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Enhanced footage from long-running documentary series Survival, capturing spectacular wildlife moments on film. Each episode of Survival is dedicated to a group of specific animals who become familiar characters and around whom the narrative is focused. Incredible up-close images take the viewer deep into the natural world, capturing some of the most remarkable creatures to ever walk the planet.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Survival: Tales from the Wild

S01E01 Tiger Trouble 12/06/2011 The first episode follows two years in the life of a tiger as she teaches her three cubs to hunt.
S01E02 Chimps: Like Father Like Son 19/06/2011 The story of a male chimp and the lessons it learns from its father - along with a few bad habits.
S01E03 Quando and the River Wolves 26/06/2011 The coming-of-age story of a male giant otter that leaves home and has to find new territory and a mate in the jungle.
S01E04 Joey the Kangaroo Kid 03/07/2011 A male kangaroo with a pregnant mother has to gain independence in the Outback, meeting many weird and wonderful creatures on its journey.
S01E05 Polar Bear: Ice Hunter 10/07/2011 The story of a male polar bear learning to hunt while avoiding the dangers of the Arctic.
S01E06 Lions v Warthogs 17/07/2011 In a pride of lions, males are in charge, but in this case they run at the first sign of trouble; warthogs show a different side of life in which females call the shots and males behave like gentlemen.
S01E07 Jackals the Underdogs 24/07/2011 A male jackal comes of age, but has to go it alone when his family is hit by rabies, forcing the wild dog to learn quickly how to avoid dangers, hunt and fight his way up the social ladder in the hope of finding a mate.
S01E08 Baboon Bandits 31/07/2011 Baboon alpha male Bob leads his troop in search of a new life away from the safety of a national park and they come to learn that where there are humans, there is plenty of food up for grabs.
S01E09 Lemurs - A Tale of Two Families 07/08/2011 Cameras follow the lives of young lemurs from sifaka and ring-tailed families, which face many dangers in the forests of Madagascar.
S01E10 Hunting Dogs: A Tale of Two Sisters 14/08/2011 Tension rises between two hunting dogs that have given birth to puppies at the same time, and one flees with the other's litter. The alpha female is the only member of the pack that is allowed to breed and when her sister gives birth trouble begins.
S01E11 Cheetahs, Twins in Trouble 21/08/2011 A pair of young cheetahs face their first year alone on the plains of east Africa and they have two main challenges - learning to hunt gazelles and escape danger.
S01E12 Sea Otter Saga 28/08/2011 The stories of three sea otter pups growing up in different environments. One lives in the kelp forests of California, one in the icy waters of Alaska and the third is raised by humans - but destined for a future in the wild.
S01E13 Survival of the Fittest 04/09/2011 Cameras capture the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, including iguanas, giant tortoises, sharks, booby birds and vampire finches.
S01E14 Impala: The Great Escape 11/09/2011 The coming-of-age story of an impala, from its birth to its integration into a herd and the many dangers it faces - especially escaping the attentions of a pair of hungry leopards.
S01E15 Mongoose - Snake Busters 18/09/2011 This episode depicts the lives of banded mongooses in the African bush, where they combine forces to contend with snakes, eagles, crocodiles and lizards.

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