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Four tattoo artists from around the country compete for a $10,000 prize and the title of Tattoo Titan. Three intense rounds find the artists creating tattoos based on exotic drinks, hot babes, beer and a very challenging 3D style. Tattoo industry heavyweights Ami James, Bob Tyrell and tattoo supermodel Bernadette Macias judge the competition, ultimately crowning one artist Tattoo Titan.


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S01E01 Life of the Party (Pilot) 18/08/2013 Four tattoo artists compete in challenges for a chance to win $10,000.
S01E02 Bad A$$ Babes 13/02/2014 Four tattoo artists tackle three intense rounds of competition, creating ink that celebrates the beauty and grace of bad-ass babes.
S01E03 God and Guns 01/03/2014 Four tattoo artists embrace their patriotic roots as they create tattoos that represent the ass-kickin' spirit of the USA. Judges surprise the artists with a final challenge that highlights a classic American pinup tattoo style.
S01E04 In Memoriam 08/03/2014 Emotions run high when four tattoo artists are tasked with inking skins that all have lost a loved one. An award winning illustrator steps in as guest judge.
S01E05 Music City Dreams 15/03/2014 Four tattoo artists get in touch with their inner Nashville by inking tattoos that reflect today's trendy country music culture. A female musician/professional wrestler adds some "no holds barred" flavor into the judge's panel.
S01E06 Music City Dreams 15/03/2014 Romance is in the air as four tattoo artists ink tattoos that display both the lighter...
S01E07 Dollars and Dreams 22/03/2014 Four tattoo artists tap into the roots of their skins by inking tattoos that combine their past and aspirations for the future. A final challenge allows artists to create a modern twist on an ancient tattoo style.
S01E08 Life of the Party 05/04/2014 Four tattoo artists battle it out creating tattoos that embody the wild side of their skin's personalities by celebrating their love of drinking, partying and all around hell-raising.
S01E09 TBA 00/00/0000

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