Affiche The Addams Family (1992)
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  • 40 épisodes
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This animated series is the fourth incarnation of the creepy characters based on the macabre family comics created by Charles Addams. It first came out as a television series in the 1960's. They then became animated in the 70's, first in their own animated series, and then an appearance in The New Scooby-Doo Movies around the same time. The family then went movie-bound in the early 90's as they were put on the big screen. It was a hit at the box office, which prompted a sequel (Addams Family Values), but before then, this second animated series that features the gang of macabre miscreants who have their own unusual ways of having fun adventures.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Addams Family (1992)

S01E01 Happyester Fester 12/09/1992
S01E02 Beware of Thing 12/09/1992
S01E03 Dead and Breakfast 19/09/1992
S01E04 The Day Gomez Failed 26/09/1992
S01E05 Girlfriendstein 03/10/1992
S01E06 Pugsley By The Numbers 03/10/1992
S01E07 N.J. Addams 10/10/1992
S01E08 A Thing Is Born 17/10/1992
S01E09 Fester's Diary 17/10/1992
S01E10 Choke & Dagger 17/10/1992
S01E11 Sir Pugsley 24/10/1992
S01E12 Festerman 24/10/1992
S01E13 Art to Art 24/10/1992
S01E14 Puttergeist 31/10/1992
S01E15 FTV 07/11/1992
S01E16 Itt's Over 14/11/1992
S01E17 Hide and Go Lurch 21/11/1992
S01E18 Hook, Line and Stinkers 21/11/1992
S01E19 A Sword Fightin' Thing 21/11/1992
S01E20 Addams Family PTA 28/11/1992
S01E21 Little Big Thing 05/12/1992
S01E22 Metamorphosister 05/12/1992
S01E23 Little Bad Riding Hood 05/12/1992
S02E01 Color Me Addams 18/09/1993
S02E02 No Ifs, Ands or Butlers 25/09/1993
S02E03 Jack and Jill and The Beanstalk 02/10/1993
S02E04 Festerman Returns 02/10/1993
S02E05 Hand Delivered 02/10/1993
S02E06 Sweetheart of a Brother 09/10/1993
S02E07 Double O Honeymoon 16/10/1993
S02E08 Then Came Granny 23/10/1993
S02E09 Pet Show Thing 23/10/1993
S02E10 Fester Sings The Fester Way 23/10/1993
S02E11 Camp Addams 30/10/1993
S02E12 Little Doll Lost 30/10/1993
S02E13 King of The Polycotton Blues 30/10/1993
S02E14 A Girl And A Ghoul 06/11/1993 Wednesday completely forgets about her family when she falls in love with the TV star, Graveyard Gary.
S02E15 A Little Bit of Pugsley 06/11/1993
S02E16 Ask Granny 06/11/1993
S02E17 Family Reunion 00/00/0000