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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tales of Friendship with Winnie the Pooh

S01E01 A Portrait of Friendship 01/10/2012 Piglet decides to paint portraits of his friends, but they are unable to sit still for long...
S01E02 The Pooh Sticks Game 02/10/2012 The friends play a new game which involves dropping sticks from a bridge.
S01E03 Hide and Pooh Seek 03/10/2012 The friends play hide and seek.
S01E04 The Sweetest of Friends 04/10/2012 Pooh and Piglet realise how much they mean to each other when they get separated.
S01E05 Bounce with Me 05/10/2012 Tigger accidentally invents a new game.
S01E06 Better Than Honey? 08/10/2012 Rabbit suggests Pooh has had enough honey.
S01E07 Don't Be Roo-Diculous 09/10/2012 Roo gets fed up with being so small.
S01E08 Friendly Bothers 10/10/2012 Kanga teaches Rabbit a lesson about patience.
S01E09 Forget Me Knot 11/10/2012 The friendly bear has trouble remembering.
S01E10 Owl's Reading Lessons 12/10/2012 The friends read to Owl for his birthday.
S01E11 Roo's Day Away 15/10/2012 The friendly bear and Tigger take Roo out for the day.
S01E12 Under-the-Weather Friends 16/10/2012 The friendly bear catches a cold.
S01E13 Owl Be Seeing You 17/10/2012 Owl holds a tea party for his friends.
S01E14 A Bounciful Friendship 18/10/2012 Tigger enjoys a day of bouncing around.
S01E15 Piglet the Brave 19/10/2012 Piglet learns to be brave.
S01E16 Roo's New Toy 22/10/2012 Roo finds a new toy to help him with his drawings.
S01E17 Seeds of Friendship 23/10/2012 Rabbit gets to work in his garden with the help of his friends.
S01E18 Eeyore's Gloomy Day 24/10/2012 The friendly bear and Eeyore go for a walk on a cloudy day.

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