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S01E01 Google Deploys Skynet 02/06/2014 Special guest Alan Pope and I kick off episode 1 of Tech Talk Today. Topics include the fall of TrueCrypt, Chris digging for Ubuntu phone info, what the heck is Tech Talk Today all about and more!
S01E02 OS X Gnome 03/06/2014 Does Apple’s new OS X Yosemite rip off Gnome 3’s design? And should we consider imitation the sincerest form of flattery when the one doing the imitation is in Apple’s position? Plus you just can’t keep Bitcoin down, Chris discusses some of the reasons he suspects it’s making another comeback!
S01E03 Netflix Bites the Bully 04/06/2014 Netflix is naming and shaming ISPs right on the buffering screen of your movie and Verizon is not happy about it. Plus Amazon is putting the hurt on book publishers, leveraging it’s growing monopoly and why despite our better judgment, we can’t help but live Prime.
S01E04 Getting a Handoff 05/06/2014 he tech headlines of the day, like Intel’s fully wireless PC, Sprint buying T-Mobile, and Reset the Net. Then we’ll look at the convergence strategies of Apple, Microsoft, and Canonical and debate if Apple nailed the most practical implementation at this year’s WWDC. Plus feedback, follow up, and more!
S01E05 E3 Pre-Show 09/06/2014 Microsoft’s big announcement is moments away, and we round up the expectations and potential surprises from the event. Plus Popcorn time gives users a built in VPN, Crypto ransomware for Android and more!
S01E06 Netflix, E3 and Turing Myth 10/06/2014 The best stories from day 0 of E3 and we debate about the value of the Playstation TV. Plus it’s round two of Netflix vs Verizon, and we debunk the recent Turing test story. Plus feedback, calls, and more!
S01E07 Nintendo is back at #E32014! 11/06/2014 Google buys a satellite company and we round up the latest from this week’s 2014 E3 conference. Then we cover Comcast’s plans to turn your wifi on for the public, the first Google watch is near and more!
S01E08 E3 2014 Wrap Up 12/06/2014 Indie titles get some attention at E3, Amazon launches their music streaming service and starts to play heavy with the movie industry. Plus the big themes we took away from this years E3 expo, and more!
S01E09 Microsoft Patents Exposed 16/06/2014 Finally Microsoft’s patent war chest against Android has been revealed, and we dig in. Plus Apple, Cisco, and AT&T join Microsoft in a pushback against US government overreach, Steam summer sale rumors, and more!
S01E10 Retro Tech: Pointcast 17/06/2014 In this special edition of Tech Talk Today we look back at Pointcast. A fascinating look back at an earlier generation of the Internet, before RSS feeds and news aggregator sites, there was Pointcast. Based on the idea of “pushing” news to your computer at scheduled intervals, and this displaying that news via a built in screen saver and reader application. By the end of 1996, PointCast’s network boasted 1.5 million users, $5 million in annual revenue, and a list of marquee advertisers. The company had attracted more than $48 million in funding
S01E11 Indies Down The Tubes? 18/06/2014 Special guest Angela joins to discuss YouTube playing hard with independent music creators to force them into their upcoming Music streaming service. Then we introduce you to the Lab126, the secret bunker responsible for the new Amazon smartphone and other recent Amazon gadgets. Plus the PC/Console wars get ugly, and more!
S01E12 The Cost of Free 19/06/2014 We go over Amazon’s new smart phone, and discuss if they’ve missed the mark. Then the Feds screw up the Silkroad Bitcoin sale, and T-Mobile decided some bits are more privileged than others – and why they might just fool you into liking it.
S01E13 Return of the Nexus? 23/06/2014 The rumors of the death of the Nexus line may be exaggerated, we look at some leaked specs of a new 9 inch Nexus tablet. Plus Heartbleed goes on, Linux app updates, Bitcoin’s weekend boost and more!
S01E14 Nest Root Attack 24/06/2014 Google announces their own domain name management service, the Internet of things has arrived, and it’s already been hacked. We’ll chat about the Nest thermostats rooting, Google buying Dropcam and more.
S01E15 Google I/O 2014 Special 25/06/2014 It’s our live coverage and reactions to the first two hours of the Google I/O 2014 Keynote. The new Android UI is revealed, improvements to ChromeCast, Android for your car, watches, protesters and more.
S01E16 Google Hangover 26/06/2014 The news we missed during Google I/O that impacts mobile US users, Aero’s fate, and more. Then we circle back and finish up our thoughts on Google I/O 2014.
S01E17 Facebook Manipulates YOU! 30/06/2014 Facebook admits to manipulating users emotions for research, the first review of the privacy protecting Blackphone hits the web and how you can create your own secure phone today. Plus a quick review of The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz and more!
S01E18 Microsoft Cyber Terrorism 01/07/2014 Could Netflix be classified as a cyber security threat, or is this being overblown? Having Dynamic DNS problems? You can thank Microsoft, they played cowboy and shut down the No-IP service. Plus Newegg starts accepting Bitcoin, another big open source adoption and more!
S01E19 OS Days Of Future Past 02/07/2014 We look back at two operating systems that were sure to dominate the world, but never really made it. One of you might have heard of, one you likely never have. Plus another take on the T-Mobile free music plan, and more!
S01E20 Linux Got Your Goat 03/07/2014 Great news for Nexus lovers, and how Google builds Android for specific devices, YouTube announces 60 frames per-second support and crowd funding. Plus never get trapped by a speed camera again, and Germany pushes back against Verizon’s NSA cooperation.
S01E21 Google Local Delivery 07/07/2014 Google’s big express shopping plans start to see the light of day, Apple has a new iPhone patent that might sound a little familiar. Then we play some clips from a Fireside Chat with Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Find out their thoughts on the future of self driving cars, Google getting into Health and more!
S01E22 Two Waze Street 08/07/2014 Waze signs a deal to share data with local governments, millions are pirate streaming the World Cup, and we’ve got the details on the company’s whose mission it is to shut them down. Plus can you hear the difference between hot and cold? We take the test.
S01E23 Return of CISPA 09/07/2014 A new cybersecurity bill is working its way through the system looks a lot like previous attempts and raises the same privacy concerns, we’ll cover the details. Plus Samsung gets into VR and the Potato Salad Kickstarter that’s already earned $70k USD.
S01E24 Microsoft’s New Old 10/07/2014 Microsoft’s new CEO grabs the public perception bull by the horns and refocuses on mobile-first. Oh, also cloud-first. But also Xbox and Office. We dig beneath the buzz and suss out what we think is truly Satya Nadella big challenge ahead. Plus Google is giving away terabytes, Bitcoin goes to Washington, and more!
S01E25 Fresh Pi 14/07/2014 Firefox has some big new features coming, the Raspberry Pi project has a fresh update, Google updates the Play store, iBeacon devices are near, good news for Linux Dropbox users & Jean-Louis Gassée’s take on the new Microsoft CEO memo.
S01E26 DMCA Whack-a-Mole 15/07/2014 Github is served with another DMCA takedown, this time for Popcorn Time. Is this the start of a bad trend, and does the open source community need to develop a Github replacement? We’ll debate. Plus the latest Snowden leaks reveal the GCHQ’s troll like skills, Microsoft launches an assault on Chromebooks, the US says it can have your cloud data & more!
S01E27 Apple’s New Era 16/07/2014 Former mortal enemies Apple and IBM team up to push iOS into the enterprise, Google+ drops their real name restriction, but is it too late? Plus a big boost for Linux games, and the Japanese woman who was arrested for 3D printing her lady parts.
S01E28 The Great Microsoft Purge 17/07/2014 Satya Nadella makes his first big move as Microsoft’s CEO and announces their year long plan to cut 18,000 jobs. Netflix takes the first for net neutrality straight to the FCC, Google starts to embrace Bitcoin, and a classic game getting a new life. Plus why we might see more mobile spectrum soon, and more!
S01E29 iOS Backdoor 21/07/2014 iOS security researchers have found what appear to be backdoors in current versions of iOS, Edward Snowden plans to build new privacy tools, Google strong arms Samsung to drop Tizen, and a new Nvidia Tablet could be landing as soon as tomorrow. Plus a new gadget to extend your wifi, Android and Linux apps running together, and more!
S01E30 Not So Smart Watches 22/07/2014 Are you excited about Smart Watches? Or does the current crop fall to far below expectations to be a serious item? Plus a look at how hackers remotely owned a Tesla, and the broader ramifications as computer systems are further integrated into our cars. Plus the interesting secret buried in Google’s quarterly results & more!
S01E31 The Internet’s Humble Beginnings 23/07/2014 We look back at how the Internet was born, from its humble beginnings and clunky interfaces to the first podcaster and creator of Internet Radio. Plus who created the first packet switching network, developed TCP/IP and why.
S01E32 Backdoor Convergence 24/07/2014 We debunk the Microsoft convergence story surging through the press, Apple tries to debunk iOS backdoor accusations, the UK government chooses ODF & Firefox just made video on the web easy!
S01E33 Cloud Gateway Drug 28/07/2014 Amazon’s success with EC2 and S3 is making them bleed money, as investors start to get nervous we’ll debate if the cloud’s price race to the bottom can lead to anything but awful. Linus tells it like it is, we bust some Android FUD, and more!
S01E34 China Pays Microsoft a Visit 29/07/2014 Microsoft is in hot water with authorities in China and it could be worse than your being told. Plus Mozilla has a new CEO & then we cover a series of tech stories from down under that you’ve just got to hear!
S01E35 Android’s Leaky Sandbox 30/07/2014 An Android flaw from 2010 allows any app to break out of the Android sandbox. But is it really a threat in practice? We’ll dig in. The Podcast patent troll takes it on the nose, and some highlights from the Gnome development conference this week.
S01E36 The Premium Internet 31/07/2014 Wireless providers double down on slicing up the internet into marketing packages, and we’ll explain why we feel this is very bad for future innovation on the web. Plus has Google just taken another major step away from G+, why BitTorrent’s new Bleep chat might fall short, and the amazing story of Popcorn Time and it’s new features.
S01E37 Big Brother Google 04/08/2014 Google says “think of the children” but does that justify fully analyzing the contents of everyones Gmail? A drone crashes carrying phones and drugs into a prison & “The Scourge Of Zero Rating”.
S01E38 BlackHat Carmageddon 05/08/2014 A list of the most hackable cars has been released on the eve of a highly anticipated Black Hat presentation, Mozilla developers get hacked, getting started with Linux and why a little video games can be good for kids.
S01E39 Justin Time for 06/08/2014 Live streaming site shuts down, and we reflect on the early days of our broadcasting on the service. Plus the crypto-malware spreading to NAS boxes, Sprint pulls out of the T-Mobile deal and why Tech Talk Today might soon have a party mode.
S01E40 Microsoft Snoops Too 07/08/2014 Microsoft tips off law enforcement based on contents of a users OneDrive, Docker lands some serious cash, Twitch gets down with the DMCA and then how to make the easiest, best, BBQ chicken.
S01E41 Amazon’s Strongarm 12/08/2014 Amazon has gone to war on multiple fronts, and is asking for you to enlist. But we’ll cut through the crap and discuss what’s really at play. Plus Xiaomi gets caught red handed spying on their users, the Bitcoin hijack that’s super impressive & more!
S01E42 NSA Monster Mash 14/08/2014 Snowden warns of the NSA’s MonsterMind, a system built to automatically respond to cyber attacks. Google wants to put Now in business and the big improvements coming to LTE. Plus Microsoft’s CEO gets dunked and more!
S01E43 Women and Their Games 15/08/2014 OnePlus steps in it again by asking men to vote on pictures of women in their community, a new USB connector is near, and its amazing. Data shows women are often more serious about gaming then men and the ultimate telemarketer burn.
S01E44 China’s new Apple 18/08/2014 Google readies their platform for kids under 13 with a new initiative, US details plans for car-to-car communications, the Windows laptop built for Linux users & much more!
S01E45 Google Wants Your Kids 19/08/2014 Steve Ballmer officially steps down as a board member at Microsoft, we speculate about the real motivations. Facebook Tests “Satire” Tag & are people really being fined for the Ice Bucket challenge?
S01E46 Drop the Ballmer 20/08/2014 Steve Ballmer officially steps down as a board member at Microsoft, we speculate about the real motivations. Facebook Tests “Satire” Tag & are people really being fined for the Ice Bucket challenge?
S01E227 Instahacked & Jailbroken 18/12/2015
S01E228 Live Long and Floppy 05/01/2016
S01E229 Wolf in Hipster Clothing 12/01/2016
S01E230 Oracle Kiss and Tell 26/01/2016 Microsoft is releases an iOS keyboard, Amazon is looking for a bigger piece of the Android pie & we finally find out Google’s Android revenue. Plus Uber tracks it’s drivers to see if they’re speeding, our time-saving kickstarter of the week & more!
S01E231 The Edge of Privacy 02/02/2016 Microsoft’s Edge browser is caught storing browsing history in private mode, Dutch police are training dinosaurs to capture flying drones, the Java plugin days are coming to an end & big phone rumors loom! Plus our Kickstarter of the week & more!
S01E232 Tech Conveniences Today 09/02/2016 Amazon takes on Unity, Kickstarter has some big news, Super Bowl stream stats impress, the hot $19 Billion that might be wasted on “cyber security” & more!
S01E233 The Creepiest Best Thing 16/02/2016 3D Printing just got a lot more approachable, cheap VR from Mattel, Google is killing off a fan favorite & bugs in your favorite mobile OS. An Ex-Mozilla Team Unveils “Sense” in our Kickstarter of the week & more!
S01E234 Copy that Floppy! 01/03/2016 A crazy 128GB floppy disk that actually works, Apple wins a major court victory against the FBI, the VR gear is nigh & the power of the cloud in your private space. Plus a Kickstarter follow up & more!
S01E235 Garbled Transmission 08/03/2016 Bittorrent client Transmission gets hit with Ransomware, Facebook pays out $15k to a hacker & Microsoft is bringing SQL to Linux. It’s a HUGE edition of Tech Talk Today!
S01E236 Go Go Gaming AI 15/03/2016 AlphaGo beats Lee Se-dol again to win the Go series. We discuss why slowing down AlphaGo and making it think more like a human, might have won the match. Windows 7 users start getting auto upgraded to 10, the incredible images that reveal bacteria motor parts & of course our Kickstarter of the week!
S01E237 Syncing in the Rain 22/03/2016 The FBI signals they may have found an alternative way to hack, but we suspect it’s all an act. We briefly cover the numbers from the recent Apple event, discuss a hidden feature in Android N, the urgent news for Kindle owners & more! Plus our Kickstarter of the week!
S01E238 FBI’s Fruit Basket 29/03/2016 The FBI’s case turns rotten as they admit a third party can hack the iPhone 5C in their positions, SoundCloud has a new premium feature they want you to buy & malware that uses your GPS to send you fake traffic tickets. Plus our Kickstarter of the week & more!
S01E239 Internet of Wine 12/04/2016 Ransomware unlocked, NASA rescues Kepler, the FBI still wants Apple’s help & Telegram wants to be your Jarvis. Plus our “Kickstarter” of the week might be the craziest IoT device yet!
S01E240 Noah Drones On 19/04/2016 Noah takes the mic to catch up on the tech news of the week. A passionate discussion about consumer drones, a Kickstarter close to the heart & more!
S01E241 Encryption gets the Clap 26/04/2016 Has Spotify been hacked? And our different approaches for preparing to reload an important personal computer. Plus piracy skyrockets, hacks go for a premium & one of our coolest Kickstarters of the week yet!
S01E242 Bitcoin, I am Your Father 03/05/2016 Craig Wright claims he’s Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin & while the Internet doubts his claims, a few key Bitcoin personalities believe him. We’ll get you up to speed on this fascinating story. Plus the long term negative impact of self driving cars, the Rock’s got a clock & Windows 95 like you’ve never seen it before! Then our Kickstarter of the week & more!
S01E243 Queso the Mondays 09/05/2016 Drones dropping blood, HTC’s dropping profits & Microsoft’s dropping ASUS rigs. Plus the end to the latest Bitcoin saga, the FBI labeling TOR users & a Kickstarter you won’t believe!
S01E244 Chirping Away at Privacy 16/05/2016 Google is planning to phase out Flash support in Chrome & how they’re doing it is interesting. Wendy’s is going automated & the future for VR at Google looks bright. Plus Apple confirms it was deleting music, the day Smart doorbell owners saw video from other houses thanks to a weird bug & more!
S01E245 Grindr Findr 23/05/2016 Microsoft’s Windows 10 push leaves grandma on her iPad, Project Ara from Google scales back while the Fairphone pushes on, the Razr is making a comeback & tracking down Grindr users physical location is way easier than you might have thought. Plus our Kickstarter of the week, some great news for a fan project & more!
S01E247 Zuckerpunched 06/06/2016 LinkedIn password dump strikes Mark Zuckerberg & Google Two Factor authenticator users & others. We round it all up. Plus some of the new security features coming to Android N, the era of backpack PC’s is here & what the heck is going on with Nest? Plus our Kickstarter of the week & more!
S01E248 LockedIn 13/06/2016 Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn & we bet we know why! Apple has a big day & we cover some of the highlights. The best TV set top box in our estimation, some Plex love & a Kickstarter of the week for the connected family.
S01E249 Winning with Lelo Hex 20/06/2016 It’s a good day for net Neutrality, Microsoft is getting competitive with Chrome & the DMCA is ugly & busted. Plus a 3d Printed bus, Marvin gets named & our Kickstarter of the week!
S01E250 Internet of Knocks 27/06/2016 Google has big plans for Fiber, Microsoft goes to court over Windows 10 auto-updates, Dropbox adds fancy new features & coding with physical blog. Plus our Kickstarter of the week & much more!
S01E251 Sex, Lies & YouTube 11/07/2016 The blast from the past everyone on mobile is freaking out about, the great halving in Bitcoin is complete & Ashley Madison comes clean. Plus Huawei gets tough, YouTubers gets exposed & Angela nearly dies!
S01E252 Atomic Memory 18/07/2016 Atom-sized storage could change the face of data and memory, Opera gets sold, Tesla is in some hot water, Netflix beams up Star Trek, hackers claim to have gone after Pokémon Go servers & more!
S01E253 Farming out Yahoo! 25/07/2016 Yahoo might be turning into the next AOL, Cyanogen Inc switches to Apps, 3D printing finger prints to login, GPU power on demand & the farming Robot that can heal your garden shame. Plus Chris gets serious about sleep tech & our Kickstarter of the week!
S01E254 Google Gets Pushy 01/08/2016 A lot is happening in the world of Google this week & some of the new changes are big improvements for it’s users. Plus the new MacBook killer by Xiaomi that might really be killer & Washington State is suing Comcast. Plus a really neat Kickstarter of the week, local streaming to a Chromecast & more!
S01E255 Your Personal Google Stalker 19/09/2016 In what might be the final Tech Talk Today, we discuss the continuing saga of exploding phones, the lows & highs of the iPhone 7, Google’s new apps, Logitech’s new buy & Valve’s ban hammer. Plus our Kickstarter of the week & an important production announcement!