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Kazuki Sato (Dori Sakurada), a hater of math, is transferred to a new school. On the first day of his new school, he walks to school and spots a pretty girl named Nina Machida (Reina Tanaka). At school, his homeroom teacher takes him to a classroom. On the chalkboard is mathematical formulas. He is surprised. His homeroom teacher tells him that his new school specializes in mathematics. Kazuki Sato is stunned. On the other hand, Kazuki Sato is happy to see many pretty girls in his new classroom. When he sits in his seat, he sees a girl climb through the window and into the classroom. The girl sits next to Kazuki Sato. The girl turns out to be Nina Machida, whom Kazuki spotted on his way to school. During break, Nina Machida takes Kazuki School to the school cafeteria and tells him to buy bread whenever she asks. At this moment, Sayuri Tachikawa (Sayumi Michishige) and her two friends, who do not like Nina Machida, scheme to get Kazuki Sato and Nina Machida expelled from school. Kazuki Sato walks around the school and sees a bunch of girls recite mathematical figures. He wonders to himself what they are doing. A girl then comes close to him and tells him that they are practicing to become the math president. Meanwhile, Nina Machida sits on a bench and a teacher sits next to her. Nina Machida tells her that she misses her older sister a lot. Her older sister went missing, right after she became the math president. Now, Nina Machida wants to become the math president ...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Suugaku Joshi Gakuen

S01E01 Break Out! I Have Seen It. Battle! 11/01/2012
S01E02 Beauty! You're Under Arrest! Theft! 18/01/2012
S01E03 Beauty Battles Gluttony 25/01/2012
S01E04 Disorderly Person Drop Out! 01/02/2012
S01E05 Change Strategy! 08/02/2012
S01E06 Pro Tsugunaga Michishige VS Battle Beauty 15/02/2012
S01E07 Tanaka Michishige Milestone 22/02/2012
S01E08 Mathematical Beauty Battles Cute Corps 29/02/2012
S01E09 Love At The First Sight 07/03/2012
S01E10 The New Boy Princess? 14/03/2012
S01E11 The Strongest Enemy Appeared? 21/03/2012
S01E12 Final Battle! 28/03/2012

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