Affiche The Adventures of Chuck & Friends
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Let's get rolling! Chuck the truck and his friends love building things and having fun.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Adventures of Chuck & Friends

S01E01 Special Delivery 00/00/0000 A dump truck needs to rely on the help of his friends when he tries to show that he can help things run smoothly at the truck stop.
S01E02 Buffing Up 00/00/0000 A dump truck wants to exercise in order to prevent future breakdowns, but he takes his workouts a little too far.
S01E03 Tough Break 00/00/0000 After Chuck accidentally breaks something that's important to his mother, he tries to resolve the situation before she learns about the accident.
S01E04 Little Big Chuck 00/00/0000 Chuck doesn't like the fact that he is still small, so he searches for a way to get bigger.
S01E05 Race to the Race 00/00/0000 When Rowdy gets stuck in the mud, he may be forced to miss participating in Rally's race, so Chuck and his friends try to set him free
S01E06 When Trucks Fly 00/00/0000 the gang wishes that they could soar through the air, so they search for a way to make it happen?
S01E07 Fort Chuck 00/00/0000 Chuck and his friends work together to build a fort, but rainy weather threatens to destroy their hard work.
S01E08 A Hop, Slip and a Jump 00/00/0000 When Chuck and his friends put on a circus for the town, Boomer is devastated that he can't successfully complete his circus trick.
S01E09 The Checkup 00/00/0000 Chuck doesn't want to get a checkup at the mechanic's office, so he searches for a place to hide with the help of his friends.
S01E10 The Short Cut 00/00/0000 Chuck messes up his chores because he is in a hurry to complete them so he can have some fun on the new half-pipe.
S01E11 Digging Deep 00/00/0000 Chuck and his friends get stuck in a hole while searching for treasure.
S01E12 Lights, Camera, Trucks! 00/00/0000 Chuck decides to work alone on a movie instead of with his friends.
S01E13 Truck and Roll 00/00/0000 Chuck decides to start a band with his friends.
S01E14 Mystery He Rode 00/00/0000 Chuck investigates the case of Rowdy's missing horn.
S01E15 Boomer the Snowplow 00/00/0000 Boomer shares his dream of being a snowplow when he's big.
S01E16 Up All Night 00/00/0000 Chuck tries to greet the New Year with his friends.
S01E17 Choosy Chuck 00/00/0000 Chuck must choose a friend to accompany him to a show.
S01E18 The Best 00/00/0000 Chuck and his friends compete for a giant trophy.
S01E19 The Pothole 00/00/0000 Chuck makes the wrong choice when he finds a pothole on the track.
S01E20 Chuck's Perfect Plans 00/00/0000 Chuck plans a party to honor his brother's return.
S01E21 Chuck in Charge 00/00/0000 Chuck watches over his visiting younger cousin.
S01E22 Trucks vs. Wild 00/00/0000 Chuck plans a dry run before going on a camping trip with his friends.
S01E23 Unidentified Rolling Objects 00/00/0000 Chuck checks for aliens after a meteor shower.
S01E24 On a Role 00/00/0000 Chuck tries to avoid trouble at a truck stop after meeting a TV villain.
S01E25 Sleepdriving Chuck 00/00/0000 Digger watches out for Chuck, who has started sleep-driving after breaking a gasket
S01E26 Daredevil Chuck 00/00/0000 Chuck does stunts with his friends in the parts yard.
S01E27 The Lost Hubcap of Gold 00/00/0000 A treasure map leads Chuck and his friends to the Lost Hubcap of Gold
S01E28 Shine On 00/00/0000 Chuck gets a new hood ornament and works hard to keep it clean.
S01E29 Where There's a Wheel 00/00/0000 Chuck gets in over his head when he borrows Rally's new racing wheels.
S01E30 Flower Power 00/00/0000 Haulie gets a surprise when Chuck plants flowers around the shop.
S01E31 Chuck Atomic 25/03/2011 Chuck's heroic side helps those in need of aid at the truck stop.
S01E32 Chuck's Big Break 25/03/2011 Chuck demonstrates his abilities to Rally's coach.
S01E33 Game On 08/04/2011 The boys play with each other after their video game breaks.
S01E34 Kid Stuff 08/04/2011 Rally is approached by Chuck and his friends, who express an interest in racing over playing with toys.
S01E35 Contest Countdown 15/04/2011 The boys compete against each other in a radio contest.
S01E36 Revving Up Rally 15/04/2011 Chuck helps Rally regain his confidence after he falls into a racing slump.
S01E37 Being Biggs 29/04/2011 Chuck pretends to not be sick so he can play with his buddies.
S01E38 As the Engine Coughs 29/04/2011 Chuck pretends to not be sick so he can play with his buddies.
S01E39 Anchors a Wheel 06/05/2011 Chuck and friends make a boat.
S01E40 Mind You Own Business 06/05/2011 Chuck starts a business with his friends, but they can't decide on what to sell.
S01E41 Brother Borrowing 13/05/2011 Chuck gets jealous of the attention Rally pays to Biggs.
S01E42 When Haulie Met Porter 13/05/2011 Chuck tries to resolve his parents' argument.
S01E43 The Art of Being Chuck 20/05/2011 Chuck and friends try to develop their own hidden talents, after they are inspired by art.
S01E44 Senses of Direction 20/05/2011 A blind motorcycle teaches Chuck how to use his senses.
S01E45 Beach Blanket Uh-Oh 27/05/2011 Chuck and friends create their own beach.
S01E46 Hide and Seek 27/05/2011 A celebrity truck gets help in avoiding paparazzi.
S01E47 Attack of the 50 Foot Chuck 03/06/2011 Chuck loses control of a vehicle of his own creation.
S01E48 Soku-Kun 03/06/2011 A visitor from Japan, Soku teaches Chuck his culture and language.
S01E49 Join the Club 17/06/2011 Chuck forms a club with his friends.
S01E50 Fender Bender 17/06/2011 When Boomer injures Chuck by accident he offers to do Chuck's chores.
S01E51 Did You Hear? 24/06/2011
S01E52 Bridging the Gap 24/06/2011
S02E01 Rowdy's New Rigg 25/09/2011 Rowdy wishes he had a special skill.
S02E02 Grandpa Treadwell 25/09/2011 Chuck anticipates his grandfather's arrival.
S02E03 Super Sweeper Chuck 03/10/2011 The guys create a sweeper mechanism.
S02E04 Sitter Shenanigans 03/10/2011 Chuck believes that he is too old to be watched over by Dahlia.
S02E05 The Legend of Bigtire 10/10/2011 The guys search for Bigtire.
S02E06 Hard at Work 10/10/2011 Chuck asks Biggs to help him clean up the track.
S02E07 Keep on Trackin' 17/10/2011 The guys search for hidden items to acquire their badges.
S02E08 The Bully 17/10/2011 The guys deal with a bully.
S02E09 Chuck Backs Up 24/10/2011 After disregarding his checkup, Chuck is stuck in reverse.
S02E10 Speed Indeed 24/10/2011 The guys try to speed up their toy car with science.
S02E11 Ghost Stories 31/10/2011 Chuck tries to figure out who's sporting a ghost costume before his Halloween party begins.
S02E12 Charlie the Screwdriver 31/10/2011 Handy loses his favorite screwdriver, and he struggles to work without it.
S02E13 Mayor Chuck 14/11/2011 TBA
S02E14 Wallbashers 14/11/2011 TBA
S02E15 Uncle Vertie's Stunt School 21/11/2011 Uncle Vertie teaches the guys new tricks.
S02E16 Dancing Wheels 21/11/2011 a new truck asks Chuck for assistance with a dance routine, but Chuck's not eager to help her.
S02E17 Commercial Trucks 28/11/2011 The guys help shoot a commercial.
S02E18 Rowdy the Rockstar 28/11/2011 Rowdy anticipates the arrival of his favorite rock star.
S02E19 Prince Chuck 05/12/2011 In a Prince and the Pauper-esque story, Chuck switches places with Prince Piston.
S02E20 The Dirt on Chuck 05/12/2011 Chuck tries to get dirty in order to go in a car wash.
S02E21 Pop Goes the Inner Tube 12/12/2011 Chuck must prove he is responsible enough for a GPS.
S02E22 Runaway Chuck 12/12/2011 Chuck runs away from home.
S02E23 The Re-Gifters 19/12/2011 In this half-hour episode, Chuck and his friends give each other the same toy truck in an attempt to exemplify the spirit of giving.
S02E24 The Mother of All Gifts 26/12/2011 Chuck tries to get his mother a perfect gift.
S02E25 Fools for Rules 26/12/2011 The guys make their own rules for a game.