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L'exploration de la Révolution du Texas contre Mexico et la naissance des Texas Rangers.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Texas Rising

S00E01 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 1 17/05/2015 Set six months after the Battle of San Jacinto, Texas Rising: The Lost Soldier follows George Wilkins, a Texan soldier, as he searches for his younger brother who went missing in action during the war.
S00E02 Avenging the Alamo: The Road to Texas Rising 18/05/2015 Remember the Alamo! It's a rallying cry familiar to generations of Americans. But what is the real history behind the phrase? Ray Liotta narrates this one-hour documentary that presents an accurate rendition of the events preceding and surrounding the defense of the Alamo, and its legacy. Notable experts (including author H.W. Brands; historian Albert Camarillo; author Andres Tijerina; David Wilkinson, historical consultant on Texas Rising) will detail the historical timeline and speak to the pivotal moments that define the Texas Revolution. Actors from Texas Rising--Bill Paxton (Sam Houston), Olivier Martinez (General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Deaf Smith) and Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Emily West)--add a fresh and contemporary perspective to our understanding of the personalities and motivations of those who played crucial roles in this real-life drama.
S00E03 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 2 20/05/2015 George journeys to the Alamo to see if his brother is among the many Texans that were killed during the Mexican attack in March 1836.
S00E04 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 3 24/05/2015 While following his brother's trail to Goliad, George makes camp in bush land and is pursued by an enemy lurking in the shadows.
S00E05 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 4 30/05/2015 George finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun brandished by a Mexican soldier who fought for President Santa Anna during the war.
S00E06 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 5 02/06/2015 George searches the list of soldiers who died during the Battle of Goliad and makes a shocking discovery about his brother.
S00E07 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 6 06/06/2015 George discovers a wagon in the desert that has just been raided by Comanche; he fears the native warriors are still lurking in the nearby foothills.
S00E08 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 7 09/06/2015 George ends up in a dangerous standoff in a saloon in Victoria after a hostile barman questioned his brother's courage.
S00E09 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 8 13/06/2015 George and the barman face off in the street to settle their dispute the frontier way--two men, two guns, only one man left standing.
S00E10 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 9 20/06/2015 In the series finale, a Texas Ranger offers news as to George's brother's whereabouts.

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Par Glenn Le 07/04/2018

Directement dans mon top 1000. Texas Rising nous narre une période un peu oubliée de l'histoire, vous savez, tout ce bout d'histoire autour de Fort Alamo. Le pitch vend un peu trop "la naissance des Texas Rangers" qui sont bien présents mais la série ne raconte pas leur création. Fidèle à mes goûts, de l'histoire dans l'histoire, avec des caméo et des guests sympas, et des rôles majeurs tenus par des acteurs majeurs. Une vraie balade rude dans un décor hostile, plein de soleil, et plein de poussière.