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Each week, a group of weapons in presented and tested to show how they are used in real world application. Weapons are showcased that are used in the military, law enforcement and civilian applications.


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S02E01 M4 Carbine 00/00/0000 America's military rifle the M4 carbine is profiled.
S02E02 WW 2:Submachineguns 00/00/0000 Larry analyzes and demonstrates 4 of the most popular submachine guns of WW2. The M1 Thompson, MP-40, the M3 Grease Gun and the Mark VI Sten are the weapons profiled.
S02E03 German Assault Rifles 00/00/0000 The assault rifles used though-out the history of the German military are examined. The Sturmgewehr 44, the G3, and the G36 are the weapons profiled.
S02E04 M-110 00/00/0000 The all purpose battle rile the M-110 is profiled.
S02E05 AK-74 00/00/0000 The legendary Russian battle rifle the AK-74 is profiled and how it was influenced by the AK-47 and SVD sniper rifle is discussed.
S02E06 Glock 00/00/0000 The history of the Glock line of semi-automatic pistols is discussed and some of their most popular models are profiled.
S02E07 Scar-H 00/00/0000 The Scar platform of battle rifles is revisited and Larry discusses why this rifle is being considered as a replacement to the M-4 and other current rifles in use by the United States military.
S02E08 FN FAL 00/00/0000 The FAL is one of the most widely used battle rifles in history, adopted by over 90 countries. Host Larry Vickers will take an unblinking look at why this full sized combat weapon has impressed so many soldiers for over fifty years.
S02E09 mk48/PKM 00/00/0000 The MK 48 is the latest and most advanced machine gun being made today. Designed specifically to provide a huge amount of firepower for NAVY SEAL teams, we'll see if it lives up to the hype. We will also put it up against one of the oldest designs in the class, Kalishnokov's PKM, to see if newer really is better.
S02E10 Armory: M4 Carbine 00/00/0000 Our investigation of America's rifle continues with Part Two of our M4 investigations. Host Larry Vickers will provide maintenance and shooting tips, and he'll head to Fort Bragg to see how the Green Berets train with and use our nation's longest serving assault weapon.
S02E11 FN P90 00/00/0000 FN has fielded a number of unique weapons firing the 5.7 round. Using ballistic tests and other real world scenarios, we'll see if these niche weapons really fill the roles they are designed for. Defensive shooting tips round out this episode of Tactical Arms.
S02E12 M1 Garand 00/00/0000 The prolific battle rifle that served the U.S. military for over 3 decades is profiled.
S02E13 Night Vision 00/00/0000

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