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Welcome to The Adventures of Jim Bowie guide at TV Tome. This series recounts the exploits of the legendary frontiersman, adventurer, plantation owner, and entrepreneur, Jim Bowie. It takes place primarily in the Louisiana Territory (recently purchased from the French) in the 1820's and early 1830's, before Bowie's permanent move to Texas (then part of Mexico) and his untimely death at the Alamo in 1836. He encounters many historical figures of the era, such as Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis, John James Audubon, and Davy Crockett. Produced by Louis Edelman, based on the novel "The Tempered Blade" by Monte Barrett. The rousing theme song was by Ken Darby and The King's Men. As to the pronunciation of Bowie's name, people pronounced it bow-ee in Louisiana, but boo-wee in Texas.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Adventures of Jim Bowie

S01E01 The Birth of the Blade 07/09/1956 How Jim Bowie came to invent his famous Bowie knife
S01E02 The Squatter 14/09/1956 Bowie tries to talk a neighbor out of throwing a couple of penniless German squatters off her land.
S01E03 An Adventure with Audubon 21/09/1956 Bowie assists legendary painter/naturalist John James Audubon avoid French forces that are hunting for him.
S01E04 Deputy Sheriff 28/09/1956 Volunteering as a temporary deputy to guard a prisoner, Bowie comes to believe that the young man may be innocent.
S01E05 Trapline 05/10/1956 A fur company is apparently trying to keep the Cajun fur trappers in line by killing anyone who trades with an independent dealer - like Jim Bowie.
S01E06 Broomstick Wedding 12/10/1956 A trade of horses leads to an angry father mistaking Bowie for his neighbor, the potential object of a shotgun wedding.
S01E07 Natchez Trace 19/10/1956 A group of travelers ask Bowie for help against a rumored highwayman on the trail to Natchez.
S01E08 Jim Bowie Comes Home 26/10/1956 On returning from a trip, Bowie finds that the town near his home has been taken over by a gang of young hoodlums.
S01E09 The Ghost of Jean Battoo 02/11/1956 Bowie encounters a group of farmers who are being duped into paying protection money to an old woman against the ghost of a famous Louisiana pirate.
S01E10 The Secessionist 09/11/1956 Bowie finds that a friend of his has been asked by President Andrew Jackson to try to talk a group of French planters out of seceding from the Union.
S01E11 Land Jumpers 16/11/1956 Just when Jim and his brother try to sell a large tract of land, a Frenchman shows up claiming to have the proper title to the property, which is verified by a local judge.
S01E12 The Select Females 23/11/1956 Bowie encounters the headmistress of a school for young ladies, and she tells him that one of her students has been kidnapped.
S01E13 Bowie and His Slave 30/11/1956 Bowie comes to the aid of a former slave who he had freed, but who has been captured and is being sold again at a slave auction.
S01E14 Outlaw Kingdom 07/12/1956 Bowie goes after a gang of river pirates who have stolen his cargo.
S01E15 The Swordsman 14/12/1956 Bowie runs into trouble when an attractive woman in New Orleans, where he has gone to purchase an estate, turns his head.
S01E16 The Return of the Alcibiade 21/12/1956 Bowie goes after the thief who stole an expensive Christmas gift he bought for his mother.
S01E17 Monsieur Francois 28/12/1956 Bowie comes to the aid of a French boy and his aunt, newly arrived in New Orleans, who are the victims of confidence tricksters.
S01E18 A Horse for Old Hickory 04/01/1957 Bidding for a racehorse to present as a gift to President Jackson, Bowie finds that he is up against Sam Houston.
S01E19 The Beggar of New Orleans 11/01/1957 Bowie tries to help a former champion fencer who has become a street beggar.
S01E20 Osceola 18/01/1957 Bowie comes to the aid of the native Seminoles, whom the army is trying to move from their traditional home to a tract of less desirable land.
S01E21 Master of Arms 25/01/1957 An expert French swordsman sells Bowie a lottery ticket, but then after Bowie wins he decides that the winings should belong to him and comes after Bowie.
S01E22 Convoy Gold 01/02/1957 Bowie tries to get a gold shipment safely through to New Orleans.
S01E23 Spanish Intrigue 08/02/1957 Bowie meets Simon Bolivar, who wants to liberate all of Latin American from the yoke of Spanish rule.
S01E24 Bayou Tontine 15/02/1957 Naturalist Audubon returns to ask Bowie for help in protecting a young girl whose life is in danger after she inherits a fortune.
S01E25 German George 22/02/1957 Bowie goes after the gambler who cheated and then killed Bowie's friend and partner.
S01E26 An Eye for an Eye 01/03/1957 Trying to stop an Indian uprising, Bowie only gets into more trouble after telling a native Cherokee princess the story of John Smith and Pocahontas.
S01E27 The Captain's Chimp 08/03/1957 Bowie goes after a thief who has trained a chimpanzee to climb up through people's windows.
S01E28 Jackson Assassination 15/03/1957 Bowie is duped into helping a group that is plotting the President's assassination.
S01E29 Rezin Bowie, Gambler 22/03/1957 Unaware that it is a setup, Jim's brother wins big and decides to become a professional gambler.
S01E30 Thieves' Market 29/03/1957 When Bowie escorts his young French friend to the notorious thieves' marketplace in New Orleans, they are set upon by - thieves.
S01E31 The Pearl and the Crown 05/04/1957 After a newspaper prints a poem about him, Bowie confronts the editor, who is later found murdered.
S01E32 The General's Disgrace 12/04/1957 Bowie suspects a connection between recent holdups and the heavy gambling losses of a general's son.
S01E33 The Lottery 19/04/1957 Bowie organizes a lottery to help an orphanage, unaware that the men he has hired plan to fix the drawing so that they will collect the winnings.
S01E34 The Intruder 26/04/1957 Bowie tries to help a young burglar who was caught robbing his friend Francois.
S01E35 Country Cousin 03/05/1957 Bowie gets into trouble with his relatives when he cuts his visiting cousin in on a deal that turns out to be a hoax.
S01E36 The Bound Girl 10/05/1957 Bowie resolves to help an indentured servant girl from Ireland, whose unwilling services have been purchased by a mean widower.
S01E37 Bounty Hunter 17/05/1957 When Bowie and his newspaper friend unwittingly help a fugitive from justice, a bounty hunter pursues them all.
S01E38 Gone to Texas 24/05/1957 As if his passport difficulties weren't enough, when Bowie crosses the border into Texas he finds out that someone is trying to kill him.
S02E01 Epitaph for an Indian 06/09/1957 When Bowie goes to his dead Indian friend's home town to deliver the news to his father, he finds that the father has just been shot.
S02E02 Flowers for McDonough 13/09/1957 A wily Scotsman gets the better of Bowie on an important real estate deal.
S02E03 The Irishman 20/09/1957 A indentured servant, whose contract is purchased by Bowie, deludes an innkeeper that he is the master and Bowie the servant.
S02E04 Counterfeit Dixie 27/09/1957 Bowie solicits the help of a former pickpocket and a former horse thief to defeat a gang of counterfeiters.
S02E05 Bullet Metal 04/10/1957 Bowie tries to purchase a lead mine, but the pacifist owner refuses to sell it to him if the metal will be used to make bullets.
S02E06 Quarantine 11/10/1957 Bowie risks his life to recover a stolen shipment of desperately needed smallpox vaccine.
S02E07 A Fortune for Madame 18/10/1957 When Bowie finds that he cannot purchase some land because the owners have just been swindled out of it, he decides to help them recover it.
S02E08 House Divided 25/10/1957 Recovering from a gunshot wound in a fancy mansion, Bowie is asked by a young woman not to identify the person who shot him.
S02E09 The Whip 01/11/1957 While on his way to inform the authorities of a plot to misuse the labor of prisoners, Bowie is trapped in a warehouse and attacked by a whip-wielding stranger.
S02E10 Pearls of Talimeco 08/11/1957 When Bowie and an Indian friend make up a story to send an annoying acquaintance on a wild goose chase, it comes back to haunt them.
S02E11 Charivari 15/11/1957 Bowie becomes suspicious when an elderly man dies abruptly on the night of his wedding.
S02E12 Hare and Tortoise 22/11/1957 Bowie uncovers a plot to increase the value of some land upriver by moving the state capital there.
S02E13 The Bridegroom 29/11/1957 In order to hide from a waterfront gang, Bowie has to pretend to be a prospective bridegroom at a French home.
S02E14 The Alligator 06/12/1957 Inside a doll he bought as a birthday gift, Bowie finds a clue to a homicide plot.
S02E15 Country Girl 13/12/1957 Bowie and his brother's fiancee are duped by swindlers claiming that a relative has been unjustly imprisoned in Mexico.
S02E16 Mexican Adventure 20/12/1957 Bowie and his pirate friend Jean Lafitte, attempting to rescue a U.S. ambassador who has been captured by revolutionary forces in Mexico, take refuge in an inn at Christmastime.
S02E17 Silk Purse 27/12/1957 When a hillbilly puts up his daughter as a stake in a poker game, Bowie goes along with the idea to teach him a lesson, and then decides to send her to a finishing school to become a lady.
S02E18 Choctaw Honor 03/01/1958 When Jim Bowie is robbed, he learns that the man who robbed him is also wanted by an Indian tribe for murder.
S02E19 Close Shave 10/01/1958 An assassin after Bowie kills an innocent man instead, but that doesn't stop him.
S02E20 Pirate on Horseback 17/01/1958 Bowie tracks down an outlaw gang when he finds out that one of them is using his name.
S02E21 Curfew Cannon 24/01/1958 When Bowie and his brother learn that the bank they own in New Orleans is being robbed, they try to keep the thieves from getting away by using the city's signaling cannon.
S02E22 Home Sweet Home 31/01/1958 Bowie learns that foul play may be attempted at a concert arranged by his friend at the newspaper for composer John Howard Payne.
S02E23 Deaf Smith 07/02/1958 Now in Texas, Bowie encounters famous scout Deaf Smith while on the trail of an outlaw gang.
S02E24 Ursula 14/02/1958 While negotiating with Mexican government officials to build a cotton mill in Texas, Bowie is attracted to the daughter of one of them.
S02E25 Apache Silver 21/02/1958 Bowie gets a lead on the location of the lost silver mine of the Apaches, but both hostile Apaches and Mexican officials make it difficult for him to follow it up.
S02E26 A Grave for Jim Bowie 28/02/1958 Bowie comes to the aid of naturalist Johnny Appleseed, who has been captured by criminals who think that the riches in the ground he talks about are buried treasure.
S02E27 Up the Creek 07/03/1958 When Bowie solicits help from his cousin after being swindled by a group of good-natured hillbillies, he almosts gets the poor fellow married to one of them.
S02E28 The Lion's Cub 14/03/1958 Bowie manages to get back across the border into Texas by signing on as an Englishman's valet, but then the pair are attacked by both outlaws and Comanches.
S02E29 Horse Thief 21/03/1958 Bowie almost loses the friendship of the Mexican governor of Texas when an old friend turns out to be a horse thief.
S02E30 Jim Bowie, Apache 28/03/1958 Bowie becomes the blood brother of an Apache tribe whom he believes know the location of the lost silver mine he has been searching for, but discovers that his old friend has done the same thing with a tribe of Comanches who also know the secret.
S02E31 The Brothers 04/04/1958 When young Jefferson Davis wants to join Bowie in his search for the lost mine, his older brother objects and challenges Bowie to a duel.
S02E32 Patron of the Arts 11/04/1958 Looking for an investment for his mother, Bowie considers purchasing artwork instead of another plantation.
S02E33 Bad Medicine 18/04/1958 At the President's urgent request, Bowie guides a doctor to a Choctaw village to cure a sick boy, only to discover that the doctor is an inexperienced youth fresh out of medical school.
S02E34 A Night in Tennessee 25/04/1958 Bowie decides to run for Congress from Louisiana, and meets another frontiersman who did the same thing from Tennessee, Davy Crockett.
S02E35 Bowie's Baby 02/05/1958 In Natchez, Bowie tries to find a new home for an infant who was the sole survivor of an Indian attack, but has trouble with the sheriff.
S02E36 The Cave 09/05/1958 Bowie tries to find out what happened to his cousin's bride, who disappeared on her wedding day after being seen with a hypnotist.
S02E37 Man of the Streets 16/05/1958 Owed a lot of money by a man who has no cash, Bowie makes him an offer for his land in New Orleans, and we learn the origin of some of the street names there.
S02E38 The Puma 23/05/1958 Jess Miller, in Texas to collect some money for his friend Bowie, is mistaken for Bowie by the Mexican army, who try to take him prisoner.

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