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In the United Global Year (UGY) 193, the Earth is under attack from an extraterrestrial enemy; the Radam. The Radam are led by an even deadlier force, known as the Tekkamen.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tekkaman Blade

S01E01 Super Man Racing Across The Heavens 25/02/1992
S01E02 The Lonely Warrior 03/03/1992
S01E03 The Allied Defense Force's Ambition 10/03/1992
S01E04 Deserter Without A Cause 17/03/1992
S01E05 Kill Me! 24/03/1992
S01E06 Tek-Set Malfunctions! 31/03/1992
S01E07 Launch Of The Mobile Unit Pegas 07/04/1992
S01E08 The Mysterious War Correspondent 14/04/1992
S01E09 Save the Jupiter Crew! 21/04/1992
S01E10 Lullaby Echoing In The Battlefield 28/04/1992
S01E11 The D-Boy File 05/05/1992
S01E12 The Red Menace, Tekkaman Evil 12/05/1992
S01E13 Twin Brothers Destined To Fight 19/05/1992
S01E14 The Demon Is My Brother 26/05/1992
S01E15 The Evil Spirit Revives 02/06/1992
S01E16 Portrait Of Betrayal 09/06/1992
S01E17 Savior Of Steel 16/06/1992
S01E18 The Price For Glory 23/06/1992
S01E19 Warrior With A Closed Heart 30/06/1992
S01E20 Resurrected! Transformation Of Rage 07/07/1992
S01E21 Premonition Of Love And Death 14/07/1992
S01E22 Miyuki's Decision 21/07/1992
S01E23 Reunion Of Scarred Souls 28/07/1992
S01E24 Dark Past Revealed 04/08/1992
S01E25 A New Demon 11/08/1992
S01E26 Battle To The Death 18/08/1992
S01E27 Legacy For The Survivors 25/08/1992
S01E28 The White Spirit 01/09/1992
S01E29 A Boquet On The Battlefield 08/09/1992
S01E30 Traces Of My Father 15/09/1992
S01E31 City Of Vengeance 22/09/1992
S01E32 Waiting Girl 29/09/1992
S01E33 Reunion In The Wilderness 06/10/1992
S01E34 Brothers Of Dark And Light 13/10/1992
S01E35 Enemy In The Fog 20/10/1992
S01E36 A Decisive Battle!! Axe 27/10/1992
S01E37 The Decayed Body 03/11/1992
S01E38 Labyrinth Of Death 10/11/1992
S01E39 Super Warrior Blaster 17/11/1992
S01E40 United in Love and Battle 24/11/1992
S01E41 Evil: The Demon is Resurrected 01/12/1992
S01E42 Collision! The Red Nemesis 08/12/1992
S01E43 Farewell Bullets 15/12/1992
S01E44 The Approaching Darkness 22/12/1992
S01E45 The True Invader 05/01/1993
S01E46 The House in which Time Stood Still 12/01/1993
S01E47 Destiny of Darkness and Death 19/01/1993
S01E48 Heroic! The Death of Evil 26/01/1993
S01E49 A Life Ends 02/02/1993

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