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TekThing is the weekly video show where Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse make technology behave.


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S01E01 CES 2015 09/01/2015 Introducing TekThing! Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse recap their favorite (and not-so favorite) tech from CES 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. CES 2015… big screens, epic audio, the internet of things… is a hot mess, and a LOT of cars. Brace yourselves, people, all that and more is coming up on TekThing.
S01E02 Kill Old Passwords! Super Bowl TVs, Free Storage vs. CrashPlan, Razer Cortex: Stream Any PC Game??? 16/01/2015 What happens to old passwords?? Does free OneCloud kill online backups?? Robert Heron talks quantum dots and Super Bowl TV picks, streaming games to your living room , and where’s the RSS FEED?
S01E03 Building vs. Buying a Gaming PC, How To Watch Curling in the US, and Windows 10 Spartan and HoloLens 23/01/2015 Windows X Will Be Free… and full of Spartan! That sounds, um, weird. Watch Anything… like Curling or Netflix… from Anywhere You Might Live or Roam… Build or Buy… Shannon’s workin’ on her next gaming PC!
S01E04 Secure Lastpass with 2FA, Eggcyte Egg, My First Drone: Parrot AR, Hubsan X4, or Air Hogs Helix? 30/01/2015 Shannon Morse and Patrick Norton check out the best "starter" drones. Plus, setting up LastPass with two factor authentication and how to get Google Play on your Amazon Fire Phone. The death of flash is near! Your first quadrocopter, locking down Lastpass with multifactor authentication, how to get Google Play on the Amazon Fire Phone, and so much more!
S01E05 The Ultimate Computer Toolkits, Unlock Your Phone for Free, and the Best iOS Mail Apps 06/02/2015 The perfect PC toolkit, 3 mail apps that make iOS better, help unlocking your phone, Raspberry Pi Model 2 and, wait, did Net Neutrality just get real? All that and more on TekThing!
S01E06 TekThing 6: Best Bargain Routers, New GPU Picks, and 3 LastPass Alternatives! 13/02/2015 Kill switches are saving smartphones, our top bargain router pick costs $19.99, three excellent alternatives to the LastPass Password Manager, and PCPer's Ryan Shrout joins us to talk GPUs!
S01E07 TekThing 7: Raspberry Pi 2 Hands On, 3 Cheap Backup Tools, Mics for Twitch Streaming Video Games: Razer Seir?n vs. Yeti Blackout, 220V Power Help! 20/02/2015 Is the new Raspberry Pi 2 fast enough to use as a desktop PC? Razer Seir?n vs. Yeti Blackout, new mics for Twitch streaming games, 3 Cheap Backup Tools, 220V to 120V Power Help
S01E08 New Moto E 4G LTE Hands On, 3 Great Uses For Your Old Android Phone, Best $200 Windows Laptop, Smartphone Audio Upgrades! 27/02/2015 This week on TekThing, we've got the new Moto E 4G LTE, digital analog converters and headphones that won't cost you a small fortune, lots of great uses for an old android phone or tablet, and even better bargain Windows laptops.
S01E09 Free Antivirus, Boogie Board Sync Tablet, 3 Great Headphones Under $100, Galaxy S6 Edge! 05/03/2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: Sony Xperia Z4: Blackberry "Slider" Phone: SanDisk 200GB MicroSD card: Boogie Board Sync 9.7 inch Tablet:
S01E10 TekThing 10: Lost Your Phone? Now What?! The Best Free VPNs, FreeNAS vs. Drobo, and MacBook News! 12/03/2015 What do you do if you've lost your Android device? We've got some help finding a good VPN from @Lifehacker, subwoofers, FreeNAS, and new tech from Apple! All that and more, on TekThing.
S01E11 TekThing 11: Speed Up Your Old PC, RAM Secrets, How Long Will A Drive Last, and the Pebble Watch! 19/03/2015 How long will data last in cold storage? Deciphering the cryptic codes on memory sticks, how to save your printer heads, and speeding up an old PC. All that and more, on TekThing!
S01E12 TekThing 12: Intel Skylake Update, Cut Cable & Cell Phone Bills, Cheap DACs, RAM Performance Myth! 26/03/2015
S01E13 TekThing 13: Backup Windows, OS X, Android, iOS. NAS, Online, Offline, Crashplan, Dropbox 03/04/2015 Backup Windows? Sure! We'll also help you back up OS X, your iPhone, iPad, and Android device, too! We explain why the 3… 2… 1… Backup Rule is so important, talk up the best NAS boxes (and a fireproof NAS!) with Allyn Malventano, discuss online vs. local backup, why you should get data offsite , casual backup, and moar!
S01E14 TekThing 14: Bootable Windows 8 Live Drives, Chrome Privacy Extensions, Wired Over 300 Feet and More 09/04/2015 Don't get hacked like the White House did! HBO Now is here, and Star Wars streaming is on the way! Plus, how to build your own Windows Live Drive, 300 foot Ethernet opinions, and the best Chrome privacy extensions. All that and more, on TekThing!
S01E15 TekThing 15: Dump Chrome for Firefox??? Laser Petcube! Asus Transformer Book T300, Rasperry Pi VPN! 16/04/2015 The new Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi, the Petcube, TYLT VU lineup, and the LifeProof fre iPhone 6 case. Data usage with video streaming, and should you drop chrome and switch to Firefox? All that and more on TekThing!
S01E16 TekThing 16: Google Fi, Amazon Echo DIY Smart Home Control, Add More Memory, Stop Eye Strain! 23/04/2015 Home Automation with Amazon's Echo, Google Fi, Will More Memory Upgrade a Slow System, Stop Eye Strain, and more!
S01E17 TekThing 17: Microsoft Build Keynote! 3 Wireless Xbox One Headsets, Can I Change Password Managers? 30/04/2015 Big news from Microsoft Build Developers Conference 2015, 3 wireless gaming headsets for your XBox One, How to Fix Hard Faults in memory, and more!
S01E18 TekThing 18: Hololens Hands On! Withings Home HD Camera, Speed Up Wi-Fi 802.11n, Apple Watch, More! 07/05/2015 HoloLens Report! Patrick got eyes and hands on and answers your questions! We review the Apple Watch and Withings Home HD Camera. Plus, three ways you can speed up your Wi-Fi on 802.11n! All that and more on TekThing!
S01E19 TekThing 19: LG G4 Review, Is The C.H.I.P. a $9 Raspberry Pi Killer?!? Best Dehumidifier, Speed Up Your MacBook. 14/05/2015 We review the new LG G4! Is the $9 C.H.I.P. computer a Raspberry Pi Killer? How to keep your gear dry, speed up your old MacBook, the official Windows 10 Editions, and a ton o' viewer questions!
S01E20 TekThing 20: Major Router Security Flaw! MakerFaire, Camera Reccos, Best BitTorrent Client 21/05/2015 Major router security flaw effects dozens of brands and millions of routers. Is yours one of them? Our favorite tech from MakerFaire 2015! Camera reccos, the best BitTorrent client, 3 tips for upping your smartphone photography game, moving your PC to a new case, and more!
S01E21 Gaming PC Build! Skip USB 3.1? 3 Awesome Measuring Tools, Two Routers One Box: Linux Route Command 29/05/2015 We’re building Shannon's new gaming PC! Two Routers, One PC? (We've got a handy Linux command for that!), three digital measuring tools we use all the time, Mustard vs. Thermal Compound on your CPU, Is 16GB too much RAM, online tools that have make work so much easier... all that and more in this episode of TekThing
S01E22 Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2, Nvidia Shield & ASUS Zenfone 2 Reviews, CCLeaner Alternative, More 04/06/2015 Nvidia Shield & Asus Zenfone 2 hands on reviews, Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi, Cleaning registries, HomeKit news, Windows 10 launch date, all that and more on TekThing!
S01E23 iOS 9! Future-proofing vs. Upgrades, Photo Storage For Summer Travel, Thermal Pads or Compound? 11/06/2015 iOS 9, iPad multitasking, more from Apple’s WWDC. Travel friendly devices add storage to phones and tablets. “Futureproofing” vs. upgrading, thermal compound vs thermal pads, buy the right antenna for FREE OTA TV, and more, all on this episode of TekThing!
S01E24 5 Hot Games from E3, 970 SLI vs. 980Ti, Get Yourself A Credit Lock! Peppermint OS, LastPass Hacked 18/06/2015 LastPass was hacked, but you should be safe with a few precautions. E3 2015: our picks for the best games. GPU help! Dual 970 in SLI vs. a single 980Ti: which should you choose, and do you need either for 1080p gaming? Best game controllers for Windows, Quad-copters are being used to view sharks of the California coast.
S01E25 Flash Hacked! Gmail Undo Send, Back To School PC, Camera Picks, Get Personal Info Off The Internet? 25/06/2015 Want somebody to take over your system? No? Then upgrade Flash, Chrome, and if you’re running Win 8, update Internet Explorer. (Do it now, if not sooner!) CNET’s Lori Grunin joins us with Camera buying help, including camera reccos, thoughts on when it’s time to upgrade from your smartphone, and why there’s no one spec that makes a camera better, a little help buying a new PC for college, Undo Send, a Gmail update that’s, “life changing,” erasing your personal info off the Internet, and, hey, Hulu’s getting Showtime!
S01E26 iPhone 6S Rumors, Find Lost Files On Android, Reduce PC Power Consumption, 4K Desktop Monitor Help! 02/07/2015 iPhone 6s rumors are springing up! How much memory should your next phone have? Streaming from Apple to Android, 3D Printing hell, finding lost bookmarks, viewer tech tips.
S01E27 Secure Email, Synology DS1515+ NAS, 64-bit Chrome & Firefox, Surround Sound Help, Micro Bit, Die Flash Die 09/07/2015 Synology DS1515+... just what is a NAS, anyhow??? Email Encryption, Are 64 Bit browsers better (and where you can download 'em!), getting surround sound speakers set up right, die Adobe Flash die, portable chargers.
S01E28 Logitech k400 Plus, 3 Awesome iPhone Apps, Secure Bank Logins, Backup Google Photos 16/07/2015 Way to go NASA, the New Horizon images from Pluto are amazing! Logitech’s K400 Plus Keyboard, three awesome iPhone apps, Amazon Prime Day, securing your bank account with two factor authentication, syncing Google Drive Photos.
S01E29 Ethernet Beats WiFi, Tech Travel Gear, Password Lock Folders, Power Conditioners 23/07/2015 Do I need a UPS or power conditioner to 'protect' my PC and home theater gear? 3 travel accessories every geek should have during their summer vacation, Ethernet vs. WiFi? (Hint, one of 'em crushes the other...) Why you might want to run conduit, and how to password protect a folder on your external hard drive.
S01E30 TekThing 30: Is Windows 10 Really Free? Should you Upgrade? New Moto X & G, Best College Classes For Tech 30/07/2015 Windows 10 is here! We’re talk security, features, and answer some specific questions you sent to us. Motorola’s new Android phones look amazing for the price, and we have some great answers on what you should study if you’re college bound and want to make a career in tech.
S01E31 Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Means Cheap Ink! New Intel Skylake Core i7-6700K, Turn On Windows 10 Privacy. 06/08/2015 Intel's new Skylake Core i7-6700K & Core i5-660K: overclocking friendly on top of serious performannce. (Want!) Can a $500 printer save you thousands? We tested one of Epson's new EcoTank printers to find out! Need a tiny way to share and back up files? We got hands on with the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. Is there a legal way to back up Blu-Ray discs? Windows 10 security paranoia might be FUD, but we’ve got privacy concerns.
S01E32 DEF CON Hacks, 16TB Samsung SSD, Replace Windows Defender, Tablets For Kids, 10Gb Ethernet 13/08/2015 DEF CON: Best Hacks and a TON of security advice! Samsung’s new 16TB SSD… the biggest HD ever. Windows AV and anti-malware, is Windows Defender still good enough?Tablet for kids: what do we recommend? Cheap USB (and HDMI) cables, making fax suck less, why you should wait to buy a new iPhone, is it time for 10GB Ethernet?
S01E33 LIVA X2 Mini PC, SMANOS W020i WiFi Alarm, Privacy Badger, Free WiFi Heat Map, Chromecast In Hotels 20/08/2015 We’ve got reviews of ECS's LIVA X2 Mini PC and the Smanos W020i WiFi Alarm, more deets on Skylake from IDF, three awesome free windows apps, how to block phone numbers in Android, and explain what happens when you use your favorite video streaming gear on vacation.
S01E34 Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ or WAIT??? 2FA Apps, Avoid This Win10 Upgrade Fail, Cool Off A Hot Router 27/08/2015 Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ have hit and are top-of-the-line. LG's G4 is another great option... but should you -WAIT- before you buy a new phone? Two Factor Authentication: Shannon talks Authy, Duo, and Google Authenticator. Will a new motherboard mean you have to pay for a Windows 10 license? Can you move Windows 10 off a HD and onto a SSD... and why you need to upgrade in place before you do a clean install. Keep heat from killing your router, an even cheaper tablet recco for kids, a free open source app for security cameras
S01E35 Cheap Router Spanks Google OnHub. Tripit, TRAXO, or AwardWallet? Toilet vs. Phone. Home Alarm Reccos 04/09/2015 Is Google’s OnHub the Ultimate Home Router ...or can a $94 router spank it? The Wirecutter’s David Murphy joins us w/ the answer! What’s the best tool to manage your travel mileage rewards? Shannon’s on it! Will the FCC kill Open Source Router updates, what comes after MPEG, and your alarm system feedback
S01E36 New Apple TV, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Revealed! Skylake Laptops, Gaming GPU Reccos, & Reliable SSDs 11/09/2015 Apple Day! We’ve got details on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPad Pro, Apple TV and more PCPer’s Ryan Shrout talks Skylake laptops and CPUS, the best new GPU’s, and we suggest reliable SSDs, and talk about Verison's new LTE 5G.
S01E37 TrueCrypt Alternatives, Raspberry Pi FAX, FiiO EX1 Earbuds vs. PURO IEM 500, Find Win10 Product Key 18/09/2015 What comes after TrueCrypt? Reviews of the FiiO EX1 & PURO IEM 500 earbuds, can Raspberry Pi Fax, hands on with MDHearingAid's FIT, the best iOS 9 features, your experiences with Win 10 and changing hardware, why Skylake over Haswell-E, and more.
S01E38 Office 2016 For Free, Do All AntiVirus Apps Spy? Best Cheap GPU, Concert Earplugs, Verify SD Cards 24/09/2015 What’s new in Office 2016… and the version you can use for free. What to do if you’re fed up with AVG Antivirus spying. How to start your own hackerspace, ear plugs that won’t ruin live music at concerts, the best cheap gaming GPU for an older PC.
S01E39 New Nexus 5X & 6P, Chromecast, TrueCrypt Flaw Found, Blue vs. Green vs. Black WD Hard Drives 01/10/2015 A new Chromecast, two new Nexus phones, the 5X & 6P, Android Marshmallow deets... big day for Google this week! Shannon says it's time to dump TrueCrypt, a couple big flaws were found. We go hand (ears?) on the NOVO Smart Volume Control, talk about Western Digital's new Blue, Black, and Green drives, pick a better ripping tool than iTunes
S01E40 Amazon $50 Tablet & New Fire TV Reviewed, Windows GodMode, MS Surface Book, Can you Trust Your VPN? 08/10/2015 All the Amazon tablets reviewed... Shannon's been hands on for days! Is that $50 Amazon Fire tablet worth buying??? Microsoft gets serious with the new Surface Book and Pro 4. Play Blu-rays on Windows, weird things to do with cheap tablets, 3 awesome Windows God-Mode (and some awesome utilities!), and can you really trust your VPN?
S01E41 ZTC Thunder M.2 SSD USB Enclosure, LastPass Sold To LogMeIn, Four Ways to Hide Cables, New iMacs! 16/10/2015 Fast connections with hidden cables! LastPass got bought…. should we stop using it? New iMacs! Drive Enclosures for your laptop’s old SSD… ZTC Thunder Enclosure NGFF M.2 SSD &Sabrent USB 3.0 MSATA II. Oh, Apple owes a billion? So what!
S01E42 Lenovo Yoga 900, Synology DSM 6.0, Cheap OTA DVR, Faster WiFi Extender, Email Poaching, CISA SUCKS! 22/10/2015 November is New Laptop Month! Synology’s DiskStation Manager 6.0 hands on. What fresh email hell is this??? Do WiFi extenders slow down your network? CISA kinda sucks… a cheap OTA DVR, and Shannon’s FORBIDDEN OTTER LUST all coming up on TekThing!
S01E43 Roku 4: Should You Upgrade? Surface Pro 4 Hands On, Elementary OS, DMCA Exemptions, HTPC Keyboard 29/10/2015 Roku 4 review: should you upgrade?!? Hands on with the Surface Pro 4 & Elementary OS. Jailbreaking and Blu-ray cracking: the deal with the new DMCA exemptions. Linux installs can be a PITA, the best HTPC keyboard, how to hibernate Linux.
S01E44 Apple TV 4, Nexus 6p & 5x Reviews! Black Friday SSD, Libreboot, Gaming Keyboard, Wipe Any SD Card 05/11/2015 We go hands on with the Nexus 5x, 6p, and the new Apple TV. Gaming keyboard & mice recommendations, OneDrive shrinks, the beginning of black friday, some awesomely useful utilities, and more.
S01E45 Fix Windows 10 w/ A Clean Install, Pick Your Smart Hub, Does Comcast's Unlimited Data Option Suck? 12/11/2015 Windows 10 getting a little funky? There's an easy way to clean things up with a Refresh or Reset! Whether you’re thinking Home Automation, Internet of Things, or just want lights that turn off automagically, we can help you pick your first Smart Hub! Does Comcast’s new Unlimited Data option suck? Speeding up Android, matching RAM, and 3 great tools for any geek’s toolbox.
S01E46 Dell’s $799 Gaming Laptop, HTC One A9 Review, Hackathon How-To, Clean A Projector Screen, Gig City. 19/11/2015 Does HTC’s One A9 a flagship phone or just priced like one? CDNS, ISPs, and getting files fast! Dell's $799 Inspiron 15 7559... how good is it? Gig City stomp's Comcast's data plan. What it takes to survive a 24 hour hackathon.
S01E47 Mini ITX Cases, Black Friday Deals, Headphone Amps, The Gift Of Tech, Pocket Tools, Amazon Hacked? 26/11/2015 Mini ITX Builds, Black Friday Help, why you might want to change your Amazon password, 3 techy ways to give back to your community, Dell's Cert Drama, headphone Amp/DAC reccomendations.
S01E48 17 Holiday Travel Apps & Hacks, Raspberry Pi Invasion, Router Updates, Fix WiFi Fast, Add HDMI Ports 03/12/2015 Did you fix your family's WiFi while you were visiting on the holidays? 17 tools & apps to make holiday travel less traumatic, router updates, why the Internet of Things is probably doomed, adding more HDMI ports, a slick Raspberry Pi case.
S01E49 $200 Laptops Windows vs. Chromebook! Lenovo Yoga 900 Review, Best Raspberry Pi OS, Update Windows! 10/12/2015 Update Windows & Flash: More than 70 security updates released yesterday. $200 Chromebook vs. Windows: Find out what they can and can't do. Raspberry Pi Distros: We talk NOOBs Raspbian, Volumio, RetroPi, and more! Lenovo Yoga 900 Review: one complaint? AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon! grand prize of $25,000, register at No Headphone Jacks On Next iPhone? Step forward or a step back? And a whole lot more!!!
S01E50 Raspberry Pi-Hole Makes Ads Disappear! Synology DS216play NAS, FLIR Vue Pro, Best GPU Under $150 17/12/2015 Drone registration? Yeah, it's coming, we explain who has to register, and why. Hands on w/ Synology's DiskStation DS216play. The best GPUs for 3D gaming under $150, FLIR's Vue Pro sUAS thermal imaging camera, blocking horizontal videos, and... yoga gifts?!?
S01E51 Thermite, Acid, & Hammers Make Data Gone Forever! Do You Trust Your NAS? De-Upgrade Windows 10... 23/12/2015 Thermite, hydrochloric acid, and hammers... you bet we've got something against hard drives! We also talk NAS safety and massive backups, the 3-2-1 Backup Rule, swapping your perfectly set up Windows 10 HD into a new PC, and what it takes to go back to Windows 7 after your free Win10 upgrade...
S01E52 $5 Pi Zero Hands On! Tech Projects For New Years, 3 Free Apps That Recover Lost Data, Is WhatsApp Secure? 31/12/2015 Resolutions? Nah, but we've got 5 tech projects for the new year, the $5 PiZero is up and running... it's tiny, 3 apps that recover lost data, a little chat about WhatsApp security (and what options you have for secure chat), a viewer's mini-HowTo on using a hard drive with your Raspberry Pi.
S01E53 CES 2016: Razer Blade Stealth, ELAC Uni-Fi, Privoro Privacy, 4k OLED, Drone Madness, AddWash 08/01/2016 It's big, it's bad, and while it's crowded with gorgeous 4K OLED TVs, and waaaay too many drones, we found some great tech to talk about, from Beer Printers, language translators that hang around your neck, amazing speakers, and so much more.
S01E54 $9 CHIP PC, $3000 Earbuds, What Do Cujo, Bitdefender Box, & Luma Mesh Do? Wiping A Used PC 14/01/2016 The CHIP $9 PC is here, Shannon weighs in on Cujo, Bitdefender Box, & Luma Mesh, we talk about options for wiping a used PC clean, outrageous ($3000!) earbuds
S01E55 PC Build Picks! Dell XPS 13 Skylake Review, Airplay for Android, Great $100 Speakers, Monitor Recco! 21/01/2016 Building a PC? We've got help picking parts that fit in your budget, along with monitor reccos, a review of Dell's latest XPS 13, help with adding more memory to your system, get Android working with AirPlay, dealing with gaming surround sound that won't surround.
S01E56 Fix A Slow PC, Encrypt Drives, Secret Playlists, iOS Expense Apps, Turn A SmartPhone Into A Desktop? 28/01/2016 Your PC running slow? We've got ideas to speed it up! Shannon teaches you how to encrypt a drive using VeraCrypt, we've got a laundry list of expense trackers for your iPhone, portable audio player reccos for FLAC & MP3, talk about turning the Nexus 6p into a desktop.
S01E57 WiFi Router Lifespan, Ninite or Chocolatey Package Manager, Android Receipt Trackers, DIE CFL BULBS 04/02/2016 We never liked CFL bulbs, anyway, the Chocolatey Package Manager is way cool, 3 receipt tracking apps for Android, the best rechargable AA batteries, Thermal Paste can save a PC, and, yes, you can do pro video editing on a smart phone... but is it really time to dump your laptop for a phone?
S01E58 $200 Huawei Honor 5X Review, $9 C.H.I.P PC, LED Bulbs, HWMonitor CPU Temps, 7Zip Encryption, Ozzy. 11/02/2016 Huawei Honor 5X... can it beat the Moto G for best $200 Android Phone??? You asked, we got your LED bulb buying guide! HWMonitor and CPU temps, 7Zip Encryption, and that $9 C.H.I.P PC ... it's running!
S01E59 9 Picasa Replacements! ThingMaker 3D, Text Msg Kills Android, Dates Kill iOS, Rent A Camera. 18/02/2016 9 Picasa Replacements, ThingMaker 3D Printer joins Barbie and Hot Wheels! A Text Message can kill Android phone, Old dates can kill iOS phones, renting a camera before you buy, and much much more.
S01E60 Samsung S7, LG G5, Sony Xperia, 5G LTE, Luxury Headphones, Safe Google Search, Linux Mint Hacked 25/02/2016 New phones from Samsung, LG, and Sony... MWC 2016 was good! Luxury headphone picks, Intel's going 5G LTE in a big way, Linux Mint hacked, Safe Search fork Kids
S01E61 Raspberry Pi 3 Hands On! 7 Secure Android VPNs, Cheap Headphones That Sound Great, Faster MicroSDs! 02/03/2016 Tons going on in this episode: the Pi 3 hands on, 7 secure android (and iOS)VPNs for your phone, cheap headphones that sound great, MicroSD card performance, and more!
S01E62 Samsung S7 Review, Eero WiFi Router, SD Card Tips, Best Color Laser Printer, Surge Protector Secret! 10/03/2016 Samsung S7 Hands On, Echo Takes Over, Super Routers, Color Lasers, SD Card Secrets, Surge Protector Surpise, EERO WiFI networking.
S01E63 GPU Picks, GDC Goes VR, Odroid C2 Beats Raspberry Pi? Pigment vs Dye Inkjets, Better VPN Security! 16/03/2016 Gaming GPU picks from $100 to "I have too much money" in honor o' Game Developer Conference... does the Odroid C2 stomp the Raspberry Pi 3? Pigment vs. Dye inkjets, better VPN security and more.
S01E64 Synology RT1900ac, Garmin Drive 60 LMT Reviews, Best Browser Extensions For Privacy, Apple SE Rocks! 24/03/2016 Synology RT1900ac and Garmin's Drive 60 LMT get a hands on review, the Best Browser Extensions for Privacy, Reviews, Apple SE looks pretty slick, and, yes, we really do love Hubsan's X4 H107C Quadcopter.
S01E65 Logitech Connect Review, Best Podcast Apps, Odroid C2 Speed, Delete All The Accounts! Class D Amps? 30/03/2016 We got hands on with Logitech's Connect, pick the Best Podcast Apps, talk Odroid C2 benchmarks (And where to find it cheaper!), drop websites that help you delete (or just find) All The Accounts! Talk Class D Amps, and, oh yeah, the FBI dropped the Apple suit.
S01E66 Amazon Tap & Dot Hands On, BitTorrent Sync Goes Native, USB Cables That Don't Suck, Free Websites? 07/04/2016 Hands on with Amazon's Tap & Dot Echo, BitTorrent Sync 2.3, it's gone native and gotten way better! USB cables that don't suck (and how to keep your kids from breaking 'em), free website builders
S01E67 Best Time To Buy A Laptop? Doxie Scanner Rocks, Encrypted Storage, CamelCamelCamel, OpenStreetMaps 13/04/2016 When's the best time to buy a laptop? How to "digitize a mountain of paper files," and store 'em securely, Amazon pricing histories from CamelCamelCamel,, and something more secure than Google Drive.
S01E68 Anonabox PnP TOR & VPN, WeBoost Eqo, Online Accounting Software, Android Music Apps, Cheap USB Fix! 20/04/2016 Does Anonabox deliver Plug n’ Play TOR anonymity??? WeBoost’s latest cell phone booster, the Eqo, 3 apps to make NEXT YEARS taxes suck less, music players for Android.
S01E69 Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire, Dell U3415 UltraSharp Monitor, 4K UHD TV Buyers Guide, Score PC Deals! 28/04/2016 Can Corsair's K70 RGB Rapidfire make you a better gamer? Everything you need to know before you buy a 4K UHD TV... Robert Heron has the scoop! Dell's U3415 UltraSharp Monitor is sweet, scoring deals on PCs, Tresorit for privacy
S01E70 The Best SSD, GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub, Reuse That Old Power Supply, 8TB HD, Hackintosh Help! 05/05/2016 The best SSD, GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub, Parrot Flower Power, Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden, reusing old Power Supplies for new projects, WDs new 8TB Helium hard drive, building your first Hackintosh
S01E71 Personal Cloud Options! B&W T7, KEF Muo, Libratone Zipp & Riva Turbo X. Longest Lasting Hard Drives? 12/05/2016 Pydio, Seafile, OwnCloud, Sparkleshare, Tonido… what is a Personal Cloud, anyhow? Big Storage Fails: Which Hard Drives Last Longest, The Two Dollar Pocket Tripod, and some sick Bluetooth Speakers from B&W, KEF, Libratone, and Riva
S01E72 The Password Manager Special: Passwords, Two Factor Authentication, and Securing Your Life Online. 19/05/2016 Theme episode! The theme is passwords. And password managers. And Two Factor Authentication... we're gonna talk about 'em all, some great rules for using 'em, sharing 'em, and more, 'cause all of these things work together to protect you, your data, your fiances, your Snapchat, Facebook, email, and Twitter accounts.
S01E73 Best Two Factor Authentication App! Earbuds from 1MORE, Focal, & Sennheiser. Where Should I Upscale? 26/05/2016 Lastpass vs. Authy vs. Duo vs. Google Authenticator All of these multi-factor authentication apps are free to use, available for iOS and Android, and allow you to set up 2FA on your phone for online accounts by scanning a QR code. But is Lastpass or Authy or Duo or Google Authenticator the best two factor authentication app? Watch the video to find out! 100-$150 Earbud Roundup Whether you calll 'em earbuds or in ear monitors or in ear headphones, we heard some amazing audio coming out of 1More's Triple Driver, Focal's Sphear, and Sennheiser's Momentum. Wondering which one sounds best and why? Watch the show! Should My Blu-Ray Player or TV Do The Upscaling? We had a viewer question that Robert answered while he was here… Dave S wrote, "When I purchased and hooked my new Denon AVR-X2200W I noticed that the video 4K processing was not as good as the X3200W on my Samsung JS8500 4K TV (my wife noticed also which surprised me because she could careless about AV stuff.) Robert H said to just let the TV do the up scale instead but it sdoes not look as good as the X3200W. The only setting i notice on the specs was that the HDMI scaling was at 60/50hz compared to 30/25/24hz on the lower version receiver (x2200W). Can that really be the reason?" Answer in the video! DIY Soil Moisture Measurement! Jim writes, "Measuring soil moisture can be done by burying a block of Plaster of Paris with two wires running parallel and close together. The resistance between the wires will vary as the moisture changes. I have done this for ecology research. We used ohmmeters but with an Arduino you could automate a sprinkler. This was way back in the times of IBM 360 & PDP 8 so never tried to automate.I Live with 40 inches of rain a year and a brook in the backyard so have no reason to hack it." Thanks, Jim! Another Awesome Gaming Keyboard Paul writes, "Take a look at the K95 RGB. It comes in Red and Brown keys. I was very lucky and got
S01E74 Travel Tools That Work! GTX 1070 GPU FTW, Brute Force Attacks, Cell Phone Cancer FUD, Trains Rule! 02/06/2016 Shannon’s back! How well did Google Fi, Maps, and HooToo’s Wireless Router and Battery hold up in Japan? Is Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 the coolest thing about Intel’s new Core i7-6950X 10-core Broadwell-E? Shopping for a new GPU? Check Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and 1080! Cell phone cancer FUD is back, how Brute Force Attacks on Passwords work, and, hey, high tech trains and Suica passes might be the coolest tech in Japan! All that and more in Episode 74 of TekThing!
S01E75 Walabot: Handheld X-Ray Vision? Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Review, H.265 On Raspberry Pi, Enpass! 09/06/2016 Walabot: 3D imaging IN YOUR HAND! Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition… how well does factory installed Linux work on a laptop? H.265/HEVC on the Raspberry Pi 3? Enpass, Google Drive apps for Linux, and CHEESE, all in TekThing 75
S01E76 PocketCHIP Review, Cell Phone Hijacking, 7 Great Games from E3, Add Audio To Skype, Dead Battery? 16/06/2016 So many amazing games from E3, not to mention the new Xboxes... we go hands on with PocketCHIP, use Distant Suns to ID Jupiter, talk up the big news from WWDC, security tech you can install in an apartment, and, hey, it’s way too easy for somebody to hijack your phone number and service, but we’ve got a fix.
S01E77 Don't Buy A New GPU Yet! DIY Raspberry Pi WAP, Bargain 5.1 Soundbar, Unblock VPN, H.265 Ready Hardware 23/06/2016 A DIY Raspberry P WAP? There are so many amazing new GPUs, but it's the WORST time to build a new gaming pc, surround sound bargains, unblocking VPN
S01E78 OnePlus 3 Review! Change Any Windows Password for $18, Fix Win7 Updates, Android on Chrome OS 30/06/2016 OnePlus 3 review... is this the best deal ever on a Flagship Android Phone??? Fix Windows 7 updates! You can change a lost Windows password fast for $18. What's up with running Android apps on Chrome OS? Upgrading laptop CPUs
S01E79 Lightning Headphones: Audeze SINE & Cipher, Chrome Remote Desktop vs. VPN, Inkjet Printer Picks 07/07/2016 No more headphone jacks? We test Audeze SINE headphones and Cipher Lightning cable. Is Chrome Remote Desktop a secure substitute for a VPN? Laptop Mobo Swaps, All-in-One Inkjet printer picks
S01E80 QNAP TAS-268 Android NAS Review, Recording Traffic Stops, Unlimited Backup For $60, Dashcam Recco 14/07/2016 Pokeman Go Panic! Zomg… chill, people. Hands on with Qnap’s new TAS-268 NAS, Dash Cams and recording the police, back up 100 TB online for cheap
S01E81 Tech Bargains! Memory, Drives, Cables, $45 1STPLAYER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 6 Earbuds Under $20 21/07/2016 Tech Bargains! We've got picks for cables, memory, drives, go hands on with the $45 1STPLAYER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, review 6 Earbuds Under $20.
S01E82 Ubiquiti AmpliFi WiFi Review, Get A Pentesting Job, 802.11n Is The Problem, Solar Charging Picks 28/07/2016 Can Ubiquiti Labs AmpliFi mesh router deliver high speed WiFi to every corner of your house in minutes? How to get a job in pentesting, 802.11n is the problem, solar charging reccos, score deals with
S01E83 How Much RAM Do You Need? Block Thumbdrive Attacks, Smart Lock Hacks, Sideclick, FLIRC & Harmony 04/08/2016 Mr. Robot @Defcon, How much RAM do you really need on Chrome, OS X, or Windows? Block Thumbdrive Attacks, Sideclick, FLIRC & Harmony, Picking Bluetooth locks,
S01E84 Bluetooth Lock & Android Flaws Exposed At Defcon, Fight Tech Support Scams, Fix Remote Buttons! 11/08/2016 Gary’s Mom called that 1-800 number on the "Your Computer Has Been Blocked" popup, so we teach you how to fight Tech Support Scams. What did we learn at Defcon? Bluetooth locks are -way- too easy to pick, Android has some serious flaws, and autonomous hacking is now a thing. DIY repair for dying Harmony Remote buttons, the Sacrificial Raspberry Pi
S01E85 Intel Project Alloy VR, 32 TB SSDs, 64 Layer V-Nand Flash, Sub $100 Headphone Amps, Linux WiFi Help 18/08/2016 Intel Project Alloy Wireless VR, New V-Nand Flash Means 32TB SSDs, Sub $100 Headphone DACS, Linux WiFi Troubleshooting
S01E86 Dell Inspiron 13 7000, VR Oculus, Vive, or PSVR??? Peak Design Capture Pro, Hashtag Wedding Photos 25/08/2016 Dell's Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 costs $300 less an XPS, what's the difference? Tested's Norman Chan talks VR with us, Oculus, Vive, PSVR, or wait? Peak Design's Slide Strap & Capture Pro vs. a horse, and the Hashtag Wedding Photos Hack!
S01E87 Kaby Lake Intel Processor, GEM Box Android TV, KEF EGG, AutoPatcher, Block USB Rubber Ducky? 01/09/2016 Kaby Lake Is here... how good is Intel's new processor? EMTEC GEM Box: can it deliver Nvidia Shield level Android TV and gaming? AutoPatcher, blocking Rogue Thumb Drives, and KEF's EGG Wireless Music System
S01E88 POP Home Switch Review, iPhone 7, Lenovo Yoga Book, PlayStation 4 Pro, 4K HDR Desktop Monitors 08/09/2016 iPhone 7, new PlayStations, Logitech’s Pop Reviewed… it’s a switch! For your smart home! The world’s HEAVIEST laptop, Lenovo's new YogaBook, and where are all the HDR 4K UHD desktop monitors?
S01E89 Best Wireless Headphones, Logitech ZeroTouch Review, Intel 600p NVMe SSD, Windows 10 VM VirtualBox 15/09/2016 Best Wireless Headphones, Logitech ZeroTouch Review, NVMe SSD Gets Cheap: Intel 600p NVMe SSD, Windows 10 VM VirtualBox
S01E90 Remove Windows Malware, Dell UltraSharp U34517W review, Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter Teardown 22/09/2016 Windows malware? Here's how to remove it, or just save the photos and files you need off that machine! We review Dell's UltraSharp U34517W, tore into Apple's Lightning Headphone Adapter, and have some help if you're new to Linux.
S01E91 Dump AdBlock Plus! Epson FastFoto FF-640 Review, Peak Design Everyday Tote, NVMe & XPoint Explained 29/09/2016 Best AdBlock Plus Replacement, Epson FastFoto FF-640 Scans Family Photos Fast, Peak Design Everyday Tote, NVMe Explained
S01E92 DJI Osmo Mobile Review, Pixel Phone Ordered, The Real uBlock Origin, Windows or Android Yoga Book? 06/10/2016 DJI Osmo Mobile hands on review, Pixel Phones and Google Home, Windows or Android for Lenovo's new Yoga Book, will the real uBlock Origin please stand up
S01E93 Nasty New Comcast Cap, GlassWire Firewall, RMAF 2016 Picks, Note 7 Cancelled 13/10/2016 Comcast drops data caps on more states... wondering how much will it cost you? Glasswire Firewall reveals what’s secretly using your network. Audiophile speakers and headphones from RMAF 2016.
S01E94 Yoga Book Review! Save & Backup Photos Automatically, Fonts For Dyslexia, First Ham Radio! 20/10/2016 Yoga Book Review, Automatic Backup and Protection for All The Photos… fonts for dyslexics, ham radio reccos, and MORE
S01E95 3 Google Pixel Problems, $100 Noise Cancelling Headphones, How To Put Out Smartphone Fires 27/10/2016 Google Pixel Review, $100 Noise Cancelling Headphones, How To Put Out Smartphone Fires, Stop IoT DDOS Attacks
S01E96 Got Hacked? Do This Next! Best Soldering Iron, HerdProtect Download, Why You Still Have USB 2 Ports 03/11/2016 Did You Really Get Hacked? Do This Next! HerdProtect Download: One Click Runs 68 Malware Scanners! Best Soldering Iron
S01E97 Google Home vs Amazon Echo, Best GPU, HyperX Alloy, G810 Orion Spectrum, Sennheiser PC 373D 10/11/2016 Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, Best GPU from $100 Up, Mechanical Gaming Keyboards & Headsets, Unsubscribe From Email
S01E98 NES Classic Edition Review, WD PiDrive 375GB Raspberry Pi, Cheap 4K GPU, Is Your 2FA On? 17/11/2016 NES Classic Edition… A 375GB Pi? We test WDLabs PiDrive! GPUs for when you just don’t care about gaming, and, hey, is your 2FA really 2FAing??? We might be geeking out a bit on this TekThing!
S01E99 Black Friday Picks! 4K TVs $400-3000, 9 Raspberry Pi Gift Projects, $500 Laptop 23/11/2016 Black Friday Deals! 4K TVs from $400 to $3000, 9 Raspberry Pi project gift ideas, Android phone deals,more!
S01E100 Google Daydream View VR, Monoprice M560, Audioquest NightOwl, 16GB Laptops, Watch Doctor Who Online! 01/12/2016 Google Daydream View VR, Monoprice $199 M560 planar, Audioquest NightOwl headphone reviews! Doctor Who -is- online!
S01E102 Don't Wait For Kaby Lake Desktops?!? Aera Home Fragrance Kit, Razer Ornata Keyboard, Tough USB Cables 15/12/2016 Desktop CPU Picks... should you wait for Kaby Lake??? Aera Home Fragrance Kit, Razer Ornata Keyboard, Tough USB Cables, Futureproof HDMI,
S01E114 Raspberry Pi Zero W, $120 Dragon Touch X10 Tablet, Nokia 3310, Mobile World Congress, AMD Ryzen 7! 02/03/2017 We go hands on with the new Raspberry Pi? Zero W, find out if AMD?'s new Ryzen 7 CPUs beat Intel?, drop a dogpile of Android? picks from Mobile World Congress, and review the $120 DRAGON TOUCH X10 Android Tablet!
S01E115 Nintendo Switch, Brave Browser Review, 1More Quad Driver, V-Moda Forza, Audeze iSine, Best Earbuds 09/03/2017 Nintendo Switch Battery Help, Brave Browser Review, 1More Quad Driver, V-Moda Forza, Audeze iSine, Best Earbuds!
S01E124 Tech Gifts For Mom, USB Type C Dock: Dell TB16 vs Kensington SD4600P, QoS, Dumbest WiFi Speed Boost Ever 11/05/2017 7 Tech Gifts For Mom Under $100, USB Type C Dock: can Dell's TB16 or Kensington's SD4600P deliver? The Dumbest WiFi Speed Boost Ever -- TekThing 124
S01E126 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories, Free Music Servers, Chocolatey Package Server, Soldering Irons 25/05/2017 Top 5 Nintendo Switch Accessories, Free Music Servers, Install Windows Apps With Chocolatey, Soldering Iron Picks: Portable and Worshop
S01E137 Ryzen 3 Problem? 38” Dell Curved Monitor, Detect Broadpwn? How Do 802.11AC Routers Boost N Speeds 10/08/2017 AMD Ryzen 3 for a cheap PC... there's one problem. As many as a billion phones are vulnerable: can you detect Broadpwn? We review Dell's biggest ultrawide UltraSharp, the U3818W, why do 802.11ac routers boost 802.11n speeds, and more help for viewing tiny apps on hi res monitors!
S01E140 WiFi Router Under $100, Can UPRIGHT GO Fix Your Posture, Backup Windows FAST! 31/08/2017 Back up before the hurricane, fire, or somebody steals your laptop!!! Can UPRIGHT GO fix your posture??? Best WiFI Router under $100, Back To School headphones
S01E141 Buy The $250 TCL TV, Camera Sensor Sizes, SONOS or Privacy, $1000 Phones Suck! 07/09/2017 Need a new TV? Good ones are so cheap! Camera sensors and picture quality, Amazon Echo Multi-Room Audio!
S01E144 Eero Gen 2 Review!!! Alienware AW958 Gaming Mouse & AW768 Keyboard, Etcher Burns Better! 28/09/2017 Eero Gen 2 Review!!! Alienware AW958 Gaming Mouse & AW768 Keyboard, Etcher Burns Raspberry Pi OS Installs Better!
S01E146 SNES Classic Review!!! $80 WiFi Router vs. $399 Eero Mesh WiFi, Purity Facebook Hack! 12/10/2017
S01E148 Google Home Mini Review, Surface Pro External Battery, USB-C Charging Hell, Everybody Hates Canary! 26/10/2017 Google Home Mini Review, Surface Pro External Battery, USB-C Charging Hell, Canary Starts Charging For Free Services!
S01E149 Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Review! New Dell XPS 13 Is 200% Faster?!? 30 Day Security Challenge! 02/11/2017
S01E150 Google Pixel 2 XL: How Bad Is The Screen? Google Drive Spam, DAC + Amp Picks! 09/11/2017 Google Pixel 2 XL Has A Great Camera! Google Drive & Hangouts Spam, Headphone DAC+Amp Pick, Which HD Audio Player?
S01E152 You Can Find Black Friday Deals! Movies Anywhere Review, Train Amazon Echo To Recognize Your Voice 23/11/2017 Black Friday… we've got shopping tips and useful tools so you can find real Black Friday deals! Movies Anywhere makes your movies show up EVERYWHERE. Train Amazon Alexa to recognize your voice, how to spot a successful Kickstarter, 2FA SMS vs. Google Authenticator
S01E154 OnePlus 5T vs. Google Pixel 2, Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router Review, Amazon Echo or Google Home??? 07/12/2017 Flagship Phone Bargain: OnePlus 5T! Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router, Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo or Google Home???
S01E155 Tech Gifts for Travelers! Amazon Cloud Cam Review, Test Your Home Network Speed! 14/12/2017 Tech Gifts for Travelers! Amazon Cloud Cam Review, Test Your Home Network Speed, $10,000 Surge Protector Save!
S01E156 Plantronics RIG 800LX Atmos Gaming Headset, Best Wire Stripper, Recover Windows Password, AR Porgs 21/12/2017 Porgs. There are Porgs On Our Set... Google's brought AR stickers to the Pixel 2, and Shannon's Porg obssesion is showing! Recover/Crack Windows Passwords!!! In the past couple month's we've had some Win 10 and 7 boxes with missing passwords... it's an fairly fast fix if you have a Windows password reset disk, or the box is tied ot a Microsoft Account. We talk Ophcrack Windows Password Cracker, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, and Daosoft Password Rescuer in the video. Hint: one is much easier than the others! Plantronics RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset We review Plantronics' RIG 800LX wireless gaming headset, Dolby Atmos games on Win10 and Xbox, and why you don't need a special headset to get Atmos in Windows 10 or Xbox... you will Dolby Access, tho! Best Wire Stripper @NatureBit, aka Bob, tweeted out, "@patricknorton What’s your recommendation for a wire stripper? I need to run new wire for a smart thermostat." Patrick's friend Tim showed him the best tool to use about 30 years ago, self adjusting wire strippers. A good current version that's easy to find is IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP 2078300 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper. MicroSD Cards For Switch/Best Place To Buy MicroSD Cards @GreenArrow374 tweets, "Best place to buy MicroSD cards? Looking for Nintendo switch storage." MicroSD cards make GREAT stocking stuffers... who doesn't want more storage for their phone, camera, Raspberry Pi or Switch??? We discuss the requirements for using a MicroSD card with the Nintendo Switch, how big a card you'll want, speed, the card Shannon wants for her Switch, and where we buy MicroSD cards in the video! Do Something Analog! Like Brandon, who writes, "Take a look at some pictures of a friend (which you will recognize) and myself doing the 14th Annual Tampa Bay AIDS Walk and 5K! Walking for a great cause. And it came with cool badges!" Pictures in the videos, and great job
S01E158 New Dell XPS 13, HP Chromebooks, CES 2018, More Reasons Your Computer Gets Fried, Kill-A-Watt!!! 04/01/2018 New Laptops! Dell XPS 13, HP HP Chromebook 14 G5 and 11 G6 Education Edition! CES 2018, Floating Neutral, Kill-A-Watt
S01E162 Windows Mixed Reality Dell Visor Review! Block Ads That Mine Cryptocurrency, Online Privacy Upgrade 01/02/2018 Del Visor Review! Is a $289 Windows Mixed Reality headset as good as Oculu Rift or HTC VIV??? Block CPU sucking cryptocurrency mining ads with MinerBlock or NoCoin! DuckDuckG's new Privacy Essentials, Firefo Quantum is EXCELLENT, what to back up (and check!) before you sell or gift your old Window PC
S01E163 Petcube Bites Review! Should I Change My Thermal Paste??? Apartment WiFi Security! 08/02/2018 Petcube Bites reviewed: you can finally fling treats at your pet from anywhere your phone gets Internet. Apple's HomePod reviews, is the free WiFI in your new apartment safe, and is DSL an option? (Boy, did we learn a lot.) Do you need to change your CPUs thermal compound like the oil in your car? Make your headphones louder, all that, and a new Doctor Who is on the way!
S01E164 Huawei Mate10 Pro, WD My Passport Wireless SSD, Don’t Download Open Source Malware 15/02/2018 Hauwei’s new flagship smartphone, the Mate10 Pro, and Western Digital’s MY Passport Wireless SSD (Backup your SD Cards anywhere, and it's a PLEX server!) … we’ve got reviews!!! Enchanted Keyfinder: sometimes Open Source downloads are dangerous. A 50 C drop in CPU temps, bee pix, and more