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The World's Only Tattoo School has left an indelible mark on its students, propelling those who successfully complete the intense two-week course into a career as a tattoo artist. From disabled veterans to high-school dropouts, students from all walks of life travel to Shreveport, La., to attend the classes taught by Dr. Bill Pogue, the school's owner and lead instructor. This series profiles those hopefuls looking to gain the knowledge, skills and experience to begin a new life in the ultracompetitive tattoo industry. They're given challenges that mimic the situations they may find themselves in as a working tattoo artist, and upon graduation, the student with the best final, original tattoo is gifted with a golden tattoo gun.


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S01E00 Pilot 14/07/2011
S01E01 Mateo, Khristian and Breonna 24/05/2012 Based in Shreveport, LA, the renowned World's Only Tattoo School provides prospective tattoo artists with a once-in-a-lifetime, two-week intensive course on the art of tattooing. Instructed by Dr. Bill Pogue, who has over 38 years of teaching experience, the class includes an array of artists with different goals and expectations. Whether it is a career change, secret talent or desire to turn life around, Pogue's students will develop the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to break into the highly-competitive tattoo industry.
S01E02 Shekita, Stephanie and William 24/05/2012 Mateo, Khristian, and Breonna - Wannabe tattoo artists vie for the prize of a golden gun under the tutelage of instructor Bill Pogue in a two-week course at his Louisiana school in this reality series. The premiere's contestants include a beautician, a nurse and a teenage smart aleck.
S01E03 Nancy, Johnny and Tara 31/05/2012 A factory worker and a substitute teacher are among Bill Pogue's students for a two-week course.
S01E04 Sari, Anthony and Josh 31/05/2012 Bill Pogue's students include a part-time house cleaner, a woman trying to escape the family business and a kid as talented as he is troubled.
S01E05 Brad, Ananda and Philly Mike 07/06/2012 Three former students return for advanced training, which includes working on first-time clients, tricky animal designs and photo-realistic tattoos.
S01E06 Anthanas, Karra and Wesley 07/06/2012 A restaurateur-bondsman, an unemployed art teacher and a man trying to start over undergo a series of tattoo challenges designed to teach them about heroism in Bill Pogue's two-week course.
S01E07 Josh, Kim and Krista 14/06/2012
S01E08 Marcus, Casey and Josh 14/06/2012