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In "Tamam", the new weekly family comedy, the 50 year old Metin, Turkish barber who lives and works permanently in Athens with his two children (a 17 year old and 15 year Cem Dilek), falls in love with 45-year Myrto, holistic - alternative therapist also lives and works in Athens with her two children (a 16 year old Ellie and 13 year old Nick). Love is fulminant so the couple decide to live together as a family. Both of them believe that what they keep away people that differences in origin, religion and culture, is exactly what can and can join them in a possible alternative family. But what escapes them is an essential factor that can dissolve everything: The hormones of teenagers who go crazy with the slightest varane and red with the emotional and sexual concerns. Things become even more complicated when Ellie and Jem ... fall in love! The new series of creative conflict ANT1 comes to deal with everyday life of this particular family, with emphasis on concepts such as respect, diversity, multiculturalism and humor

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