Affiche The Adventurer
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Basically an updating of Gene Barry's "Amos Burke, Secret Agent" character, Gene Bradley is a wealthy government agent, who, posing as an American movie star, travels the globe in search of adventure, intrigue and danger.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Adventurer

S01E01 Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice, and Miss Me Once Again... 30/09/1972 Perminter orders Bradley to pose as a potential murder victim.
S01E02 Poor Little Rich Girl 07/10/1972 Bradley and Diane help out a spoiled rich heiress.
S01E03 Thrust and Counter-Thrust 08/09/1973 Bradley goes to a consular party in Nice to rescue a defector.
S01E04 The Bradley Way 15/09/1973 Bradley sets out to save a retired general from the clutches of foreign agents.
S01E05 Return to Sender 30/09/1973 Bradley discovers a dead girl in the room of his hotel on the French Riviera.
S01E06 Counterstrike 07/12/1973 Bradley tries to rescue a defecting scientist who has inadvertently ended up in Central Europe.
S01E07 Love Always, Magda 14/12/1973 Bradley flies to Beirut to discover the truth about the departure of his lost love, Magda.
S01E08 Nearly the End of the Picture 21/12/1973 A beautiful painting leads Bradley into danger in the south of France.
S01E09 Deadlock 28/12/1973 Bradley goes to Istanbul to retrieve stolen documents that are being ransomed for one million dollars.
S01E10 Has Anyone Seen Kelly? 23/11/1973 Bradley investigates the disappearance of his good friend, Mike Kelly.
S01E11 Skeleton in the Cupboard 22/09/1973 Bradley tries to find out why a respected university professor has turned thief and faked his own death.
S01E12 Target! 06/10/1973 Bradley tries to expose a Dutch illegal arms dealer.
S01E13 Action! 29/09/1973 Bradley is acting strangely when he goes to Scotland but carefully avoids his fans, then misses an appointment with a general whose life has been threatened.
S01E14 Full Fathom Five 04/01/1974 Bradley and Father Antonius try to retrieve some priceless stained glass windows.
S01E15 I'll Get There Sometime 11/01/1974 Bradley gets himself in trouble when he comes to the assistance of a man being attacked in a hotel room.
S01E16 To the Lowest Bidder... 18/01/1974 Bradley investigates a crooked construction company bidding for the contract for a new road.
S01E17 Going, Going... 25/01/1974 Bradley comes under suspicion when a scientist, who has been given asylum in the U.K., disappears.
S01E18 The Not-So Merry Widow 01/02/1974 Bradley is perplexed when a woman he has never met before claims to be his girlfriend.
S01E19 Mr Calloway is a Very Cautious Man 08/02/1974 Bradley sets himself up to be arrested and sent to jail so he can look into the case of a man who has been reported dead but seems very much alive.
S01E20 Double Exposure 15/02/1974 Bradley goes to Amsterdam to investigate when a multi-millionaire industrialist has been replaced by an impostor.
S01E21 The Case of the Poisoned Pawn 22/02/1974 Bradley takes part in a high-stakes poker game, hoping to find out the source of a young gambler's income.
S01E22 The Solid Gold Hearse 01/03/1974 Bradley has to help prevent a huge gold bullion shipment from leaving the country.
S01E23 Make it a Million 08/03/1974 Bradley discovers that a confidence trickster has been impersonating him, and decides to impersonate himself.
S01E24 Icons Are Forever 15/03/1974 A terrier star of dog food commercials witnesses his master's murder, but can he help collar the killer?
S01E25 Somebody Doesn't Like Me 22/03/1974 A contract is put on Bradley's head.
S01E26 The Good Book 29/03/1974 Parminster believes that Bradley has overplayed his hand, and sets out to prove it.