Affiche Tarzan (1966)
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Tarzan (Lord Greystoke), already well educated and fed up with civilization, returns to the jungle and, more-or-less assisted by chimpanzee Cheetah and orphan boy Jai, wages war against poachers and other bad guys.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tarzan (1966)

S01E00 Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion 25/06/1963
S01E09 The Deadly Silence (2) 00/00/0000 Though still deafened by grenades, Tarzan relies on his animal friends to help him elude the colonel's heavily-armed soldiers.
S01E10 The Figurehead 00/00/0000 Tarzan and Jai try to get young Prince Sharif out of the jungle to safety. The boy is being pursued by the same conspirators who assassinated his father.
S01E11 Village of Fire 00/00/0000 Tarzan races to recover a serum stolen by a native chief. The drug is the only hope for the fever-wracked Jai, who has been bitten by a jaguar and is near death.
S01E12 The Day of the Golden Lion 00/00/0000 A native athletic championship is to take place, with Tarzan taking part, but there is an attempt to steal the prize.
S01E13 Pearls of Tanga 00/00/0000 Tarzan does battle with a criminal known as 'The Admiral' who has his own submarine and has been poisoning the waters so that his own crew are the only ones able to recover fabulously valuable pearl oysters.
S01E14 The End of the River 00/00/0000 A airplane crash in the jungle results in Tarzan racing to save a girl's life and a perilous struggle with a convicted criminal.
S01E15 The Ultimate Duel 00/00/0000 A deadly survival test pits Tarzan against an electronic computer. The jungle lord is being tracked by a tribe of native killers, directed by a scientist who uses a computer to predict Tarzan's every move.
S01E16 The Fire People 00/00/0000 Tarzan and Jai risk their lives to help a native chief save his people. The superstitious tribesmen, frightened by a witch doctor, won't abandon their home on a volcanic mountain that's about to erupt.
S01E17 Track of the Dinosaur 00/00/0000 Tarzan is marked for murder when he clashes with a corrupt government official and his female co-conspirator. The pair are using the natives' beliefs in a monster to drive them away from a rich mineral deposit.
S01E18 The Day the Earth Trembled 00/00/0000 Tarzan reluctantly enlists the aid of three escaped convicts to escort a group of endangered children to safety.
S01E19 Cap'n Jai 00/00/0000 Jai is duped by three double-crossing sailors, who are attempting to recover some stolen diamonds.
S01E20 A Pride of Assassins 00/00/0000 When Tarzan and a young woman threaten to expose his gunrunning scheme, a smuggler sends assassins after them.
S01E21 The Golden Runaway 00/00/0000 To help find a woman's missing brother, Tarzan takes her to see a village headman, who turns out to be a red-headed Irishman.
S01E22 Basil of the Bulge 00/00/0000 A renowned war-time general, on a treaty mission in the jungle, is captured by a dissenting tribe with the connivance of a corrupt official.
S01E23 Mask of Rona 00/00/0000 Tarzan leads a group on the hunt for missing artist Rona Swann, unaware that one of them is merely using the search to cover up gun smuggling.
S01E24 To Steal the Rising Sun 00/00/0000 An exiled chief returns to the jungle with three thieves and a plan to steal his former tribe's valuable ruby - using Tarzan as his unwitting accomplice.
S01E25 Jungle Dragnet 00/00/0000 A local revolutionary joins forces with a foreign soldier to try to prevent the discovery of a rich oil field by silencing a little girl.
S01E26 The Perils of Charity Jones (1) 00/00/0000 A missionary from America's midwest enlists Jai's help to fulfill her father's last wish and deliver an organ to a primitive tribe, but their boat is disabled.
S01E27 The Perils of Charity Jones (2) 00/00/0000 Tarzan rescues Charity and Jai from hostile natives, but then the trio are pursued by another tribe who are after the guns that Jai has hidden.
S01E28 The Circus 00/00/0000 Jai and Dutch encounter a fugitive who is trying to evade a manhunt by joining the circus.
S01E29 The Ultimatum 00/00/0000 A dangerous woman and her hired thugs threaten to destroy a native village unless Tarzan submits to being their prisoner.
S01E30 Algie B for Brave 00/00/0000 General Bertram returns, and gets Jai's help on a mission to locate a foreign power's nuclear-detection equipment.
S01E31 Man Killer 14/04/1967 Tarzan's search for a murderer is complicated by a village whose natives employ drugs in their ceremonial rituals.
S02E01 Man Killer 14/04/1967 Tarzan's search for a murderer is complicated by a village whose natives employ drugs in their ceremonial rituals.
S02E02 Tiger, Tiger 15/09/1967 A deadly tiger is loose in the jungle but, despite a warning from Tarzan, an engineer insists on continuing work on a project although he lacks the experience to cope with the animal.
S02E03 Voice of the Elephant 22/09/1967
S02E04 Thief Catcher 29/09/1967
S02E05 The Blue Stone of Heaven (1) 06/10/1967
S02E06 The Blue Stone of Heaven (2) 13/10/1967
S02E07 Curse of the Mugumba Tree 20/10/1967
S02E08 The Fanatics 27/10/1967
S02E09 Last of the Supermen 03/11/1967
S02E10 Hurricane Hotel 10/11/1967
S02E11 The Pride of a Lioness 17/11/1967 A young doctor is faced with two opponents in his attempt to keep his late father's clinic in operation. A native witch doctor has threatened his death and his socialite mother wants to have him deported. His mother, Mrs. Wilson, spent 30 lonely years in America while her husband was a jungle doctor in Africa. When Tarzan refuses to help her, she bands together with any evil faction in her attempt to get her son back. Tarzan helps her to realize that her husband was noble and she decides to stay with her son and help him.
S02E12 Mountains of the Moon (1) 24/11/1967
S02E13 Mountains of the Moon (2) 01/12/1967
S02E14 Jai's Amnesia 15/12/1967
S02E15 Creeping Giants 29/12/1967
S02E16 The Professional 05/01/1968
S02E17 The Convert 12/01/1968
S02E18 King of the Dwsari 26/01/1968
S02E19 A Gun for Jai 02/02/1968
S02E20 Trek to Terror 09/02/1968
S02E21 End of a Challenge 16/02/1968
S02E22 Jungle Ransom 23/02/1968
S02E23 Four O'Clock Army (1) 01/03/1968
S02E24 Four O'Clock Army (2) 08/03/1968
S02E25 Rendezous for Revenge 15/03/1968
S02E26 Trina 05/04/1968