Affiche TAKE FIVE: Should we steal for Love?
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A group of five individuals from different backgrounds, age groups, and occupations work together as thieves in order to steal money from all types of rich scoundrels.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de TAKE FIVE: Should we steal for Love?

S01E01 We Steal for Love? ~ The Destiny Between Masayoshi's Band of Robbers Who Steal from the Bad People VS the Lady Detective ~ A Forbidden Love 19/04/2013
S01E02 The Price of Love ~ Who is the 5th Person? Arrest!? 26/04/2013
S01E03 A Burglar That Saves the Detective! Infiltrating the Police Squad 03/05/2013
S01E04 The Miraculous Theft by 5 People! Sisterly Love 10/05/2013
S01E05 Who is the Traitor! A Rival Appears 17/05/2013
S01E06 Saving One's Buddy? The Conclusion to The Friendship Episode 24/05/2013
S01E07 The Love-Fueled Lie About Da Vinci's Theft 31/05/2013
S01E08 The Thefts by Takarazuka's Stars; A Battle of The Sexes 07/06/2013
S01E09 The Finale ? First Half ~ The Last Supper's Traitor 14/06/2013
S01E10 Saving the Life of A Loved One; Who is the Traitor 21/06/2013

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