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The crew at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) provide their unfiltered comments throughout these episodes, which previously aired without comments as part of TANKED.


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S03E01 We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank 01/03/2013 In an enhanced episode, Brett and Wayde work on a shark tank with a "Jaws" theme for comedian Tracy Morgan.
S03E02 Flying High and Sinking Deep 08/03/2013 In an enhanced episode, a manufacturing company flies Wayde and Brett to Chicago on a private jet to pitch their ambitious plans for a large aquarium over a second-floor staircase. Meanwhile, a Caribbean restaurant in Philadelphia wants an interactive window tank with remote-controlled submarines.
S03E03 For Love of the Game...or Money? 15/03/2013 An enhanced episode features a man-cave aquarium for the NFL's Bart Scott; and a vault tank for a Florida technology company
S03E04 Love is an Illusion 14/06/2013 In an enhanced episode, Neil Patrick Harris requests a tank to honor escape artist Harry Houdini at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles; and in Las Vegas, Wayde makes plans for his 15th wedding anniversary.
S03E05 Learn to Love or Love to Learn 21/06/2013 In an enhanced episode, a Las Vegas wedding chapel requests a tank to celebrate the city's gambling history; and a Florida university with a lion mascot wants a large aquarium full of lionfish to show its school pride
S03E06 Groovy Sarcophagus 05/07/2013 In an enhanced episode, a Catskill Mountains hotel wants to decorate a guest room with a Cleopatra-inspired sarcophagus tank, complete with fish from the Red Sea. Also: the New Jersey headquarters of a novelty store asks for a lava-lamp aquarium.
S03E07 Tip of the Hat to the Devils 12/06/2013 In an enhanced episode, Brett and Wayde build a tank at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey as a gift from a graduating class. Also: an aquarium for a hat maker's showroom in Las Vegas
S03E08 Spin the Bottles 19/07/2013 In an enhanced episode, a soda-and-candy company wants a rocket-ship aquarium for their flagship store in Camarillo, Cal.; and a Malibu, Cal., winery requests a covered-wagon tank for an outdoor tasting area
S03E09 Jurassic Campground 20/09/2013 In an enhanced episode, an aquarium for an RV is requested by a Las Vegas company; and a large indoor tank is built for sharks and alligators
S03E10 A Guiding Light to Fitness 27/09/2013 In an enhanced episode, a lighthouse-inspired tank is built for a casino in Alabama as part of a promotional campaign; a fitness mogul requests a multi-activity aquarium
S03E11 Nigiri and the NBA 04/10/2013 : In an enhanced episode, the NBA's Dwyane Wade wants a tank for the unveiling of a new sneaker line; and a North Carolina sushi-and-burger restaurant gets a 600-gallon aquarium behind the bar.
S03E12 Fermenting Donuts 11/10/2013 In an enhanced episode, a tank resembling a doughnut dunked in a cup of coffee is constructed for a Florida business; and Brett and Wayde transport a fully operational beer fermenter.
S03E13 A Healthy Dose of ATM 18/10/2013 In an enhanced episode, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing moves to a new location and needs a new aquarium to go with it; and a medical practice in Florida wants a tank shaped like a syringe.
S03E14 Popcorn on the High Sea 25/10/2013 In an enhanced episode, a popcorn vendor in Las Vegas wants a vintage popcorn maker transformed into a tank; and a mall in Annapolis, Md., requests two aquariums for its new food court, including one sponsored by the U.S. Naval Academy that resembles a large sailboat.

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