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L'histoire se déroule à notre époque et débute dans la campagne japonaise où Tenchi Masaki, un jeune homme âgé d'environ 16 ans, vit avec son père et son grand-père. Sa vie est celle d'un étudiant des plus ordinaires jusqu'au jour où se produit un événement qui va bouleverser sa vie et va le plonger dans une lutte pour la survie d'un peuple d'un autre temps et d'une autre galaxie : un vaisseau spatial s'écrase non loin de sa maison. Notre étudiant se porte au secours de la rescapée, une jeune fille qui s'avère être une pirate redoutable et qui répond au doux nom de Ryoko. Cette dernière tombe aussitôt amoureuse de Tenchi. Mais à peine remis de ses émotions causées par cette jolie inconnue tombée du ciel, Tenchi voit débarquer un autre engin futuriste. C'est celui de la police intersidérale à bord duquel Mihoshi alias "miss catastrophe" débarque en s'écrasant et présente un mandat d'arrêt contre Ryoko. Arrive ensuite Ayeka, la princesse de la planète Juraï qui gouverne une lointaine galaxie et tombe également amoureuse de Tenchi. Sasami, la petite sœur de la princesse ne tarde pas à rejoindre son ainée pour la ramener sur Juraï. S'ensuit alors la naissance de Ryo-Ohki, l'enfant du vaisseau de Ryoko qui peut se transformer également en vaisseau, ainsi que le réveil d'un démon qui s'avère être une génie en technologie de pointe complètement déjantée : Washu. Et finalement, pour que l'équipe soit presque au complet, la partenaire de Mihoshi : Kiyone. Commencent alors les plus invraisemblables péripéties à travers des scènes d'action, des moments d'humour et des moments tendres telle la relation triangulaire entre Ryoko, Ayeka et Tenchi qui sera présente tout au long de l'animé. Qui aura donc le cœur de Tenchi et quelle sera sa destinée ?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tenchi Muyou !

S01E01 No Need for Discussions! 02/04/1995 Tenchi Masaki is a college student walking through the forest who sees what appears to be a meteor falling from the sky. He investigates and finds a beautiful young woman from the wreckage of a spaceship. Her name is Ryoko and she says she is being chased by a vicious criminal who later appears in the house, meaning to attack Tenchi and Ryoko. Meanwhile, a police officer of the galaxy, Mihoshi, attempts to arrest Ryoko for being a space pirate...
S01E02 No Need for Princess! 09/04/1995 Princess Ayeka, first princess of planet Jurai, regrets responding to Mihoshi's distress beacon when she meets Ryoko on Earth. The two of them go back a long way, and have been enemies for years. During her time on Earth, Ayeka finds herself falling for Tenchi, and cannot endure Ryoko's shameless flirting with him.
S01E03 No Need for Worries! 16/04/1995 The Masaki home is paid another visit by an interstellar traveller in the form of Sasami, Ayeka's younger sister, who has arrived to take her sibling back home. Meanwhile, Ryoko's wrecked spaceship gives birth to a cute replacement, and the mischievous space pirate teases Ayeka by telling her that Tenchi is the father!
S01E04 No Need for Monsters! 23/04/1995 Ryoko becomes a bit too curious about a mysterious cave near the Masaki shrine, and despite warnings of a legendary demon that sleeps within, she ventures inside dragging the unwilling Tenchi with her. They accidentally wake the demon and are chased from the cave. However, the "demon" turns out to be Washu, a mad scientist genius who was expelled from her academy 700 years previously.
S01E05 No Need for Partners 30/04/1995 Mihoshi's Galaxy Police partner Kiyone is ordered to find her missing colleague, and heads for her last known location. Kiyone is shocked to discover her supposedly deceased partner is alive and well and living with a space pirate, two Juraian princesses and a mad scientist.
S01E06 No Need for Resident Officers 07/05/1995 Follow a day in the life of Mihoshi and Kiyone. The Galaxy Police duo are forced to find part-time jobs to pay the rent and bills on their new apartment. But with walking disaster Mihoshi around, holding down a job for even a single day proves difficult!
S01E07 No Need for Carnival 14/05/1995 Sasami and Tenchi visit the annual shrine festival, but disaster ensues when the girls bring their own brand of mayhem and catastrophe to the stalls they are running, from monster fish on Ryoko's fish catching game to Washu's uncontrollable cotton candy machine!
S01E08 No Need for a Genius 21/05/1995 Washu creates a robotic duplicate of herself to help out with her experiments. Unfortunately, an accident occurs when Washu's brain patterns are being transferred to the robot, and it ends up with Mihoshi's personality and intelligence instead!
S01E09 No Need for Memories 28/05/1995 A heavy snowfall brings back memories of Tenchi's childhood, and the day his mother died. Sasami has fun playing in the snow, but the cold weather doesn't agree with everyone. When Tenchi falls ill, a little help from Ayeka's life tree Ryu-Oh is needed to restore him to health.
S01E10 No Need for an Arch Rival 04/06/1995 A ruthless interstellar bounty hunter, Nagi, arrives on Earth to claim the price on Ryoko's head. She kidnaps Tenchi and challenges Ryoko to a showdown to claim him back. However, she doesn't reckon on her spaceship cabbit, Ken-Ohki, falling in love with Ryo-Ohki!
S01E11 Time and Space Adventures Part I 11/06/1995 Washu invents a dimension changing machine that allows its users to manipulate the world to their desires. Despite being forbidden by Washu from using the unfinished invention, the girls can't resist giving it a try, causing the whole family to be drawn into a maze of alternate dimensions where all their fears and fantasies are played out. The first story takes place in Heian era Japan, with Princess Ayeka as the fiancée of Tenchi, who himself is a bold warrior sent to defeat a legendary demon (who turns out to be Ryoko).
S01E12 Time and Space Adventures Part II 18/06/1995 The time and space-roaming saga continues. In the second mini story, Kiyone gives up her police career for a more peaceful existence, and finds herself a job in a quiet seaside town, working at Ayeka and Sasami's tavern. The third story takes place at an ordinary Japanese high-school, with Tenchi, Ryoko and Ayeka as students and Mihoshi and Kiyone as teachers. What starts as an ordinary tale of high-school romance and rivalry ends in bizarre fantasy when Magical Girl Pretty Sammy turns up to put a stop to Ryoko and Ayeka's constant bickering.
S01E13 Time and Space Adventures Part III 25/06/1995 The concluding part of the dimension-travelling tale. The fourth mini-story follows a day in the life of a drastically altered Masaki family; Tenchi and Mihoshi are husband and wife, Sasami is their daughter and Ayeka is Mihoshi's bossy sister-in-law. The fifth and final story finds Tenchi and Ryoko cast as American gangsters on the run from the law after committing dozens of daring robberies across the country. At last, Washu manages to re-establish control of the dimension tuner, but Ryoko is forced to choose between staying in her action-packed fantasy world and returning to reality.
S01E14 No Need for a Rebellion 02/07/1995 The arrival of the Juraian military threatens the status quo of the Masaki home. Ayeka, Sasami and Ryoko are arrested, so the rest of the gang pursue the Juraian ship on which they are being held with the intention of rescuing them.
S01E15 No Need for an Escape 09/07/1995 Having effected a daring escape from the Juraian military, the gang become fugitives. Meanwhile, Mihoshi and Kiyone return to headquarters, and use the opportunity to find out more about the turbulent political situation on planet Jurai. It transpires that during Ayeka and Sasami's absence, the emperor was replaced by a warrior named Yosho, who claims to be the rightful successor to the throne.
S01E16 No Need for Hiding 16/07/1995 The fugitives' journey to Jurai continues, but fuel and money is running short. They decide to take jobs at a bar on a nearby planet, selling overpriced drinks to ease their financial difficulties, but the Galaxy Police are still hot on their trail.
S01E17 No Need for Hunger 23/07/1995 An engine fault leaves the group stranded in deep space, and worse still, the food supplies are dwindling. Washu tries to fix the Yagami's engines, but is hindered every step of the way by Mihoshi. Meanwhile, Ryoko takes the last of the money to buy groceries on a nearby planet, but can't resist the temptations of the bars, casinos and restaurants...
S01E18 No Need for a Ghost 30/07/1995 Sasami is visited one night by a mysterious young girl named Mirei, who invites her back to her own ship to play. Mirei can create wonderful illusions with the wave of her hand, and she and Sasami have fun together in places from each others' memories. Meanwhile, the others, sick with worry over Sasami's disappearance, board Mirei's ship to search for her, but find the vessel has been deserted for hundreds of years.
S01E19 No Need for Runaways 06/08/1995 While stocking up on fuel and supplies at a space station, the group are alarmed to discover that the Yagami has been stolen. Two teenage delinquents, Amarube and Yura, are responsible for the crime, and the gang are led on a frantic chase to retrieve their stolen spaceship.
S01E20 No Need for Swimsuits 13/08/1995 The Yagami is in dock for more repairs, so the gang set up a café at a nearby beach resort to try and make enough money to pay the bills. Alas, trade is rather poor, but news of a swimsuit beauty contest with a big cash prize for the winner sends the girls scurrying for the changing rooms, eager for the chance to pay off their debts and prove who has the better figure!
S01E21 No Need for a Checkpoint 20/08/1995 The gang disguise themselves as schoolgirls to pass through the checkpoint into Juraian space, but Mihoshi's incompetence ruins their plan and they are forced to make an escape. However, one or two benevolent Juraians are on hand to assist them in their passage into Juraian territory.
S01E22 No Need for Knights 27/08/1995 Fleeing into a protected area of space to avoid the Juraian military, the group comes across the resting place of a pair of legendary Juraian knights, Azaka and Kamidake (after whom Ayeka's guardians were named). With the help of the guardians, Katsuhito resurrects the legendary knights, and finally reveals his true identity as the legendary Juraian warrior Yosho.
S01E23 No Need for Karma 03/09/1995 The fugitives seek refuge amongst the ruins of the Juraian imperial villa, and finally discover the identity of the man claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne of Jurai; the exiled warrior Kagato. Kagato turns up at the ruins to face Tenchi's grandfather in combat once more.
S01E24 No Need for Ryoko 10/09/1995 With Ryoko and Katsuhito wounded and unable to fight, Tenchi makes the decision to face his destiny, challenging Kagato and rescuing princess Ayeka. Although Ryoko does not want Tenchi to fight, she risks her own life to ensure that he reaches the royal palace safely.
S01E25 No Need for a Showdown 17/09/1995 Tenchi, accompanied by Azaka and Kamidake, heads deep into the royal palace to find Kagato. Azaka and Kamidake battle the two Juraian knights that protect Kagato. Tenchi himself faces Kagato in their final battle to the death, the future of Jurai and the lives of himself and his family at stake.
S01E26 No Need for a Conclusion 24/09/1995 Tenchi narrates this epilogue to the Tenchi Universe saga, detailing the fates of everyone who was involved in the story. However, the whereabouts of Ryoko still remain a mystery.
S00E01 Tenchi Muyou ! in Love 20/04/1996 Ce film est dans la continuité de l'animé Tenchi Universe, conclut par le film Tenchi Forever. Dans l'espace intersidéral, le QG des forces de la Police Galactique est réduit à néant par une formidable explosion. Leur dernier message est un appel de détresse comme quoi Kain, un terroriste de l'espace, s'est échappé. Pendant ce temps sur Terre, Tenchi montre aux filles un ancien film sur Achika, sa mère défunte. Soudainement, l'image de la maman de Tenchi disparaît devant les yeux hébétés des spectateurs. Pire, Tenchi lui-même commence à disparaître et la maison Masaki s'effondre comme un château de cartes. Dr Washu, la génie déjantée, sauve Tenchi de justesse en mettant en place un champ magnétique autour du héros. La scientifique explique que des événements ont eu un impact sur le passé et sur la naissance de Tenchi. Celle-ci n'existerait plus. Alors qu'ils retournent dans le passé à l'époque où la mère et le père de Tenchi se sont connus, ils commencent peu à peu à comprendre que Kain pourrait être le responsable de la disparition d'Achika. Dès lors, leur mission est claire : protéger coûte que coûte la mère de Tenchi afin que celui-ci puisse voir le jour ! -ANIMEKA-
S00E02 Tenchi Muyou ! in Love 2 24/04/1999 Un beau matin de printemps, Tenchi se fait prendre malencontreusement à parti dans une querelle amoureuse entre la pirate de l'espace Ryoko et la princesse de la planète Juraï Ayeka concernant la préférée de Tenchi. Les filles lui demandent en effet de choisir une bonne fois pour toute avec qui il compte finalement sortir, mais Tenchi apparemment fatigué d'entendre toujours les mêmes complaintes se réfugie dans les bois. La voix d'une femme l'appelle alors par son prénom. Étonné, notre héros cherche d'où peut bien provenir cette voix si douce et s'approche d'un camélia. Tenchi disparaît alors soudainement sans laisser de traces. Les semaines passent et aucun signe de vie de la part de Tenchi. Les filles sont désespérées de ne pouvoir jamais le revoir... Finalement, 6 mois après grâce à un procédé technologique avancé de Washu, la scientifique déjantée, les filles localisent Tenchi. Mais quelle n'est pas la surprise de le revoir avec quelques années en plus et pire, en compagnie d'une jeune femme du nom de Haruna chez qui apparemment Tenchi vit !? Ryoko et Ayeka partent à sa rencontre, mais elles s'aperçoivent qu'il vit dans une dimension parallèle et qu'il est hors-d'atteinte. De plus, Tenchi ne se souvient ni de l'une, ni de l'autre. Qui est donc cette mystèrieuse Haruna et qu'a-t-elle fait à Tenchi pour le changer si brusquement ? -ANIMEKA-