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T.I., the Grammy Award-winning artist, is reunited with his wife, Tameka (a.k.a) Tiny, and his children following a 12 month prison sentence that was completed several months ago.


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S01E01 God, Family, Hustle 05/12/2011 Grammy award winning rapper T.I. "Tip" Harris has been in prison for 11 months. Both he and his dedicated wife Tameka have a lot of catching up to do. Just as things are starting to look up Tameka receives a devastating phone call delaying their reunion and the news is worse than she could have imagined.
S01E02 Booty Tag 05/12/2011 T.I. is finally back with his family, but getting settled into his routine at home isn't easy. With his first performance days away his family and professional life are clashing! With too many obligations overlapping he's faced with a decision could set him back in a big way.
S01E03 America's Sweetheart 12/12/2011 Pop music superstar Taylor Swift invites T.I. to perform at her concert in Atlanta. T.I. struggles with the idea that performing with America's sweetheart might ruin his hard core image. On top of that, being in prison has thrown off his performance game. Can he pull it together before the big day? Meanwhile the OMG Girlz prepare for their first concert, and as their manager Tiny's nerves are wrecked! Will all of the work she's put into the group finally pay off, or will they fall flat?
S01E04 Stacks on Deck 26/12/2011 Tip's son Domani hopes to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a famous rapper. Will his first performance in front of thousands of fans scare him back to reality? Meanwhile Tiny continues to make progress toward owning her own nail salon, but her best friend Shakinah has a few ideas of her own. Can Tiny reject her friend's crazy ideas and still keep their relationship in tact?
S01E05 I Will Put My Foot On Your Back Pocket 02/01/2012 Tiny and T.I. are back in Los Angeles after their last disastrous trip to the city. Tip's there for work but Tiny and friends are there for play. The girls make a trip to the plastic surgeon but the visit is not exactly what one friend was expecting. A phone call from home puts Tip on the defense as he heads back to Atlanta early.
S01E06 Bad and Sneaky 09/01/2012 Tip's head explodes when he finds out his youngest daughter Deyjah has a boyfriend. What's worse is that everyone in the family has been keeping it a secret from him! It's time for T.I. to sit the kids down and talk about the birds and bees, but do they already know too much?
S01E07 King of the House 16/01/2012 T.I. and Tiny's son King has been staying with his grandmother and she's been spoiling him rotten. But when it's time to come home the little guy puts up a big fight, and T.I. and Tiny are faced with trying to discipline their wild child.
S01E08 Tip Clause 30/01/2012 With Christmas around the corner, Tip decides to teach the children a valuable lesson in charity. While performing a Christmas play for needy kids, the star of the play becomes too shy to perform the part and Tip must teach him a lesson in confidence.
S01E09 Baby Fever 06/02/2012 With the kids growing up, Tameka is thinking of having another baby. But when Tameka begins sharing her news, the family surprises her with their reaction.
S01E10 Green Faces 13/02/2012 Domani has lost focus in school because he wants to follow in his father's footsteps as a performer. In order to show Domani the value of good grades, Tip promises him his own music video if his grades improve.
S01E11 Baby Girl 20/02/2012 With Niq Niq's sixteenth birthday approaching, she only has one thing on her mind - learning how to drive. But teaching Niq Niq to drive only solidifies that she is growing up and Tip isn't ready to let his little girl go. When Tip's overprotective nature starts interfering with Niq Niq's work with the OMG Girlz, Tiny must give Tip a reality check
S01E12 Sixty Forty 27/02/2012 When Shekinah unveils a new invention that will revolutionize her hair salon, Tiny agrees to go into business with her. Unfortunately the two friends put their venture -- and their relationship -- at risk when they can't agree on how to split up the profit. Meanwhile, Tip heads into the studio to collaborate with Usher on a new record.
S01E13 Can You Work? 05/03/2012 With the OMG Girlz already in Los Angeles to sign a recording deal, Tiny convinces Tip to take King and Major along to try their hands at acting.
S01E14 All For One 12/03/2012 In the season finale, Tip is in the final hectic days leading up to the fashion show for his clothing line, AKOO, and realizes he can't do it without the help of his family. Meanwhile, Tameka uses the fashion show as an excuse to set Shekinah up on a blind date.
S02E01 Family Camping 03/09/2012 TI and Tiny are back! This family is no stranger to life's greatest adventures. From being on top of the music scene, red carpet events, raising six kids and even time spent in prison, they've survived it all. But can the Harris family overcome their hardest challenge to date? Find out, in the second season opener as the family heads to the wilderness for some good ole fashion family camping.
S02E02 Birthday Bash 03/09/2012 What do Usher, Nelly, Kelly Rowland, and Lil" Wayne all have in common? They're all performing at this Summer's hottest hip hop concert, and for the first time since his prison release TI is headlining. Can he tackle the pressure of the big stage after after being away for so long? Also, Tameka has a surprise for TI he won't soon forget.
S02E03 Harris Proof 10/09/2012 Tameka's talk show was picked up and the ladies are getting ready for production but Tameka's best friend Shekinah is feeling out of the loop and believes she can add a perspective the other women can't. Forced to prove herself, Shekinah hits the streets of Atlanta looking women who work hard and keep it real. But can Shekinah's real talk with real women win Tameka over and a spot on the show?
S02E04 Bitter Sweet 16 17/09/2012 T.I. and Tiny's oldest daughter Niq Niq is turning 16 and TI wants to throw her the party of the year. But, when it comes time for Niq Niq to get her dream car, Tip has other plans.
S02E05 Windy City Hustle 24/09/2012 As T.I.goes around Chicago to promote his upcoming album, Tiny and Shekinah scour the town in search of an icon.
S02E06 Who's The Boss? 01/10/2012 After seeing T.I. on the set of a popular television series, Domani is convinced acting is easy. Wanting to teach his young son a lesson prompts T.I. to encourage his children to make their own movie.
S02E07 Harris Family Fitness Challenge 08/10/2012 After catching his family eating junk food, Tip decides it's time for them to get in shape! With money on the line, Tameka, Shekinah and the kids are put to the test, but Shekinah's desire to win leads her to do the unthinkable, possibly putting her out of the competition altogether.
S02E08 Bucket List 15/10/2012 Wanting to grab life by the horns Tameka and Shekinah set out to cross life-long dreams off their bucket list...that is until they come across an unpredictable creature that makes them thinks twice. Tip notices the kids are missing out on certain skills best gotten from his old neighborhood. Trying to toughen them up they hit the boxing gym where Major tries to take on his older brother.
S02E09 Family Pet 22/10/2012 After King's pet hamster passes away the kids beg Tip for a dog only he's unwilling to bring another animal into the home. But when Tameka makes an interesting offer on behalf of the children, Tip puts the kids through a test to see if they are responsible enough for a dog.
S02E10 Plastic Surgery 29/10/2012 Finally fed up with being overweight and out of shape, Shekinah decides to go under the knife. Meanwhile, T.I. takes the family to New Orleans to shoot a music video with Lil' Wayne.
S02E11 Lemonade Stand 05/11/2012 Trying to teach the kids business skills, T.I. and Nelly help them with plan. When things fall apart, one kid proves that he has his father's knack for hustling and saves the day.
S02E12 Bust A Move 12/11/2012 It's the battle of generations as Tameka and Niq Niq face off in a competition to see who's the better dancer. Tameka turns to an unlikely source to get the edge but will it be enough. Meanwhile, Tip takes the kids to a skate park in an effort to teach Domani how to face his fears.
S02E13 Major's Precious 19/11/2012 As Major's first day of pre-school approaches, Auntie Precious feels like it's time to move on. However, Tiny isn't quite ready to let her go and devises and plan to keep her around.
S02E14 Etiquette Coach 26/11/2012 After Shekinah acts unprofessional during the tape of Tiny's talk show pilot, Tiny insists that Shekinah spend time with an etiquette coach.
S02E15 City Cowboy 03/12/2012 Domani is hired for his first paid gig but when he tells Tip he's intimidated by him, T.I. has to decide whether or not to go to Domani's performance. Meanwhile, Tameka takes the kids horseback riding but Major is nervous.
S02E16 It Takes Two to Hustle 10/12/2012 With Tip's probation coming to a close, it's time to go full hustle on promoting his new album with a big celebration bash. Tameka takes King to a meeting for his own pajama line, but the two have some creative differences.
S02E17 A Very Harris Christmas 17/12/2012 In the Season 2 finale, the children compile their ever-growing Christmas list, but T.I. becomes concerned that they don't appreciate the work that goes into paying for their gifts.
S03E01 Snow Hustle 08/04/2013 In the third season opener and following the release of his most recent album, T.I. decides to pack up and take the family on a winter adventure. But new to the ski slopes anything could happen with this family as they try to tackle the mountains of Big Bear, California.
S03E02 A Major Move 15/04/2013 Major is becoming a little man and it's time for him to get his own bed but Tiny is having a hard time seeing her youngest child growing up so fast. Meanwhile T.I. must deal with another Harris child rising up too quickly as King struggles with understanding the difference between the reality of his own life and the allure of his dad's.
S03E03 King Chaos 22/04/2013 Tameka challenges Shekinah to take care of the Harris children for a day. This gives T.I. and Tameka the opportunity to bask in quality social time together.
S03E04 The Love Letter 29/04/2013 Tameka proposes going on a family beach vacation to the West Coast. Elsewhere, controversy swirls when a love letter is found in King's backpack.
S03E05 Hair Therapy 06/05/2013 Shekinah is trying to move up in the hair industry, and hopes a booth at the world famous Bronner Bros. hair show will help take her there. With T.I. and Tameka out of town, will Shekinah be able to keep it classy?
S03E06 Play Date 13/05/2013 When T.I. sees Major spending more time with his video games than his friends, T.I. decides to set up a play date for Major.
S03E07 Hello 20/05/2013 Major asks to be in T.I.'s new music video, triggering the entire family's involvement in the project.
S03E08 Becoming A Man 05/08/2013 With Messiah turning thirteen and entering into young adulthood, Tip encourages Messiah to go on his very first date. But in typical Harris family fashion, going solo is a no-no, so the whole family comes along for the ride.
S03E09 Magnum, T.I. 12/08/2013 When Tip finds an incriminating text on Niq Niq's phone, he sets out with Major to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, Tameka encourages Shekinah to join an improv group, and sends the funniest person she knows to join her, King.
S03E10 Family Legacy 19/08/2013 Tameka's brother visits and asks King to join his grandfather's group for one night; Tip and Deyjah take a class on baking the perfect cupcake.
S03E11 Boot Camp 26/08/2013 When Shekinah moves into her new home, Tameka convinces her she needs home owner's boot camp. Back at the house, Tip is discouraged by his kids' lack of basketball skills, and sets up a game with NBA star Josh Smith.
S03E12 White for a Day 02/09/2013 Fed up with Shekinah always saying she wants to be white, Tameka suggests they spend the day doing things white people do. But will Shekinah see that the grass isn't always greener? Meanwhile, after discovering inappropriate pictures on his kids' social media accounts, Tip decides it's time to lay down the law.
S03E13 Who's the Better Driver? 09/09/2013 After attending the NASCAR Daytona 500, T.I. and Tiny debate over who is the better driver and decide to have a soap box derby race to determine the answer.
S03E14 Ringmasters 16/09/2013 The kids land their first paid gig at the circus. Elsewhere, Messiah and Domani try to launch a fashion line.
S03E15 The Workout Video 23/09/2013 Tameka and Shekinah decide to make a unique workout video for people who don't like to work out. But with both women having different ideas, can they get it together in time? Meanwhile, Tip takes the boys to LA for some business and pleasure.
S03E16 Education First 30/09/2013 T.I. hires a tutor for Domani and King when they have less-than-perfect report cards. Elsewhere, Tameka puts her new girl group through rehearsals for their first paid gig.
S03E17 Back On Tour 10/07/2013 As Tip heads out for the first leg of his two month long nationwide tour with Lil Wayne, the kids aren't ready for him to go and convince him to let them come.
S03E18 Family Fun Time 14/10/2013 In the third season finale, Tip decides to take the family to Puerto Rico for a much needed getaway. Meanwhile, Tameka meets up with Niq Niq and the OMG Girlz as they embark on their newest tour.
S04E00 Kindred Spirits 28/04/2014 When Russell Simmons stops by the Harris home he and Domani hit it off but when asked to make a song for Russell's new video game will Domani meet his high expectations? Meanwhile, with Niq Niq getting ready to leave the nest Tameka is having a hard time letting go and arranges a day for her and their friends to spend together to give them life advice.
S04E01 Inquiring Intel 31/03/2014 In the fourth season opener Tip decides to spend more quality time with his daughters. In an attempt to find out more information about their lives he participates in something he wouldn't normally do. But as the girls start to dish the details, is Tip ready to hear what they have to say?
S04E02 Call 911 07/04/2014 After Messiah and Domani rescue Precious from an asthma attack, Tip takes it upon himself to make sure the kids have proper training for any emergency situation. Meanwhile, Tameka and Shekinah are struggling to communicate and head off to a retreat where the exercises put their friendship to the test.
S04E03 00/00/0000
S04E04 The Contract 21/04/2014 When Tiny finally convinces T.I. to get the kids something they've wanted for years, the kids are ecstatic. But before it becomes official, the kids are put to the test to see if they are responsible enough.
S04E06 The Rainmaker 05/05/2014 Inspired by Niq Niq's graduation and to set an example for her children, Tameka is motivated to hit the books and get her GED. Meanwhile, with his teenage son's racking up the phone bill Tip takes his oldest boys to a place where they can earn money, the hard way.
S04E07 The Assistant 12/05/2014 As Shekinah's lifestyle picks up speed she seeks help from Tameka to try and find an assistant who can handle her growing work load and personal life, but can she find the person with the right balance of what she's looking for? With Domani spending more time in the recording studio, T.I. wants him to experience the full studio life, including pranks.
S04E08 00/00/0000
S04E09 00/00/0000
S04E10 00/00/0000
S04E11 Harris Family Lemonade 25/08/2014 The kids decide they want to start a lemonade business and Tip and Tameka are there to help them every step of the way.
S04E13 Hypnotist 08/09/2014 Shekinah's chain smoking is driving Tameka crazy so she decides to take her to a hypnotist. Tip takes the kids to his old neighborhood where he shocks them with a very interesting hometown game.
S04E14 Athletic-Off 15/09/2014 Tameka and Shekinah decide to compete in a series of athletic events to determine who's the better athlete.
S04E15 Country Day 22/09/2014 Tameka and Shekinah decide to go out to the country for some fun but quickly learn country living is tougher that it looks. Back at home, Messiah has gotten himself into a sticky situation and asks Tip for help.
S04E16 Home Alone 29/09/2014 Tip arrives home to find Precious out of sorts. The boys have been running rampant in the house and Precious just can't take it anymore.
S04E17 Prank Wars 06/10/2014 Tip teaches Major the art of pranking. Niq Niq and Deyjah have Tameka take them on a day of adventure.
S04E18 Chef T.I. 06/10/2014 Tameka has Major take her out on a pretend date so he can learn how to be a gentleman. Tip is convinced he should have his own cooking show.
S04E19 Domani The Comedian 13/10/2014 Tip feels that Domani needs to learn about the art of comedy from one of his famous friends. Tameka holds a mother-daughter pageant.
S04E20 Major Learns To Swim 20/10/2014 Domani thinks he's ready for a record deal, but Tip doesn't believe in handing it to him until he earns it. Back at home, Tameka discovers Major has a paralyzing phobia of water and immediately enrolls him in swim lessons.
S04E21 Harris Family Carnival 25/11/2014 The Harris family wants to raise money for a charity close to their heart and choose to put on a carnival. While Tameka is in charge of setting up the games, Tip brings Domani to a magic shop to hone in his skills.
S04E22 Harris Thanksgiving 25/11/2014 It's Thanksgiving and in the spirit of giving back, the Harris family is making and handing out food to a local shelter. However when the kids get rowdy, Tip steps in to make sure they stay on task.
S00E01 Holiday Hustle Special 17/12/2013 The royal family of Hip Hop is back on VH1 but this time as cartoons. "T.I. and Tiny: Holiday Hustle Special", is an hour long animated Christmas special featuring the voice talents of rap megastar T.I. "Tip" Harris, his wife, entrepreneur/former girl group singer, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, and their brood of six children. With the amazing success of their VH1 reality show T.I., Tiny, and family have made the next logical step, saving Christmas! This animated adventure will take them all from the familiar streets of Atlanta, to the furthest reaches of the North Pole. Along the way they will encounter classic holiday special characters like Jack Frost and the Abominable Snowman along with all your favorite reindeer, Mrs. Claus, and of course Santa himself. The adventure begins as Cyrus, the head elf from the North Pole, visits T.I. and family in Atlanta. After finding out that Santa has disappeared just days before Christmas, the Harris family sets out to find him and save the day. With Tiny in charge, Santa's workshop has never run smoother or made more sequined handbags. T.I. meanwhile is having a harder time finding the big man with the beard. Someone or something is trying their best to stop him and ruin Christmas. With the help of their kids T.I. and Tiny might actually find Santa in time.if not that would be a real bummer. "T.I. and Tiny: The Holiday Hustle" brings you the Harris family as you've never seen them before, as cartoons. With each member of the family providing their own voices this holiday special will bring you everything you love about their reality show, but with more talking snowflakes.
S00E02 Harris Thanksgiving 25/11/2014 The family know they have a lot to be thankful for and so get into the spirit of things by giving back, at a local shelter.

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