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Birdy est un agent de la fédération universelle qui vient sur Terre pour poursuivre un grand criminel en fuite. Lors de sa rencontre avec l'ennemi, elle touche mortellement Tsutomu Senkawa. Ce simple garçon qui n'avait rien demandé se retrouve, pour survivre, dans le même corps que Birdy. La cohabitation n'est pas simple, surtout quand il s'agit d'expliquer la situation à sa copine ou de traquer les pires mutants de l'univers....


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE

S01E01 One Plus One 04/07/2008 While pursuing alien criminals named Bacillus and Geega, Birdy and Tute infiltrate Earth under the cover of a rising Japanese idol and her manager. During one night on a routine mission to apprehend the said criminal, a civilian named Tsutomu Senkawa is used as a human shield. When Birdy realized that she killed him in an accident, she decided that the only way to save his life was to fuse her body with his in order to prevent him from dying. Tsutomu thought that it was all a dream until he found that he was unable to control his body one night after he was supposedly dead.
S01E02 The Partnered One 11/07/2008 Birdy and Tsutomu try to cope with existing by sharing one body, but leading two separate lives. Birdy's commanding officer, Magius, informs Tsutomu that his original body's being restored and it will be some time before he can live outside of Birdy's body. Bacillus tries to eliminate Birdy by luring her into a movie shooting as cover. Keisuke Muroto tries to take photos of Bacillus and Birdy, but falls unconscious when he was knocked out by debris. A wounded Bacillus took over Geegar's Earth body as his first one was damaged from deterioration and from fighting Birdy.
S01E03 View of Life 18/07/2008 Bacillus tries to locate and eliminate Birdy, while she, Tsutomu and Tute argue over the constant separate lives that they were trying to hide from the public. Tute gets wounded by Bacillus before he gave Birdy an Elemental Destructor capsule bomb to kill Bacillus and eliminate the threat of him killing an Earth-born civilian in Japan. Birdy mourns Tute's death when he can't heal his wounds from Bacillus' attack.
S01E04 A Stranger From Earth 25/07/2008 Birdy returns to her home planet Altaria to attend a trial of one of the smugglers that she had arrested. She and Tsutomu were questioned by a deity named Nejula Gate Altaria regarding Ryunka. Nejula reveals to Tsutomu that Ryunka is used as a nuclear weapon, killing off the inhabitants of a planet named Bilugema. While Birdy visits her hometown, a terrorist bombing destroys a convoy of vehicles.
S01E05 Another World 01/08/2008 Birdy fights with King Zero as Nejula corners Gelabu--whom ultimately commits suicide for his "pride" or "honor." Thanks to Birdy's way with words and the simple fact that King Zero's girl can't stand to see lots of people die, she detonates the falling satellite which was targeting the Union. Kashugeza turns out to be an undercover agent under Skeletsu's direction. Birdy is quite frustrated with the fact that Skeletsu tolerated the deaths of her fellow, innocent, Altarians in the terrorist attack in order to get a lead on King Zero.
S01E06 Both of Us 08/08/2008 Sayaka Nakasugi invites her classmates to her mansion for her welcome back party. Birdy investigates the site where she had killed Tsutomu in order to locate a marionette of non-Earth origin. Sayaka's maid Yoshio finds strange things have happened to her, which started to worry Sayaka's grandfather, Katsutoshi. Meanwhile, Nakasugi disappears from the Nakasugi Mansion after encountering a parrot, which was an alien being in disguise.
S01E07 Night Walker 15/08/2008 A string of murders with dead female victims with short hair and glasses leads Birdy to investigate them with Tsutomu. The culprit is revealed to be a rogue combat marionette, which is killing the victims as it thinks of them as the mother, the main programmer when the marionette was placed under her care. Birdy attempts to retrieve it, but is attacked by supposedly a Federation-based person with a guardian robot that attacks her to keep her away from acquiring the disabled robot.
S01E08 Ghost Village 22/08/2008 Nakasugi invites her friends including Tsutomu to her family village in the Sawajiri Village in Nagano. But on one evening, Nakasugi succumbs to the Riunka implanted on her by an unknown force who returned the renegade marionette back to her owners. A small number of Riunka explosions rattled the village, forcing local police and the JGSDF to mobilize.
S01E09 The Champion of Justice 29/08/2008 An investigation team under Shyamalan's orders investigates the ruins of Sawajiri Village, even killing a policeman when Murota and Hayamiya decide to investigate. Birdy saves them from some of the armed men and fights the reconstructed marionette before she gets injured during an encounter with Gomez after defeating the marionette again.
S01E10 You're the One 05/09/2008 Tsutomu and Nakasugi go on a date with Tsutomu received a kiss from Nakasugi herself. Meanwhile, Shyamalan meets with Sayaka's grandfather and kills him during the meeting. When Yoshie discovers his body, she thinks that Sayaka killed him, which activates the Ryunka in her body and evaporated her.
S01E11 Bye Bye Buddy 12/09/2008 It has been confirmed: Nakasugi is the host for Ryunka. But Tsutomu wants to protect her, no matter what and so he takes control of Birdy's body when she tried to get close to Ryunka. Nejula knocks them out before their minds fuse completely. When they wake up again, Tsutomu has his own body back and needs glasses again. From now on, Birdy and Tsutomu go separate ways. When Birdy and Nejula arrive at Nakasugi's villa, she is already gone because she went to Tsutomo's place. To protect her from being pursued by her greedy relatives, Tsutomu leaves her in Shymalan's care. After that he discovers Shymalan's true intentions when Nejula confronts him...
S01E12 Doomsday 19/09/2008 Shymalan releases a recorded TV announcement, saying that he intends to wreck genocide on Japan to weed out the weak. The government, though slow, has begun to take steps to contain the Ryunka that is beginning to spread throughout the Greater Tokyo Area. Tsutomu, though advised not to go out of his house, decides to do so and save Sayaka. Nejula suggests that a faction of the Federation Police may have not decided to quickly respond to see the power of Ryunka. Muroto decides to help Tsutomu after he finds out that the ship is the Lost Bird, where Sayaka is held. Shymalan is killed when the Ryunka inside of Sayaka is activated, with a segment of the Japanese public. Birdy, meanwhile, is moving in on her own to stop the Lost Bird from moving any further.
S01E13 Stand By Me 26/09/2008 Birdy and Tsutomu head to the Lost Bird to figure out a way to purge the Ryunka out of Sayaka's body. The two were able to do so, at the cost of Tsutomu's own body when he sacrificed it to allow Birdy to kill him again and purge the Ryunka parasite out of his body with Nejula in charge of containing it. The Japanese government had covered up the events as the JGSDF had mobilized in Roppongi. Due to the events, Sayaka loses some of her memories including her encounters with Tsutomu. Birdy once again merges with Tsutomu until a new body can be readied. Meanwhile, Gomez and his boss Revi had a conversation about whether Birdy is a threat, with Gomez telling Revi to take some precautions against her.
S02E01 Après tout 09/01/2009 Birdy est informé d'une évasion d'une prison intergalactique, et s'organise pour traquer l'un des prisonniers évadé. Alors qu'il lui est ordonné d'appréhender les criminels vivant, elle s'aperçoit qu'il a déjà été tué au moment où elle arrive sur les lieux. Le seul indice est une puce de déguisement, qui a dissous le corps.
S02E02 Simple tour du destin 16/01/2009 Birdy retrouve son ami d'enfance, Nataru. Ils parlent un peu. Ils sont interrompus par une jeune fille en fauteuil roulant, qui lui parle froidement. Un deuxième des criminels est poursuivi. Birdy le poursuit, mais il s'échappe pour être ensuite tué d'une façon si violente que cela surprend Birdy.
S02E03 Quelque part dans le temps 23/01/2009 Senkawa et le club de journalisme vont enquêter sur un camp de réfugiés. Alors que Hayasumi essaie seulement obtenir de bons témoignages, Birdy espère obtenir des informations sur un autre alien vivant dans le camp. Deux jeunes enfants, Takumi et Marina, font visiter le camp au club. Ils s'enfuient dans les ruines pour ne pas être séparés, mais ils se font attaquer par un groupe de voyous. Nataru, un bénévole du camp, va chercher les enfants, mais tout seul il n'est pas assez fort. Birdy arrive à son secours.
S02E04 Les larmes ne suffisent pas 30/01/2009 Birdy traque le revendeur de puces Virtuelle, qui est en fait le père de Nataru, Mr. Dusk. Dusk révèle qu'il est membre d'un groupe de libération Alterian, et qu'il a aidé à dissimuler les évadés. Birdy va rechercher ceux qui sont les plus proches, mais les évadés kidnappent Dusk et l'interrogent sur les attaques dont ils ont été les victimes. Il est assassiné, ce qui enrage Nataru et bouleverse Birdy. Nataru tue un des autre évadés, mais pas avant d'apprendre que Valic a tué son père. Birdy promet d'attraper l'assassin de Dusk.
S02E05 Avant c'est trop tard 06/02/2009 Iruma, l'informateur de Birdy sur Terre, est enlevé par les évadés pour l'attirer dans un piège. Elle s'échappe, étant presque tuée par un canon longue portée. Cependant elle s'effondre avant de pénètrer dans le portail de son vaisseau. Tsutomu a un rêve étrange, un mélange entre ses propres souvenirs et ceux de Birdy. C'est alors qu'il découvre qu'il est emprisonné dans le corps de Birdy. Il est donc obligé de suivre son agenda, y compris une séance de signature où assistent certains de ses camarades de classe, une séance de photos et une télé réalité où il doit manger des insectes. A la fin, il apprend que la fusion des personnalités a commencée.
S02E06 Une prisonnière du passé 14/02/2009 Dans une tentative de renverser le processus de fusion de la personnalité, Tsutomu plonge dans le passé de Birdy's. Il apprend ce que signifie être un Iksiola, et comment Birdy a rencontré Nataru.
S02E07 Nous nous rencontrerons encore 21/02/2009 Poursuite de la plongée dans la mémoire, Tsutomu en apprend plus sur l'attaque de la tour centrale et de ce qui est arrivé à Birdy à l'intérieur.
S02E08 Tomber amoureux de l'amour 28/02/2009 Shouko surprend Nataru et Birdy dans une étreinte, alors que c'est seulement à cause d'une maladresse de Birdy. En conséquence, elle s'enfuit de l'hôpital, demandant à Nataru de venir la retrouver. Mais quand elle voit Birdy avec lui, elle se remet à s'enfuir. À la fin de l'épisode, Nataru est abattu.
S02E09 Espace, temps, et toi 07/03/2009 Nataru remonte dans le temps juste avant d'avoir été abattu, et réussit à désarmer et blesser Moss, tout en la chassant. Elle utilise sa blessure pour s'introduire dans l'hôpital où Nataru travaille, et tente à nouveau de le tuer. Nataru remonte dans le temps, pour finir, quelques jours avant l'événement, ses yeux rougissent et finissent par saigner. Muroto le retrouve et l'emmène avec lui. Nataru demande à Birdy de récupérer ses médicaments dans son ancien appartement. Elle découvre alors le sang de la lutte.
S02E10 Cela ne m'a jamais effleuré l'esprit 14/03/2009 Les évadés volent une arme nucléaire à partir d'un navire de la Marine américaine. Tesera les appelle pour leur dire qu'elle souhaite rester terrienne et ne sera dorénavant plus en contact avec eux. Capella est prise par un enquêteur fédéral après qu'Irma la convainc d'abandonner sans lutter. Plus tard, Nataru découvre une photo de Tesera dans la chambre Muroto, et s'en va la trouver et l'assassiner. Muroto appelle Birdy. Elle retrouve Nataru juste après qu'il ai brutalement assassiné Tesera. Elle l'autorise à partir, et s'en veux énormément après.
S02E11 Les deux côtés maintenant 21/03/2009 The School Festival opens where Hayamiya gives her piece on the disaster refugees. Nataru finds and severely wounds Gatoru before he and Moss escapes. Hoping to cut a deal with Revi Moss kills him but is rejected and decides to fight Nataru win or lose.
S02E12 Avant longtemps 28/03/2009 Nataru and Moss fight but Moss is nearly killed before being rescued by Birdy who attempts to convince Nataru to surrender and receive treatment before his Iksiola state kills him. He refuses and nearly kills Birdy before Senkawa switches in and convinces Nataru that being an Iksiola means more than just killing. Nataru relents and jumps back in time to the moment of the tower attack becoming the man who saves a young Birdy via a time-loop.

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