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Welcome to Swans Crossing at TV Tome Swans Crossing was a show about twelve teenagers that live in a fictional town called, Swans Crossing. The teenagers were:Sydney Rutledge, Garrett Booth, Mila Rosnovsky, Glory Booth, J.T. Adams, Neil Atwater, Callie Walker, Jimmy Clayton, Saja Decastro, Owen Fowler, Nancy Robbins, and Sandy Swan. Sydney was the mayor's scheming daughter, who "liked" Garrett, but was not allowed to see him. J.t and Glory were also kind of a couple, Glory is GArret's sister. NEil and J.T. were trying to invent a rocket fuel(Ub2B). A lot of other stuff happened in Swans CRossing. Take a look at the episode guide to see(if you can write a more in-depth summary for an episode please e-mail it to me think all the air dates are complete, and i am trying to get a very short summary for every episode.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Swans Crossing

S01E01 Episode 01 29/06/1992 ""Welcome to the town of Swans Crossing, where children grew up believing that the sun never set; rather, it was put into the family vault for the night."" After this voiceover, we are introduced to the world of Swans Crossing, a wealthy New England town, which was founded in the 1692. Sydney Rutledge, the spoiled and manipulative rich girl, returns to Swans Crossing from horse camp, to find that not much is changed. However, she is surprised to see that Garrett Booth, her ex-flame and her equal in lying and deceiving, is back from boarding school in France. She, Garrett's sister, Glory, and Sandy Swan, an insecure aspiring singer, trail him to a clearing, where J.T. Adams and Neil Atwater, two young geniuses, are launching a rocket. The countdown begins, and Garrett begins to give Neil and J.T. a hard time. Just then, Sydney, Glory, and Sandy show up, just as Neil and J.T. begin the countdown again. Garrett begins to run towards Sydney just as the rocket goes off. Meanwhile, a su
S01E02 Episode 02 30/06/1992 Sandy tells Owen the news about the explosion. The person in the helmets turns out to be Callie, and she and Garrettt discuss Swans Crossing. Garrett realizes that she is Captain Walker's daughter. Garrett and Callie introduce themselves. Sydney, Glory and J.T. gather at the soda shop to wait for Garrett to show up. Sydney tells Glory that she has already called the police, and they are going to find Garrett any second. Jimmy arrives and order Garrett's favorite drink, which causes Sydney to question Jimmy about Garrett's whereabouts. J.T. then asks Glory if she showed Sydney the note that Garrett left for her. Sydney then gets very angry, and calls to check up on the police search. J.T. then distracts Sydney with the news that there's a new girl moving into town named Mila Rosnovsky, who used to be a TV star. Sydney isn't happy by the news. Neil then arrives, and Sydney interrogates Neil about Mila, because she tried out for one of his father's cosmetics ads. The police fi
S01E03 Episode 03 01/07/1992
S01E04 Episode 04 02/07/1992
S01E05 Episode 05 03/07/1992
S01E06 Episode 06 06/07/1992
S01E07 Episode 07 07/07/1992
S01E08 Episode 08 08/07/1992
S01E09 Episode 09 09/07/1992
S01E10 Episode 10 10/07/1992
S01E11 Episode 11 13/07/1992
S01E12 Episode 12 14/07/1992
S01E13 Episode 13 15/07/1992
S01E14 Episode 14 16/07/1992
S01E15 Episode 15 17/07/1992
S01E16 Episode 16 20/07/1992
S01E17 Episode 17 21/07/1992
S01E18 Episode 18 22/07/1992
S01E19 Episode 19 23/07/1992
S01E20 Episode 20 24/07/1992
S01E21 Episode 21 27/07/1992
S01E22 Episode 22 28/07/1992
S01E23 Episode 23 29/07/1992
S01E24 Episode 24 30/07/1992
S01E25 Episode 25 31/07/1992
S01E26 Episode 26 03/08/1992
S01E27 Episode 27 04/08/1992
S01E28 Episode 28 05/08/1992
S01E29 Episode 29 06/08/1992
S01E30 Episode 30 07/08/1992
S01E31 Episode 31 10/08/1992
S01E32 Episode 32 11/08/1992
S01E33 Episode 33 12/08/1992
S01E34 Episode 34 13/08/1992
S01E35 Episode 35 14/08/1992
S01E36 Episode 36 17/08/1992
S01E37 Episode 37 18/08/1992
S01E38 Episode 38 19/08/1992
S01E39 Episode 39 20/08/1992
S01E40 Episode 40 21/08/1992
S01E41 Episode 41 24/08/1992
S01E42 Episode 42 25/08/1992
S01E43 Episode 43 26/08/1992
S01E44 Episode 44 27/08/1992
S01E45 Episode 45 28/08/1992 There is a gathering at Swans Soda Shop for the arrival of British rock star Billy Gunn, where Sydney arranges for the Countess to find Mila, disguised as a heavy metal rock star. Billy, who had been after Mila, turns his attentions on Sydney. The news of an explosion at the mindshaft brings the festivities to a hault.
S01E46 Episode 46 31/08/1992
S01E47 Episode 47 01/09/1992
S01E48 Episode 48 02/09/1992
S01E49 Episode 49 03/09/1992
S01E50 Episode 50 04/09/1992
S01E51 Episode 51 07/09/1992
S01E52 Episode 52 08/09/1992
S01E53 Episode 53 09/09/1992
S01E54 Episode 54 10/09/1992
S01E55 Episode 55 11/09/1992
S01E56 Episode 56 14/09/1992
S01E57 Episode 57 15/09/1992
S01E58 Episode 58 16/09/1992
S01E59 Episode 59 17/09/1992
S01E60 Episode 60 18/09/1992 Sajha tells Callie what happened to him at the Walker Estate. J.T. and Neil have fund raiser. Everyone is talking on the phone.
S01E61 Episode 61 21/09/1992 Callie goes to Tool and Die to find Jimmy. Garrett's dad tells him he is going back to France. Sandy and Mila fight about the music video that Owen promised them both they could be in.
S01E62 Episode 62 22/09/1992 Sydney and Ralph look for keepsake box. Garrett tells Mila he is going to France. Callie, Jimmy and Sajha plan to go to Walker Estate. Sandy is upset and Glory tries to comfort her.
S01E63 Episode 63 23/09/1992 J.T. and Mila have a poetry discussion. Jimmy, Callie and Sajha go to Walker Estate. Sajha walks Sandy home.
S01E64 Episode 64 24/09/1992 Sydney calls Billy Gunn. Jimmy, Callie and Sajha try to follow Baldie. Ralph drops by Tool and Die.
S01E65 Episode 65 25/09/1992 Mila and Sydney go shopping. Callie and Jimmy arm wrestle. Barek sees Owen's video. Nancy shows Mila how to Cheerlead. Sydney has Goodbye to Summer Party, but it is really a party to say goodbye to Garrett because he is going to France.