Affiche The Adventures of Parsley
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FilmFair's stop motion animated follow-up to "Herbs, The" (1968), featuring the adventures of Parsley the Lion, Dill the Dog, and other characters in the herb garden.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Adventures of Parsley

S01E01 Cowboys and Indians 06/04/1970 While playing "a nice quiet game of cowboys and Indians", Parsley and Dill are alarmed to see smoke-rings in the sky. Believing that Indians are actually attacking the Herb Garden, they make plans for battle with Constable Knapweed, Mr. Onion and the Chives - only for them all to be embarrassed when Tarragon the Dragon reveals that it was just him.
S01E02 Aunt Mint's Barbeque Party 07/04/1970 Parsley and Dill receive a telegram from Aunt Mint inviting them to a barbecue, but they have trouble reading what it says and matters are further complicated when Dill eats the telegram by mistake. When they smell cooking they discover too late that they had been invited to a barbecue.
S01E03 Toothache 08/04/1970 After biting his tongue, Parsley bumps into Bayleaf's wheelbarrow. When questioned by Constable Knapweed, he does nothing but groan and howl, leading Knapweed and Bayleaf to conclude that he must have toothache. Their attempt to help him does not end well for Dill's house.
S01E04 Dill's Who's Who Entry 10/04/1970 Dill writes a flattering description of himself as an entry for Who's Who. Parsley does not consider the description at all accurate and insists on going through it with him.
S01E05 Parsley's Invention of a Mechanical Dog 13/04/1970 Tired of hearing about Dill's obsession with bones, Parsley attempts to invent a mechanical dog which isn't obsessed with them.
S01E06 Holidays at Home 15/04/1970 Parsley is thinking of going on holiday, but cannot decide where to go or even how to get there. Him and Dill invent a set of paper wings to fly there, but neither Parsley nor Tarragon the Dragon have much success with them.
S01E07 Parsley at a Loose End 20/04/1970 Feeling at a loose end, Parsley offers services in the agony column of a newspaper - only to receive more jobs than he can handle.
S01E08 Dill's Restaurant 21/04/1970 Dill opens a restaurant, but Parsley is not impressed when he finds that most of the food served there is centred around bones. Dill has a steak, but an attempt to cook it - with Constable Knapweed's help - ends in disaster.
S01E09 Sage's Birthday 22/04/1970
S01E10 Buried Bones 24/04/1970
S01E11 The Conch Shell 27/04/1970
S01E12 Putting on a Show 28/04/1970
S01E13 Works of Art by Dill 29/04/1970
S01E14 The Crystal Ball 01/05/1970
S01E15 Dill's Day 04/05/1970
S01E16 The Quiz 05/05/1970
S01E17 Dill's Television Set 06/05/1970
S01E18 Eggs and a Golf Ball 08/05/1970 Parsley mistakes one of Sir Basil's golf balls for an egg, and attempts to get Sage the Owl to hatch it.
S01E19 On Strike 11/05/1970
S01E20 The Pop Group 12/05/1970
S01E21 Mahatma Dill 13/05/1970
S01E22 The Art of Self Defence 15/05/1970
S01E23 Parsley's Insomnia 18/05/1970
S01E24 Parsley's Car 19/05/1970
S01E25 Dill Learns French 20/05/1970
S01E26 School Prize 21/05/1970
S01E27 Dill's One Dog Show 22/05/1970
S01E28 Dill's Garage 26/05/1970
S01E29 The Endurance Test 27/05/1970
S01E30 Ugh' Day 28/05/1970
S01E31 Taxi Service 29/05/1970
S01E32 Old Memories 00/00/0000

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