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Welcome to the Thanks guide at TV Tome. "Pilgrims James and Polly Winthrop have just survived their first Massachusetts winter. Now, along with their fellow settlers, they must decide whether or not to remain in the uncivilized New World and face yet another year of disease-and each other. But don't be fooled-it's Puritan fun. There's the man who dreams of building a new nation (though he can't even build a house); the bumbling village idiot; a girl so smart she may be burned at the stake; and a Grammy with an eye for strapping young men. "James, an affable young Pilgrim father, who always sees the glass as half full, wants to stay and fulfill the hopes and dreams of building a new nation, although he can't even build a house. James must also contend with his best friend, Cotton, the bumbling village idiot who wreaks more havoc than a New World winter. James' lovely, strong-minded wife, Polly, wants to stand by her man, but her patience is tried by his unwavering op


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S01E01 Pilot 02/08/1999 Having barely survived their first winter, the entire population of the Pilgrim village decides to return to England. The only holdout is James, who argues fiercely for sticking it out -- and wins only because the relief ship from England arrives carrying plague.
S01E02 Tobacco 09/08/1999 Polly's childhood nemesis, now married to a rich Virginia tobacco farmer, comes to visit and is less than impressed with Polly and James' ""rural"" lifestyle. When the visitors start giving out samples of their crop-tobacco-the townsfolk immediately embrace the new weed. James can't keep it on the shelves and realizes that selling tobacco could make him a fortune. Meanwhile, Abigail wants to go to the fur trappers' dance and James doesn't want her associating with ""their kind.""
S01E03 Privacy 16/08/1999 When Grammy complains about always feeling underfoot in their one-room house, James creates a social revolution in the village by building Grammy her own room.
S01E04 Marriage 23/08/1999 Lonely and desperate for companionship, Cotton answers an advertisement placed in the local paper by the London Bridal Exchange offering a warehouse of beautiful and obedient maidens for marriage. As the impending nuptials approach, Polly prepares the wedding feast and excitement in the colony mounts.
S01E05 Spring 30/08/1999 The snow has finally thawed, flowers are in bloom and Grammy has spring fever. When the always mean and hostile Grammy suddenly becomes sweet and demure, James is immediately suspicious of his mother's new behavior. It soon becomes apparent that Grammy's new demeanor is due to the arrival of the handsome and single Burnaby Fitzhugh. James goes to great lengths to prevent Grammy from discovering Burnaby's promiscuous nature.
S01E06 Thanksgiving 06/09/1999 The colony's food supply is at an all time low and the settlers believe the soil in their new homeland is barren until they meet a native of the continent, Squanto, a member of the Wampanoag tribe, who teaches them the secret of growing corn. To show their appreciation, James and Polly decide to have a dinner for Squanto and his tribe. Just as it looks like the big feast is going to consist solely of corn, potatoes and cranberry sauce, James and Cotton return from the woods with three strange birds that, when stuffed and cooked, make the meal a huge success.