Affiche Tesagure! Bukatsumono
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The CG anime centers around the extracurricular activities of students.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tesagure! Bukatsumono

S01E01 Welcome 05/10/2013 First-year high school student Koharu gets drawn into a strange club that deconstructs typical clubs, imagines how said clubs could be improved through unique changes, and then actually tries a wild mash-up of two disparate club activities. But how will "straight man" Koharu fare in a club with three oddballs?
S01E02 Innocent Love 12/10/2013 The more Koharu learns about her mysterious club, the more unsettled she is. For one thing, her fellow members seem to think she may be the "main character". For another, Yua has the ability to read Koharu's thoughts... or at least hear her voice-over narration. And then there are the strange club activities, like a mash-up of soccer with composing haiku...
S01E03 Capricious 19/10/2013 Koharun thinks she can tell a student's "character type" with no more than a glance until Hiina and the others teach her who the real "characters" at their school are. Later at the club, they deconstruct and reconstruct shogi, followed by a giant-size shogi game with a "twist" in the school gym.
S01E04 Dignity 26/10/2013 What is the connection between student council and the Tesaguri Club? Why is Koharu nervous about how other students view the club? And after another meeting of coming up with twists on existing clubs, what causes Yua to crack?
S01E05 Aspiration 02/11/2013 After the school changes to summer uniforms, Koharun notices a certain characteristic of Hiina's chest. This leads to the revelation of an astonishing hidden "secret" of the uniforms. After school, they meet at the club to riff on and then come up with new ideas regarding the cycling club.
S01E06 Lonely Love 09/11/2013 This time, the Tesaguri Club tackles the high school brass band. Aoi doesn't care for the idea of a coed club, but it gives Koharu the chance to introduce a romantic element to the proceedings. Later, Mobuko-chan and her sisters join in as Yua conducts the Tesagure brass band!
S01E07 A Maiden's True Heart 16/11/2013 When Koharun forgets her lunch at home, she plans on buying at the school store, but finds that it's just as mobbed as depicted in anime and manga. At the club, the theme is a "new newspaper club", and the girls come up with an entire retro-style manga/anime series. Finally, Mobuko joins the members in the gym for an activity that embarrasses Koharun to no end!
S01E08 Ideal Love 23/11/2013 You can't have a school anime without a school festival, and Koharun is enjoying her first, but it seems something fishy is going on with all the maid cafes there. Afterwards, the theme is a "new tennis club" and somehow Yua brings worn-out panties into it...
S01E09 Shyness 30/11/2013 When the girls tackle the drama club, dramatic chaos appropriately erupts, from Hiina tackling the "u" word to Yua bringing up two "dangerous" ideas! Later, Koharun becomes more embarrassed than ever as the club puts on a play based on... the club's skewering of the drama club!
S01E10 Egoism 07/12/2013 While bringing garbage out back behind the gym for the first time, Koharun learns an "unwritten rule", something that must always be done there. Later, Yua and Hiina indulge Aoi when she deems it unfair that "eyes" are so much cooler than the "mouth" when it comes to idioms.
S01E11 Love Divination 28/12/2013 Yua and Aoi tease Koharun by saying embarrassing things about her to a boy, but he seems to exhibit a personality characteristic common among anime high school boys... Later, Mobuko and her sisters join in the fun when the Tesaguri Club deconstructs both an astronomy club and a cheerleading team.
S01E12 Beauty of the Heart 28/12/2013 It's March and even though they thought their peaceful days would never end, graduation season has come to the Tesaguri Club, too. Aoi and Koharu celebrate Yua and Hina's graduation. As they clean up the clubroom together, memorable items pop up. And as Koharu picks up a certain file, their conversation turns to one year ago...
S02E01 No Getting Away From It 12/01/2014
S02E02 Good Faith to Withstand Every Trial 19/01/2014
S02E03 You're Beautiful, But Cold 26/01/2014
S02E04 You Can't Pretend 02/02/2014
S02E05 I'm Only Looking at You 09/02/2014
S02E06 I Like You When You're Sad 16/02/2014
S02E07 Beautiful Harmony 23/02/2014
S02E08 Perfect Charm 02/03/2014
S02E09 Suspicion 09/03/2014
S02E10 Conceited 16/03/2014
S02E11 Secret Love 23/03/2014
S02E12 Elegant Woman 30/03/2014
S03E01 Amusons-nous avec les femmes-robots et les mangas en une case ! 05/04/2015 Pour cette nouvelle saison, il s'agit d'innover et d'improviser. L'innovation vient de la fusion avec la série Pupu-Purun Charm, dont les doubleuses arrivent dans cette série. Pour l'improvisation, les thèmes du jour sont les femmes-robots et les mangas en une case.
S03E02 Amusons-nous avec les clubs de gymnastique et de comédie musicale ! 12/04/2015 Aujourd'hui, improvisation sur le thème de la gymnastique et karaoké sur le journalisme et le tennis.
S03E03 Amusons-nous avec les entretiens d’embauche et le club de ping-pong ! 19/04/2015 Aujourd'hui, improvisation sur le thème des entretiens d'embauche d'un nouveau genre, et le club de ping-pong innovant.
S03E04 Amusons-nous avec les villas et les hymnes d'école ! 26/04/2015 Aujourd'hui, improvisation sur le thème des villas d'un nouveau genre, et la création de l'hymne du lycée Tôsei.
S03E05 Amusons-nous avec les excursions et les maisons hantées ! 02/05/2015 Aujourd'hui, improvisation sur le thème des excursions scolaires et visite d'une maison hantée pour une prise de son en extérieur.
S03E06 Amusons-nous avec les dentistes et les grandes roues ! 09/05/2015 Rin ayant mal aux dents, on improvise aujourd'hui sur les dentistes. Ensuite, nouvelle prise de son en extérieur pour un tour en grande roue. Frissons garantis !
S03E07 Amusons-nous avec les loups-garous et le yuri ! (Partie 1) 16/05/2015 Aujourd'hui, puisque les dix membres de l'équipe sont disponibles, on commence un jeu qui consiste à deviner le rôle de tout le monde dans une histoire de loups-garous dans un dortoir de filles.
S03E08 Amusons-nous avec les loups-garous et le yuri ! (Partie 2) 23/05/2015 Le jeu continue, il s'agit de ne pas se tromper pour désigner les yuri-garous...
S03E09 Let's Play With Movie Theaters and Zoos 06/06/2015
S03E10 Let's Play With Beauty Salons and Comic Haiku 13/06/2015
S03E11 Let's Play with All the Footage Up to Now 20/06/2015
S03E12 Let's Play with a Totally Tesaguri Grand Prix 27/06/2015