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Technological Marvels of the Ancient World Series


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S01E01 Warfare 21/08/2005 Warfare technology is examined, including the Helepolis, a square fortified tower on wheels; and “Greek Fire,” an incendiary liquid that stuck to people and objects and couldn't be extinguished with water.
S01E02 Robotics 17/04/2007 An examination of ancient robotics includes a look at the automata of ancient China, the Hellenistic engineers Heron and Philon, the Kurdish engineer Al-Jazari, the Byzantine Empire, and Leonardo da Vinci.
S01E03 Computing 21/12/2003 This episode investigates the Antikythera Mechanism, a computer-like device that may have been used to calculate the movements of stars and planets. It also highlights ancient inventors Archimedes and Ctesibius.
S01E04 Medicine 18/12/2009 Explores ancient medical techniques and possible new applications in the modern era. Techniques reviewed include blood letting by leeches, reading from a torpedo fish, trepanning to relieve pressure on the brain, and Roman battlefield surgery and tools.
S01E05 Ships 21/08/2005 The lake Nemi ships, large Roman vessels that were salvaged from the lake in the 1930s and burned in 1944, are discussed, including technological discoveries from the ships.
S01E06 Power 11/12/2005 Ancient mechanical devices are examined: A jar that appears to be an electric battery, a flour mill in France that is run by waterwheels, and Archimedes use of solar power to defeat the Romans.
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