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After discovering that her father had been having an affair with his secretary for years, Pasika (Stephany) was deeply hurt by her father's actions. Her mother was so heartbroken by the incident that she went into a state of shock and lost her sanity. Because Pasika could not accept the painful truth of reality, she decided to run away from home. Due to her luck, she met Anupong, the owner of Andaman Pearl Resort and Hotel. Anupong adored Pasika like his own daughter. He allowed her to begin a brand new life on Kai Mook Island by hiring her to help him manage his resort. In the event of an explosion involving the boat of Anupong, Techin (Mik), Anupong's only son, hastily returned to Kai Mook Island with his mother Nalinee. The once peaceful island nearly burst into flames when Nalinee met Pasika. Nalinee thinks that Pasika is her ex-husband's mistress. She continuously tries to banish her from the island. However, she cannot do so because Anupong's will specified that Pasika has to work at the resort for two years and assist Techin in managing the company. This lead to Techin and Pasika working together amidst various conflicts and disagreements. Because Techin had previously met Pasika abroad, Pasika was his love at first sight. Nevertheless, Techin was extremely disappointed when the woman of his dreams turned out to be his father's mistress. For this reason, Techin suppressed his feelings and did all he can to get back at Pasika. Nonetheless, Pasika was able to endure everything while fearlessly standing up to him. Meanwhile, Mattana, Piraya, and Panat, Pasika's mother, older sister, and brother in-law, were very concerned about Pasika. Panat then ordered Pasika's half brother, Pasin (Prach), to go and look after Pasika at Kai Mook Island. In order to do so, Pasin disguised himself as a repairman. There, he met Jirayu (Gunjae), the niece of Maneekarn, who is close friends with Nalinee. Techin's mother tries to play match ma


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S01E01 Episode 01 16/05/2016
S01E02 Episode 02 17/05/2016
S01E03 Episode 03 23/05/2016
S01E04 Episode 04 24/05/2016
S01E05 Episode 05 30/05/2016
S01E06 Episode 06 31/05/2016
S01E07 Episode 07 06/06/2016
S01E08 Episode 08 07/06/2016
S01E09 Episode 09 13/06/2016
S01E10 Episode 10 14/06/2016
S01E11 Episode 11 20/06/2016
S01E12 Episode 12 21/06/2016
S01E13 Episode 13 27/06/2016
S01E14 Episode 14 28/06/2016
S01E15 Episode 15 04/07/2016
S01E16 Episode 16 05/07/2016