Affiche Takegami: Guardian of Darkness
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Terumi is a lonely high school girl, teased for being mousy and homely by her classmates. Her childhood friend Kouichi is oblivious to her being in love with him. An ancient dragon lord offers to make her beautiful and popular in exchange for allowing him to possess her. Desperate, she agrees, and later rips apart the souls of the girls who once bullied her. Meanwhile, Kouichi is approached by another god, Susano, who wants to possess his body, so he can defeat the dragon. Reluctantly, Kouichi agrees and later meets a priestess named Sayoko who explains more to him about the current war between the gods. However, in order to kill the dragon, his host must die too leaving Kouichi struggling to figure out how to defeat the dragon spirits while also trying to save Terumi's life.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Takegami: Guardian of Darkness

S01E01 Izayoi Jouwa 23/03/1990
S01E02 Yao Bikuni 26/07/1991
S01E03 Hiruko Kitan 24/01/1992