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In Tenkai Knights, teenagers Guren, Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa accidentally stumbled into an interdimensional portal and ended up on the world known as Quarton. They emerged as Bravenwolf, Tributon, Lydendor and Valorn, the legendary Tenkai Knights. Now these four friends hold the fate of two worlds in their powerful robotic hands and must master amazing powers to stop the evil Vilius and his army of shapeshifting robots from destroying both Quarton and Earth.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tenkai Knights

S01E01 Les deux mondes 24/08/2013 Guren and Ceylan track down and meet Chooki and Toxsa, the two other Earth boys who possess cores and become Tenkai Knights on Quatron! Their friendship gets off to a bumpy start.
S01E02 Le cube du dragon Tenkaï 31/08/2013 Guren and Ceylan discover two other human heroes who have 'cores' and who can also travel to Quarton, but they don't know who they are or where they come from.
S01E03 L'embrasement 01/09/2013 Guren Nash gets settled into his new town and meets Ceylan. The two become fast friends and their life takes an unexpected and adventurous turn when they receive mysterious small 'cores' that they can hold in their hands and uncover a hidden portal.
S01E04 Le pouvoir des quatre 14/09/2013 The boys are starting come together as a team as they learn more about Quarton. While on Quarton - in search of the next Dragon cube - the boys discover that they can combine their Tenkai Knights to become something more powerful, the Prodojet. Back on Earth, the guys learn that someone stole the Key from the museum, possibly for Vilius.
S01E05 Vilius en action 21/09/2013 As the four heroes gain confidence after having gain another cube of the Tenkai Dragon, Vilius decides to make his epic presence felt. The Guardian warns the four about the danger of being over-confident, but the boys aren't really listening.
S01E06 L'héritier Tenkaï 28/09/2013 The boys asked Mr. White who manages the Earth side of the portal, an intriguing thrift store, for some Quarton help, but he says he'll only help them if they agree to help him in the store. Believing in Mr. White's procedure, Guren unlonks his Titan Mode for the first time.
S01E07 Tributon au maximum 05/10/2013 A mysterious new student arrives in Brandom City while on Quarton, Tributon fights to achieve Tenkai Titan mode. In the end, the Tenkai Knights face the appearance of Dromus, an evil clone of Bravenwolf who takes the fourth Dragon Cube with him.
S01E08 Chooki en quête de chance 12/10/2013 Chooki has always been good at sports, school, and, well, everything. But in order to save Toxsa, Chooki gets himself jinxed and becomes clumsy and unable to do what he's best at. The four travel back to Quarton, where Chooki unlocks his Titan Mode while overcoming the jinx.
S01E09 La vallée des secrets 19/10/2013 Commander Beag sacrificies himself the save the Tenkai Knights from falling down, causing them to develop a new Robofusion. They soon find out Beag is trapped in the Valley of Secrets and go to rescue him. They also find the fifth and last Dragon Cube inside the Valley.
S01E10 Toxas 2.0 26/10/2013 Jealous of his teammates all being able to achieve Titan Mode, Toxsa travels to Quarton to train in secret. Meanwhile, Vilius sends out an attack, and Toxsa is captured. The other Tenkai knights travel to Quarton to save Toxsa. After realizing he needs his friends, He goes Titan and forces Vilius' forces to retreat.
S01E11 Pile ou face 02/11/2013 On Earth, Guren receives Gen's advice about "choosing the side he wants". Meanwhile, the Corekai decide to infiltrate into the Dark Fortress to find the last Dragon Cube. But Dromus is equipped with a Core Corrupter to make the Corekai evil. Remebering Gen's advice, the Knights are able to turn their allies back to their old selves, causing Dromus to retreat. The heroes finally get all Dragon Cubes. Back on Earth, Guren's computer recives a meesage telling he is one of the "keys" that awake the Tenkai Dragon.
S01E12 La clé du dragon 09/11/2013 The gang splits into two groups, Guren and Chooki try to find a clew about the White Dragon Key. They find a sign which takes them to another and another (at one of these signs they spot Gen). They finally arrive at the Key and have to go through booby traps. Guren finally gets through and takes the key. Meanwhile Toxsa and Ceylan are fighting such a hard battle they have to go Titan mode. They seem to be holding the Corrupted off but more keep coming. Suddenly Dromus shows up in the end and says that everything is going according to his plan.
S01E13 Vilius se déchaîne 16/11/2013 Following the battle located in the Dragon's Nest, Guren and Chooki travel to Quarton with Boreas the five Cubes are combined into one giant cube that can be only opened with the Dragon Key, awakening the Tenkai Dragon. However, Dromus captures it in a trap and transports it to the Corrupted headquarters. During the fight, Guren reveals his human identity to Vilius before destroying him. In the aftermath, Vilius revives and swears to conquer Quarton and Earth.
S01E14 La clé perdue 23/11/2013 Vilius has kidnapped the Tenkai Dragon and Guren tires to figure out their next move. On Earth, a stranger returns to Benham City.
S01E15 Supercherie Tenkaï 30/11/2013 Beni and Gen scheme on Earth for a way to distract Guren from the other boys. On Quarton, a new villain named Venetta is revealed.
S01E16 Le pouvoir de l'humour 07/12/2013 Ceylan's self-doubt leads him to wonder what skills he brings to the team. Is he the best Tenkai Knight he can be?
S01E17 Robofusion 04/01/2014 On Earth, Mr. White takes the boys fishing. Everybody catches a fish but Chooki. He takes this pretty bad, and wants to keep trying until he catches one. Meanwhile, on Quarton, Vilius and the Corrupted can finally withdraw the Tenkai Dragon's energy. Granox, Slyger, a robo-beast, and a Corrupted soldier can robofuse as well. Also, Boreas and the other guardians mention that the balance of tenkai energy is unbalanced.
S01E18 La clé du mal 11/01/2014
S01E19 Mon frère, ce héros 18/01/2014
S01E20 Douce trahison 25/01/2014
S01E21 Echec et mat 01/02/2014
S01E22 Dromus, le traître trahi 08/02/2014 Venetta and Dromus appear to have a falling out, later Beni reveals her identity as Venetta to Guren and the others. Meanwhile, Boreas and the other Guardians engage Vilius and the Corrupted in a battle to protect the portal to Earth.
S01E23 La quête de la clé du dragon 15/02/2014 Guren and the others learn that the Black Dragon Key is hidden inside the building were his father works. As the group decides to look inside, Chooki still has doubts that Beni wont betray them.
S01E24 Que la bataille commence 24/02/2014
S01E25 Le réveil des ténèbres 01/03/2014
S01E26 Un nouveau chevalier 08/03/2014
S01E27 Le retour de Vilius 15/03/2014
S01E28 Les chevaliers élémentaires 22/03/2014
S01E29 Un pour tous et tous pour un 29/03/2014
S01E30 Peur sur la Terre 05/04/2014
S01E31 Tenkai ninja 12/04/2014
S01E32 Capitaine Toxsa 19/04/2014
S01E33 Le serpent de la discorde 26/04/2014
S01E34 Les dangers de la trahison 03/05/2014
S01E35 Le pouvoir des flammes 10/05/2014
S01E37 Sésame, ouvre-toi 24/05/2014
S01E38 Regarder derrière pour avancer 31/05/2014
S01E39 Dragon 06/09/2014
S01E40 Welcome to the Jungle 13/09/2014
S01E41 The Race Is On 20/09/2014
S01E42 Monkey in the City 27/09/2014
S01E43 Ape Knight 04/10/2014
S01E44 Scorpidon 11/10/2014
S01E45 Red & Black 18/10/2014
S01E46 The Four Beags 25/10/2014
S01E47 Heart Turns to Stone 01/11/2014
S01E48 Too Close To Home 08/11/2014
S01E49 New Element, A 15/11/2014
S01E50 Toxsa Blocked 22/11/2014
S01E51 Tower of Bricks 29/11/2014
S01E52 Lone Wolf 06/12/2014

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