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L'exploration de la Révolution du Texas contre Mexico et la naissance des Texas Rangers.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Texas Rising

S00E01 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 1 17/05/2015 Set six months after the Battle of San Jacinto, Texas Rising: The Lost Soldier follows George Wilkins, a Texan soldier, as he searches for his younger brother who went missing in action during the war.
S00E02 Avenging the Alamo: The Road to Texas Rising 18/05/2015 Remember the Alamo! It's a rallying cry familiar to generations of Americans. But what is the real history behind the phrase? Ray Liotta narrates this one-hour documentary that presents an accurate rendition of the events preceding and surrounding the defense of the Alamo, and its legacy. Notable experts (including author H.W. Brands; historian Albert Camarillo; author Andres Tijerina; David Wilkinson, historical consultant on Texas Rising) will detail the historical timeline and speak to the pivotal moments that define the Texas Revolution. Actors from Texas Rising--Bill Paxton (Sam Houston), Olivier Martinez (General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Deaf Smith) and Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Emily West)--add a fresh and contemporary perspective to our understanding of the personalities and motivations of those who played crucial roles in this real-life drama.
S00E03 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 2 20/05/2015 George journeys to the Alamo to see if his brother is among the many Texans that were killed during the Mexican attack in March 1836.
S00E04 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 3 24/05/2015 While following his brother's trail to Goliad, George makes camp in bush land and is pursued by an enemy lurking in the shadows.
S00E05 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 4 30/05/2015 George finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun brandished by a Mexican soldier who fought for President Santa Anna during the war.
S00E06 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 5 02/06/2015 George searches the list of soldiers who died during the Battle of Goliad and makes a shocking discovery about his brother.
S00E07 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 6 06/06/2015 George discovers a wagon in the desert that has just been raided by Comanche; he fears the native warriors are still lurking in the nearby foothills.
S00E08 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 7 09/06/2015 George ends up in a dangerous standoff in a saloon in Victoria after a hostile barman questioned his brother's courage.
S00E09 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 8 13/06/2015 George and the barman face off in the street to settle their dispute the frontier way--two men, two guns, only one man left standing.
S00E10 The Lost Soldier: Chapter 9 20/06/2015 In the series finale, a Texas Ranger offers news as to George's brother's whereabouts.