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L'histoire est centrée sur quatre jeunes lycéennes qui font parties du club de tennis.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Teekyuu

S02E01 Full Metal Jacket with Senpai 07/07/2013 The four members of tennis club are asked to help with a bean throwing event by Kanae's cousin, who works at a nursery school. Concerned the children are frightened of her, Marimo receives advice from the principal, but...
S02E02 We Were Soldiers with Senpai 14/07/2013 Kondo-san from the newspaper clubs asks to interview the tennis club. Can the excited upperclassmen properly show off the activities of the tennis club?!
S02E03 Transformers with Senpai 21/07/2013 At Nasuno's suggestion, the four girls go on an overnight trip together. However, as expected, there's something strange about the method of transportation and lodging arranged by Nasuno...
S02E04 Ping-pong with Senpai 28/07/2013 After finishing practice on their overnight trip and recharging themselves in the bath, the four girls hold a hot springs table tennis tournament. How will the gradually escalating battle end?
S02E05 Mars Attacks with Senpai 04/08/2013 On the final day of their trip, the tourist spot the manager told the girls about turns out to be a silver mine! And what event occurs on the bus on their way home...?
S02E06 Evolution with Senpai 11/08/2013 When Nasuno suddenly declares she wants a pet, she and the other members head to the pet store where they find unbelievable animals!
S02E07 Run Lola Run with Senpai 18/08/2013 The day of the sports festival has arrived. Having entered a club relay race, the members come together to try to win, but...
S02E08 Cider House Rules with Senpai 25/08/2013 When Kanae becomes upset over her short stature, Nasuno takes her to a ranch. Will milking a cow make her taller!?
S02E09 Major League with Senpai 01/09/2013 One day, the four girls take on the base ball club with their right to use the tennis court on the line. Certain character appears to fill their roster, turning it into a white hot battle!
S02E10 Field of Dreams with Senpai 08/09/2013 At the bottom of the first inning with bases loaded and two outs, batter Kanae breaks out a certain pose! And finally, the conclusion!
S02E11 E.T. with Senpai 15/09/2013 One night, a mysterious flying object crash lands at Marimo's house. From the dazzlingly bright light appears an alien who calls himself "Tomalin!"
S02E12 Ratatouille with Senpai 22/09/2013 Kanae and Yuri go to an udon restaurant with coupons they received from Kondo-san. However, there's nothing ordinary about this udon restaurant!
S03E01 The World is Not Enough with Senpai 06/10/2013 Nasuno-senpai takes everyone skiing. On what kind of course did the four skiing beginners end up?!
S03E02 Stand By Me with Senpai 13/10/2013 When it starts pouring rain, everyone seeks shelter at Kanae's house. On their way home, Kanae is struck by a bolt of lightning and uses her superpower "Kana Kana Wave"...
S03E03 Mad Max with Senpai 20/10/2013 Nasuno is saved from a group of seemingly terrifying hooligans by a high school student named Yota. However, another group of assassins appears!
S03E04 Edward Scissorhands with Senpai 27/10/2013 At the suggestion of a long-haired Nasuno and short-haired Kanae, Yuri accompanies them to a salon. What NEW hairstyles does she see during her trip?!
S03E05 The Hangover with Senpai! 03/11/2013 The group heads to the shrine for their first visit of the New Year. After drinking some amazake, Yuri runs out of control and things turn dire!?
S03E06 8 Mile with Senpai 10/11/2013 Nasuno's bakery is 300 million yen in debt?! The girls try coming up with a new menu for the reconstruction of the store, but...
S03E07 The Merchant of Venice with Senpai 17/11/2013 A story of Yuri as a third year middle school student. After making it into Kameido High School, Yuri tries to join the tennis team, but...
S03E08 Rashomon with Senpai 24/11/2013 When Kanae's strings break the gang heads to a tennis supply store. The store stocks nothing but unusual strings. Which strings will Kanae choose?
S03E09 Constantine with Senpai 01/12/2013 Yuri encounters the lingering spirit of her uncle at his funeral. Somehow her uncle takes control of her body, and...
S03E10 Dreamcatcher with Senpai 08/12/2013 While Marimo is playing games at home, she is suddenly sucked into the game world through her TV. Will Marimo make it safely back to her own world?
S03E11 Tomorrow Never Dies with Senpai 15/12/2013 The national tennis tournament has begun! What secret strategy does Kanae use against the formidable Usagikame High?!
S03E12 Coach Carter with Senpai 22/12/2013 The fearsome final exams are approaching. The girls gather at Kanae's house to study.
S04E01 Men in Black with Senpai 07/04/2015 When Marimo forgets her lunch at home, her freeloading alien roommate Tomarin comes to deliver it. The girls decide to show Tomarin around Kameido High School, but for some reason school's a little unusual that day...
S04E02 Romeo Must Die with Senpai 14/04/2015 For some reason Kanae receives aquarium tickets from a man riding an elephant. The girls decide to go together, but the situation at the aquarium becomes increasingly inappropriate...
S04E03 Trainspotting with Senpai 21/04/2015 Kondo-san of the school paper asks Yuri for help with investigating the legend of the cherry tree growing in the school yard. Apparently something strange happens to those who receive romantic confessions underneath the tree.
S04E04 Rambo with Senpai 28/04/2015 Kanae and Yuri discuss watching the meteor show said to appear that night. They plan to gether on the roof of Nasuno's house, but... Will they be able to see the meteor shower?
S04E05 Jaws with Senpai 05/05/2015 The swimsuit episode is finally here! Everyone is brimming with excitement as they enjoy the beach in a variety of ways, but...
S04E06 Cast Away with Senpai 12/05/2015 Yuri panics as the previous episode requires a sequel. Though the girls end up adrift at sea, Yuri wonders if the relaxed upperclassmen truly are just brave.
S04E07 Enemy at the Gates with Senpai 19/05/2015 Yuri is shown paranormal photos at Udonko's shop. She tries to welcome home Udonko's older sister and is shocked to learn she's the ghost she once met at a funeral.
S04E08 The Mummy with Senpai 26/05/2015 Kanae travels to her grandmother's home in the middle of the Egyptian desert to visit her grandfather's grave. It seems her extraordinary behavior comes from her grandmother.
S04E09 GOAL! with Senpai 02/06/2015 Yota practices to prepare for a practice soccer match. Nasuno offers to be his training partner, but she makes a ridiculous suggestion to help him win the game.
S04E10 Shaun of the Dead with Senpai 09/06/2015 Marimo and Tomarin walk through town in the blazing heat. Inside an air-conditioned electronics store, Marimo begins explaining human electronics to Tomarin, but...
S04E11 A Bug's Life with Senpai 16/06/2015 The girls are hanging out at a candy store in the middle of summer vacation. When Kanae suggests they do something special for summer vacation, they begin throwing around ideas.
S04E12 Apocalypto with Senpai 23/06/2015 Nasuno and Marimo have tea at a cafe. When Nasuno says she wants to work a part-time job to learn more about society, Marimo begins passionately offering advice based on her one day of work at a pork bowl restaurant!
S00E01 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 25/10/2013
S00E02 Spirited Away 25/10/2013
S00E03 Tomarin Confidential Part 1 24/01/2014
S00E04 Tomarin Confidential Part 2 24/01/2014
S00E05 Back to the Future 28/08/2015
S00E06 Mystic River 28/08/2015