care of their kid brothers while they keep house and homeschool themselves. So where are their parents and why are they AWOL? Supernanny answers the $64,000 question…
S04E03 The Schumacher Family 09/01/2008 Who rules the roost in the Schumacher family? Not mom Teri and dad Brian, that’s for sure. It’s kids in control in this home – but when Supernanny Jo Frost discovers the clueless parents are letting their daughters chat with total strangers online, it’s clear that chore wars and backchat are the least of Teri and Brian’s troubles…
S04E04 The Daun-Ahn Family 16/01/2008 Angela and Forrest Duan-Ahn have their kids completely overscheduled, with over 40 activities a week for Christopher, 9, Isabella, 7, twins Lawrence and Benjamin, 6, and Charlotte, 4. Mom and dad reckon they’re helping their kids by exposing them to so many lessons – but they’re all exhausted and stressed out. Can Jo help simplify this family’s hectic life?
S04E05 The Terrill Family 23/01/2008 A single father needs Jo's help with his two sons, ages 5 & 11 when his parenting skills seem to be lacking.
S04E06 The Dostal Family 06/02/2008 The lines of communication between Brenda and Bill Dostal have shut down. When it comes to discipline, they’re not even in the same book much less on the same page. And it means their kids feel free to do whatever they want…
S04E07 The Daniels Family 13/02/2008 Supernanny has her most fiery face-off ever with a checked-out mom who has let things go for too long at home. Jo has some salty words for Lisa Daniels when Lisa chooses to ignore the chaos and let her kids run wild…
S04E08 The Wilson-Knutson Family 20/02/2008 Pop star and stay-at-home mom Wendy Wilson is a pushover as far as her toddler sons are concerned – but dad Dan, a former rock singer, longs for clear-cut rules. With newborn twins wearing them out, Wendy and Dan have clued into the fact that their current parenting style just doesn’t work…
S04E09 The Tafoya Family 27/02/2008 Holly and Jimmy Tafoya can’t quite figure out why cursing, spanking and washing their kids’ mouths out with soap aren’t working as discipline tactics. And when Supernanny steps in, Holly shows her the door!
S04E10 The Prescott Family 05/03/2008 Kadi Prescott just can’t get close to her seven kids: she loses her temper with son Daniel, 7, who has ADHD; and relies on daughter Marli, 8, to be ‘mini-mom’. Can Jo help her fight her past and heal the emotional rift in her family?
S04E11 The Banjany Family 12/03/2008 Lisa and Rich Banjany run a successful business but although they’re their own bosses when it comes to work, their kids – twins Cameron and Zoe, 5, and Blake, 3 – have definitely staged a hostile takeover when it comes to family life. Can Jo help?
S04E12 The McKeever Family 19/03/2008 The McKeevers seem to have it all: a big house, nice cars and two gorgeous sons… who have trash talk and home demolition down to a fine art. Can Jo help the McKeevers get control of their boys?
S04E13 The Addis Family 02/04/2008 Since Grandpa died, the Addis family has fallen apart. Dad definitely isn’t in charge and mom is coming under attack from their four children. Enter Supernanny, with a surprise the family will never forget!
S04E14 The Citarella Family 09/04/2008 The four Citarella kids, ages 7, 6, 3 and 1, run rings round mom Debbie – but instead of tackling the problems she focuses on the funny side. Dad Joe just puts in his earplugs when the noise gets to be too much! Can Jo get Debbie to take her kids’ bad behavior seriously?
S04E15 The Schrage Family 23/04/2008 The Schrages haven’t slept in the same bed in for eight years due to their children’s bed hopping, and mom and dad Christy and Kyle are too timid to set limits and enforce boundaries. Can Supernanny help these parents grow backbones?
S04E16 The Clause Family 30/04/2008 The Clause kids – Brandon, 10, and Caila, 8 – are ‘tweenage terrors’: disrespectful, manipulative and resentful… but the key to change rests with mom (a total pushover) and dad (too laid back). Can Jo help them get a grip on their kids?
S04E17 The Martinez Family 07/05/2008 With her husband Sindo away in Iraq, Michelle Martinez is home alone for months at a time with three rambunctious children. She’s totally overwhelmed and the kids’ behavior is spiraling out of control. Can Supernanny show her how to cope with the pressure?
S04E18 The Browning Family 14/05/2008 Mom’s busy with her real estate business and dad's busy with his duties as a preacher. But no one’s busy with the kids – and it shows...
S04E19 The Doyle Family 28/05/2008 Little Lizzie Doyle, 3, is in danger of being kicked out of preschool… big sister Sara, 5, likes sneaking the scissors out of mom’s sewing kit and cutting her own hair… and kid brother Andrew, 18 months, is a dude with a ’tude. Can Supernanny teach these kids that respect isn’t just an Atlantic soul classic?
S04E20 The Moy Family 25/06/2008 Hailey Moy is a kid on the edge… she beats up on her kid sister, trashes kid brother Matthew’s stuff and hits mom Michele when she doesn’t get her way. Can Jo rebuild the parent-daughter bond and build up mom’s backbone?
S04E21 The Krolikowski Family 05/01/2009 Shannon and John both have high profile jobs at a large church, but their home is a far cry from a peaceful sanctuary. All four of their children fight with each other so viciously and so frequently that mom usually intervenes only if someone has drawn blood. That happens regularly because the kids bite, pinch, kick and pull hair for all they're worth. Mom's yelling isn't working, and Dad says he spanks to discipline, since he doesn't believe that timeouts or talking work. But in spite of the hardline tactics, neither parent has much authority. How will Jo deal with these challenges, especially with a dad resistant to her methods?
S05E01 The Quinn Family 03/10/2008 “We’re at a total loss,’ says mom Gina Quinn, who’s having to control four out-of-control tweens and teens who swear like sailors, refuse to do their chores and are verbally aggressive with mom and with dad David, who just laughs at the kids’ antics…
S05E02 The Baulisch Family 10/10/2008 Dorothy and Kip Baulisch of Papillion, Nebraska, are deaf parents raising four hearing children – and it’s not going well. Eldest daughter, Melissa, 18, has ended up the full-time interpreter for her parents and younger siblings – but they’re out of control. Can Jo Frost close the communication gap and bring the Baulisch family back together?
S05E03 The Park Family 17/10/2008 For the first time ever, Jo comes to the rescue of a nanny in over her head, as well as the helpless parents, in dealing with the rambunctious Park children… all the kids act out, refuse to follow instructions and take dangerous risks involving aggression, scissors, and swimming pools… Can Jo help these parents learn to bring out the best in their kids?
S05E04 The Winter Family 24/10/2008 The Winter family is living in a perpetual storm: the four youngest are out of control and dad can’t accept that 17-year-old Kristin is growing up and needs more freedom. Can Supernanny bridge the gap between father and daughter and bring some sunshine to the Winters?
S05E05 The Newsome Family 31/10/2008 Single mom Blythe Newsome is trying to manage six children in a tiny house – and her little angels have morphed into holy terrors. Mom gives into them for a quiet life… but life with these kids is anything but. Can Supernanny help this single mom take control of her family?
S05E06 The Manley Family 07/11/2008 John and Sarah Manley have been separated for over six months – but their indecision over trying again or getting a divorce is confusing their kids. Max, 7, and Claire, 4, can’t figure out what’s going on… and their reaction is anger, backchat, fighting and tantrums. Can Jo to help them navigate this heartbreaking transition?
S05E07 The Howat Family 14/11/2008 Jo Frost hops a plain back to the UK to help single mom Tara Howat take back the power from her three firebrands!
S05E08 The Lewis Family 21/11/2008 Before he died, dad Dwight Lewis called on Supernanny to ask if she could help his wife Antoinette cope with parenting alone while she grieved his loss. Can Jo help widowed Antoinette Lewis find a routine – and peace of mind?
S05E09 The James Family 12/12/2008 NBA guard Mike James faces off against a foe more formidable than his opponents on the court… Supernanny has a bone to pick with him!
S05E10 The Quinn Family 19/12/2008
S05E11 The Baulisch Family 26/12/2008
S05E12 The Park Family 02/01/2009
S05E13 The Kerns Family 09/01/2009
S05E14 The Newsome Family 16/01/2009
S05E15 The Gormley-Brickley Family (UK Episode) 23/01/2009
S05E16 The Costello Family 06/02/2009
S05E17 The Davis Family 13/02/2009
S05E18 The Sachs Family 20/02/2009
S05E19 The Williams Family (UK Episode) 27/02/2009
S05E20 The Del Re Family 13/03/2009
S05E21 The Goldberg Family 20/03/2009
S05E22 The Sacco Family 27/03/2009
S05E23 The Manley Family 03/04/2009
S05E24 The Porter Family (UK Episode) 10/04/2009 Jo works with a couple whose 9-year-old daughter rules the house, throwing tantrums like a toddler and teaching her younger brother to behave the same way.
S06E01 Colier Family 23/10/2009 The Coliers of Cleveland, Georgia, are a blended family on the brink. Dad Jason coddles his three young sons under the age of 5, but is hostile to his 13-year-old stepdaughter, Madison, whom he adopted last year. Jason showers his little boys with affection but his relationship with Madison is frosty and contentious - she doesn't call him "Dad" and says he doesn't seem like one; he counters by saying she's a pathological liar and carries on "like a moron." Jason also spoon feeds his three-year-old and holds the older boys back from gaining valuable life skills by doing everything for them. Stay-at-home mom Dawn feels caught in the middle when Jason clashes with Madison and undermines her time-out attempts with the toddlers, but Jo pushes the couple to closely examine whether or not they want to continue in this marriage. Can "Supernanny" set this family on a better track?
S06E02 Simmons Family 30/10/2009 Debra and Tracy are pushover parents with two sets of twins, ages four and seven, who call all the shots and eat a diet packed with sugar and unhealthy food choices. Four-year-old Parker calls Mom a "butthead" with no consequences; Debra hides in the bathroom to eat a meal and get a moment's peace. Dad Tracy works from home, and when his rambunctious children need disciplining, he meekly implores them not to misbehave. They respond by locking him out of their bedroom! Can Jo Frost help this family?
S06E03 Phelps Family 06/11/2009 Jo Frost travels to the deep South -- Hayden, Alabama -- and faces off with Amy Phelps, who defends her right to spank her three boisterous boys. Dad Jimmy is open to change, but Amy won't budge, and this issue is bringing their marriage to the breaking point. Jo is adamantly opposed to corporal punishment - can she show these parents how to get even better results the Supernanny way?
S06E04 Naskiewicz Family 13/11/2009 A Florida family with four children ranging in age from two to twelve is ruled by the crown prince-Zachary, an impulsive, tantrum-prone four-year-old. Jen, a beleaguered stay-at-home Mom, cowers to his every whim, and doesn't enforce any kind of discipline. Her approach is to gently enfold the children in hugs or eventually give in. Roy, a painting contractor, would rather work on the computer at the end of the long day than help Jen with the kids, but when he does try to impose rules and consequences, his short fuse and yelling intimidate the children and have driven his wife to threaten divorce. Jen tearfully tells Jo in her submission tape, "This is our last shot." Can Jo show these two parents the tools to not only tame Zachary but repair their relationship?
S06E05 McGrath Family 27/11/2009 Bill and Tammy McGrath of Hamlin, New York, have three beautiful young children, and their middle son, Aiden, 5, was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Managing his illness is very anxiety-provoking for Tammy, because she saw her father die of diabetes at just 46 years of age. She sees Aiden's diagnosis as her worst fears realized, and mealtime has become a battlefield. Aiden makes power plays, refusing to eat, which not only threatens his own health and frightens Tammy, but causes problems for both parents in adjusting Aiden's insulin levels. The other kids, Liam, 4, and Paige, 9, feel their parents' distraction and are frustrated by it -- Paige hides out in her bedroom and Liam acts out aggressively. Jo pinpoints Bill and Tammy's problems communicating effectively and enforcing discipline -- their versions of timeouts are useless. Can she help Bill and Tammy regain control of their family?
S06E06 Beck Family 11/12/2009
S06E07 Heredia Family 18/12/2009
S06E08 Benton Family 08/01/2010 Christina and Joe have four children, Brandon (4) and triplets Samantha, Taylor and Ryan (2). The triplets were premature births, and need to eat properly for growth, yet barely touch the food on their plates. Brandon often feels left out with all the attention given to the triplets, and Christina is a perfectionist who is very self-critical of her parenting skills.
S06E09 Hallenbeck Family 15/01/2010 A mother of two who spends her time surfing the Web, watching TV and texting friends expects her mother to raise her children.
S06E10 The Griswold Family 29/01/2010
S06E13 The McKinney Family 12/03/2010
S07E01 Atkinson Family 05/11/2010 Jo tries to help a married couple in Illinois with five children, including an openly defiant teen and a 4-year-old with separation anxiety.
S07E02 Peterfreund Family 12/11/2010 Jo visits the Peterfreund family in Chandler, Arizona. Keith and Sonya have four young sons: Jett who is 5, Gage who is 3, Trey who is 2, and baby Myles who is a newborn. Keith and Sonya need Jo's help, and describes Jett, Gage, and Trey as a threat to baby Myles. The older three are such a handful for Sonya, she often gets distracted from looking after Myles. Keith and Sonya claim they need Jo's help before it's too late.
S07E03 Swift Family 19/11/2010 Jo is amazed that a Sacramento couple with five children---ages 9 months to 11 years---get help from a nanny and a maternal grandmother and still can't control their kids' behavior, which includes playing around a swimming pool with no fence and riding bikes without helmets.
S07E04 Young Family 03/12/2010 Jo visits the family who live on a secluded island off Seattle. Ricki and Jenye have three sons. The family has moved 4 times in a year due to Ricki's job and are moving again soon. The older boys run wild in and outside the house, and the parents allow them to play with machetes and hatchets, which are considered dangerous.
S07E05 Van Acker Family 10/12/2010 Jo visits the Van Acker family from Oak View, California. Jessica and Kevin have 2 children: 6-year-old Emma and 3-year-old Dylan. Dylan runs the house with his tantrums and disrespect towards his parents. He refuses to be potty-trained and is anemic and underweight due to his refusal to eat. Can Jo help the Van Ackers instill discipline in their house?
S07E06 Fernandez Family 17/12/2010 Jo visits the Fernandez family from Kissimmee, Florida. Jerald [31] and Marla [29] have 3 children: 12-year-old Desiree, 5-year-old Elias, and 3-year-old Eulisis (or "Shorty" which is his nickname). Marla is exhausted from trying to do everything on her own while Jerald is frustruated and usually unwilling to help out.Desiree is starting to develop an attitude and doing poorly in school while Elias and Eulisis misbehave by kicking, screaming, & crying to get their own way. Even a simple trip to the store turns into a disaster and the parents' relationship is starting to fall apart. Marla gives empty threats, and vents all of her frustration on her children, especially Desiree, which is straining their relationship. Can Jo help this family?
S07E07 George Family 07/01/2011 Jo visits the George family from San Antonio, Texas. Joey-Lynn, Glenn and their five daughters: 20-year-old College Student Samantha , 17-year-old Brooke , 10-year-old Savannah , 6-year-old Hailey , and 1 and a half-year-old, Haidyn . They also have a 2-year-old granddaughter, Krissy , who is Samantha's daughter. Joey-Lynn had Samantha when she was a teenager and both parents feel as if they've failed since Samantha had a promising future that changed when she became a teenage mom. Samantha and Brooke hate each other and curse at one another in front of their younger sisters, who act out by defying their parents and being aggressive with each other. Joey-Lynn lets Glenn handle the discipline, but all Glenn does is yell at them and doesn't follow through with the discipline. Can Jo help the George family?
S07E08 Miller Family 14/01/2011 Jo visits the Miller family from Phoenix, Arizona. Meshell and David have 6 children: 13-year-old Kesley, 12-year-old Kendall, 10-year-old Meryn, 7-year-old Landon, 5-year-old Ainsley, and 3-year-old Avarie. The older kids back-talk, fight, and leave their clothes in a heap. Little Avarie refuses to give up her bottle while Kesley, who is considered responsible to watch her siblings, isn't allowed to go to an afternoon movie with friends. Meshell has a hard time telling her children no while David tries to enforce structure and respect in the house, but is so exhausted from long days at work and often shows his temper without using clear boundaries and consequences. Jo looks at the chore board on the wall which is completely blank. Can Jo help the Miller family?
S07E09 Colombo Family 21/01/2011 Jo visits the Colombo family from Melbourne, Florida. Danielle and Joe have 3 children: 4-year-old Carlo, 3-year-old JJ, and 1-year-old Julia. Joe works long hours leaving Danielle is a stay-at-home mom. JJ hits, slaps, pinches, kicks, and yells while Carlo is a picky eater with a loud scream that (as Danielle describes), "takes your breath away." Even though Danielle was a teaching instructor before becoming a parent, she doesn't enforce the house rules and has lost sight of her personal dreams. Even though Danielle is estastic when Jo first comes, the two butt heads when it comes to a naptime issue. Can Jo help the Colombo family out?
S07E10 Potter Family 04/02/2011 Jo visits the Potter family. Joy and Chris have four children: Noah is 10, Ryan is 7, Jake is 5, and Alexa is 4 (Alexa is the only girl in the Potter family). Day after day both parents are constantly disrespected by their children and try to run their household with different styles. Joy's parenting style is passive and the kids walk all over her. On the other hand, father Chris is very extreme. Chris's temper is out of control, he constnatly yells at and scares his children and its straining his relationship with his kids, especially Noah. Noah has a strained relationship with his father, who berates him as a brat when he's angry. Chris feels that Joy is undermining him by challenging his parenting style, which how his own mother didn't do with his father when he was growing up. Jo observes that Joy isn't consistent with discipline and that Chris could break Noah's spirit if things don't change. Joy tells Jo sadly that her marriage is at risk if she and Chris don't get on the same page. Can Jo knock some sense into Chris and rescue his marriage from the brink before he ruins his relationships for good?
S07E11 Merrill Family 18/02/2011 Jo visits the Merrill family at Camp Pendelton. While husband and marine, Chris is stationed overseas for a year in Afghanistan, wife Beckie is left alone with their 4 adopted children: 4-year-old cousins Garrett and Elena (who are biological cousins who were adopted from Guatemala) and siblings 6-year-old Eddie & 4-year-old Lydia (who are biological brother and sister who were adopted from Ghana). Eddie & Lydia were adopted 3 months ago and are struggling with learning English and have a great fear of the dark since back in Ghana, there was violence at nighttime in their community. The kids run outside when they feel like it and ignore their mother while bedtime & mealtimes are a disaster. Beckie struggles with discipline and feels so exhausted, outnumbered, & at her limit along with being alone while her husband is away. Can Jo help Beckie out and help the kids get in bed?
S07E12 Demott Family 25/02/2011 Jo finds triple the trouble in the DeMott family in Bayville, New Jersey. Ted and Nancy have four children: Timmy is 11 and 4-year-old triplets: Teddy, Milo, and Giada. The triplets annoy their older brother, destroy things, and even run out of their house unsupervised. The parents think that time-outs for the triplets don't work, so Nancy's form of discipline is locking the triplets in their room when they misbehave while Ted surrenders. Nancy is home with the kids full-time while Ted is at work at his job as a police officer. Ted is under a lot of stress and drinks alcohol to make himself feel better. When Ted comes home from work, he's in charge of the kids while Nancy goes to work herself. Timmy and Ted's relationship has deteriorated since the triplets were born. Can Jo tame this trio of tiny offenders and get Ted back on the straight and narrow or will Jo have to lay down the law?
S07E13 Froebrich Family 04/03/2011 Jo visits the Froebrich family in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Beverly and Erich have five children: Emily is 11, Emmett is 9, Emma Jo is 7, Emerson is 4, and Ember is 1½. The kids fight constantly, hit, pinch, and do any kind of bodily harm. Homework and studying for tests is a disaster and it brings 9-year-old Emmett to tears. Beverly's mother, Barbara, lives with the family since her husband, Victor, passed away and considers Beverly to be a control freak, and the stress of Beverly's father's death has gotten worse. Beverly doesn't discipline the kids, but Erich uses a wooden spoon, the belt, and his bare hand to spank the kids along with pulling their ears and putting hot sauce on their tongues, and neither of the parents' discipline works at all. Can Jo get this family to drop the facade and convince Beverly and Erich that there is another way before it's too late?
S07E14 Federico Family 11/03/2011 Jo visits the Federico family. Sylvia and Michael have 3 boys: 5-year-old Dominic, 3-year-old Michael, and 2-year- old Vincent. Sylvia admits that she wants to be the fun mother rather than a disciplinarian. The parents bribe their sons with junk food to get them to behave and Sylvia brings a backpack filled with sugary snacks when she takes the boys out in public to use for bribes if they complain or misbehave in any way. The boys sneak snacks all day long and the parents baby their kids, especially Dominic. They push Dominic in the stroller (instead of Vincent), brush his teeth for him, and pick out his clothes. When Sylvia tries to follow through on Jo's instructions for a time out, she calls it torture and ignores discipline. Can Jo get Sylvia & Michael to stop babying their children and step up to the discipline?
S07E15 Evans Family 18/03/2011 Because her own mother passed away from cancer, Supernanny Jo Frost can certainly sympathize with the Evans family children who lost their mother due to the disease. The father of the three young boys is doing his best to parent them on his own and as their mother would have wanted, but the whole family finds its situation overwhelming. Can Jo help this family settle into its new shape?