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With his signature wit and charm, host George Takei explores the world of technology, trends, current events and pop culture. From the adorable to the riveting to the absurd, Takei's Take delves into our shared experience and navigates the strange, ever-changing online world.


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S01E01 Google Glass 17/09/2013 George Takei takes a look at Google Glass with Lamarr Wilson
S01E02 Takei on Tinder 02/10/2013 Intimidated by the world of online dating? Let George Takei walk you through some of the the latest, and quirkiest, options for finding love online.
S01E03 Sharing Economy 16/10/2013 George Takei chats with Michael Buckley about Airbnb, Lyft, and all that's unique and interesting when it comes to the sharing economy
S01E04 Social Media 30/10/2013 George Takei chats with Dom Mazzetti about navigating the world of social media, from Twitter to Vine to Instagram
S01E05 Future of Journalism 13/11/2013 George Takei and Ann Friedman talk citizen journalists, the decline of print publications and where we get our news and information
S01E06 Cord Cutting 27/01/2013 George Takei and Rosanna Pansino chat about the options available when one "cuts the cord" of traditional cable, from Netflix and Hulu to Roku and Apple TV.
S01E07 Gaming the Brain 11/12/2013 George Takei and Felicia Day of Geek and Sundry chat about video games and their potential to help improve multitasking and focus
S01E08 Crowdfunding 01/01/2014 George Takei and Hannah Hart discuss the ins and outs of crowdfunding
S01E09 You Tube 15/01/2014 George Takei and Lindsey Reckis of Reckless Tortuga talk about the growth of YouTube and its role in the entertainment ecosystem
S01E10 Trolling 29/01/2014 George Takei and Britanni Louise Taylor chat about trolls and the best way to deal with them - hint: don't feed them!
S01E11 Quantified Self 14/02/2014 George Takei and iJustine talk the quantified self and wearable technology

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