Affiche The Adventures of Abney & Teal
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Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of a lake, in the middle of a park, in the middle of the big city.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Adventures of Abney & Teal

S01E01 The Porridge Party 26/09/2011 Abney and Teal make lots of porridge to warm them up on a cold and gloomy day. They make so much that it fills all the bowls in Abney's house and starts to get everywhere. Teal decides they should have a porridge party to use it all up.
S01E02 The Star Stick 27/09/2011 Teal can't sleep and is watching the sky when she sees a beautiful shooting star. She wakes up Abney and the Poc-Pocs to help her catch one for herself.
S01E03 The Poc Pocs' Holiday 28/09/2011 Abney and Teal are worried because the Poc-Pocs are not poc-ing; they are not even interested in porridge or games. Teal decides that what the Poc-Pocs need is a holiday to cheer them up.
S01E04 The Storm 29/09/2011 A wild storm is blowing over the Island and Abney and Teal shelter inside. The Poc-Pocs soon join them but two are missing! Abney and Teal come up with a plan to save the two Poc-Pocs from a storm monster.
S01E05 Stuck 30/09/2011 Everyone is very busy on the Island. Abney is decorating the trees and Teal has found an old tyre to do tricks with. The tyre gets stuck around Bop's tummy and Teal, Abney, Neep and the Poc-Pocs have to think what to do.
S01E06 Firefly Lullaby 03/10/2011 The Poc-Pocs keep waking Abney and Teal up and won't go to sleep. They all go and see if Bop can think of a way to calm the Poc-Pocs down. Meanwhile, Neep encounters some fireflies.
S01E07 The Rainbow Whistle 04/10/2011 Abney finds a whistle. When he plays it a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky. Teal thinks there will be treasure at the end of the rainbow so they set out across the lake to find it.
S01E08 The Radio 05/10/2011 Teal and Neep help Abney find something to fill a gap on his shelves. Nothing seems to fit until they find an old radio in the lake which causes all sorts of excitement.
S01E09 Sky High 06/10/2011 It is extremely windy. Neep has a wonderful time flying through the air on a whirligig. Abney and Teal go to see Bop who blows a giant bubble for each of them so they can join in. They go higher and higher and higher, which Abney is not too sure about.
S01E10 The Poc-Poc Hunt 09/10/2011 It is a lazy day on the Island. Abney, Teal and Neep put up a hammock and have a great time trying to get into it. The Poc-Pocs join in the fun but are thrown up into the air and disappear. Where have they gone?
S01E11 The Train 10/10/2011 It is a lazy day on the Island. Abney, Everybody is bored. Abney builds a train so they can go on a tour. Then Teal has an idea - why don't they tour the whole island? It is a fantastic tour until something gets in the way.
S01E12 The Mystery 11/10/2011 Some of Abney and Teal's favourite objects are missing. Has there been a robbery? It's a mystery!
S01E13 Neep's Birthday 12/10/2011 It is a peaceful day but Neep is digging holes all over the island and won't stop. Abney and Teal try to work out why he is so excited. It must be his birthday!
S01E14 Abney Finds a Hole 13/10/2011 It is a very rainy day and Abney finds a hole in his roof. Then he starts to notice holes everywhere. He decides to dig one of his own, but gets stuck in it! Teal, Neep and the Poc-Pocs try to get him out.
S01E15 Faraway Island 14/10/2011 Teal goes to see what its like living on a faraway island. Abney worries that she might be lonely and sends her the Poc-Pocs for company, but when they arrive there is one missing - lost in the post!
S01E16 Bop's Best Bubble 07/11/2011 Bop is experimenting with a new kind of bubble. Abney, Teal, Neep and the Poc-Pocs have a great time playing with Bop's musical creations. That is, until things get a bit too bubbly.
S01E17 The Slide 08/11/2011 It is a damp and soggy day on the Island. Abney and Teal have great fun sliding about in the mud and when it is time to get clean they have a super soapy bath. Somehow their foamy bath water gets into the lake and Bop gets a bit of a surprise.
S01E18 The Enormous Neep 09/11/2011 Abney makes a pot of brilliant porridge, but while Abney and Teal are busy setting the table the porridge disappears. Where could it have gone? .
S01E19 The Buzzing Thing 10/11/2011 Neep finds a buzzing thing. It buzzes all over the Island causing all kinds of mischief. Abney, Teal and the Poc-Pocs go and see what the excitement is all about.
S01E20 The Moon 11/11/2011 Teal wants to build something huge, as big as the moon. Abney isn't sure how big the moon is exactly. So they decide to build a rocket and go there to find out.
S01E21 The Snow Neep 12/12/2011 A thick blanket of snow covers the Island. Abney and Teal are very excited and go out to play, but they can't find Neep anywhere to join in the snowy fun.
S01E22 The Perfect Tree 16/12/2011 Abney and Teal search all over the Island to find the perfect tree to put their presents under. They aren't having much luck, but Bop has a surprise in store.
S01E23 The Artwork 06/02/2012 It is a beautiful day and Abney is inspired to make some art. He can't find anything to draw, but then Bop strikes the perfect pose. If only Abney could concentrate long enough to draw his picture.
S01E24 Abney's Magic Show 07/02/2012 Abney puts on a magic show for Teal and the Poc Pocs. They are not very impressed! Then all sorts of strange and mysterious things start to happen with Abney's new hat.
S01E25 The Woolly Tangle 08/02/2012 Abney is knitting. He is so engrossed that he doesn't notice an enormous woolly tangle wreaking havoc all over the Island. Teal thinks Abney must be trapped by a woolly monster and sets out to save him.
S01E26 The Leaf Sweep 09/02/2012 Abney's front door is blocked by a huge leaf pile, which Teal has great fun jumping in. But when Abney decides to join in the leaves are gone. Abney and Teal set about making a new leaf pile to play in, which proves harder than they expected.
S02E01 The Very Cold Day 10/02/2012 It is a very cold day. Abney, Teal, Neep and the Poc-Pocs have a wonderful time playing winter games.
S02E02 Straw Hat Trouble 00/00/0000 It is a hot and sunny day on the island, so Abney and Teal make themselves some shady straw hats. Then the weather turns and a strong wind starts blowing them into all sorts of trouble.
S02E03 The Visit 00/00/0000 Neep's friends and relations come to the island for a visit, but their digging soon causes a few problems around the place.
S02E04 The Enormous Sneeze 00/00/0000 Teal is having a lovely time in the flowers that are blooming all over the island. She brings a bunch to Abney but they make him sneeze... and sneeze... and sneeze! His unstoppable sneezes get bigger and bigger and funny things start to happen.
S02E05 The Handbag 00/00/0000 Abney and Teal go fishing. Teal soon loses interest, but Abney finally catches something very interesting - a handbag, the contents of which cause all sorts of chaos.
S02E06 Neep and the Dragon 00/00/0000 Abney and Teal construct a dragon. Neep puts on a brave face, but he isn't sure he wants to share the island with a scary monster!
S02E07 The Mysterious Mist 28/10/2012 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. Abney, Teal and Neep make mysterious noises on a misty day. They try to get Bop to join in the game but it's not so mysterious down by the lake.
S02E08 The Very Hot Day 29/10/2012 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. It is a boiling hot day; much too hot to do anything apart from eat ice-cream and go swimming. But when Abney and Teal finally get to the lake there's something not quite right about it.
S02E09 Hiccups 30/10/2012 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. The Poc-Pocs have got hiccups. Teal finds the cure, but they are spreading! When they reach Bop something has to be done.
S02E10 The Enormous Cabbage 31/10/2012 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. Abney plants seeds in the moonlight. In the morning some have grown into lovely big cabbages. Abney and Teal decide to help out one that is struggling, which leads to big trouble.
S02E11 The Summerhouse 01/11/2012 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. When Abney and Teal have a snooze in Abney's new summerhouse, they don't wake up where they expect. Abney has to use his building skills to find them a way home.
S02E12 Brilliant Wheels 00/00/0000 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. Neep finds some wheels, Teal finds some wheels and finally, Abney gets hold of some wheels of his own. They are not brilliant at first - but soon they become a bit too brilliant!
S02E13 Bop's Babies 00/00/0000 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. On a beautiful springtime day, it looks like Bop has had little babies! Abney and Teal find out just how much trouble growing babies can be.
S02E14 Sleep Digging 00/00/0000 Animated adventures. Neep causes watery mischief all over the Island when he starts digging in his sleep.
S02E15 The Porridge Tower 00/00/0000 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. Abney is making porridge bread, but he just can't get the recipe right, and he ends up with lots of spare loaves and nothing to do with them.
S02E16 Abney's Aquarium 00/00/0000 Animated adventures of two friends who live on an island in the middle of the big city. Abney adds some shiny fish to his collection, but soon finds that they take up more room than expected. Now where can he get some sleep?
S02E17 Shadows 00/00/0000 The moonlight is so strange and beautiful that it's hard for Abney to sleep. Teal decides to tire Abney out with an adventure, but she's soon feeling pretty sleepy herself. Luckily there's still a lot to look at.
S02E18 The Café 00/00/0000 Animated adventures. Abney and Teal decide to set up a café. They're worried that they might not get any guests, but they needn't have worried!
S02E19 Abney's Precious Things 00/00/0000 Animated adventures. Abney has so many precious things that he decides to put on a display. The display gets longer and longer until...
S02E20 Frogs 00/00/0000 Animated adventures. A thunderstorm brings some visitors to the Island. Abney and Teal love their new friends, but Neep is not so sure.
S02E21 Sticky Neep 00/00/0000 Animated adventures. Neep gets himself into a sticky situation copying tricks from the circus. Abney and Teal help him to get cleaned up.
S02E22 The Porridge Machine 00/00/0000 Abney and Teal decide to build a Porridge Machine. Oh dear, the machine is rather tiring, and it has some other unexpected results too!
S02E23 The Camera 19/11/2012 Abney's got a camera. Everybody do something fun! Soon Neep gets a go too and his photos are really special.
S02E24 Spring Cleaning 20/11/2012 Abney loves spring cleaning. Teal and Neep just love springing. Soon they need to spring pretty fast, away from a scary monster!
S02E25 Spots 21/11/2012 Abney and Teal are painting all sorts of things, but Neep won't join in. Soon everyone joins in with Neep instead. They all need to think of something clever to help them with their spots.
S02E26 Rock Music 22/11/2012 Abney is trying to write poems. Teal just wants to make noise! Maybe they can find a way to do both together?