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Historic sitcom focused on a single, working woman named Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) who sets her sights on the New York stage.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de That Girl

S01E00 What's in a Name (Test Pilot) 00/00/0000 In this test pilot, Ann's parents are played by different actors, Ted Bessell plays Don Blue Sky, her agent who is also her boyfriend, and Ann has a group of three girlfriends. Don thinks that Ann should change her name from Ann Marie to a more suitable stage name because every time he tells people her name, they ask "'Ann Marie' what?". Ann is hesitant because she knows that it would upset her parents, particularly her father. As she predicted, her father becomes very angry and will not speak to her unless she keeps her name. This episode was later changed to include the different actors and characters, and is episode 1.11 of the first season.
S01E01 Don't Just Do Something, Stand There 08/09/1966 Ann's five years of being an independent woman actress begins when she meets Donald Hollinger, a magazine reporter, in one of her in-between jobs as a candy clerk. She gets a job in a perfume commercial where she plays a woman who gets kidnapped by two robbers. Donald happens to see the act and thinks that Ann is in real trouble, so he saves her only to get serious flack from her. But with that incident aside, Ann and Donald find out that they really belong together.
S01E02 Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye 15/09/1966 Ann Marie leaves the safety and comfort of her parent's home to live on her own in New York. But she has a visit from her mother who is threatening to move in with her!
S01E03 Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night 22/09/1966 Ann has a chance to audition for Jules Benedict, but has to babysit Leon and Judy's baby as well. Will Ann be able to pull this off?
S01E04 I'll Be Suing You 29/09/1966 Ann has to go to court because of an accident involving a pedestrian and a sewing machine.
S01E05 Anatomy of a Blunder 06/10/1966 Ann brings Donald home to meet her parents, but he goes through some serious torture when they stop for a little picnic on the way.
S01E06 Rich Little Rich Kid 13/10/1966 Ann is charmed by a wealthy man who gives her many luxuries and Don tries to compete. Ann realizes that money is not the most important thing in a relationship.
S01E07 Help Wanted 20/10/1966 One rule in life: never ever ask your girlfriend to work with you. Don learns that the hard way when he hires Ann to be his secretary.
S01E08 Little Auction Annie 27/10/1966 At an antique auction, Ann buys a box of junk with a baseball in it. A strange man follows her because he wants the baseball. It turns out that he is an ex-baseball player who wants the ball for sentimental reasons.
S01E09 Time for Arrest 03/11/1966 Ann ends up in jail trying to help a fellow waitress when she serves two rival underworld groups and the place gets raided by the police.
S01E10 Break a Leg 10/11/1966 Ann's friend Sandy, an actress who has just won a lead role in a Broadway play, visits Ann. Suddenly, Sandy gets sick, leaving Ann to play her role. Everyone thinks that Ann stole teh job from her, but Ann pays them no never mind as she enjoys her chance. Unfortunately the play closes after one performance.
S01E11 What's in a Name? 17/11/1966 Ann's agent thinks that she needs a new name for an excellent acting career.
S01E12 Soap Gets in Your Eyes 24/11/1966 Donald's parents meet Ann for the first time, and his mother Mildred takes a dislike to Ann because she plays a vamp on a soap opera.
S01E13 All About Ann 01/12/1966 Ann thinks she will lose her sweet Donald to a famous actress when all the time, he is interviewing her for his article.
S01E14 Phantom of the Horse Opera 08/12/1966 Ann and Donald find a strange organ player who used to play the soundtrack in silent movies. Donald does a story about him, but he disappears because he is a wanted criminal.
S01E15 Beware of Actors Bearing Gifts 15/12/1966 Ann is being given presents by one of her acting class colleagues, Hobart Niles. She and Donald think that these gifts are hot, but they find out that Hobart is very wealthy.
S01E16 Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid 22/12/1966 This very touching Christmas episode has Ann telling Donald about a time where she was a teacher and had to keep a lonely boy company on Christmas when his parents cannot get him.
S01E17 Among My Souvenirs 05/01/1967 Ann finds souvenirs that remind her of a boyfriend she used to have named Freddy. It turns out that Freddy still has a flame burning for her.
S01E18 These Boots Weren't Made For Walking 12/01/1967 Ann is a salesperson for shoes that somehow fall apart over time.
S01E19 Kimomo My House 19/01/1967 Ann hires a maid for Donald, but who she hired makes her jealous.
S01E20 Gone With the Breeze 26/01/1967 Donald gives Ann a manuscript of a novel that he is writing, and she loses it. Donald is waiting for a response, but Ann stalls because she did not want to admit that she lost it.
S01E21 Rain, Snow and Rice 02/02/1967 Ann and Donald are invited by their friends, Jerry Bauman and Margie, to a private wedding in Connecticut, but they get snowed in. There are only two rooms available in the inn that they are staying and the boys share one room and the girls share another. The problem begins with Jerry and Margie decide to stay together leaving Ann and Donald in a room together, much to the chagrin of Ann's parents.
S01E22 Paper Hats and Everything 09/02/1967 Ann thinks that her friends are going to surprise her with a birthday party when she is invited out to dinner by her father.
S01E23 What Are Your Intentions? 16/02/1967 Lou thinks that Ann and Donald ought to be married, but they have different ideas.
S01E24 A Tenor's Loving Care 23/02/1967 Ann helps Donald get a story about a famous opera singer, if only he can control his romantic urges.
S01E25 Leaving the Nest is For the Birds 02/03/1967 Ann invites her parents and her Aunt Harriet to dinner at her house where she tries to prove to them that living in the city is pretty cool. A stranger outside the window ruins Ann's point because he has romantic woes.
S01E26 You Have to Know Someone to Be Unknown 09/03/1967 Ann reads that a famous producer is looking for an unknown for his play and has Donald put in a good word for her. He tries to tell her that the producer had found his star a long time ago, but she doesn't listen.
S01E27 The Honeymoon Apartment 16/03/1967 Ann gets a visit from her cheap cousin and his bride. When he refuses to leave, Ann gets a room in a bridal suite to formualte a plan to get him out.
S01E28 This Little Piggy Had a Ball 23/03/1967 Ann has her toe stuck in a bowling ball at a very unopportune moment.
S01E29 Author, Author 30/03/1967 Ann needs some funny material for an audition and enlists Donald's writing expertise, but his jokes aren't funny.
S01E30 The Mating Game 06/04/1967 Donald has to do a story on the show ""The Mating Game"", and he has Ann be a contestant. Ann doesn't know that Donald is one of the bachelors and she picks another man. While she had her date with this man, Donald tags along to get a story.
S02E01 Pass the Potatoes, Ethel Merman 07/09/1967 Ann is overwhelmed to find herself on stage with Ethel Merman.
S02E02 The Good Skate 14/09/1967 Ann learns to roller-skate to get a part in a soft-drink commercial.
S02E03 Black, White and Read All Over 21/09/1967 When Donald can't get his novel published, Ann's father makes connections with a publisher.
S02E04 To Each Her Own 28/09/1967 When Ann tries out computer dating, her match turns out to be a lot like Donald.
S02E05 The Apartment 05/10/1967 Ann borrows Donald's apartment to conduct her new telemarketing job while her place is being painted.
S02E06 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Part 1) 12/10/1967 Ann Marie's elation at winning a Broadway role fades when she realizes its Philadelphia opening will mean a long separation from Donald.
S02E07 The Philadelphia Story (Part 2) 19/10/1967 Despite attention from a fellow castmate, Ann misses Donald while in Philadelphia to do a play.
S02E08 There's Nothing to Be Afreud of but Freud Himself 26/10/1967 After a meeting with a famous doctor, Donald uses what he has learned to find out all out Ann's personality.
S02E09 The Collaborators 02/11/1967 Ann and Donald learn that a couple that works together also fights together when they collaborate on a play about her life.
S02E10 When in Rome 09/11/1967 Ann wins a part in an Italian movie, but turns it down when she discovers it includes a nude scene.
S02E11 Thanksgiving Comes but Once a Year, Hopefully 23/11/1967 Trying to cook everyone's favorite Thanksgiving dishes, Ann takes over a neighbor's kitchen.
S02E12 The Mailman Cometh 30/11/1967 While modeling at restaurant, Ann meets an agent who hires her for a publicity stunt.
S02E13 It's a Mod, Mod World (Part 1) 07/12/1967 Ann meets a fashion photographer who wants to take her to California to do a shoot.
S02E14 It's a Mod, Mod World (Part 2) 14/12/1967 When Don sees a newspaper photo of Ann and the photographer being arrested for frolicking in a fountain, he's on the next plane to Los Angeles.
S02E15 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest 21/12/1967 To prevent a robbery, Ann and Donald remove all the valuables from the Baumans' apartment, only to be caught by the police.
S02E16 A Friend in Need 28/12/1967 When Ann sprains her ankle, Donald comes to the rescue cooking gourmet meals and cleaning her apartment.
S02E17 Fur All We Know 04/01/1968 A fortune hunter targets Ann when she wears a borrowed chinchilla stole at an elite party.
S02E18 The Rivals 11/01/1968 Ann takes Donald home to spend the weekend with her parents, only to find that her father is jealous of Donald and sees him as a rival.
S02E19 Sixty-Five on the Aisle 18/01/1968 Ann is upset to learn that her lines have been reduced for her pending Broadway debut.
S02E20 Call of the Wild 25/01/1968 Ann believes that she has no sex appeal when she lands a commercial part for her plain-looking face.
S02E21 The Other Woman 01/02/1968 Lou escorts Ethel Merman, but the press thinks that they are an item, much to Helen's dismay.
S02E22 He and She and He 08/02/1968 Donald is stunned when Ann receives a marriage proposal from a fashion photographer.
S02E23 Odpdypahimcaifss (Oh, Don, Poor Don ...) 22/02/1968 Mrs. Hollister stays at Ann's apartment and finds a pair of her son's pants hanging in Ann's closet.
S02E24 Great Guy 07/03/1968 Marge tells Ann that she met the man of her dreams but lost him when she proposed marriage.
S02E25 The Detective Story 14/03/1968 With Ann under police protection, Donald gets the wrong idea when he sees an officer emerge from Ann's bedroom in the morning.
S02E26 If You Were Almost the Only Man in the World 21/03/1968 When Ann is knocked unconscious, the doctor who treats her looks exactly like Donald.
S02E27 Just Spell the Name Right 28/03/1968 Ann's unscrupulous press agent links her to a divorce scandal in the hope that it will boost her career.
S02E28 The Beard 11/04/1968 Ann dislikes Donald's new beard and tries to get him to shave it off.
S02E29 The Drunkard 18/04/1968 After a drunken comedian is taken in by Ann to sober up, he thinks that they had an affair.
S02E30 Old Man's Darling 25/04/1968 Ann meets an elderly man who showers her with gifts that she cannot accept.
S03E01 Sock It to Me 26/09/1968 Against the objections of the director, Ann is awarded a part in a Broadway play by the star, Barry Sullivan. Ann is excited to get this opportunity, but when the script calls for Ann to slap Barry, she can't bring herself to do it.
S03E02 The Hi-Jack and the Mighty 03/10/1968 Ann works as a flight attendant to get a job for an airline commercial. Ann thinks that a man is going to hijack the plane and she tackles him. She then discovers that he is a detective hired to prevent hijackings!
S03E03 Eleven Angry Men and That Girl 10/10/1968 Ann takes her jury duty to heart and will not go along with the rest of the panel when they all want to vote ""guilty"" against a man accused of hitting his wife with an ashtray. After reasoning that he couldn't have hit her with his right hand, she convinces the others and they vote for acquittal.
S03E04 7 1/4 (Part 1) 17/10/1968 Ann goes with Donald to Los Angeles to do a story on media violence and causes confusion for her father and everyone else who thinks that they are getting it on.
S03E05 7 1/4 (Part 2) 24/10/1968 While in Los Angeles, Ann gets a job appearing in soda commercials, which irks Donald.
S03E06 Secret Ballot 31/10/1968 Ann is excited at the prospect of voting in her first presidential election. She's gone to the library to read everything she can about the issues and the political process. But on Halloween night, when Ann's father asks her what party she registered with, Ann feels it's her right to preserve her secret ballot.
S03E07 The Face in the Shower Room Door 07/11/1968 Ann gets stuck in a shower and a new neighbor helps her to get out.
S03E08 A Muggy Day in Central Park 14/11/1968 Ann is mugged and tries her best not to let her father find out about it. Donald gets into the act by dressing up as a woman to catch muggers to do a story for his magazine.
S03E09 Just Donald and Me and Jerry Makes Three 21/11/1968 Ann and Donald get in the middle of Jerry and Ruth's troubled marriage to get them back together again.
S03E10 The Seventh Time Around 28/11/1968 Don does a story on an old multimillionairess named Margaret ""Trixie"" Weatherby, and Ann thinks that she is trying to steal Don away from her.
S03E11 Ann vs. Secretary 05/12/1968 Donald's sexy new secretary, Pat Crawford, arranges to accompany him on an out of town assignment to Washington, D.C., hoping to steal his heart from Ann. Feeling neglected and rejected, Ann decides she'll spare Don the pain of breaking up with her and she'll have it all done by the time he returns, so she returns all borrowed items of hers and Donald's to their proper apartments. But when she discovers she was wrong, she has only minutes to get everything back to normal before Don finds out.
S03E12 Decision Before Dawn 12/12/1968 Ann is torn when everyone wants her to do different things with her expensive pay check.
S03E13 Should All our Old Acquaintances be Forgot 26/12/1968 Ann and Donald want to ring in the New Year by themselves, but the arrival of Ann's parents for one quick drinks instantly turns their private celebration into a big party house.
S03E14 The Homewrecker and the Window Washer 02/01/1969 When an aggresive bully collides with Ann in an office lobby, only nearby window washer, Rudy Clarn comes to her aid. But while warning him off, the bully slugs Rudy and breaks his nose. Feeling terribly guilty, Ann helps him to the doctor and then home. Rudy's wife, Ethel - a terribly jealous woman, believes there is more to the relationship between Ann and Rudy and threatens to leave him.
S03E15 The Eye of the Beholder 09/01/1969 Ann receives a godawful art piece from Donald and gets a lot of different opinions about it.
S03E16 Dark on Top of Everything Else 16/01/1969 Ann and Donald decide to take a little vacation from themselves, so Ann decides to move into her parent's house. Her parents are going on vacation, and she stays there. A noise gets her locked down in the basement and she is trapped. Her parents are worried when Ann doesn't answer the phone and they hurry back home to find that Donald has rescued her.
S03E17 The Earrings 23/01/1969 On Valentine's Day, Ann and Donald exchange permanent gifts. She gives him a tie clasp and he gives her a pair of genuine diamond earrings they saw together at Tiffany's. Ann is scared to wear them. When Don puts his foot down and insists she wear them on their evening of dinner and dancing, one of them indeed disappears. Don buys her a replacement earring and puts it in her apartment. Ann, not wanting to disappoint Dan, buys a replacement earring herself.
S03E18 Many Happy Returns 30/01/1969 Donald tries to help Ann out of an IRS mess but gets into a mess himself involving flour.
S03E19 My Sister's Keeper 06/02/1969 Ann gets a job in another soda commercial, but she has to have her singing voice dubbed by someone else. Her voice double, Rose Cassinetti, helps Ann out and Ann tries to do something good for her. She doesn't know that Rose is a nun.
S03E20 There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man 13/02/1969 Ann gets a job in a TV show. She is a pretty lady that gets hit by a pie. After the spot airs, she is embarrassed to death.
S03E21 The Subject Was Rabies 20/02/1969 Lou gets bitten by a dog that follows Ann home and he thinks that he has caught rabies.
S03E22 The Defiant One 27/02/1969 Ann befriends an African-American boy after saving him from a shoplifting charge. When he tells her he lives on Park Avenue, she does not believe him, so he invents a story of 13 brothers and sisters, fat rats, life in a dirty tenament, and a father who beats him. Appalled, Ann goes so far as to decide to adopt him! The boy then calls his father, who happened to be wealthy like he said earlier.
S03E23 Fly Me to the Moon 06/03/1969 Ann lands a public-relations job with the Air Force to promote women in the space program.
S03E24 It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House 13/03/1969 Ann calls Donald late one night because of a mouse in her apartment. Donald goes over to stay in her apartment to protect her. Of course, Lou comes by and finds Donald in Ann's apartment and decides that Ann and Donald should be married right away!
S03E25 Bad Day at Marvin Gardens 20/03/1969 The Maries, Donald and Ann are playing a game of Monopoly and Lou gets very competitive.
S03E26 Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me? 27/03/1969 At the Newsview office, Lou slips on some water. Donald is told that Lou has to sign a waiver of responsibility. Donald goes to Mr. Prentice's office and quits, only to be talked back into his job by his managing editor.
S04E01 Mission Improbable (Part 1) 18/09/1969 While modeling at Unifit, Ann is hired to spy on a competitor who is suspected of stealing designs.
S04E02 Mission Improbable (Part 2) 25/09/1969 Unaware that her cover has been blown, Ann is tricked into photographing reject designs.
S04E03 My Part Belongs to Daddy 02/10/1969 Ann is assigned to direct an annual play, but has to tell her father that he will not have the starring role.
S04E04 Nobody Here but Us Chickens 09/10/1969 Ann gets a job as a dancing chicken for a fried-chicken chain.
S04E05 At the Drop of a Budget 16/10/1969 Ann gets the wrong message when she visits a dentist who uses hypnosis.
S04E06 Hearing Today, Gone Tomorrow 23/10/1969 Ann's temporary hearing loss ruins a commercial spot for her.
S04E07 The Snow Must Go On (Part 1) 30/10/1969 Despite being snowed in at the airport, Ann is determined to make it to a Broadway audition.
S04E08 Write Is Wrong (Part 2) 06/11/1969 Don writes a TV segment about the blizzard at airport, with Ann as its star.
S04E09 Shake Hands and Come Out Acting 13/11/1969 Don is doing a story on a fighter who wants to be an actor.
S04E10 Fix My Screen and Bug Out 20/11/1969 Ann tries to help out her neighbors in saving their hotel from the ownership of her ex-boyfriend.
S04E11 Kiss That Girl Goodbye 27/11/1969 Don has a chance to go to Paris, but hesitates when he thinks about how Ann will feel having to live without him.
S04E12 She Didn't Have the Vegas Notion (Part 1) 11/12/1969 Ann gets a job in a show in Las Vegas with an egotistical actor who tries to ruin her relationship with Donald.
S04E13 She Didn't Have the Vegas Notion (Part 2) 18/12/1969 After Marty tries to trick Ann into believing Donald had married a starlet, Ann and Donald turn the tables on him.
S04E14 I Am a Curious Lemon 25/12/1969 Ann's attempts to impress Donald's ex-girlfriend at a dinner party go awry.
S04E15 Ten Percent of Nothing Is Nothing 01/01/1970 Ann joins her agent's comedy act in the Catskills, with disastrous results.
S04E16 Opening Night 08/01/1970 Anxious about reviews of her opening night on Broadway, Ann gets her finger stuck in a kitchen faucet.
S04E17 That Meter Maid 22/01/1970 Ann relives her days as a meter maid when she meets Donald's new boss.
S04E18 Fly by Night (Part 1) 29/01/1970 Flying to Vermont in a friend's plane, Ann and Donald are forced to endure an emergency landing.
S04E19 Ugh, Wilderness (Part 2) 05/02/1970 After the emergency landing, Donald and Ann take shelter in a cabin while the pilot looks for help.
S04E20 Stocks and the Single Girl 12/02/1970 Ann's accidental encounter with a stockbroker leads to her investing in the stock market.
S04E21 The Night They Raided Daddy's 19/02/1970 Ann's hires a musical group to help bring business to her father's flagging restaurant.
S04E22 The Reunion 26/02/1970 As class secretary-treasurer, Ann loses track of money she is to use for a high-school reunion.
S04E23 Gone-a-Courtin' 05/03/1970 Ann goes to court to help a producer win a lawsuit.
S04E24 They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? 12/03/1970 Donald's film catches a neighbor kissing a mysterious man.
S04E25 Easy Faller 19/03/1970 Donald hurts his back trying to demonstrate skiing in Ann's apartment.
S04E26 All's Well That Ends 26/03/1970 Don wants to take Ann out for her birthday, but she has to babysit for a neighbor's sick child.
S05E01 Counter Proposal 25/09/1970 After four years of dating, Donald finally asks Ann to marry him and presents her with an engagement ring - which he was talked into buying second-hand by a co-worker against his better judgement.
S05E02 Donald, Sandi, and Harry and Snoopy 02/10/1970 Donald's sister Sandi has a passion for an actor, and he wants Ann to check up on him to see if he's a good man. The actor finds out what's going on and makes moves on Ann to teach her a lesson.
S05E03 I Ain't Got Nobody 09/10/1970 A nude picture of Ann is plastered in a ""Playpen"" magazine, which jeopardizes her chance of being on a kiddie show.
S05E04 No Man is Manhattan Island 16/10/1970 On a game show, Ann is asked to find out about her neighbors. No one wants to speak up, so Ann throws a party to invite everyone until her purse gets stolen.
S05E05 Rattle of a Single Girl 23/10/1970 Ann and Donald go to a pre-nuptial counselor to weed out their non-existent problems.
S05E06 There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis (1) 30/10/1970 Ann learns that killing two birds with one stone is almost too much when she goes to St. Louis with Donald to meet his parents and to star in a play. She is convinced that Don's mother hates her and decides that she might be able to turn it around if she were to have a larger, starring role in the play instead of her more modest part.
S05E07 There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis (2) 06/11/1970 In St. Louis to appear in a play and meet Donald's parents, Ann once again finds that nothing is ever easy.
S05E08 That Cake 13/11/1970 Ann lands the presitgious title of ""Miss New York has Everything"" and does a TV promotion for the city in which she bakes a fruit topped cheesecake using all New York ingredients. While baking the cake, Ann loses her ring in the cake batter, and to make matters worse, the cake has been shipped to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller's house for a state dinner. After all the trouble they went to, Ann finds out that her ring wasn't even in the governor's cake!
S05E09 That Girl's Daddy 20/11/1970 Lou feels as though he is getting too old, and Ann introduces him to Jeanie, who makes him feel more younger. Ann thinks that he is going to leave her mother when actually he wants to please her.
S05E10 Stop the Presses, I Want to Get Off 27/11/1970 Ann is hired by a rival magazine because they think that Donald is going to help her out now that they are engaged.
S05E11 Super Reporter 04/12/1970 Don is stuck in a ""super Don"" costume when his friends steal his clothes and forget to give them back to him. All before he is to accept an Humanitarian award from the deputy mayor!
S05E12 That Senorita 11/12/1970 Ann gets a lesson in minorities when a sketch that she is in is very offensive to Mexicans.
S05E13 An Uncle Herbert for All Seasons 18/12/1970 Uncle Herbert is turning Ann and Donald's world upside down when he makes bogus get-rich-quick schemes.
S05E14 That Script 01/01/1971 Ann wants film rights to a novel, but the author will not sell. He changes his mind when he sees Ann, and how much she resembles his late wife. His new wife tells Ann that her husband can't write anymore and Ann turns down the movie out of respect for him.
S05E15 Those Friars 08/01/1971 Ann's late Uncle Harry wills her an old trunk filled with bits and pieces of his career in vaudeville. Ann is doubly surprised when stars Milton Berle and Danny Thomaspay a visit to her apartment and try to buy the old trunk.
S05E16 A Limited Engagement 15/01/1971 Donald breaks off his engagement to Ann because of cold feet.
S05E17 The Russians are Staying 29/01/1971 Ann makes friends with a Russian named Nicholai who is a con man sponging off her.
S05E18 That Shoplifter 05/02/1971 Ann is duped by a robber into shoplifting.
S05E19 Chef's Night Out 12/02/1971 Ann and Donald try to run Lou's restaurant by themselves when the staff comes down with a virus.
S05E20 That King 19/02/1971 Ann makes friends with a king, who turns out to be a kid!
S05E21 Stag Party 26/02/1971 Donald's friends throw him a stag party - which almost costs him his engagement to Ann.
S05E22 Two For the Money 05/03/1971 Ann gets a modeling assignment at Belmont Race Track and when Don's friends realize there's a horse running named for her, they see it as a ""sign"" and send her with the money to place a bet for them. She loses the ticket at the wrong time!
S05E23 Soot Yourself 12/03/1971 As a member of an ecology-minded group, Ann is assigned to picket in front of the Newsview Magazine building where Donald works. Donald tries to make amends by inviting his boss to Ann's house for dinner.
S05E24 The Elevated Woman 19/03/1971 On their way to the Women's Liberation meeting, which Donald reluctantly agrees to visit, Ann and Donald become trapped in a stuck elevator. While they await to be rescued, they look back on their favorite moments together.