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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

S01E01 La Cité de l'Or 11/09/1976 Upon saving a woman named Thia from the Bulgani gorilla tribe, Tarzan learns that she is from Athne the City of Ivory and had been chased away by enemy soldiers from Zandor the City of Gold. While helping Thia back to Athne, Tarzan ends up captured by the Zandorians. While imprisoned, Tarzan meets his cellmate Phobeg who tells him of Queen Nemone who has the two of them fight in the arena. Once Fobeg is freed, Tarzan ends up incarcerated with Thia after harming her prime minister Tomos. However, Fobeg has a plan to free Tarzan and Thia.
S01E02 Les Vikings 18/09/1976 A race of jungle vikings (who are descendants of the vikings that were blown to Africa by a north wind sent by Odin 1,000 years ago) capture Tarzan to be the slave to Corina, the daughter of the Viking Chieftain Erik. While learning on how the Vikings came to Africa from Corina, Tarzan discovers that she is in love with the lawman Sven's son Bjorn much to the objection of Erik. During that time, Tarzan uncovers a plot by the viking Torvald to overthrow Corina's father.
S01E03 Le Lion Doré 25/09/1976 Tarzan comes to the aid of Ando, Coney, and the rest of the Monkey People when the Bolmangani are enslaving them. When Tarzan ends up in danger, Jad-bal-ja rallies the elephants to help Tarzan free the captives and teach the Monkey People to stand up to the Bolmangani and their Emperor.
S01E04 La Cité Interdite 02/10/1976 Tarzan's old friend Paul Gregory and his daughter return to the jungle. Paul tells Tarzan that he is here looking for his son Brian who disappeared upon finding the Forbidden City of Ushare located in the extinct volcano Tuen Baka. The next day, Tarzan finds out that three men named Magara, Castelle, and Chabalt (whom Paul encountered at the hotel) are also seeking the map to Ushare in order to steal the father of diamonds. When both groups are captured by the soldiers of Ushare, it is up to Tarzan to free them.
S01E05 Le Cimetière des Eléphant 09/10/1976
S01E06 Retour à la Cité d'Or 16/10/1976 While swinging through the jungle Tarzan hears the screams of a young boy being stalked by a Rhino. Tarzan saves the boy and then learns that his name is Orango and he is the brother of Thia from the city of Ivory. In the meantime Tarzans old enemy from Zandor has been in search of Tarzan since he escaped from her. Soldiers from Zandor find Orango and then soon after capture Tarzan and leave him to die changed to the ground. Tarzan escapes his chains and travels to Zandor to rescue Orango where he finds his old friend Fobeg who helps him slip into the city. Tarzan is captured and put into a cel with Orango. Later the next day after declining her marriage request Queen Nemini makes Tarzan the prey in a hunt. With the help of Fobeg Tarzan escapes to swing another day.
S01E07 Les Extraterrestres 23/10/1976
S01E08 Le Pays des Géants 30/10/1976
S01E09 Les Chevaliers de Nimmr 06/11/1976
S01E10 Le Rival de Tarzan 13/11/1976
S01E11 La Cité Ensorcelée 20/11/1976
S01E12 Le Monde des Ténèbres 27/11/1976
S01E13 Le Monstre des Glaces 04/12/1976 Tarzan helps an ice creature that is reawakened in order to be exploited by an evil man.
S01E14 Les Olympiades 11/12/1976
S01E15 Tarzan et les Ordinateurs 18/12/1976
S01E16 Tarzan l'Ennemi 25/12/1976
S02E01 La Cité Engloutie d'Atlantis 10/09/1977
S02E02 Les Hommes Oiseaux 17/09/1977
S02E03 Le Colosse 24/09/1977 When one city of miniature people build a giant robot to fight another city of miniature people, Tarzan must make peace between them.
S02E04 Le Masque de Fer 01/10/1977
S02E05 La Princesse Amazone 08/10/1977
S02E06 Les Conquistadors 15/10/1977
S04E01 Tarzan and the Sifu 00/00/0000 A lost oriental city in the jungle is controlled by a tyrant using a fire breathing dragon.
S04E02 Tarzan and Jane 22/09/1979
S04E03 Tarzan and the Land Beneath the Earth 29/09/1979
S04E04 Tarzan and the Drought 06/10/1979
S04E05 Tarzan and the Soul Stealer 13/10/1979
S04E06 Tarzan and the Future King 20/10/1979
S04E07 Tarzan and the Huntress 27/10/1979
S04E08 Tarzan and the White Elephant 03/11/1979

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