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Ère Tenpô (milieu du XIXe siècle), ère de réformes mais aussi de misères et de famines. Les paysans se réfugient dans les villes comme Edo pour fuir un avenir trop incertain. Dans ces cités où ils sont appelés vagabonds, ils sont parqués dans des ghettos d'où on ne peut sortir sous peine d'être emprisonné , voire exécuté en cas de récidive. Yukiatsu Ryûdô est l'un de ces vagabonds. En cachant son identité, il mène une petite vie paisible jusqu'au jour où son passé le rattrape. Fils de samouraï, il a été témoin dans son enfance de l'existence d'un autre monde, et son passage dans celui-ci lui a conféré un pouvoir : l'Ayakashi, la possibilité d'utiliser la force des kanjis. Ce pouvoir le désigne pour être le leader naturel du Bansha Aratamesho, une organisation qui lutte contre les Youi (démons à forme humaine), devenant ainsi un Ayashi.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi

S01E01 The Youi Arrival 07/10/2006 Torii Y?z?, the South Edo Magistrate, promises to recognize the legitimacy of the Bansha Aratamesho if Ogasawara and the others can recruit a man called Ry?d? Yukiatsu into the organization.
S01E02 The God of the Mountain Falls 14/10/2006 Yukiatsu helps the other Ayashi to protect ?ta from the Y?i.
S01E03 Doctrine 3 - Dark Flow of Flowery Edo 21/10/2006 The samurai residential quarters of Edo are under attack by the second Y?i. Meanwhile, Yuki must choose between a life with ?ta and Tae-san or a life as an ayashi.
S01E04 The Living Doll 28/10/2006 The Office of Barbarian Knowledge Enforcement is investigating a series of missing persons around the circus area in Yotsuya. The South Edo Magistrate are also pursuing the same case.
S01E05 Murderer`s Story 04/11/2006 Tamahei, the Okappiki, suspects that Yukiatsu might have murdered someone in Edo 15 years ago.
S01E06 Dragon Aura Running 11/11/2006 The serpent Y?i runs wild in Edo. Torii plans to use Atl as human sacrifice to appease the Y?i.
S01E07 The Dragon in the Cloud 18/11/2006 Yukiatsu tries to draw out the Ayagami from the serpent Y?i, but finds he is unable to do it. The only thing to do is to try to take the Ayagami from Shichi in order to subdue the Y?i. To change the serpent Y?i into a good spirit, Kumoshichi fuses himself with it.
S01E08 Fox Play 25/11/2006 The Office of Barbarian Knowledge Enforcement is given jurisdiction to investigate the case of missing people around the Kabuki playhouses. Saiz? is adamant to investigate the case without Yukiatsu's help.
S01E09 Front and Back 02/12/2006 Saiz? is possessed by the Mask Y?i and her dance is drawing all Y?i into Edo. Ogasawara orders his Ayashi to terminate Saiz?.
S01E10 Holy Music of Girl Smelling March Flowers 09/12/2006 After Ry?d? confronts Saiz? and saves her from the Mask Y?i, Saiz? manages to destroy the Y?i herself.
S01E11 Nikkou Spirit Highway 16/12/2006 Ry?d? and Ogasawara travel along a highway outside Edo, slaying Y?i to make a safe path for an important official to travel through the area.
S01E12 Equine Dragon, Howling at the Moon 23/12/2006 The Western Ones use the Killing Stone to summon a vast number of Y?i in the Nikk? region. Meanwhile, Ogasawara is told he must kill his old friend Kan? to prove his innocence.
S01E13 Record of Rumors of Hell and Paradise 06/01/2007 Tamahei, the policeman, explains to Kai Sh?zabur?, a young painter, about the Bansha Aratemesho. His story recaps all the previous episodes.
S01E14 Butterfly Dance 13/01/2007 After a woman is murdered in the brothel district, Sh?zabur? and Atl come under suspicion from a special branch of the police called the Arson/Thievery Investigations.
S01E15 Woman on the Rashoumon Riverbank 20/01/2007 The Arson/Thievery Investigations continue to investigate the murders. Eventually the Office of Barbarian Knowledge Enforcement discover that the killer is a Y?i which uses human bodies as a chrysalis.
S01E16 The Machine Tribe 27/01/2007 The government officials supporting the Office of Barbarian Knowledge Enforcement come under attack by an elusive gunman, and the ayashi investigate. Meanwhile, Abi meets a tribesman from his past.
S01E17 Cloistered World 03/02/2007 Saiz? and Edo Gen are help captive by the mountain tribesmen, who reveal that their true target is Torii Yozo. Meanwhile, the other ayashi investigate the tribesmen and Abi searches for his sister.
S01E18 Wanderer`s Paradise 10/02/2007 The attack on Torii fails. Abi continues to seek his sister, but eventually learns that she resides in the Other World and has become a demon.
S01E19 Three Yukiatsus 17/02/2007 Two people, a boy and an aging man, appear in Edo, both claiming to be called Ry?do Yukiatsu. The ayashi investigate this and in doing so discover more about Ry?do's past.
S01E20 Shinobazu Pond Lullaby 24/02/2007 Yukiatsu must decide whether he wants to return to his family permanently. The Ry?do family sword transforms into a giant y?i and Ry?do fuses with Kumoshichi to defeat it.
S01E21 To End on a Starry Night 03/03/2007 The Western Ones create a new Y?i which travels to Edo and attacks a series of young girls, transforming them into heartless killers. Atl and Saiz? act as bait for the Y?i but in the end it chases Edo Gen instead, and is later killed by Ry?do.
S01E22 A Drunk Who Doesn`t Come Home 10/03/2007 The ayashi hunt down a sake-based Y?i which dwells in the water systems. Meanwhile, Atl meets a samurai who will soon be forced to commit seppuku so she tries to open a gate to the Other World which will lead him to safety.
S01E23 Official Construction in Old Canal of Inba Marsh 17/03/2007 The Ayashi receive a plea for help at the Inba Marsh construction site, but Atobe orders Ogasawara to not take action because Torii is supervising the construction and his failure could provoke his downfall. However, Ogasawara does not stop the other Ayashi from going there instead.
S01E24 Fantasy of the Latter Southern Dynasty 24/03/2007 Atl's dissatisfaction with the Human world reaches its peak, and she summons a massive Y?i which falls under the Western Ones' control. To complicate matters, Yuki discovers that Genbatsu has joined the Western Ones.
S01E25 Intermission 31/03/2007 To complete their master plan, the Western Ones use Atl's power to summon another gigantic Y?i deep into the Ayashi's lair, but Yuki and his companions bring forth the full power of their ayagami to stand against them.