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Hazen Audel explores survival techniques of ancient tribes through various challenges.


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S01E01 Le sang du guerrier 24/07/2014 Survival of the fittest takes on a whole new meaning as Hazen Audel embeds with the Samburu tribe and learns valuable lessons about thriving on the edge. In the arid Kenyan mountain and desert, the Samburu share space with some of the world's most dangerous predators, and often rely on a diet of milk, meat ? and blood. Collecting cow's blood requires patience, a steady hand and pinpoint accuracy, and Audel's first attempt fails to deliver.
S01E02 Les maîtres de la forêt 31/07/2014 Forging through the dense jungles of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Hazen Audel joins the Waorani Tribe, where he must learn to live off nothing more than the invaluable tools found in nature. To survive the life-threatening dangers of the jungle ? venomous snakes, stealth predators and the frighteningly real possibility of getting lost in the forest labyrinth ? Audel must master the Waorani's incredible ability to navigate this lush and treacherous land.
S01E03 Le territoire de l'aigle royal 07/08/2014 In Mongolia's stark Altai Mountains, Hazen Audel quickly learns that the greatest ally to a Kazakh hunter is another stealth predator: the golden eagle. For the Kazakhs, who raise the eagles from a young age and release mature birds back into the wild to breed, eagle hunting means survival. The birds take down wolves and foxes ? vital food supplies for the Kazakhs who also use the fur as an essential tool for battling the long, harsh Mongolian winters.
S01E04 L'île au requin saumon 14/08/2014 Hazen joins elite fishermen in the Solomon Islands. While the island may seem like paradise, surviving out here is tough. Hazen builds a canoe to navigate in open waters. Learning to fish in dangerous waters, Hazen works with the villagers to capture fish with a small mountain of vines used to encircle prey. Averting a run-in with one of the ocean's most treacherous snakes, Hazen is aware of the dangers lurking in the deep. After many days, Hazen brings back shark meat for the villagers.
S01E05 Les chasseurs du désert 21/08/2014 Hazen joins the San bushmen of the Kalahari Desert for an extreme lesson in persistence hunting by some of the world's best animal trackers. Venturing into the sweltering bush in 113 degrees weather, Hazen must find water fast. Making it through a scorpion-infested nightfall, Hazen undertakes his first endurance test: evade capture until sunset. Known to track their prey, the San bushmen make an easy mark of Hazen. Hazen must master their skills of animal tracking and bow constructin.
S01E06 En terre arctique 28/08/2014 Dans l'un des endroits les plus froids de la planète, Hazen tente de maîtriser les compétences que des Inuits ont acquises pour survivre dans le Canada Arctique pendant des milliers d'années. Alors que les températures sont glaciales, Hazen doit faire ses preuves en menant une troupe de chiens de traîneau et en fabriquant un igloo, avant de pouvoir rejoindre des chasseurs inuits et pécher des moules sous la banquise.

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