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Tetsujin Tiger Seven (鉄人タイガーセブン Tetsujin Taigā Sebun?, Iron Man Tiger 7), was a Japanese tokusatsu television series that aired in 1973, produced by P Productions. Unlike P. Productions Lion Maru series, Iron Man Tiger 7 is set in modern Japan. Takigawa Go gets the power to transform into Tetsujin Tiger Seven from an artificial heart and a magic pendent. To transform he utters the henshin (transformation) phrase "Tiger Spark". Takigawa Go is played by Tatsuya Nanjô who also starred in Toei's Henshin Ninja Arashi. Go rides a Suzuki motorcycle with rocket boosters. When he transforms into Tiger Seven the motorcycle transforms as well to become "Spike Go". Spike Go can drive itself, coming to its master's aid when Tiger 7 roars. Tetsujin Tiger 7 was apparently P. Production's attempt at a Kamen Rider style series. They even hired Shunsuke Kikuchi composer of the 1970s Kamen Rider music to write the music for Tetsujin Tiger 7.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tetsujin Tiger Seven

S01E01 Great Rebellion of the Fearful Mu Primitives 06/10/1973
S01E02 Vengeance of the Mummy Primitive 13/10/1973
S01E03 Counterattack! Amphibian Primitive Amazon X 20/10/1973
S01E04 Conspiracy of the Fearful Oil Primitive!! 27/10/1973
S01E05 Shivering Snake Primitive! 03/11/1973
S01E06 The Homicidal Lightning Witch Approaches! 10/11/1973
S01E07 Strong Wind! Wolf Rider Unit 17/11/1973
S01E08 The Scarf Filled With Rage!! 24/11/1973
S01E09 Death Strike!! Flying Dragon Primitive vs. Tiger Seven 01/12/1973
S01E10 Great Explosion! Child of the Earth Primitive 08/12/1973
S01E11 The Disolving Face of the Wax Primitive 15/12/1973
S01E12 Hayashi, Sanpei Becomes the Fly Primitive 22/12/1973
S01E13 Help Me Brother Go!! 29/12/1973
S01E14 The Skull Primitive of Hell's Burning Life 05/01/1974
S01E15 Great Invasion of the Mu Empire 12/01/1974
S01E16 Challenge To the Mu Empire 19/01/1974
S01E17 Crisis of Japan Sinking!! 26/01/1974
S01E18 Game of Death on the Izu Peninsula!! 02/02/1974
S01E19 Hear the Song of Tiger Seven 09/02/1974
S01E20 Challenge of Gunfighter Rat Primitive 16/02/1974
S01E21 Necessary Shooting!! Tiger's Spiral Spark 23/02/1974
S01E22 Counterattack of the Mad Dog Primitive!! 02/03/1974
S01E23 Groan of the Demonic Coal-Tar Primitive 09/03/1974
S01E24 Mu Empire On the Move!! 16/03/1974
S01E25 Great Circus of the Fearful Marionette Primitive 23/03/1974
S01E26 Now Revive the Tiger Spark!! 30/03/1974

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